Getting fucked by horse while watching friends farm

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By Horse luv A friend going out of town leaving me with his horses

A friend was going out of town asked me to watch the farm while he was gone.i said I would .I have been to his farm many time and one time we were in the barn with several horses and one of them all of a sudden when I walked past this big horse his cock started gowing it became very big and it made me horny as he’ll somehow I made this huge animal horny .I am a real freak I’m a white male who only let’s black guys fuck me the bigger the better and I have always been in the closet so my friend didn’t know I was gay and he didn’t know how turned on I was seeing that huge horse cock so he also didn’t know what I was thinking when he asked me to watch his farm I got really excited thinking I would have a week alone with 7 stud horses the very first day an hour after he left I went to the barn and found the same horse I have watched horse sex on the internet so I knew what to do I started rubbing the horse down to get familiar with one another and gradually got on my knees and the horses cock instantly started growing the minute I got on my knees I slowly took that huge cock in my hand and began stroking its beautiful cock it was so big that I could easily bring it to my mouth I began licking and stroking it cock just like I do huge black cocks I had to really stretch my jaw open enough to get his giant head in my mouth but I did I stroed him while his head was in my mouth and he began to hump my mouth so I quickly removed him from my mouth took off all my clothes and grabbed a bench that was in the stall grabbed my Vaseline and put a hand full rubbing it on my asshole and on the horses cock I was so horny I could hardly contain my self thinking I was going to get fucked by a real horse I knew at home I had bigger toys than this horse cock so I stroked his cock untill it was really hard and laying on the bench missionary style I started guiding him to my asshole it took several tries getting it in but finally I had that huge head inside my starving ass I began moving my hip up and down and the horse began pumping me I had him fucking me for around a half hour and I couldn’t take anymore so I began stroking and sucking him again and he started making funny noises and came in my mouth I swallowed as much as humanly possible that was only the beginning in the week he was gone I was fucked by all 7 horses and now I’m a whore for horse cock if you like big cocks this is something you might want to

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By Horse luv #Zoophilia