Getting to Know Me Pt. 04

tagIncest/TabooGetting to Know Me Pt. 04

Mother tells me what she does for Mr. Butch and that he has plans for my future.
Shopping had never been like this for me before. I called it shopping. Mrs. Peterson said it was a girl's day out. That she was considering me a girl was kind of scary but in a nice way.
I was taken to a specialty store that sold very expensive lingerie for bois like me. Negligees, hose, panties, nighties, training bras, the works. Mother started to complain about the expense but Mrs. Peterson told her to shut the fuck up. "This is on your husband anyway slut."
Mother and I had always gotten along. At least she accepted me as I am unlike father who never tried to hide the disdain he felt about me. He was particularly angry when mother and I returned home after Mr. Butch fucked mother. It wasn't about mother and Mr. Butch. Father was pissed because he had been dismissed by Mr. Butch and that I had seen him on his knees sucking a cock.
And he had the unmitigated gall to refer to me as cock sucker.
Well, maybe I was but it's the same cock he was slobbering over in a pink thong. That fucking homo.
When he threatened me, mother warned him that if he used physical violence on me that she'd tell Mr. Butch on him.
Father looked at wide eyed and started to leave. "Hey," mother reminded him. "Leave the AMEX card cock sucker."
Father fished his AMEX card out of his wallet and tossed it on the floor before driving off, his tires screeching.
"So, johnnie, we have a lot to talk about don't you think?"
"I guess so mother."
"Tell me, how long have you had the need to be a girl?"
God, what a way to start a conversation.
"I don't know. I guess it was when Mr. Butch started up with me. But I'm not a girl."
"Yes, sweet boi. I know you're not a girl. Sissy, oh my but most certainly."
She didn't say that with disgust like Mr. Butch did. Mother had a smile on her face when she called me that.
"And tomorrow we'll take my sissy shopping for clothes that real men will find alluring. Won't that be fun?"
"Now let us discuss what happened earlier baby boi. You probably want to know how me and your father got caught up with the Petersons. It's a long story but I'll make it short and sweet. I needed a cock and your father has a shrimp dick. Like you I'm afraid but there it is. Mr. Butch called me over one day when you were away at college and father was at work."
My little boner returned thinking of Mr. Butch hitting on mother.
"Oh johnnie, he was rough and crude and very masculine. But you already know that about him, don't you."
I nodded remembering how easily Mr. Butch made me his cock sucker.
"Well," mother continued, "I saw the outline of his cock through his training shorts. He wasn't wearing underwear and it was evident that he was so much bigger than your father. He saw me peeking and adjusted his shorts until the head of that delicious cock stuck out from under the leg in his shorts."
Mother's nipples began to harden while she told me how she looked at his beautiful cock and how Mr. Butch placed a pillow between his legs and how mother, without being asked or told simply got up from her seat and went and knelt down on the pillow.
"Mr. Butch had a smirk on his face. There was a smugness about him that made me feel like I was nothing to him. Baby boi, that feeling made me want to please him all the more."
"Yes mother. I know that feeling. He is the same way with me."
Mother rose and took me by my hand. "We'll be more comfortable in here johnnie she said leading me to hers and father's bedroom. Then she pulled back the bed spread and lay down motioning me to lay beside her by patting the empty place on her left side.
"This is better. Mr. Butch slapped me in the face with his cock and made me promise all kinds of nasty things and had me begging him to let me suck it."
"He made me promise him things too mother. And I did too."
"Well, if you let me finish, then you can tell me your little story."
"Yes mother," said feeling chagrined.
"He said that if he let me suck his cock then I must let him fuck me. And if I let him fuck me, that would make me a slut. A married slut. He asked me if that is what I am and so help me I said yes."
My boner was pointing to the ceiling and mother noticed. "You can play with that if you want johnnie."
"Now where was I? Right. Mr. Butch had me tell him I was a slut. My pussy was so wet with all the nasty things he had me saying about myself. Then he told me to strip. Right there in his back yard. When I hesitated, he told me to strip or leave. Naturally I wanted to stay so I took off all my clothes. Once I was naked he called for Mrs. Peterson to join us. I was so embarrassed johnnie. There she was just as nude as me. She's really quite beautiful you know? Anyway, Mr. Butch said that before I could suck his cock and be a slut for him that I had to take care of Mrs. Peterson."
Mother began stroking her breasts with one hand and her pussy with the other. I was lightly masturbating and watching her. I felt weird being with mother like this but what we had done earlier for Mr. Butch made us lying together naked and aroused seem tame by comparison.
"Mrs. Peterson had me lay in my back in the grass and she squatted over my face. Her pussy was moist already and she had such an intoxicating aroma. She looked down at me and asked if I wanted to be her cunt eating slut. I didn't say anything johnnie. You know what they say about actions speaking louder than words? Well I acted. I clutched her beautiful buttocks and pulled her cunt to my face."
