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By Steve This is my version of how I believe things were with my sister . She will soon be saying how she thinks it was . You all will have your own view .

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My name is Steve . I’m now 25 . I’m writing this from my view . My little sister Erika will be doing this from her view as well . I think everyone will pick who’s view is right . To start with the backstory . We had always lived in a small/medium town . Mum was a single mum . She worked nights to keep things going . Sometimes the extra day shift at a second Job . We always had a baby sitter till I turned 15 and mum thought I was old enough to look after Erika while she was at work to save on not having a baby sitter . Erika was such a sweet , nieve young girl . Always thought I was the best brother . I had started to notice the slight changes in her body . Her forming titts . They had these cute little bump nipples you could see through her top at times . I’d seen her getting changed once and wow such a tiny little ass and cute little pussy . She was 10 and 5 months when I started babysitting . She turned 11 and it all started . I wanted it to start simple and to not freak her out or scare her . The start was I would get into the shower with her . Telling her I’d help her make sure she was fully clean . I would use my hands to wash her titts . Getting a really good feel . There really still want much there but what was i loved the soft feeling . Then id Wash her ass . Feeling up her cute ass cheeks . They were tint but firm . Then wash her pussy . Getting a nice full feel of it . Then I’d let her wash my cock . It felt so good her little hands all over it . She fully believed it was ok and normal . This went on for weeks . I started to then help her dress . Getting another way of seeing her nude . Feeling her up . This progressed to watching her go to the toilet . This made her feel weird but she was satisfied fast when I told her it was for sanitary reasons but really it would turn me on to watch her . This went on for 12 months . When she turned 12 I started to move things foward . Summer started a month and a half after she turned 12 . It was a really hot summer . I started to get her to sleep in my bed with me . At first again she was alittle unsure but when I told her it would make us both feel more comftable and she came around . The first couple of weeks I’d have on my boxers and she would have on a silk nightie . I would always lay against her back and when she was asleep start cupping her breast . She wouldn’t even mention it when she woke up to my hand on her titt . She thought it was normal . After a couple of weeks I had talked her into not wearing the nighty and I wouldn’t have my boxers on . Us both naked in bed together . I loved the feeling of her soft skin on mine . Feeling her slightly growing titts . I told her it would be better as it was so hot . It felt so good feeling her naked body . I’d often rest my throbbing cock against her ass . I so wanted to push it into her . We did this for like 6 months then I decided to try something new . I asked her if I could try something . I told her it would be something special between a brother and sister . She said yes wanting to keep me happy . I got her to lay flat on her back . I spread her little thin legs . I went between her legs and started to lick the tiny little hood of her clit . She let out a gasp . Then saying it felt weird and funny . I stopped and told her to let me keep going she will like it . She didn’t stop me . I kept going at the hood of her clit . She was twitching around so much . I could feel her body’s reaction and her clit soon showing itself . Omg it was so damn tiny . I gave it a few licks . She was breathing deep . Her body still wanting to twitch . She tells me she is feeling funny and weird but I kept going . Moving my tongue to her tiniest of slits and i let my tongue run up and down it . I heard her give a few tiny little moans and I could feel her getting wet inside . Little bit more and I could feel her pussy throbbing and her giving little moans . I knew for her first time that was as close as I was going to get at giving her a orgasm . Over the next couple of weeks I kept on doing it to her every few nights and soon I had my little Erika having her first orgasms . I loved getting to taste her . Getting to lick up her juices . It felt so good making her orgasm . I soon got her to roll over and let me lick her little rose bud and she sure did shiver and shake having my tongue touch her there . It felt so soft that ring on my tongue . She was so unsure about it but as it was me she let me . After around two months of me giving her oral pleasure I thought it was time for her start pleasing me as well . For the first time I was licking her pussy and told her to put her hand around my cock and rub it . She was nervous and wasn’t good at the beginning but I started to move her hand for her and she got it . I was licking her like