Gina, My Daughter

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My daughter Gina was always quite chubby. Cute as could be, but always overweight. Still, she was bright and talented and always surrounded by friends. It helped when my wife tragically died. We don't have much family and no one close to us. Gina needed someone and her friends were there for her. She was only fifteen then and that's a difficult age with lots of issues… adding the loss of her mother? Well, I was afraid of how it might affect her. But she seemed to bounce back. She also seemed to mature overnight. She helped me go through her Mom's things and either store them or give them away. Pam had always been fit so none of her clothes would fit Gina. Instead, Gina picked many of the best and gave them away to her girlfriends. The jewelry she picked through carefully and kept most of it. Pam had collected some fitness equipment and we'd put it in the basement, turning it into a personal fitness center for her. Now I stored boxes of memories down there and turned off the light.
Years passed and Gina graduated High School. She decided to go to the local community college for her Associate's rather than go into debt at the University. She still lived with me of course.
I was now feeling quite lonely and sought female companionship. Gina, now nineteen, was quite active with her friends, mostly girls and a couple of gay guys who were old chums. So I had plenty of time. I tried dating, but few of the women were very interesting or attractive. I got hit on once in a bar but felt she was too eager and too fake. I even tried online stuff but decided that was too risky.
One evening Gina called.
"Dad, Vicky is supposed to come over tonight to pick me up but I'm stuck refereeing a spat between Doug and Michael (the gay boys). Her phone keeps going to voicemail. When she gets there, will you tell her to call me?"
"No problem Sweetheart. Will do." I said.
A few minutes later Vicky arrived. I was stunned. The Vicky I had known for years and expected was not the woman entering my home. Vicky had matured, blossomed and developed. She had been tall and skinny, now she was long and luscious with an awesome figure and a sultry flavor about her. And to make matters worse, the outfit she was wearing had been one of Pam's. A black dress with a big silver zipper that ran the full length in front. The hem had been short on Pam, On Vicky? It was really short.
The effect on me must've been apparent because she smiled at me as she phoned Gina.
"No, it's alright, Gina. You deal with the drama queens and I'll just hang with your Dad till you get here. Call me when you're on your way. Bye!"
When she hung up she turned on me and asked,
"Like what you see? A lot has changed. I'd be willing to show you… if… you… want…"
Before I could say no, she unzipped the dress down to her waist and shrugged out of it. As it fell to the floor I stared at her. She unfastened the front clasp of her black lace bra and I was suddenly gazing at two beautiful perky tits with huge erect nipples. She grinned wickedly as she rubbed the crotch of her matching bikini panties
"I've always wished you were MY Dad… I'd never let you be lonely…"
Before I knew it we were kissing and I was then sporting a huge hard-on which she was rubbing through my pants. Then mine were open, down around my ankles and, shoving me backward onto the sofa, she mounted me. I felt the bliss of a hot, wet, and incredibly tight pussy engulfing my aching cock. She squealed with delight as she rode my cock and I sucked her tits. She kissed me, then her tongue probed my mouth. She rode me hard and I squeezed her firm ass. My fingers found her asshole, quite by accident and she moaned.
"Yes… finger my ass!"
I pressed my fingertip into her sphincter and surprisingly, it slid in easily. She moaned louder,
"Yes, that's it! Deeper! Ohhhh!"
I felt her teeth on my neck and she growled. I fucked her harder.
She cried out that she was cumming.
I grunted and came too.
And Gina slammed the door.
As Vicky and Gina screamed and yelled. I just sat there with my face in my hands and cried. I don't know how many times I said: "I'm sorry." But at some point, I realized that I was alone.
Gina avoided me for days. When that ended we still avoided the subject. But I didn't avoid Vicky, or more correctly, Vicky didn't avoid me. She seduced me several more times. I told myself it wouldn't happen, but each time I crumbled before her sultry, sexy, youthful allure. Always eager and always hungry. She made love with a feral desire. She even suggested anal, something I'd never done, and always acted thrilled when I came, where ever I came. But her favorite seemed to be facials.
One time she surprised me with another girl in her bed. She was another friend of Gina's who claimed she'd wanted me for ages. They were adults now but dressed like teens and pretended to be innocent virgins. I'd never been with two women before, and the roleplay was thrilling. These served to feed my need for approval, acceptance, and being desired. All told we hooked up six additional times before she called it off. We never met at my place, but her apartment, and I tried to keep it low key and discreet.
