Gill and Abe’s Adventures, Part IV

A year later, Abe had full on top and bottom surgery, as he opted to go with the metoidioplasty and scrotoplasty to surgically become a man.  He thought about keep his body the same, and but decided to take on a new adventure as he now fully identifies being with the male gender, and was pleased with the surgeries after spending a year on testosterone.


Abe had wondered what his friends had been up to, as he was starting to lose touch with his friends.  His friend, Otto, a bisexual, genderqueer, self-proclaimed transman, had recently, he had dropped from being a DD to C, and had a breast reduction.  In addition, he paid a surgeon to give himself a phalloplasty and scrotoplasty, as his newly added dick and balls to hang just over his vagina.   He had opted for partial surgery, though the work was still incomplete.


In the meantime, Louisa became a model, and is dating Abe more frequently.  Gill had finished school along with Abe at a local junior college.  Abe and Gill still room together, and get along well, and are the best of buds.


Abe talks to Gill.


He says, “Hey Gill, I’m thinking we should have a party with Louisa and Otto.  Do you think that we should?”


Gill replies, “Sure Abe.  Let’s do it.   And it’d be great, since we haven’t seen them in a long time.”


Abe states, “I agree.  I can’t wait to see those two again.  I love having them around, and they’re so fun to be with.”


Gill declares, “Yup, I concur as well.  I keep thinking about Otto for some reason.  I mean, he’s my friend, but sexual thoughts, too.”


Abe says, “I know.  He’s hunky, and hot.  He’s got great nips, and he’s all yours for the taking.  I got dibs on my lady, Louisa.”


Gill laughs and continues to finish his beer.


Gill says, “Maybe it’s because he looks a lot like Jenna Jameson, but the male version.”


Hurriedly, Abe exclaims, “Well, I cant wait to meet them.  Let’s go!”


The two men go to a club as they drive over there.  For the first time in months, the two of them head to the same place they met Louisa and her friend the year before, as they had rang up Louisa and Otto to meet them up at the dance club.



At the club, the two men get in.   Meanwhile, Louisa goes to hug them.


She replies, “Hey, guys!  I’ve got my tits done, and everything.  I upgraded from D to DD! 


Abe exclaims, “You look great, Louisa!  Stunning as always, and I just want to kiss you.”

Louisa replies, “Well, you can go in to kiss me right here, square on the lips.”


Abe and Louisa lock lips in front of Gill, while Otto comes strolling in.


Otto exclaims in an almost masculine voice, “Hello guys.  Otto is back!  I’ve got a penis now, you like?”


Abe clasps his hands together and exclaims, “I do.  I have one, too!  Do you have balls, too?”’


Otto exclaims, “Yup!  I got a 6 inch dick, and it works and everything!”


Abe says, “Oh.  I opted for the metoidioplasty.  But I get erections just fine.”


Otto asks excitedly, “Gill, how big is yours?”


Gill replies, “Oh, about average size.”


Otto exclaims gleefully, “Well, we can compare in Louisa’s bedroom!”


Gill laughs and states, “That’s a very tempting offer, young man.”


Louisa exclaims demurely, “Well, gentlemen, let’s take the party to my bedroom.  I’m sure I’ll be an excellent hostess.”


On the way out, Gill and Otto bump into a familiar woman and a new girl at the same time. 


A woman with brunette hair and shiny blonde highlights, possessing tanned skin, with plump round breasts in a purple tank top, wearing a dark green miniskirt with shiny sequins walks into the club with high heels, and is approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall.


She walks in with her friend, who is 5-2, a brunette, wears a loose white shirt with a pink blouse, showing her cleavage, and has D cup, round, perky breasts.


Gill asks, “Gabriella, is that you?”


The blonde haired, tan skinned woman replies as a matter of factly.

She says, “Yes.  It is me, Gabby.  And this is my friend, Maggie.  We’re going to dance here, wanna stay?”


Meanwhile, Maggie eyes Gill’s friend, Otto up and down, and gives him a seductive look.  Otto, who possesses short blonde hair with a trim dark goatee, wearing a dark gray vest to hide his chest, is also wearing slacks to show his bulge in his pants.   Maggie finds him irresistible, as Otto looks to her like the male, Jenna Jameson.  Maggie licks her lips, as her hand starts to reach for her crotch, before she pulls it out to firmly shake Gill and Otto’s hands.


Maggie says, “Who’s your friend over here?  He looks stunning.  I’d say he looks very hot, and I want to get up into him.  Maggie.”


Otto replies smoothly, “Will do, Mag.  Let’s head to Louisa’s place.”


Smitten, Maggie takes Otto’s hand, as she smiles at him, and whispers to Gabriella, “I’ll leave with him.”


At Louisa’s house, the three men, Gill, Abe, and Otto, leave with Louisa, Maggie, and Gabriella.  Abe and Otto seem ready to explore their new bodies, while Louisa and Maggie can’t wait to meet their dates.  Abe and Louisa head up to their bedroom while the rest stay in the living room.  Meanwhile, Gill and Gabriella seem to be sitting on a couch, waiting for events to happen.