crazy as she was rubbing my growing cock . Soon she yelled ” what did I do . I’m sorry Stevie ” . I laughed as i had just cummed all over her hand . I told her that I do that when she makes me really happy . She smiled and said ” so I made you happy “? I told her she did . In no time it moved from her hand to her mouth . Her little mouth felt so good around my cock . She learnt fast how to suck a cock . To start with she hated me cumming in her mouth as she hated the taste . But she got use to it . I couldn’t yet really get to her throat it would of hurt her to much it was so tight in her mouth . The one time I went to the back of her mouth she gagged like crazy . A few months go past of us giving each other oral pleasure but I knew i needed more . The next step for me seemed obvious . One night I had gotten her pussy wet . I told her I was going to do something . By now she had all trust in me and didn’t question me . I ran my middle finger along her slit . It felt so soft . I let my finger part her slit and it found her hole . She again started to squirm my finger rubbing against her hole . She asks me ” are you really going to put that in me “? I told her I’d be gentle . She trusted that I wouldn’t hurt her and didn’t try to stop me . I could feel her little hole starting to give in and let my finger enter her . She groaned and said ” Stevie it’s hurting ” . I told her it would start to feel better . I had only just got to my first knuckle in . I kept rocking my finger . I couldn’t believe how soft and tight she felt . I could feel her wetness on my finger . Soon she was groaning and trying not to cry as I pushed alittle more in but I soon had to stop as I reached her hymen and no way was I going to take that with my finger I wanted to soon break that with my cock . I just kept working my finger . Feeling her getting wetter and wetter . Soon the groans were mixed with moans . Then she had a nice orgasm . The feeling of her pussy spasming around my finger was hot as hell . It was only a week and abit till I made my next move . I got her to let me finger her little ass . I licked her little ring for awhile getting it nice and wet . As soon as she felt my finger there she was asking me was I sure I wouldn’t hurt her . I wasn’t sure but I told her I was . Again she didn’t try to stop me . I rubbed that little ring of her anus . Finally getting it to let the tip of my finger in . She was crying out as I opened up her little arsehole . I could feel just how tight that ass of her was . Her ring gripping onto my finger . Making it hard for me to even move it . I kept pushing and working my finger the whole time she was crying . I finally got my whole finger in her ass . It felt so warm in there . I kept moving it in and out of her tight little ass . I watched that little anus ring of hers flexing around my finger . I only stopped once my wrist and hand was getting sore . As I pulled out I watch her anus ring streach out and as my finger was all the way out her anus clench shut . I so wanted to fuck her . Till she was 13 and a half we kept doing all the same things . She never told mum anything . Her pussy always felt so tight and it was such a thrill to get her to orgasm when I could . Her ass was always so tight . But the time had to come . She had just finished giving me a blow Job . I ask her if she wanted to not be a virgin anymore and to really make me happy . I don’t think she fully knew what was about to happen but she said ok . I climbed on top of her . I reached down and guided my hard cock to her slit . I gave a little push . She yelled out and tried to move herself from under me but luckily I was to heavy for her to . She said ” Stevie what are you doing ?” . I said ” Stevie is going to help you not be a virgin anymore and help you grow up more ” . She said ” But you might hurt me . I don’t want you to hurt me ” . I told her to trust me and she nodded in a relative way . Again I pushed and again she yelled . Her tight hole was trying to not let my cock enter her . A harder push and I hear her scream . The tip of my cock was in her . ” Stevie it hurts . It’s hurting me ” she cries . I tell her it won’t for long . She cries as I trust and trust till I feel the tip of my cock touch her hymen . She twitches around under me when she feels it . I pull back alittle then with all my weight I push and rip past her hymen . She screams in pain . I tell her that I’ve taken her virginity that it’s now done . She can’t speak just cry . In a way I was getting more turned on seeing her tears . I thrust a few more times getting my whole cock inside of her and continue to slowly fuck her . I don’t want this to be fast I want to enjoy her being so tight around my cock . Her pussy is clenching my cock so tight . She just cries and groans and I thrust my cock in and out of her . FI didn’t want it to end but her pussy was pushing me over the edge . I started cumming . I finished and pulled out and rolled beside her holding her . She slowly stopped crying . She said ” that really hurt me . You