Giant Teen and Size Queen

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I was never a huge fan of football, and yet I recently found myself the quarterback of our high school team. It turns out that last month, besides turning 18, I also grew past the 9 foot mark. 9 feet, 3 inches last I checked though I seem to be growing fast. Maybe you'd expect me to play basketball, but I'm more than tall, I also weigh around half a ton. It's all muscle too, I'm shredded like you wouldn't believe.
I have no idea how I got that way; I hardly exercise, I guess I do eat a ton, almost literally. My upper arms alone are about the size of a grown man's torso and my legs are almost twice as thick. My friend Allie jokes that my breasts are bigger than hers, and hers are enormous.
My high school begged me to join and this year I finally did. The coach tried to explain the rules to me but I could only focus on the cheerleaders' simultaneous practice.
"James," he growled. I tore my eyes away from the cheerleaders soaring through the air and looked down at him. His head barely made it up to my bellybutton. "Are you listening?"
"Yeah, I just thought there'd be more kicking and goalies and–"
"It's *American* football James."
"Yeah well maybe they should call it something else."
"Ha!" the coach barked, scowling. "No one's ever told that joke before!" He shoved the football roughly into my enormous hand which closed almost entirely around it. "Take this. Run forward. Don't fall." That was the extent of my first practice. The game was the next day.
On the day of the game, we walked onto the field and all lined up. When the play started, they handed me the ball which I palmed in one hand. With my free hand I lifted the opposing team's player in front of me, put him down next to me, and took off. By the time I reached the touchdown zone, I had about seven players hanging off my arms and legs.
"Fuckin' freak," I heard one of them say. The team forfeited immediately afterwards. As we were walking off the field, my friend Allie ran up to me, still wearing her tight blue and white cheerleading outfit. She's about 5'4" with shoulder-length straight blond hair. She had the cutest little button nose and giant brown doe eyes. As I mentioned before, she has enormous breasts. E-cup at least. Even constrained and compressed by her sports bra they stood out impressively.
The most surprising thing about Allie today was that she was alone. "James!" she exclaimed, wrapping her arms around my tree-trunk thighs which were so thick, her arms couldn't meet around the back. She pressed her head against my leg, agonizingly close to my penis.
I don't wear a jockstrap since there were none in my size. I would have to have one custom-made. Fortunately my package is so huge that if you bunch it up properly, the bulge resembles a jockstrap. The coach told me to keep it a secret but with Allie staying so close to it, I feared it wouldn't stay that way for much longer. I felt her press her shoulder into the spongey flesh of my flaccid penis and prayed that her posture was no accident.
"That was amazing!" she said tilting her head all the way back to look at me. She still had her arms wrapped around my leg. "How did it feel to carry seven players like it was nothing?"
I knew Allie from back in elementary school. I want to call us best friends but given her popularity, I fear that role's been filled. I was always tall for my age so I tried to stay hunched over in a futile attempt to fit in with the rest of the normal-sized kids. Whenever she caught me doing it, she would always make the same joke about me being Clark Kent trying to hide my true identity. And when I was with her, I felt like it was okay to stand up a bit straighter, even if I stuck out. But as she got more popular, she was always so busy. She never blew me off, and I understood her busy schedule, yet I couldn't help but be disappointed that we didn't spend as much time together as we used to.
"Well they were kind of heavy," I replied. I felt my penis expand a bit and suddenly give a little involuntary jump. Allie gasped, bit her lip, and pressed her shoulder into me harder.
"Yeah? It didn't look like it." Allie took one hand off my leg and started twirling her hair. "So I was, like, wondering if maybe you'd, like, want to come to a party I was throwing tonight?"
"Well, I kinda have a lot of homework and actually I'm really hungry–"
"Please?" she asked again, twirling her hair faster now. "I have something I want to show you and I'd *really* like it if you came."
"Well, okay."
"Great!" she exclaimed, her, and her breasts almost jumping together in excitement. "See you there." With that, she ran off.
I arrived at the party on time and Allie was the first to greet me.
"You made it! I'm so glad you're here!" she said while running up to huge me. My trunk is way too thick for her arms to even reach around my sides. So she instead wrapped them around as much of my left leg as she could. I could swear she was intentionally digging her shoulder into my giant balls.
"Come to my room" she said, "I've got something to show you." Her tiny hand could only wrap around about two of my fingers at once, which is exactly what she did as she led me to her bedroom. When we got there, I ducked and twisted my core to fit through her door. She closed it behind us.
"I hear a rumor that you're still a virgin." She twirled her hair again.
"Well," I begin stuttering, "I mean, well, you know, like–"
"Oh my God, you really are!"
Being my size, you'd think by now I wouldn't be a virgin. But I was. Growing up, I was always tall and awkward. My muscles didn't begin exploding off of me until puberty. I'd always had to endure–not exactly teasing–but at least ostracization. And I never quite gained confidence. Never needed it either. When you're over nine feet tall and about half a ton of muscle, people just kind of respect you. No confidence needed.
"This is going to be fun!" she giggled.
"Allie, I–what–"
She shushed me and grabbed the bottom of her tight shirt. "These are what I wanted to show you." She peeled off her shirt. Her large, bountiful breasts fell from her shirt, knocking together and jiggling. She tossed her shirt aside and walked closer to me. "You like them?" she asked hopefully.
"Wow," I said awestruck. "They're, uh, beautiful." I wanted to say that they were "the hottest damn things I've ever seen." and thank her profusely for showing them to me. I wanted to reach out with my massive hands and grab them. But for some reason I was still stuck in my "respect women" mode and those words and actions were, in my mind, off limits.