Gill says hesitantly, “So, it’s great to be back here.”


Gabby replies with a raised eyebrow, “Yup.  Same here.  You look amazing, as always.”


Meanwhile, Maggie grinds up on Otto, as Otto kisses Maggie on the back of her neck.  He unbuttons Maggie’s shirt as he slips Maggie’s blouse off.


He digs in to eat Maggie’s pussy, giving Maggie orgasms to ease every satiable tension.


Maggie moans and purrs softly, and says, “Ohhhhhh, Otto.  You’re the best.  Can I see your chest?”


Otto unbuttons his shirt, to reveal a chest binder covering his C-cup breasts. 


Maggie stammers, “Whoa.  You’re…’re?”


Otto then drops his pants to reveal his dick hanging underneath his slacks, as he pulls his pants down.


Otto replies, “A post-op transman?  Yes.  My body’s just weirder than most men, but do you dig it?”


Maggie replies, “Yes.”


The two kiss, as Otto buries his face onto Maggie’s breasts, as he grabs his dick to jerk off, unloading cum on the floor.


Upstairs, Abe and Louisa undress each other, as Louisa tugs at Abe’s belt.  Abe slides off Louisa’s dress, and slides his jeans off of his skinny hips to reveal his 3 inch penis to Louisa.  Louisa immediately goes down on Abe, giving him head, as Abe grows an erection, loving every minute of it.


Abe responds, “Whoa, Louisa.  As tempting as is, I don’t want to blow my load yet.  How about at the end, honey?”


Louisa smiles, and nods her head in approval.


Then, Abe fucks Louisa’s drooling, wet vagina doggystyle, as he does her from behind.


Louisa screams, “Yeah, Abe, yeah!  Do me harder, big boy!  I love you so much, hun!”


After ten minutes of good fucking, Abe is spent, and sweaty from the fucking, as he gives one final thrust from his hips into Louisa’s moist wet vagina, before ejaculating cum onto Louisa’s breasts.


Louisa moans and purrs, and says, “Aww, you’re the best, Abe.   I love you, hubby.”


Abe replies, “I love you, too.”


Spent, he hugs her, as they both make out again.  The two cuddle, as they quietly fuck in Louisa’s bed, as Abe fucks Louisa’s asshole underneath the sheets.


Gill and Gabriela start to make out on the couch, as he starts to fondle Gabby’s boobs with the other hand.


Gabby then removes her tank top to reveal her pert breasts, with soft, puffy nipples.  Gill buries his face in Gabby’s boobs, and sucks on his girlfriend’s nipples.  Gabby removes her dress as Gill takes off his pants.


The two fuck on the couch, as Gill fucks Gabby doggystyle.


Gabby moans with frequent ecstasy as each thrust from Gill gives her a wave of joy.

She cries, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yesssssssssssss!   Harder Gill!!!!!!!”


Gill starts to do Gabby harder in the missionary position, before ejaculating onto Gabby’s stomach.


Meanwhile, Maggie sits atop of Otto’s dick on the rug of the living room, as she hops up and down upon it, and is humping him while Otto lays sitting on the rug.


Maggie screams, “Oh my goooooooood!!!!!!  This is sooooooo awesome!  Otto, you’re the hottest!!!  You are a sex machine!”


Otto replies orgasmically, “I know, right?  I’m cumming in both organs!!!”

As she hops on Otto’s penis, Maggie replies quizzically, “What?”

Otto replies playfully, “Oh, nothing!   I meant…my dick is filled with joy and cum!”


Maggie moans approvingly as she oozes with cum and juices in her puss, with her boyfriend, Otto feeling pleasurable sensations in his loins and crotch area.  


As Maggie hops off, she offers Otto to hump her in the ass, as he obliges.


Otto fucks Maggie doggystyle, as he pounds her in the ass. 


Feeling the strong sensations, Maggie screams with ecstasy, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh!  Yes!  Nice fuck, Otto!  You’re my man!!!!!!!!!”


Maggie gets up to suck Otto and Gill off, before Gabby steps in to suck both of them off as well.  Gill and Otto spurt cum into their girlfriend’s mouths, with Gabby and Maggie overwhelmed with joy and pleasure.


Later, all six finish up, and put their clothes back on.  They all meet down stairs, to greet each other once again.  Gill, Otto, Gabby, and Maggie wave by to Louisa, with Abe going with his friends.


Louisa says to her boyfriend, Abe, “Stay.  I want you to stay the night with me this night.”

Abe replies, “You sure?  Okay, I’ll do it.  Gill, I’ll call you for the details, tomorrow.”


Gill says, “Sounds good, bro.”


The four of them standing in the doorway leave Abe and Louisa, as Otto rides home with Maggie, and with Gill and Gabby leaving together.