"Wow," was all I said getting a mental picture of them together.
"I did a number on Mrs. Peterson, let me tell you. She had multiple orgasms and covered my face with her sweet creamy pussy juice. Mr. Butch said that after she got off me that I looked like a glazed donut. Then he let me suck him off johnnie. I know how exciting it must be for a tiny dicked little sissy like you to have a big cock between your lips. Believe me I sucked him for at least 45 minutes. I kissed his balls and licked his ass. I never did any of those things with your father by the way. I was so hot and felt so fucking sexy being called every dirty name he could think of. I was out of my mind with lust for his cock."
"Did he cum in your mouth mother? Did you get to swallow his cum?"
"He did baby, He did and I did. I swallowed every drop of his sperm and was thankful to at last be with a real man. Not some panty wearing faggot like your father. Mr. Butch is a real man and brought out the slut in your mommy."
"Did you fuck?"
"Not immediately. He had Mrs. Peterson fetch your father so he could watch Mr. Butch fuck me. Mrs. Peterson brought the homo in and told him to take his clothes off. She and Mr. Butch laughed seeing your father's little prick. Not as tiny like your baby but nothing compare to Mr. Butch and the black cocks I've enjoyed since giving myself to the Petersons."
"Wait. What black cocks mother?"
"Damn it johnnie. Was about to get myself off remembering the first time Mr. Butch fucked and you keep interrupting me. Be a good boi and let mommy finish or mommy will spank her sissy boi."
"Yes mother."
It was so freakin hot having your father jacking off while Mr. Butch fucked me every which way but loose. Well maybe loose isn't the right word because after he was finished with me I was loose. Down there I mean."
"Gosh. I thought father would have been mad."
"Your father? Mad? That fucking homo cleaned Mr. Butch's cock and sucked his cum from my pussy. That's how mad he got. Since that evening, he's sucked Mr. Butch off whenever he's called. Your father is a cock sucker, just like you baby. At least you never tried to present yourself as a man like that loser did."
"So what happened after that? Why are father and you still together?"
"Well, I wanted to leave him, to get a divorce but Mr. Butch warned me that if we did divorce that I'd never have his wonderful cock in me again."
"That's kind a strange isn't it. I mean if you left father, Mr. Butch could fuck you whenever he wanted right? So it doesn't make sense to me that he wouldn't let you get a divorce."
"Mr. Butch already fucks me when he wants. He likes fucking married women johnnie. Just like Mrs. Peterson likes having her pussy eaten by a married woman. It's their fetish I suppose. Anyway, not wanting to lose being fucked like Mr. Butch can fuck me, I stayed with your father. He and Mr. Butch had a conversation. I don't know what he told your father but your father hasn't said a word about what I do with and for Mr. Butch."
"What does Mr. Butch have you do for him? I mean fucking you when he wants isn't enough?"
Mother hesitated which made me all the more curious. "Come on mother. I won't say anything to anyone."
She gave me a look of resignation. "I'm surprised you haven't heard by now johnnie. Mr. Butch took pictures of me, or rather, he had Mrs. Peterson take photos of me sucking him, him fucking me. He had me pose naked showing everything. I don't know why I did those things but I'm not ashamed. Mr. Butch then showed those photos around to his friends and our neighbors."
"Oh no. Why did he do that?"
"He did that to show them what a slut I am for him. He also has pictures of your father sucking his cock and showed them too."
"That's mean. Maybe, when they're not looking, I could find those pictures and take them."
"It's too late for that baby. Everyone's seen them already and besides, I like being his slut. Mr. Butch has had me fuck a few of the guys in the neighborhood, plus taken me to bars and pimped me out to some black men. Mr. Butch keeps the money and I get black cocks. It's a fair trade if you ask him. Sometimes he brings Mrs. Peterson along so she could see him pimp me out. He once rented me to a porno studio where I was videotaped fucking black men and sucking black cocks, and eating black women's pussies."
Mother paused in her tale and was furiously frigging her cunt. Then, remembering I was there, she threw herself over my head and took me by my hair and pulled my face into her sopping gash.
I must have left a lot of Mr. Butch's cum in her because tons more filled my mouth.
Mother ground out several orgasms on my face before I saw her wide hips pulling away. "Thank you, johnnie. I know this is wrong but I'm glad Mr. Butch decided to make you my personal douche."
I'd gotten over my horrified feelings about being this way with mother the first time I ate her cum filled pussy.
"Come on. Let's watch my DVD."
