Girl Scout’s are too trusting

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By Ap0wers A trusting 12yo Girl Scout’s hunt for an extra badge finds her in a horrible predicament with three perverted men

*Important Note*
The following story is 100% fiction with zero real world relevance.
Cassie loved her father but she also had come to accept that he had big gambling problem, the first time she can remember it affecting her was when he’d run out of money to pay for her birthday cake, then he had forgotten about being at her soccer match so she had to catch a ride home from one of the parents (making up a flimsy excuse that he had to work), and the other day the landlord (who really creeped her out) had come around saying they were late with rent. It was just them after Cassie’s mother was killed in a hit and run two years ago, they never found the driver.

At 12 years old she had had to do more than what would usually be expected of her, but she did it because she knew deep down her father was a good person and he’d tried to kick his addiction but it was just so strong.

So now here she was walking home from her Girl Scout meeting alone, the meeting hall was only a few blocks away so she’d done it before, and she decided to stop by Angie’s (her best friend) and stay for dinner. There was a real chance there might not be food for her when she got home, so she texted her dad telling her not to expect her until later so they could also do their homework together. It had been a hot day and it was dusk, so it was getting dim but not fully dark, because it was still warm he was just wearing her uniform and had her backpack on her. She was quite slim, but the uniform still clung fairly close to her body due to the heat. It showed off the developing curves she had.

She rounded a corner and saw a man about mid-30s whistling and calling for his dog. He was looking around on the edge of an alleyway and he looked quite exasperated and upset. As Cassie got closer to him he noticed her coming towards and walked up to her. “Excuse me, I don’t suppose you’ve seen this dog?” He showed her a picture on his phone of the dog, it was mid-sized and had a fluffy tail almost like what you’d see on a fox. The dog was being cradled by a girl of about 7-8. “That’s my daughter, she absolutely adores Rover. I just have to get him back before it gets dark or she won’t be able to sleep.”

It really touched Cassie hearing how much this dad would do for her daughter, it made her almost wish that he was her dad. The man looked at Cassie and saw she was wearing a Girl Scout uniform, “I don’t suppose you could help me look for him? If you help me find him I’ll make sure to tell your group what a big help you were and make a donation, or by lots of cookies!” Cassie thought about it, she wanted to get to Angie’s but there was a community service badge that was for random acts of kindness that this would certainly fall under, and hearing how much this dad would do for his daughter really touched her. “Yeah I can help, where do you think he went?”

”Oh thank you so much, you’re too kind! I’m pretty sure he went into this alleyway so let’s check here first before we go anywhere. Perhaps a girls voice might help to coax him out.”

And so Cassie and the man moved down the alley slowly looking through boxes, whistling for a dog, occasionally calling out Rover. They were almost at the end of the alley, there was a black van parked at the end, so far they hadn’t heard or seen a thing. But then just as she was about to turn around she saw out of the corner of her eye a fluffy tail poking out underneath a box. Poor thing must be scared, she thought. She gently approached the box, the man saw her moving towards it and came from the other side. Strangely though she saw him doing something on his phone, it looked like her sent a text, maybe to his daughter.

Gently she crouched down to take the box off, “it’s ok Rover, I’m just taking you to your daddy.” As she bent over she could actually feel the breeze from the air cooling go up her dress and onto her panties. She reached box and lifted it up, only to find the tail was only attached to one of those hats that people wore in cold weather. “What the…?” It was then that the situation changed in a way she could never have imagined. The doors from the black van burst open and she felt the firm hands of two men grapple her into the rear of the van. As the doors of the van shut she saw the man who was looking for his dog close them with a wicked smile on his face.

The inside of the van was dark and she struggled to see what was happening but she felt everything. Two of the hands were busy using tape to bind her wrists tightly she was being pinned down roughly on her front by the body of this man, his knee driving into her back preventing her from moving. The other two hands focused on her mouth, as she was being dragged into the van she immediately felt one of the hands clasped hard on her mouth preventing her from screaming while grabbed her throat cutting off oxygen and making her dizzy as she hyperventilated.

Once in the van however the hand that wasn’t on her mouth grabbed some cloth and stuffed it hard into her mouth, he’d pushed hard enough that it almost made Cassie choke but thankfully her tongue and gag reflex had prevented it from going deeper. Once the cloth was in place she felt him place multiple strips of packing tape onto her mouth ensuring there was absolutely no way she could make sound that would alert anyone.

