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A week later he found them in the Humanities Common room. Dagmar gave a half-smile of recognition, Zoe shrank away at his approach. He greeted and declined Dagmar's gesture of invitation. "I just wanted to see that you are getting better, and to give you this card from a locksmith I found close by. I saw you hadn't fitted additional locks and I think you need to."
She took the card, and said in a small voice: "Thank you. I'll call them."
That evening a soft knock came at his door. He opened to her almost stricken look. "I've come to say thank you. I owe you an apology. Can I come in?"
He smiled. "Of course. A drink?"
She gulped the light whiskey he had mixed for him, and asked another.
She sat across from him, a slim figure with long auburn hair and a sprinkling of freckles on her face, her hands knotted in her lap.
"Are you ok? You gave us a fright, the other night."
She nodded. "I don't want to talk about it. But thank you. I owe you." She crossed her legs nervously, then jumped up. "What is this?"
He frowned. She was abnormally tense. "That's a police baton, used for arresting a suspect, or for self-defence."
She put the baton back and touched a few other items. He reached past her. "This, now, is a special pair of handcuffs. Made to my own design. I forged this one from a piece of steel cable."
"Forged it?"
"Yes, I do a bit of smithing in my spare time, it appeals to my savage nature."
She turned to face him, her arms straight by her sides. Her green eyes were wide and blank.
"Kiss me now."
He stood up, alarmed at her flat voice. She stepped forward, her arms going around his neck, her body hard against his. She stood on tiptoe, leaning her head back to offer her soft lips, and her breasts thrust against his chest. He felt his involuntary arousal, and he bent towards her mouth, kissed her softly, then held her away from him.
Before he could say anything she unbuttoned her blouse, dropped her skirt, revealing her creamy skin, heavy breasts and perfect figure. "I am a slut. So take me, use me. I'm a dirty cunt."
Peter griped her arms hard. "Zoe, what's the matter? What are you doing?"
She struggled, and repeated. "I'm a slut, that's what he said. Good for nothing but to be fucked and used."
Peter shook her. "Zoe, listen to me. You are none of those things, ok? Listen to me. What happened?"
The hysteria was shallow in her eyes. "He said so. He hit me, and told me I was just good to be used. Just a whore."
"Stop this. Sit down. Who said that?"
"Denzil. Prof fucking Denzil Parker. He made me sign the paper… And then he… he… He made me…" She started crying.
Peter held her as she sobbed. "Zoe, please, calm down. Nothing like that is going to happen, ok? I have met Prof Parker, and I can assure you he is not going to do anything to you again. Now tell me what happened."
It took a long, tear-stained time to get the story of how she had been charmed, invited to a closed party at a special club, told that the paper she had to sign was just a disclaimer for building works. How they fed her drinks, boasted that they had spiked them, how she had been pawed, undressed, made to do beastly things. How she had tried to get away, and nobody would help her. Parker claimed that she had signed permission for them to do whatever they wanted with her."
She insisted recounting in excruciating detail how she had been slapped around, felt up, fondled and beaten, then tied and penetrated by them all, eventually sodomized by Parker.
"He laughed when I cried, telling me all women want the same thing, all women were whores, and that I was just a slut. That he, and every man, would use me and throw me away like a dirty rag."
She shivered in the circle of his arms. He held her close, and caressed her hair. "My dear, please, talk it out, but I want you to know that this is not going to happen to you. You are a beautiful woman, a wonderful creature, to be cherished and loved, not to be used and thrown away."
She drew a long, shuddering breath. "Tonight I wanted to come and be with you, I wanted to… I needed you, and I thought you would think I am a slut…"
"Never. Any normal person has a need for love, for closeness, even for sex. That does not make you dirty or bad. Using it like he… they did is dirty and evil, but that is them, not you. Now, be quiet and relax. Can I make you a hot chocolate?"
He handed her the steaming mug, unable to avoid watching her creamy breasts jiggling, the pink nipples moving as she slurped it down.
"Is your friend Dagmar in town? I don't want you to be alone tonight."
She shook her head. "Went away for the weekend, which I why I came to you. And she is a lesbian, and she wanted… well, she would want to…"
Peter smiled. "Relax now. You can stay here, but I am not going to make love to you, believe me. Not like this."

Prof Parker looked up at the wiry figure in the doorway. "So, our visitor? Yes, what can I do for you?"
"I have heard that there is a club in town, a place where one can enjoy, shall we say some strong emotions? And someone said you might be able to invite me, Professor. Oh, I say, what a lovely shirt you are wearing."
Parker flexed his muscles, enjoying the recognition of his status as alpha male. "Silk, young man. Only the best, see? Invitation? I might well do that. McKenzie, was it? And what would be your pleasure, if I may ask?"
"I admit to being partial to punishing people, Professor. Bondage, caning, that sort of thing. Police uniform, handcuffs. Doing to people what they don't want done to them, if you understand?"
The big man laughed. "I see we are going to have a lot of fun, my boy. I have a draft on my computer, let me add a line or two. There, that should get you in the door. Tomorrow night we have a little party arranged, a girl…"

Leonard looked at the visitors, cocking an eye. "That is definitely the good Professor's signature. And your ID's check out. I just thought he had something else in mind for tonight. A little play-acting, you say?"
Peter smiled. "Yes, something new is what he ordered. Where can we change? You go and tell his friends I am here, but the girls are a surprise for him, don't mention them please. Here is what he wanted…"

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