Getting Sexually Satisfied by Boss

My name is Uma and I am a 29yrs old Married woman having a very sexy figure of 38-32-36 and been married for 4yrs. I make heads turn wherever I go because of my big mummay and butt which I am proud to show off. I wanted to share my experience with you all that happened after 3yrs of my marriage and changed my life forever, I was a virgin till my marriage and my husband was the first and the only male to take my virginity or sleep with me till this happened.
I realized that my husband’s interest in me was going down and we were not having sex like before which was two – three times a day minimum. Now the frequency was down to probably once in one or two months. So I confronted him and asked him if he was having sex with someone else or if he did not find me attractive anymore and this was making me to get into depression.
Having gotten so used to frequent sex I was getting really desperate and was constantly horny throughout the day and night. So I discussed my problem with my best friend and colleague Pooja and she immediately replied saying that this was no problem at all. She said that if my husband was not taking interest in me and not satisfying my sexual needs then I should explore the option to have sex with someone else who can satisfy me.
Then she also mentioned that our boss – Raj had his eyes on me since I joined this place and I should try to see if he is the man who can take care of my needs. I was quite shocked with what she said and at the same time my body was dying for sex and my mind started racing in all directions about how it might actually be if I went ahead.
I then told her that I was did not like the idea of sleeping with someone other than my husband. That night I was lying awake thinking about the proposal by Pooja and I realized that unknowingly my one hand was playing with my left nipple and the other was rubbing my choot. I was dripping wet down there and had a great orgasm in the next few mins just thinking about the whole thing.
I decided that I will give it a try since I could keep this as a secret to myself. And since my husband was not able to take care of my physical needs, he did not deserve my honesty to him anymore. Hence the next day when I was getting ready to go to work I dressed up all set to get Raj’s attention with my saree tied really low revealing my waist and a very deep cut blouse which barely concealed my bra and some very fine piece of bridal underwear along with some decent sized heels.
That day I walked into my office and went straight to Raj’s cabin to greet him and I could see that he was speechless with his jaw hanging open in awe. That day I made sure my pallu was pinned up quite loose enough to give a full view of my mummay and that resulted in Raj calling me to his cabin on some pretext or the other every few mins…
I made it a point to stand bent over facing him so I could give him enough chances to gaze right inside my blouse. I did catch him staring right inside my blouse but despite the fact that I was noticing he kept talking to me with his eyes glued to my mummays. I also noticed what I would call a BIG bulge in his trousers which he managed to brush past quite frequently against me on every chance or occasion.
Then he called me into his cabin and gave Pooja instructions that he did not want to be disturbed for the next 1 hour. He held his cabin door open for me for the first time and closed it right after I walked in. he then asked me to get comfortable on the sofa this time, while he served me a soft drink. He then came and sat right next to me on the sofa, so close that his body was in complete and direct contact with mine from shoulder to ankles.
Then he complimented me that I was looking very beautiful today. Just to play along I asked him if it was me looking good today or me dressed up like this that he was referring to. Then he said he was referring to both. He also suggested that I should try some western clothes and that would suit me better. During this entire conversation his eyes were glued to my mummays.
Then he then asked me to standup in front of him and when I did he asked me to slowly walk in circles so he could get a good look at me. After I did a few circles I asked him if he still felt that I would look good in western or something else. His answer was that he was not very sure but could only suggest after seeing me wear something western.
I also caught him frequently adjusting the big bulge in front of his trousers which I now clearly saw was much bigger than the usual and it had to be a massive lund inside I then sat next to him on the sofa in the same position as before with full side body contact. I then looked into his eyes and proposed to him that we go for shopping together and he could personally select whatever he would like me to wear.
The moment I said this, his face lit up and he proposed that we should go immediately since we had an office party coming up the following day. I asked him what about the work and he said that can be taken care off later…. Then we both came out of the room and he told Pooja to cancel all his meetings for the day since he was going out on official work and was also taking me along.
Pooja winked at me and gave me a sly smile since she knew what was going on. Then he took me in his car to various shopping stores and showed me some really sexy western office outfits like short skirts, trousers, tops with plunging necklines, etc… I told him that due to reservations at home by my hubby etc.
I will never be able to wear even one of these to the office and all this was something I could not afford… then he said that all this was something he was giving me as a “gesture of goodwill” and told me that the problem with the dressing up can be managed. He bought me about 40-50 different aggressive outfits and when we were done buying all these he asked me if I had the right and enough Lingerie to go with this.
I replied that I was today wearing the best and the only piece I have. He took me to the changing room and asked me to show him what I meant. I was quite surprised by his gesture and simply refused since though I was eager for it I did not want to show my desperation. Then he insisted that he wanted to get a better view of what I have so he could take care of the rest accordingly.
He also said that he just wanted me to show him how my mummay looked in the current bra that I was wearing. I quietly went with him to a changing room and he too got in with me and shut the door behind him. Like the usual rooms this too had barely enough space for you to stretch your arms and surely not enough to accommodate two people together.
Now I was standing facing the mirror with him right behind me and this time I could feel his Lund pushing right into my gaand thru my saree and his trousers. His Lund felt really big and I was getting really desperate to see it and also feel it inside my choot. Due to the limited space in the room my back was firmly pressed into his chest and he was giving my gaand slow strokes with his monstrous lund which was feeling great and making me hornier…
Now as if to remind me he asked me to show him what I was referring to. So I removed my pallu and let it drop to the floor. I could see him digging into my deep cleavage with his eyes from both above my shoulder and also from the mirror opposite. Then seeing no initiative from my side he reached out from below my armpits and started unhooking my blouse.