Two weeks later I came home to discover that Gina was in the basement. I left her alone, assuming she was going through her mother's things. This became a ritual. I would get home from work or from my dates with Vicky, and she would be in the basement, usually with music playing. Sometimes dinner was on the stove. I would eat dinner alone. Watch TV alone. Then shower and go to bed. Then I would hear her come upstairs and go to her room and shower. When I got up and left for work she would still be in bed. Often she would be gone for the entire weekend. This went on for five weeks.
Then one night as I was washing my dishes I heard a crash of something heavy falling over in the basement followed by a scream of rage. I dashed downstairs.
"Gina! Are you okay?"
"GAAHHHH! FUCK! Oh shit, yeah… yeah, I'm fine. I just lost my balance and stumbled. Damn treadmill threw me into the wall and I knocked over the bookshelf."
"Are you hurt?"
"Nah, I'm fine. Probably bruised my lip and elbow, but I'll be fine."
"Let me see," I ordered in my command voice. The one used by Sergeants the world over.
I looked her over and then looked in her eyes. She was staring intently into mine, but not with hate. Then they filled with tears and she pulled herself away.
"Stop it."
"Honey, I'm sorry…"
"Yes, it was a mistake. A huge mistake. I was weak and she…"
"Yeah, she did take advantage of you… but," she turned to face me, "But you continued to see her!"
"I know, I tried to resist, but I was hurting and hungry for attention… and she was so willing and eager. And we have broken it off, or to be honest, she's broken it off. I'm too weak-willed and easy I guess, or maybe too needy… or too lonely."
"Dad, I get it," Gina said more tenderly than I'd expected. "Mom was so loving and sexy and she couldn't get enough of you. And you couldn't get enough of her. It was adorable. So when she died, there was a huge void. And as we know, nature abhors a vacuum or void in this case, and you sought to fill it. You just picked the wrong woman."
"Yeah, I realize that now. A long term relationship was never a possibility with Vicky. I should have looked at women closer to my age…"
"No Dad, You should have looked at women closer to home…"
"There's nothing wrong with loving a younger woman Dad, but she was the wrong one."
"I-I don't understand…"
She wailed, tears flowing freely, "I love you Dad! I've always loved you! I would've stepped in and helped you through this if you'd let me! I knew how bad you needed it! I knew you felt lost and lonely! I'd love you if you'd let me! But…You couldn't see me! What's wrong with me, Dad? Am I not good enough? Am I not pretty enough? Am I not slender enough? Am I not sexy enough?"
Suddenly she grabbed the old T-shirt she was wearing and ripped it open like She-Hulk, screaming in rage. She flung the shirt aside and just as quickly yanked off the sports bra and threw it away. I stared in shock and stunned disbelief as she jabbed her thumbs into her waistband and shoved her leggings and panties to the floor and kicked them and her shoes off.
Gina stood there naked, hands on her hips, with tears running down her face.
"Am I not pretty enough anymore Dad?"
"Holy fuck… Gina, I-I…"
"You used to say I was pretty…"
"Y-You are… but… Honey I-…"
"What Dad? You can fuck my friends but not me? They don't love you, I do! They only want to use you! I want to heal you! I want to help you Dad! Why won't you let me?" Gina raged loudly. "Don't you love me anymore?"
"Of course I love you! I've always loved you! I love you so much! But this is wrong! Can't you see that?"
"No Dad! It's not wrong in my eyes. I don't want to be your wife or replace Mom! I just want to be with you, to help you with your needs! To be there for you when you want me!"
As she railed I felt dizzy and weak and sat on the workout bench. I realized she had stopped yelling and looked up. And I actually saw her. At 5'8" Gina was taller than Pam had been by a couple of inches. And though she was still a big girl, the chubbiness was now voluptuousness. Her legs were beautifully shaped with full calves and thick, but firm thighs. Her hips were broad but well rounded and her ass tapered to a thick waist with the barest hit of a tummy. Her breasts were still huge but beautiful, bottom-heavy, round and full. Her dark pink nipples were nubs in her large, tan oval areolas. Her shoulders were softly rounded and her complexion was smooth and fair with just a few freckles on her nose and breasts where she got some sun. Her hair hung in dark chocolaty ringlets about her face where it had escaped her big, bouncy ponytail. But her eyes… Her eyes were the same sweet blue eyes that Pam had. But now they were rimmed in red and her sweet, adorable face was streaked with tears. Her hands were clenched in front of her and her hips turned slightly away. Then as I watched she faced me squarely and put her hands on her hips. Her mound was decorated by a tiny triangle of dark fur but everything else seemed smooth and bare. I could clearly see her thick outer labia and suddenly I realized that I had a growing erection.