We were in the den with her video on the big screen and I saw mother fucking several black men. Their cocks were mesmerizing. Long, thick, black and so beautiful. I watched mother have orgasm after orgasm as black men used her like the married white slut she told them she was. Her face and wedding ring were prominent in the close ups of her sucking black cocks. In one scene someone had written all over her body in black marker. There was black cock whore and slut for blacks printed in neat writing on her body.
"Mr. Butch had the porn shop make copies that are being sold around town and other states through mail-order. He also gave the neighborhood guys a copy. Just gave it to them for free. Most of those guys jackoff to it but those racists won't fuck me anymore because I've had so many different black cocks in me."
"I'm sorry mother. I mean only if you wanted them to fuck you."
"Nah. Mr. Butch only had them fuck me to show them what I am."
"I see you looking at those balck cocks johnnie. You like them?"
"Um, I guess I do. They're so big and so beautiful."
"Would you like to be in a movie like I was?"
"Really? But I'm not a girl."
"You don't have to keep telling me that baby boi. Mr. Butch told me he wants you to be just like me. I mean he wants you to be a big a slut as I am."
"If Mr. Butch wants me to be in a movie, I'd do it for him. Will you come with me when I go to be filmed?"
"I'm going to be in the movie with you johnnie. Mr. Butch wants to make a film where black men fuck me and you clean their cum out of me. You'll suck their wonderful cocks in close ups like me and with me. Mr. Butch wants me and you, mother and sissy son to kiss with a black cock between our lips. Just imagine it. Our tongues touching together as we lick and suck on those big black cocks. Anyone who knows you and sees it will recognize you. They'll know you're a slut for black cocks which I'm told will be the name of the video."
"That sounds hot. I would love to do that with you."
"Not so fast johnnie. Mr. Butch said he wants you to be as big a slut as me. He plans to take us both to a bar and pimp us out. Me to fine black gentlemen. You to whoever wants a sissy sucking his cock. He wants you to whore for him like me. You might even get fucked if you're lucky and respectful."
My brain caught fire hearing Mr. Butch's plans for me. "Oh God mother, I have to cum," I said masturbating furiously.
"Come here johnnie. Come to me. Let me hold you and watch my baby boi beat off his tiny dick."
I slid over next mother. She held me and encouraged me to beat my sissy dick. I felt her bare breasts against my arm and continued to beat off. When I announced I was ready, she cupped her hand under my dick to catch my sperm.
"That's baby. Put all that sissy cum in mommy's hand."
She held me tight as I came for her. It was a load bigger than usual for me. I guess all the sex talk and stuff had me worked up.
"Good boi," mother said. "That's a good sissy. Now do what sissies must."
She brought her hand with my sum in it to a few inches below my mouth. Instead of bringing her hand to me, she wanted to see me lower my face and go after it. To watch me lean down, stick out my tongue, and lap her hand clean.
She got what she wanted from me. She always will.
A week after the shopping trip Mr. Butch was feeding me his cock while mother serviced Mrs. Peterson. After we had satisfied their sex drives, we were told we were going out. "You bitches get ready. I need to make a few dollars. You know what to wear."
I'm nervous. Mr. Butch has taken mother and I to a bar in the black section of town. They've been there before. He's known there. The black men welcome him with high fives. They welcome mother too. She's dressed as slutty as I've could ever imagine my own mother. Her skirt is so short that her stocking tops are visible as are her thighs between the stocking tops and the hem of her skirt. Almost a third of her generous ass hangs below that same hem line. The sheer top Mr. Butch insisted she wear did little to hide her breasts. Her nipples were clearly hard. Black men negotiated with Mr. Butch while they reached behind themselves and ran their large hands up mother's thighs. I watched her squirm as they made contact with her bare pussy.
Mr. Butch had me wear some pale pink yoga pants with matching tube top. My hair was again styled by Mrs. Peterson into the same pageboy. The pink barrette was in place. She was also kind enough to take the time to apply my make-up. My tiny dick was almost invisible hardly making a bulge in the tight pants even though I was hard. I could feel the material wedged tightly in the crack of my ass and knew everyone could see my well-defined bottom.
Mother held my hand and whispered for me to relax. "There's nothing to be afraid of baby."
"Yep. This is my whore's sissy son. 20 bucks and they're both yours for 20 minutes."
The large black man wriggled his finger for me to go to him. I went and stood in front of him with my head down. He lifted my chin and said I had the perfect lips for sucking his cock. "Just like his whore mother."
Then he slipped his hand down the back of my yoga pants and cupped my rear end. "Nice," he said as one of his fingers probed my asshole. "I'll take both these bitches."
Money exchanged hands and mother and I were led away. Large black hands, one on each of the back of our necks steered she and I to the back room. The deep baritone voice of our client asked, "Ever been fucked sissy?"
"No sir," I whimpered.
"Ya Shoulda said not yet, faggot," and laughed.
I heard mother chuckle.

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