I just closed my eyes in and rested my head backwards on his shoulder. Then I heard him asking me to open my eyes to see what he was doing. He unhooked my blouse and spread it apart and then got busy hungrily playing with my mummay from over my bra with both his hands… I was breathing heavily now and he was cupping my mummay from behind and giving them a good massage while digging his lund deeper in my gaand at the same time.
Then after 5 mins of this massage he asked me why I did not consider wearing better bras since I had such a beautiful pair of mummay that deserved to be showcased. I told him that all these days I did not have anyone who appreciated my assets and he immediately responded saying that now I had a full time fan and he was going to make sure I got what I deserved and he started kissing my neck and behind my ears while squeezing and massaging my mummay.
Then he reached out behind my back and unhooked my bra and took it off completely. I asked him why did he remove my bra and he very calmly answered that he was not able to get a good feel of the firmness of my mummay thru the bra so he removed it. I was standing covering both my mummay with my hands while he was as if trying to analyze something in my bra.
Then he dropped the bra down in front of me by purpose and asked me to pick it up, when I bent over he immediately lifted my saree from behind to above my waist exposing my panties covered gaand. I tried getting up immediately but he held me down saying he was still checking my panties and actually was running his palms all over my gaand and between my legs right up to my choot over my panties.
I did not want him to touch my choot since I knew he will find me wet because of my state of arousal and figure out that I am very desperate too. During all this he constantly kept rubbing something solid over my gaand and choot while pressing his palm firmly on my choot from behind.
He then said that I surely needed a better set of panties too. He then pressed his erection into my gand from behind me and holding me firm by my waist and asked me to standup straight; when I did this I realized that what felt like something solid pressing my choot from behind was actually his Lund.
He had while I was bent over, taken out his monster and pushed it between my legs rubbing my choot over the fabric of my panties. This was too much for me and I let out a soft moan. Now he asked me to lift up my saree from front so he could get a good look at my panties from the front as well. As if under his spell I started lifting my saree and brought it till my thighs.
Then he put his one hand from the front under my saree and tried feeling my choot from front. I was too aroused by now to stop him. Seeing no resistance from my side he actually held me by my thighs and pushed his erection deeper between my legs and asked me to join my thighs together tightly and to raise my saree higher since he was not able to see my panties from front.
I raised them higher to my waist revealing my panties and also the big tip of his monstrous lund. I was very fascinated by the size of his massive manhood and was dying to reach out and see how it feels. Then he put his hand inside my panties from front and started playing with my clitoris. This was too much for me and after 5mins of his action I had my first orgasm right there.
Taking advantage of this opportunity while I was recovering from my orgasm he pulled his lund out from between my legs and pulled my panties down to my knees and now started rubbing my choot from behind directly with his monstrous lund. I was now beginning to enjoy this whole action and was no longer able to contain my moans.
He then tried lifting me slightly to insert his monster into my choot but due to the space and height constraints he was not able to…..he then just continued playing with my mummay from behind and while rubbing my choot with his fingers from front and also his monstrous lund from behind. I told him we could continue this some other time since people might get suspicious seeing us locked inside the same room for such a long time.
Then I turned my head around and he immediately sealed my lips with his in what I call an orgasmic kiss… then we got dressed and came out and went on to shop for lingerie in other stores. We went to some good stores and while we were selecting the brassiere etc… the lady at the counter asked him what size he was looking for and then he turned to me asking me what my size was….
I told him my mummay was 38DD and my gaand was 36 to which he said that my mummay were the biggest he had ever come across… the lady at the counter asked him for what occasion did we want to buy and he said it was all for special occasions like honeymoon, evening party wear, etc…
I was still reeling under the effects of the previous encounter when he picked up a front opening satin bra and a crotch less panty that he had selected and gave it to me asking me to go to the trial room and try it on….he also said that he just wanted to be sure it fits perfectly…. So I walked towards the trial room with him following me.
This time when I went in the changing room (which was double the size of the previous one with full length mirrors on all sides) I was sure the previous episode will continue and this time I eagerly wanted his massive lund inside my choot. The moment Raj entered the room behind me and closed the door I turned around and we were both locked in a tight embrace and French kissing for a few minutes.
During this he removed all my clothes and I removed his trousers to free his monster lund. Raj took my hand and placed it over his lund and asked me to suck him off. I told him that I have never done this before and was not comfortable doing it. Then he asked me to just stroke his lund with my hands… I was already fascinated by the size of it and needed both my palms to grab it all around.
After the previous rubbing this monster gave my choot I wanted to have him inside me but was not sure of the pain I will have to endure taking it in. Raj then dressed me up in the new bra and panty while I was stroking his lund and looked at myself in the mirror to find this one was surely a killer…. It gave my mummay the right exposure and positioning and just covered my nipples.
He complimented me saying I had the best pair of mummays he had ever come across and the new bra made them look even more magnificent. Then he suddenly came forward and unhooked the bra from the front and both my mummays were free and exposed. Then he reached out and cupped both my mummay with his palms and started giving me light massage and squeezes…
I now wished that this moment would never come to an end…this went on for over 10mins… My breathing was very deep and fast and I am sure he noticed it. The massages and squeezes were getting harder now and I was really enjoying it… the thought that we were in the trial room and might get caught did not matter to me anymore…
Then he started kissing and sucking my nipples and kept alternating between kissing my lips and my nipples. This was too much for me to bear and I was now stroking his lund really fast now. I tried positioning his lund at the entrance of my choot from the front and held on to his neck with both my hands for support and gave him a good long kiss signaling him to go for it.
He immediately lifted one of my thighs with his hand and held it high to reveal my moist, glistening and waiting choot and started to slowly push his lund inside my choot.