"I know what you're thinking Dad, I can see it in your eyes… but I need to hear it. I need you to say it."
"You're beautiful," I said softly. "So damn beautiful…"
Gina smiled and came over and sat in my lap, one hand around my neck. I put one arm around her waist resting my hand on her hip, my other hand on her knee. She felt so soft and warm.
She put her head on my shoulder and her lips softly kissed my neck. Unbidden, my eyes drifted down to her breasts. Oh, how I longed for them. But this couldn't be.
Gina kissed my neck again and again. Her kisses were sweet and delicate.
"I know you need me, Dad. I can feel your hard-on. Let me help you, please? Let me make love to you."
I struggled. I did want her. But damn, this was so messed up. My left hand was stroking her thigh and it felt so wonderful.
"That's nice, I like it. It feels good," she whispered. "You feel good. It's nice to be held in your arms."
"Gina, I don't know what to say. Yes, I'm aroused. You're a beautiful, sexy woman. But you're my daughter for fuck's sake! We're not supposed to have sex!"
"Yes, it's incest. But incest happens. I know people and families who do it. It's just not talked about. People know they have to hide it. But that doesn't stop them from loving one another."
"Y-You know people?"
"Yes, I do. But I can't say who. I promised I'd never reveal their secret."
I sat there a moment trying to process all of this new information. Then Gina sat up a little straighter and lifted one of her big, round breasts.
"Here, this is for you. Go on, kiss it. You know you want to."
My resolve crumbled and my lips touched her flesh. In that instant, I surrendered. Her skin was incredibly smooth and oh so soft and warm I kissed her breast over and over until she gave me her nipple. I sucked and she sighed. My hands were kneading her flesh and my cock ached beneath her ass.
Knowing I was hers now, Gina slipped off of my lap and knelt on the floor. I offered no resistance as she pulled down my sweat pants. She took my erect organ in her hand and stroked it gently. She smiled and kissed it.
"God Dad! It's so big and thick! It's beautiful!"
Gina then kissed and licked it before slipping in between her lips. God her mouth felt wonderful! I loved the feeling and she looked up at me with those blue eyes as she sucked my cock and I knew I needed her. I needed to fuck her. And she knew it too. She sucked on the end of my cock as she stroked the shaft with one hand while the other hand slipped from my leg down to gently caress my balls. I couldn't hold back and cried out.
"I'm cumming Sweetheart!"
Gina didn't hesitate or flinch but struggled to gulp, breathe, and swallow. She gagged and spilled a lot of it. My last spurts splattering her face. Cum running down her chin hung in long tendrils then dropped onto her breasts. She looked upset and I thought she was mad at me. (Pam hadn't liked cum and after her first mouthful, refused to let me cum in her mouth again.)
"I'm-" I started.
"I'm sorry!" Gina interrupted me. "I didn't expect there to be so much. I'll do better next time. I-I'll get it all next time! I promise." She then set about using her fingers to gather all of my cum from her face and sucked her fingers clean. She smiled at me again.
"See? Nothing wasted!"
I pointed at her breasts.
"Oh!" she said and lifted each one to her mouth and licked off the globs and drips. "That was nice. I like the taste of you."
Gina grabbed her hoodie from the treadmill rail and rolled it into a bundle and laid on the floor using it as a pillow. Slowly she opened her legs. One hand squeezed a breast as the other rubbed up and down her pussy.
"I'll bet you'll like the taste of me too." she purred.
I moved as if in a dream, my face between her legs, I kissed her creamy thighs working higher and higher as she sighed and moaned. I reached her pussy and marveled at how perfect it was. Her skin smooth and bare, her labia thick and full, her lips delicate, pink, and flower-like, and there at the top, her rather large clit, swollen and erect. Much bigger than I'd seen on any other woman… and begging for attention. I kissed and licked her pussy for some time, and she quickly grew wet. Very wet. Her fluid was sweet and tasty and I loved it. Soon I was busily lapping up her juices and Gina was humming and moaning in pleasure. I teased her tight opening with the tip of my tongue a few times and then moved on to her clit. When I first kissed it she gasped. I flicked it with just the barest tip of my tongue and she yelped. I flicked my tongue across it rapidly and she cried out.
"Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!"
I kept this up, alternating directions and intensities until I had her mewling and crying in joy.
"Yes! Yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh…"
Then I closed my lips about her clit, and sucked gently, then teased it with my tongue. Gina came.
Her hips bucked and juices squirted from her pussy. Three squirts, followed by a pulsing flow. I'd never seen a woman squirt before. It was pussy juice, not piss and it thrilled me to do that to her. I did my best to lap it up, but Gina interrupted me.
"Fuck me, Dad! Fuck me now!" she said, holding out her arms.
I didn't hesitate this time. I leaned forward, placed the tip of my cock between her lips, and pushed.
God! She was tight! I felt her arms grab me, her legs lifted and her heels pressed into my ass. I started to pull out but she held on. I looked into those blue eyes, once again filling with tears and I understood.
"Please… Do it! Fuck me… please!"
I shoved again and slid in deeper. Gina cried out. A third shove and I was all the way in. Gina was sobbing but holding me tightly. God, she was tight. I didn't thrust or hump but simply lay with her as she slowly relaxed. I brushed the hair from her face and she opened her eyes and smiled at me.
"Thank you."
"Gina… Why didn't you tell me?"
"Would you have fucked me if you'd known I was a virgin? No. You fucked me because you saw a sexy, desirable woman. Not your virgin daughter. And I HAD to have you. I just had to. I've spent the last year dreaming of it. I wanted so badly to give my virginity to you. Ever since Mom died, I've wanted to… well, not replace her, but to take over. To continue to care for you. Not in a sexual way at first, that came after I saw you with Vicky. You are the perfect man and everyone I date, I find isn't as caring, loving, kind, and sweet as you. Maybe I'll find him someday. But for now, I only want you Dad. I only want you."
I kissed her gently. "Oh, my sweet baby… "
Gina took a deep breath and sighed, relaxing and releasing me. "I'm ready to go again… if you are."
I made love to her, there on the basement floor. Then we somehow managed to get upstairs and into my bed. Gina mounted me there and rode me as I played with her huge tits. She leaned forward onto her knees.
"Suck my titties, suck my titties! Oh yes! Pound me! Pound my pussy!"
I sucked hungrily on her titties and grabbed her ass. I pounded her pussy viciously as she cried out.
"Ohgod!Ohgod!oh god!Ohgod!… Yes! Yes! YES!, YES!, YES! GGAAAHHHHH!!!!"
When Gina came it was like a hand was squeezing my cock. It pushed me over the edge and I came. I hadn't wanted, wasn't going to cum in her, but my load spurted deep inside of her and she gasped and moaned.
Gina finally rose up and off of me. She stumbled off of the bed and held onto the bedpost. Then she turned and looked at herself in the big mirror on the dresser. She giggled like a little girl and spread her legs apart. I watched from behind as several long globs of cum oozed from her pussy to dangle, then drop to the floor. Soon there was a plate-sized puddle. Gina turned and smiled broadly.
"Oh my god, Dad… that was fantastic! I-I could feel you cumming… I could feel it in me… I didn't know I would. And to watch it come out… it's so wild and thrilling…"
"Yes baby, but we shouldn't… shouldn't risk it."
"I know, I'm on the pill but it's not 100%. But, well once in a while… maybe? Please?"
I sighed, I knew I wouldn't deny her anything anymore.
Gina climbed back into bed and lay next to me.
"Besides, if I do get pregnant, we'd just say the father ran off and I'd be a single mom, supported by my loving father. And that means you'd get to watch my titties get even bigger and after I wean the baby, all that milk is yours." She grinned wickedly. "I know you love it, Mom told me."
"Oh geez…" I muttered. "She did? When?"
"When we had one of our sex talks."
"One of?"
"Yes, silly. The first was about my body, you know biology, puberty, menstruation. The second was much later and was about boys and girls and intercourse. But the last one was about making love, techniques, positions, orgasms. She even had a realistic dildo!"
"Oh my god, that thing? She showed you that thing?"
Gina laughed. "Yeah, and you know what? She told me you loved to fuck her from behind…" Gina hopped up onto her knees and elbows. "So whatdya say, Dad? Wanna fuck me doggie style?"
"Pleeease Dad?" she whined, grinning.
Whether I wanted to or not, my cock certainly did, and as I gripped her hips and slid it in Gina purred.
"That's it, god you feel huge! Oh, it feels so good! So fucking good!"

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