She stood there for a few minutes, her face falling, then she finally asked, "James are you gay?"
"What? No! Absolutely not–"
"So you just don't like my tits?"
"No! Of course I like them, they're beautiful!"
She stripped off the rest of her clothes until she was completely naked.
"My breasts, my body, my…*pussy*, are all yours. They belong to *you*. Don't you want to at least touch them? Maybe kiss them a little?"
Finally something in my mind clicked and I took a step towards her. Her face lit up. But I didn't grab her tits. My hands were so large, I grabbed her whole body with a single hand and tossed her onto her queen-sized bed. I swung my massive foot over it. My feet were on both sides of the bed and my giant package hovered over her body. As I leaned down to put my hands on her bed for support, the bed creaked and groaned in protest. Finally it snapped and cracked as it fell to the floor. Allie exhaled, squeaked, and shuddered as some juice leaked out of her naked pussy and soaked into the broken bed.
She reached up and unbuttoned my pants. I pulled them off for her along with my underwear. My cock and balls poured out slapping her in the tummy as my ball sack spread across her legs.
"Oof!" she said.
"Sorry about that."
She grinned mischievously, "It's beautiful."
She grabbed my dick with both hands. It was so big that even with both hands on it, her fingers didn't quite touch. She hefted its bulk to her mouth where she planted kisses on the tip while moaning.
"It's so fucking big! You're so big! So strong! My giant muscle man" she moaned between strokes and kisses. Blood was still rushing to it as it inflated even more.
"Um Allie, are you sure it's not a little too–"
She cut me off with a gasp as her eyes began to water. She wrapped her arms around it hugging it to her chest. "I'd die trying to take it. Please don't keep it from me. Don't deny it from your little fucktoy."
I was getting so excited and my dick was so hard.
"Feel this pussy. It's all yours. It belongs to you and it's so wet. Just for you." Juice was flowing out of her pussy creating a large damp spot on the bed. I looked into her large, beautiful brown eyes and lowered my head to kiss her. She returned the favor, shoving her tongue into my mouth while still hugging my slowly expanding penis to her chest.
"I think it's ready, Allie" I said, breaking the kiss to give her my most genuine, warm smile. Without saying a word, she lay back down, pulled her legs behind her head, and spread her cuntlips with her hands. This was the first vagina I'd seen and it looked pretty small compared to my penis. "It'll stretch," she pleaded as I gave her a concerned look. I lifted my body up to align my penis as I heard and felt more cracks and snaps in the remaining debris of her broken bed.
"Do I need a, you know–?"
"I'm on birth control."
I slowly and carefully pushed the head against her. Her breathing hitched and she let out little squeaks, until finally I felt the head pop in. Allie let out a loud moan and more juices flooded the bed.
My penis was stuck. Even with only the head in, it felt like I had hit a wall.
"Just give me some time to get used to you," she moaned. "Your little slut needs to relax."
"I don't think of you as my slut."
"I wish you would big boy."
I gently stroked her hair and caressed the side of her body.
"You're so beautiful and soft Allie. I never thought I could get a girl like you."
"You're the biggest, hottest guy in the whole school, probably the whole world." She stroked my bicep. Her hand was comically small in comparison. "You're so fucking strong. And you're so fucking big you broke my bed. That's fucking hot as fuck."
She gasped and shuddered as my penis dove in a little deeper. I kept working my penis through her vagina until she finally let out a huge gasp, "That's my cervix."
"Oh," I said. Hardly half my penis was in her.
"Try not to hit it, but you can start fucking me now."
And I did fuck her, pulling my penis out and driving it back in. "Deeper," she gasped.
"I'm just trying not to hit–"
"Deeper!" she yelled again.
I continued to fuck her with long, slow, gentle strokes. I realized that I could see my penis pushing up the skin on her stomach. "Did you cum yet?" I asked.
"Are…you…kidding?" she asked taking a breath between each word. "I've…been…cumming…non…stop."
"I want to try something, tell me if you like it," I said. Then I gently put one hand behind her back lifted her to my chest with my penis still; in her. I gripped her sides, still with one hand, and started moving her up and down on my penis like a fleshlight.
"Holy shit!" she screamed.
"You like that?"
"God yes!" she screamed again. It was a wonder no one heard us. Then again, Allie always had the biggest, loudest parties.
I sped up my strokes as Allie continued screaming "Yes!" My thumb was just long enough to reach one of her nipples which I gently stimulated. Allie placed one hand on her clit and used the other to stroke her remaining nipple.
Faster and faster, I stroked my penis in and out. I held her supple breast in place with my thumb and she held the other. Allie was moaning and screaming the whole time. I felt myself getting close.
"Um, Allie, I think I might–"
"Cum inside me!" she exclaimed.
I felt the cum rush up my long penis and explode out into her vagina. The moment the warm liquid hit her insides, she just started screaming and spasming.
"Oh my God Allie, are you okay?" I pulled my penis all the way out. Ropes of cum were still shooting out, splashing against her chest, face, the wall, and what remained of her bed. It took only a few ropes of my thick cum to cover her entire body. I normally cum so much I try to contain the mess in a bucket but there was none to be found in her room. I grabbed the next best thing, the trash can beside her bed. My dick was so big it was hard to aim and the trash can quickly filled up, spilling onto the floor. After an entire minute, the cum slowed to a trickle and I lay down on the bed, Allie still twitching in my hand. When she finally regained control of her body, she climbed up onto my massive chest and crawled up to my face. She put her arms around my neck but it was so thick, she couldn't connect her hands in the back. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and we kissed deeply on the cum-soaked bed.

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