Just like that, in barely a heartbeat of her young life she’s gone from carefree Girl Scout to kidnap victim. With her secure the men then flipped her over so she was sitting on her bottom back against one of the men (who was panting loudly) and her legs stretched out wide with her facing the front of the van. The man who had lured her with the story of losing his dog came in through one of the side doors and as if she was under any illusions that she was going to be ok, any thoughts like that we’re quashed when the man began to pull down his jeans revealing a bulge in his underwear.

“Oh my god I can’t believe how fucking gullible kids are, almost makes it too easy at times!” He said this as he pulled his jeans fully off, he then began to slip his underwear off and as the front came down it revealed a fully erect (and seemingly quite large) penis. This was the first time Cassie had ever seen one in real life, they had just began sex education at school, so she knew what all the pieces were for and what they were meant to do but as far as she was concerned that wasn’t going be something she’d be doing for years.

But here she was completely at the mercy of these thugs, the man had crouched down in front of her so she had an even closer look at his thing, it really looked scary and in no way appeared to be a size that would fit her. The other guy who was crouch next to her was holding one of her legs opened and the guy with his thing out was holding the other so she was spread wide open with only her panties providing a barrier. That was literally ripped away by the man in front who used his free hand to pull them off her turning them into useless strings hanging off her legs. He then rubbed what was left them in his hands onto his hard penis, “mmmmm they’re warm, feels good on my cock haha”. His friends also chuckled at this hideous line.

He wasn’t wasting any time though, he wasn’t sure if this little slut was expected somewhere and would be quickly missed so he was going to make sure he got the first fuck in quickly. He positioned his cock on the edge of her pussy, Cassie shivered knowing that what was about to happen to her would hurt a lot. The man smiled as he looked Cassie in the eye and began to push, she was so fucking tight it was almost too much for him, he barely got his tip in before he slightly pulled out and then with a harder shove he got more in and felt him break through her virginity. There was something about this push that felt different to Cassie, it was like he body was suddenly open to the whole world and no longer belonged to her. She looked down at the man’s penis and saw blood, she was already crying but this really made the tears flow. “See that cunt? That’s your cherry popping, that’s you being turned into the slut you were always going to be! And now we’re going to fuck you like the the slut you are!”

With those last word he began moving in and out of her, initially at a slow pace but gradually he began to get fast and faster. The man behind her made sure to hold her in position so she couldn’t go anywhere while the man beside her just made sure her legs were stretched wide. The man in front had got into a quick rhythm now and was getting quite deep into her. He grunted as he thrusted into her like a wild animal, this was about pure pleasure for him and he was clearly enjoying the violence from it. As he kept moving the man behind her slipped a hand inside the front of her Girl Scout top and began to rub his fingers over one of her nipples, even pinching it so often which caused her to squeal in discomfort.

But the man on top was getting closer to his climax and was getting even more aggressive with his thrusts, finally though he felt his orgasm coming so he pulled out at the last moment and shot his load all over her face and onto the top of her uniform. Cassie squealed and screamed while the man shot his cum onto her, she didn’t understand all of what was going on and she was in so much pain from the brutal rape she’d just experienced.

But she was given no chance to recover, no sooner had the first man pulled out of her than the man that was holding her leg had started to take off his pants to prepare his own rape of Cassie. Before he crouched down he turned to the man behind her, “let her go flat, man!” So the man behind her let her body drop fully onto the ground, she lay in a really uncomfortable position on her bound wrists. He positioned himself in front of her and with no hesitation pushed himself into her, it hurt a little bit less than the first time but still felt absolutely awful to Cassie. He was really driving into her and her wrists being tied behind her back meant that her body was naturally arching upwards. He was also groping every part of her legs and buttocks he could get his hands on, enhancing the image of him being no more than a horny animal.

He seemed to be arching her deeper and deeper, lifting her bottom higher into the air until now she was almost folded in on herself. Then he did something completely unexpected, he pulled out of her and still holding the back of her body up using her legs he moved around so he was facing away from her. Immediately when in position he thrust his cock right into her, pulling her buttocks towards him and thrusting at the same time. He was doing exactly as the first man, he was fucking her like she was some kind of cheap slut. All Cassie could see from her point of view was the hairy bum of this man, knowing every hip movement was a thrust into her young vagina. He was grabbing really hard at her buttocks, and would give each side hard spanks while grabbing them at the same time. It hurt like hell, but somehow the shame was just as bad, and yet she barely knew why she should feel shame for what was being done to her.

