Girlfriend And Her Friend

Hi, I’m Rahul and I am going to tell you about my experience. I am 20 years old and I have girlfriend Nita and her best friend Ketki and we three are very close. This incident happened last month. 1st let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 6′ tall with good build and have a 9″ pole and Nita’s parents had gone out of town, so she was alone at home and her parents asked Ketki to come over to stay with Nita as she was alone at home.
Ketki came to Nita’s house and Ketki knew everything about what I and Nita did but she never said anything in fact she encouraged us and showed us different porn clips so we could try all those positions. She sometimes even would talk to me and ask for all the details. Guess she used to fantasize about us doing it all and would masturbate. That day Nita called me home and I used to stay in a hostel, so I went over. I reached her place and went in and I saw both Nita and Ketki were wearing only lingerie.
Nita is of 5’6″, nice figure, 38 D breasts and an awesomely shaped ass. Ketki on the other hand is 5’2″ height, a bit on the heavier side, but 40D breasts size and she has really awesome breasts and they are nice, round and big every time she would wear a top or punjabi dress or sari her cleavage would be clearly visible and I would always get turned on. I went to Nita’s place and they both were wearing only lingerie. Nita was wearing a red bra and panty, Ketki was wearing a black bra and panty.
Ketki’s bra was semi transparent so her huge amazing brown nipples were easily visible and it has me a hard on immediately. Nita saw that and immediately came forward and removed off my shirt and pants and I was only in my underwear. Nita then put her hand on my underwear and started rubbing and Ketki removed her camera and started making a film of it one hand of her was holding the camera and the other one was inside her underwear rubbing her pussy that day.
I saw she had a bit of hair on her pussy and it made me hotter but my girlfriend is Nita so I turned to her and started kissing her and first lightly then deeply and our tongues playing with each other and we were kissing for so long, we did not even realise and suddenly Nita said that my underwear is all wet. I even took that off and I took Nita and went into the bedroom and there was no Ketki there but then I removed Nita’s bra and started sucking her breasts. I always enjoyed that and I did that for a long time after sometime.
Ketki knocked on the door and said dinner is ready, we went down, sat naked on the table and Ketki was wearing only her lingerie. we three were sitting with me in the middle while having dinner, Ketki slipped her hand down my crotch and started playing with my hair below it just sent so many electric pulses through my body all at once that I was not able to concentrate on dinner anymore and started oozing pre cum suddenly Nita noticed something and Ketki suddenly took her hands off them.
We finished dinner and me and Nita went back into the bedroom and Ketki started following us. Nita asked her what she was doing. Ketki said, she wanted to video it all. Nita asked me and I said ok and we will be able relive it again and again and we all three went into the bedroom and there I and Nita started kissing each other hard tongue on tongue then I started sucking her breasts one by one and pressing and massaging the other nipple.
This went on for a long time Nita went down on me, took a hold of my shaft and started sucking the head off it was so awesome, I was just sitting there and my eyes met Ketki’s and suddenly I started picturing her blowing me while Nita was at it Nita was sucking me so nicely that I just came out so hard I completely messed up her face and she then left me and was about to go to wash it when Ketki stopped her out of a sudden.
Ketki hauled the camera on the tripod and went towards Nita and started licking and eating my cum off her face and neck and breasts. She doing this shocked Nita but she was so turned on that she did not stop Ketki. Ketki first went to the breasts and started licking them all over then she licked the cum playfully and started swallowing it all then she went up towards the neck when all the cum from the breasts was done and followed the same procedure her tongue playing all over Nita’s body was so delightful.
Nita also started giving out moans. Ketki reached the face and started licking the cum from the eyes, nose and everything when it was all done, she came towards the mouth and started kissing Nita. She kissed her so hard and the beauty was so awesome that I had another hard on. Ketki asked Nita if it was alright if she could join them both. I instantly said yes, but Nita was hesitant of sharing me with her but she said yes and then Ketki also stripped down.