made there bleed “. I told her next time it wouldn’t hurt . I told her that its normal for a girl to bleed the first time a penis is put there . She said ” Is it ok that you put your cum stuff in me ” . I told her it was fine that all girls get it put there ” . I was so hoping she didnt get pregnant . Well not just yet anyway . She soon fell asleep . I spent most of that night looking at her newly fucked pussy . It took a few more times where she would cry and grunt as I fucked her . Then she started to get more into it . More moaning and getting wet . Then on about the 10th time I fucked her things got so much better . I was fucking her and she moaning . I was felling her pusdy getting so wet . She started to hump me . I could feel her pussy really starting to pulse around my cock . She said ” Stevie stop I need to pee ” . I told her I wasn’t going to stop . That she want going to pee . After a few more thrusts it happened she squirted . Now it was only tiny but I had made her squirt . Her face turned so red in embarrassment .I told her what happened and she couldn’t get over being embarrassed . It felt amazing having her squirting over my cock . Over the next few months I had her not only squirting but cumming . The squirting grew as time went on . She learnt how to cum and that even got more . It always felt so good having her do that . I loved eating her pussy and having her cum or squirt . Getting to taste her . I’d even have her suck my cock after so she could taste herself . By the age of 14 I’d started to get her to take my cock further into her mouth . Just after she turned 14 is when I first got her to deep throat . To feel my cock getting into her throat was amazing . Her throat was so tight . The first time didn’t go so well . Soon as my cock went in her throat she was gagging violently . Tears rolled down her face . I only got into her throat a few times before she threw up . This was the case for about the first 6 or 7 times . Each time she would last alottle longer till she threw up . After that she didn’t throw up and I could keep going and getting deeper into her throat . She would still gag and have drool pouring from her mouth . I knew it was one thing she hated me doing but I loved it . I loved being inside her throat . I loved cumming in her throat making her swallow it . Seeing the cum dripping from her mouth after . Till she turned 16 things stayed like they were . Every night we would do stuff . Sometime more that once in a day . She became my little toy and didn’t stop it . She kept her mouth shut and did as I asked . Her body had changed a bit . She had developed a really nice set of A cup titts . Her pussy had became really cute . I had exected her to get bigger suze pussy lips but hers were nice and small and she was still reasonably tight . There was really only one thing we had not done and I’d been waiting for it for so long . It was something I knew she would be up the biggest fight ever over . But I knew I’d have her and she would give that fight up fast like i wanted . The night came and I got her where I wanted her . She didn’t expect much as she had been in doggy position alot . This gave me the perfect angle to get to that ass of hers . As she felt the head of my cock parting her ass cheeks she she went to pull away but I grabbed a handful of her hair stopping her . She was saying for me to not put my cock in there that mu finger had hurt her enough . That it still felt bad when I put my finger up there . But I told her it was time and I was going to teach her how to get ass fucked . That she was going to take my cock up her ass . She kept pleading for me not to . She was trying to fight but hurting herself at the same time . I heard her yell out ouch as she tried to pull away and me tugging painfully on her hair and as she did I pushed my cock hard and felt her rectum open slightly letting half the head of my cock in . She started crying out loud as I kept pushing . My cock feeling her tight ring start to part . I’d never felt so much pleasure as I did when I felt the head of my cock in her ass . Her ring trying to tighten to not let anymore in . She screams out so loud as I push again adding a inch more into her . ” Stop , please stop ” she yelled . I was not going to stop . I watched her ring streach wider and wider as I forced my cock inch by inch till it was all inside her . She was crying and not her normal crying you could hear the pain . She fought and fought as I fucked her tight ass . I could feel it tighten with each out pull when losen with each in thrust . Hearing her crying and grunting . Her ring looked so cute wrapping around my cock . I think I only lasted like 10 minutes before cumming . Well as you can imagine everything kept happening . I hardly ever went out so I got kik to chat to people . I found some males on there that I chatted to and started telling them about me and my sister and shared a few photos . It felt good talking about it but that would soon bite my ass . She was nearly 18 at the time . Mum was working