Getting Man handled in Bus

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Dear readers, this is the same shashi who works as a secretary for my boss who fucks me day in and out, u may remember me how me and my husband got raped while coming bk from ajmir to jaipur in the marble yard.
let me tell you this latest incidence of mine with six guys in a volvo bus on 17/8/11 at 6 pm, on my way to my house from jigani industrial area on bannergatta road in bangalore city, giving so much details so that the readers enjoy the real truth of the incident.
i am now 29 happily married but my hubby not much active in sex, if he touches my wet pussy he feels dirty and wash his hands, he hardly gives 4 to5 strokes and leaks out and turn other side and sleep off, which makes me leave with no other option to finger myself and quench my thirst, this exactly attracted me to my boss who treats me like a goddess of sex,
yes let me accept by nature I am bit oversexed and love it a lot, excepting during my periods or if boss is out of station, not a single day passes without having at least 30 mts of heated sex during any part of the day, he atleast fucks me in my pussy or ass minimum 5 times a week, and I swear I am addicted to his body and handling, HE JUST KNOWS HOW TO HANDLE A WOMAN TO THE CORE.
as usual on the 17 nth I finished my work at 6 pm and took a volvo bus 365 J from jigani which is my work place, it was raining for the last few days and today also it started to drizzle and by the time I boarded the bus I was 25 {041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} wet, as I was in a saree I had used the pullo to cover my head from getting wet. the bus was fully crowded and from the front door I couldnt enter so entered through the center door,
if u r familiar with this volvo buses it has a gap in the center where only standing is possible and towards the wall there was one low lying foldable stool which even if its vacant I will not sit, as we sit there and guy stands in front of you sitting height is perfect to give him a blow job. anyway pushed through the crowd with men taking chance here and there to brush my body which happens to most of the women in bus.
as we moved on and reached NICE road where T JOHN college is there lot of girls and guys all students got up, as usuall giggling and chatting and all. I noticed some six guys coming standing behind me and one of them excused me and sat on the stool at my right side, one of them in low voice told in malyalam wish we had this girl for us,
little they knew I understand malyalam as I had studied in trivandrum for 2 yrs. I kept quite to see how far they go and I could feel one of them falling on me and he was pushing his groin on to my ass and I too didnt budge so he was having a hearty rub of his dick on my ass, at that point this fellow passed another comment to the guy sitting that girl seems hot not budging for my rubbing and pushing.
my boss was on his europe business tour and ihad really missed my sex and I kept quite to see how far they can go, the guy who was sitting slowly crept his hand under the saree and started to caress my cough muscles and I kept quite, in fact my pussy was already wet and itching for more, I didnt care the inside of my slut was opening up,
he did for little time and advanced to my thighs and he couldnt go further up as I was standing with my legs together, he pushed my legs apart so that he could reach my chuth, I slowly moved my legs apart and he reached my pussy, he looked up at his freind and said I have reached her pussy, and this gave courage for the other guys to move ahead,
without wasting any time I could feel him pull my panty down and I was in place of no return, he pulled it till my ankle and gave a push on my cough muscle to lift up and in a jiffy my panty was out and he put in his jerkin pocket and rushed his hand back to my pussy, this time I spread my legs further part.
just then I watched we had crossed arekere reliance mart and traffic was totally jammed as the whole day they were demolishing some buildings between fortis and appolo hospital, by the time the driver of the bus put the lights on it was good luck to them as the tube light where we stand was not working and these guys can have a gala time.
the guy who was sitting I could feel his middle finger enter my love hole which was dripping wet and started up and down strokes, my pussy was big enough to handle 2 fingers and which he did, in no time he was fisting my chuth with 2 fingers and I was really in heaven, the guy behind me was grinding his dick in my ass,
he put his right hand around my belly and caught my breast and kneaded them hard over my blouse, as he did that he guided my left hand to his dick, to my suprise he had lowered his zip and pulled out his cock, in that cold wheather his man hood meat was warm in my hand, I kept stroking and in no time he spurted all his sperms in my palm, I kept on caressing till his cock shrivelled to a small rat size.
he told his another freind to exchange place to come behind me, and he too didnt waste any time to guide my hand to his taken out cock, I was enoying and released too much of my juices on his fingers who was fisting my pussy, it was too slippery so he pulled his hand out and I could see him putting his fingers in his mouth to lick away all my juices which made me even more hornier,
and took back his possition to fist my chuth out. this second guy at my back must be a muslim as his foreskin was not there, his cock was so hard and stiff when he pushed I could feel if pushing thriugh my saree and enetering my ass crack, and I too stroked his cock in rhytm slowly he moved his hand from my breast down but was dissappointed as his sitting friend was still fisting my chuth,
so his hands were again on my breast, he was so aroused that he kept trying to open my blose which I stopped with my right hand and still stroking his wild cock with my left hand by this time the bus slowly came near j p nagar and I decided to get down one stop ahead of my regular stop as I didnt want them to follow me, so I increased my stroking pace and he too ejaculated his sperms on my palm and on my saree in no time.
i moved aside which gave a hint to pussy fister that I am getting down, and he too removed his hand out I got down at BTM busstop waited for while and took a ricksha to my house at HSR layout. all along was thinking what all can happen in real life. i was feeling like a slut with mixed feelings, going back without my panties,
but when a body needs certain things it overides everything, went home had a nice shower and hubby had his good quicky fuck and slept and I slept nude fingered my pussy nicely till I had a couple of good orgasms and slept.
Readers pls post ur sincere comments I have specified exact place and time and if somebody is familiar with bangalore will enjoy the truth of this experience. For ever ur randy Shashi.