She then suggested we play erotic truth and dare and so we all sat to play and Nita spun the bottle it came between me and Ketki, so Ketki had to ask me to do something erotic on her and so she was thinking when Nita flashed me a look that what is going on and I said maybe Ketki was getting bored and she also wanted to have some action. Nita said ok Ketki asked me to fuck her in the ass and all this was going on tape and so Nita held the camera while we all got in position.
I slipped my dick in Ketki’s ass but it was so tight that it just won’t go Ketki was shouting loudly in pain but still had a smile on her face. I asked her that it is not going, so she said that is the dare, to do it and I asked Nita for help, so Nita spit on Ketki’s asshole and asked me also to do and we did and that provided lubrication and I tried again. This time I held my dick in my hand and I tried super hard with a lot of force and only the head went inside.
It was hurting Ketki a lot and tears were coming out of her eyes but still she was smiling at it. I said that’s enough, but she wanted more. I tried inserting more and a bit more of my dick went in, but it was still less then I took it out and Ketki’s asshole was gaping like crazy and it had become huge and she said to leave it and it was next turn then I spun the bottle and it came between me and Nita. I had to ask Nita to do something, so I asked her to milk me as much as she can in 10 minutes.
She started rubbing my cock like crazy, I was already turned on after the anal with Ketki and I cum out within seconds and she collected it all in a glass that was nearby. I am a guy who cum a lot, so almost half the glass got filled with my cum then Ketki suddenly pitched in and started blowing me, she blew me so hard and awesomely that I instantly had another hard on and within 3 minutes I cum again. This cum also was collected in the glass and this filled up 3/4th of the glass and then both Nita and Ketki started blowing me together.
This made me cum again in the 9th minute and this time it was so intense that the cum just flew into the glass with such force and the glass got filled up and almost started to over flow Ketki asked Nita how about a threesome. Nita said okay and so we all went up to the bed and Ketki stared kissing me and we kissed deep, tongues playing it tasted so sweet, sweeter than Nita that I started fancying Ketki more than Nita.
Ketki automatically took the lead here in everything and sidelined Nita completely and she asked Nita to give me a blowjob and Nita started blowing me taking it deep, as deep it could go it was so awesome then Ketki went down and both Nita and Ketki started blowing me it was such an awesome feeling when two girls I love are giving me a blowjob. I was just about to cum, when both of them stopped, pushed me on.
The ground and started taking turn going on top of me and riding me and Ketki took the first turn, she positioned herself and sat on my cock, she was all wet so the cock went quite in and her pussy was just so tight in sometime I saw that her pussy and my cock both were all red with blood. She lost her virginity to me then she started riding me fast. I got so excited that I just cum inside her and all my cum was inside her and she still continued riding me until she reached her orgasm and when she did.
She had a big squirt, but since my cock was in her, the squirt was not able to escape out and it all got stored inside her pussy all this time Nita was face sitting me hard and I was tongue fucking her and all this got her very excited Ketki got up holding her pussy with her palm and then Nita went over and started riding my cock. Ketki the came over to my face, asked me to cover her pussy with my lips, and when I did, she gave on and all the mixture of her squirt and my cum all oozed out in my mouth.
I was thirsty and it felt tangy so I just drank it all up quickly and then it was all finished and she asked me to tongue fuck her and all this while she took the glass with my cum in it and started drinking it. She stopped halfway and passed it to Nita who drank the rest of the cum and emptied the glass then Ketki took it back and licked it clean with her tongue since that day Ketki had gotten addicted to my cum she always asked for it every day and made sure she drank some before college, in college and after college too.
All the while Nita was riding me and I she reached her orgasm and had many more, but since I already had cum a lot of time before and so I was not able to cum so quickly, so later when I was about to cum I told Nita and Ketki stopped her, took my cock, started sucking it and then when I cum drank all my cum and dried my cock out completely what a feeling that was after that we all were tired so we all slept off their naked on top of each other when I woke up in the morning, I was sleeping between Nita and Ketki and my cock was not erect but was still inside Ketki’s pussy.