more double shifts . This day I was about to fuck her in the lounge when I heard a car pull up . I was panicked as there was Erika in her underwear and I thought omg mums home and here is Erika in her underwear . I heard a knock at the door . I wasn’t sure if I was more nervous when I thought it was mum or now a stranger at the door . I answered it and a big man in a police uniform was standing there . My first thought was oh God what’s happened to mum . He asked if my name was Steve miles and I told him it was . He asked I’d he could come in as he needed to speak to me and my sister . I told him yes and let him in . He told me and my sister to sit on the couch so we both did . I could see Erika was as worried as me . He then said ” well Steve you have been talking to me on kik . I know what’s been going on here . Now there is two ways this is going to go . I can tell my superiors and sex crimes and they will charge you and your mum and your sister will be left alone to fend for herself . Option two is I can have her for my pleasure when ever I please . You see I think she is a cute piece of ass and I’d have some fun with her for awhile ” . I was in complete shock . I looked at Erika . He said ” Well what will it be “? . Erika popped up and said ” I don’t want them to get into trouble . How long are you going to use me for “? . He replied ” I think till you have paid for my silence so a few months sounds good . You see my normal fuck is in jail for a couple of months so you can be my fill in ” . I couldn’t believe someone else was going to fuck her she was meant to be mine and mine only . Well it was three days later when he first came . He made me go to the bedroom with them . He said I’d always have to watch . He made her strip then he did . Now I thought I had a good cock at lime 5 and half inch but this guy had to be like 8 inches and such a bulbous head on it . He layed on her . I watched as he without any mercy drove his cock into her fully with one hard thrust . She yelled out . Her eyes widened . I could see her pussy streach to take his girth . He started to thrust in and out in a hard but medium pace . She was grunting at the start not liking taking a cock this big . Her lips sliding up and down his cock . The more he fucked her the more she became accustomed to his size . I could see the slickness covering his cock . She was getting wet . This got him to go faster . Her grunts turn into groans then moans . Then he must of hit where he wanted as she was saying ” oh God . Oh God ” . I couldn’t believe when she squited . He grunts and cums . He pulls out and he pussy was gapped nice and wide . The only part I was happy about was he wore a condom . Ever couple of days for two weeks he came and fucked her . He then decided he would fuck her ass . She would scream so much having her ass fucked by him . After the first time her ass was gapped so wide . It took all night for it to be fully closed again . The next day she was sore all day . So it was nearly 3 months up and he came one day and we asked how much longer . He replies ” Well today is the last day but I’ve got a nice surprise in mind for you . So get your ass to your room ” . She did as he asked . As she was fully naked he grabbed her and threw her on the bed . Then he got the cuffs he had on his belt off and cuffed her to the bed . I’d never seen such a scared look in her face . Then I got really scared . He pulled out his baton and started to fuck her with it . She was screaming her head off . He thrusted it in and out of her . I could see her little pink lips turning red from the force of the baton . It was so long and thick . I could tell it was hurting her . Harder and harder he pounded it into her till just the handle was out . Even though it was hurting her so much her pussy was still getting wet . Soon as that baton was slick with her juices he pulled it out leaving her red raw pussy wide open . Then I heard a screach from her like I never have as he forced that baton up her ass . A few forceful pushes and it was up there . She was balling in tears . He then pulled from his waistband his pistol . I was in more than shock as I saw him starting to shove it up her pussy . She was pleading with him to stop . He tells her ” cum on my gun and I’ll stop this ” . I didn’t think she could . She closed her eyes . She kept crying and grunting as that pistol was forced in and out of her . That baton stuck up her rectum . She didn’t cum but did squirt and that must of been good enough for him . He pulls the pistol out of her . I’d not seen her pussy look so red as it did then . She screamed as the baton was pulled from her ass . Her little bud looked so red and sore . He tells us to never say a word or she will get worse and he left . It took us a week or so to get back to normal . I’ll never let anyone touch her again I told her . At this point in time she is 19 and we have had a little opps and she is pregnant . I’ve added a photo of what she looks like pregnant .

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