It wasn’t her fault these animals were using her as their sex toy, and yet somehow she thought there must be something she’d done to provoke these men. Was she dressed inappropriately? Had she upset one of these men and this was revenge? Worse still she considered had her father done something to anger them with his gambling, and this was payback to him? These questions fuelled the shame she was feeling while the second man continued his violent rape of her.

The man was having the time of his life and couldn’t care less for her feelings of shame and the pain he was causing her. He just saw her body as his property for brutal use, and he was going to get what he wanted from her. Cassie could feel that somehow he was thrusting even harder than before and like the first man was grunting like an animal. Feeling his orgasm coming he pulled out of her and put his throbbing cock right in her face as he shot his load onto her. The first shot hit her on her taped mouth while the second jet went onto the bridge of her nose, a final shot then went onto her neck. He collapsed onto one knee right next to her and continued to use her hair to jerk his cock.

Cassie knew full well the nightmare was far from over as there were three of them and sure enough as the second man relinquished control of her the third and final man grabbed a hold of her ankles and flipped her over so she was on her front. The second man positioned himself so he was sitting down with his legs stretched out with Cassie’s body lying across him. The third man then pulled her thighs up so she was on her knees with her bum pointed up in the air. Her wrists were still bound so she was completely helpless to be placed into whatever position these men desired, and this guy wanted to fuck her doggy style.

He placed himself behind her, pumping his already rock hard cock while running his hand over her ass and giving it a couple of hard spanks. Finally though he guided his cock into her still very tight pussy, once he was satisfied it was guided in he grabbed hold of her thighs and began thrusting in and out. While fucking her he would take both hands off and then grab hold hard again creating a hard grope/spank.

While he was fucking her from behind the second man had positioned his cock right up against Cassie’s face. He was stroking one side of it while the other side was up against her taped mouth, she could smell the odours coming of if which included his cum, sweat, and the blood from her virginity that he and the other man had destroyed. He was also caressing her hair at the same time stroking it almost in a comforting way all the while her head would bob back and forward from the force of the third mans thrusts.

The man behind her was in a good rhythm with his thrusts and was getting deep enough that his body was slapping up against hers. Then while holding onto one of her ass cheeks he grabbed hold her her bound wrists with his free hand and started using it as leverage to thump his cock harder into her. Cassie had her eyes closed but she was feeling everything he was doing to her, yet again he made her feel absolutely worthless, that these men were somehow giving her a punishment she deserved.

The third man had been jerking while watching his friends use poor Cassie so he could feel he was ready to blow and any moment, he let go of her ass and grabbed her wrists with the second hand and began riding her like a bicycle before he knew he was about to explode in her. At the last moment he pulled out and shot his load of cum onto her back, landing squarely onto her her uniform top and dripping onto her Girl Scout skirt. He then poked his deflating cock through one of her hands bound behind her back and proceeded to gently fuck it, causing dribbles of cum to keep coming out. Cassie could feel the warm sticky liquid begin to cover her hand, she was still new to all of this so really couldn’t understand why these men kept doing these things to her.

Finally though both men got up from their positions leaving Cassie to lay there broken in her cum stained, ruined Girl Scout uniform still with her wrists bound and mouth tightly taped. The cum on her face had mostly dried now and she couldn’t help but rub her fingers together feeling the odd texture of the cum on her hand. However all that we’re minor distractions to the pain she felt in her vagina, the men had treated her like a seasoned prostitute in the way they’d fucked her and she felt it in every awful way. She was in so much pain and was exhausted by what they’d done she had no energy to move, so she just lay there praying that they would let her go.

Unfortunately for Cassie the men had other ideas. They had all begun getting their clothes back on, and in fact the first man had put all his clothes back on and was holding a large sports duffel bag. He placed it right next to Cassie and then place his hands underneath her, picking up and putting her feet first into the bag. He knew it was going to be a tight fit but he was sure she would get in, the second man who had his pants on but not his top on helped to tuck her legs in, and then the first man pushed her head down and forced it inside the bag with the other man pulling the bag over. She was in, the only thing left to do now was zip it up, and with that Cassie’s world went dark.

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By Ap0wers #BDSM #Group #PreTeen #Rape