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Still working for the asshole Alister and regularly fucking his wife and still living in the warehouse. Which I’ve made more comfortable with the help of Anne, who wanted to be fucked on a better bed than I already had, and I got their old bed. She bought a new bed told Alister the old one had broken base and I was sent to remove the old one to dump. Alister didn’t want to pay to have it removed, Anne told Alister she told me I could have it. Then told him I intended to put old pallets under it to support the base. There was nothing wrong with the old bed, she just wanted a more comfortable place to be fucked by me. Still doing my scrapping and selling via the internet and always willing to fuck Anne. As well as any other woman I can get into bed, Anne is usually a once-a-week fuck on Sundays. But Lorraine 49 is a regular late-night fuck, she works at a diner and after work come for a fuck twice sometimes more nights a week. Anne does come during the week only when Alister is out of town and uses the side door into my room. But she always rings first, lately I met the local councilor Maureen 55 divorced and likes cock. But she doesn’t like my living arrangements and I call upon her at her apartment, she like my unkept look she says. I just like to fuck her, but it not regular and only on Saturday mornings when she wants fucking. So, I’m getting well serviced no younger women at the moment, but you never know your luck. Alister is still trying to be a very rich man and is always looking for the next shady deal. I’m happy fucking his wife.

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