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I 22 wasn’t doing any good with girls and thought I would probably be a virgin all my life. A bit dramatic, but that’s what I thought at the time. But as they say my luck changed, I was out walking in the forested area around my neighborhood. I had gotten bored at home and so went for walk. It was also a great area to see couples fucking in their cars, if I couldn’t get laid, I might as well watch someone getting laid. I was lucky there was a car in a out of the way spot where usually some action happened. The car was familiar and when I saw the number plate, I knew who owned. My aunt 48 married to my father’s know all brother 54 and a regular annoyance to me. Why was she there being my first thought, but I soon saw she was being fucked and by someone I didn’t know. It wasn’t my uncle; I used my camera and videoed her being fucked. After the sex they departed, and I continued my walk and sat watching my aunt getting fucked again and again. It was several days later; I was over my uncle’s place to mow his yard as he was too lazy to mow it himself. He was to play golf with his buddies his normal weekend activity. I was there with my aunt who was her normal cheery self on seeing me and her husband leaving. We had a good relationship, she never put me down like my uncle. Anyway, as we talked, I mentioned by mistake seeing her car while out walking and she knew straight away I had seen her fucking the stranger. She asked me what I saw and without me replying she knew I had seen everything, instead of replying I showed her the video I had taken. I must have had a large dose of stupid pills as I didn’t realize how nervous I had made her. I thought I would be in trouble videoing her, not her being scared of me showing my uncle. Anyway, it finally dawned on me, and I told I wouldn’t show my uncle as I liked her much more than I did him. The reason I had taken the video was help me masturbate. That she believed straight away, and she relaxed, and I went and done the mowing. While I was mowing, she rang my mother and asked would she mind my staying longer as she had several jobs, she needed help with. My mother said keep him as long as you need. On my finishing the mowing I came to say I was going, and my aunt said she had special job for me to do and my mother knew I would be longer. I was okay with that, and she led me to her bedroom and told to undress. She undressed and I did as I was told and unsure what was going on. She told me she was going teach me to fuck and give me more confidence. I was a little unsure, but my cock went hard and was quite willing have sex with my aunt. The first fuck was awkward and the second was better and the third was the best. Anyway, it was getting late, and I left with the instruction to tell nobody at all. I agreed and got home and went my room and deleted my video of my aunt fucking. She hadn’t asked me too, but I did it anyway. The following weekend I was over again to mow the yard and after I fucked my aunt again and I’ve become her sex toy. Even when my uncle was home injured, she fucked me as he is a lazy bum in my opinion and there was no chance of him getting up to catch us. If he wanted something he would ring her and tell to bring whatever wanted. He never asks just tells you, my aunts said I’ve improved a great deal. Also, that she is willing to continue our relationship if I’m willing to as well. Of course, I said I’m willing to continue and she is my only lover so far, but I’ve started trying to get girls to date me. No luck as of now, but confidence has improved a great deal and I’ve a willing aunt who lets me fuck her anytime I want.

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