Girlfriend Becomes Mother In Law

Hi Smita, I am Manish from Kirkee and you are Mundwa right very close to me so can meet anytime whenever you wish. To complete sending my sex saga, which started, when I was 18 years of age i.e. 12 years ago from the date I am writing this to you.
Studied in All Saints and did my graduation from Poona College and have two elder sisters and the only son to a rich father so always a spoilt brat. When I was in school kissed my first girl when I was just 18 her name was Rashmi and we were always together. We had our own house and dad also had taken a flat next to our house as investment but I was always there exercising with my friends watching porn and most of the time.
I was alone where I use to use my powerful night binocular watching the slum people taking bath outside their house which was just 100-200 meters away from my apartment. It was supposed to be my study room. But I used to see sometimes this slum people having sex in the night outside their house where they use to sleep and there was nothing exciting about the same.
This is about my story about my immediate neighbor where I use to spend most of time. Rathi a Marwardi family was my neighbor. Rathi uncle was working in some private company in Dapodi he was tall 6ft + height and his wife my Urmi, Urmila Aunty was 27 but looked pretty young in fact after having two kids 2 kids. Later on came to know Rathi uncles age and he was around 38 and I wondered many years difference and he might be fucking her when she was teenager like anything and she delivered her first child was telling all the story.
We had this one 6-7 inch wall separating between us and in fact our hall small gallery was attached with just 3 feet wall between. Urmi aunty always pop in when she came to know I was alone to serve with my some or the other kind of snacks or just talk to me.  She use to tell I am great body and purposely I use to exercise in front of her showing my sweaty body and she did started touch my biceps my arms which use to trigger me a lot between my legs.
I always had a hard one when she used to touch me. Amit was a bit mentally retarded and this was always worrying her. He was also removed from his school first of all he did not had that brain for his education but someway or the other because of my father he got an admission in the nearby school. Urmila aunty was so happy that she hugged me pretty tight thanking me. It was the hottest hug I ever got and my whole body felt to tear of her there and then. 
Her firm breast were so inviting I couldn’t resist but thinking she was almost 12 years elder to me, I didn’t had that guts to do what I really wanted to do. Three years passed I did my small moments with Urmila aunty, hugging her for something or the other taking her in my bike to pick her household things sometimes and feeling her breast on my back was giving me a hard time. Sangeeta too was pretty close to me bhaiya this bhaiya that and seeing this young girl, she just in her short above knee height skirts was giving me a real hard one.
It was a Sunday and it was Urmila aunty’s birthday she turned 30 and I was invited for lunch in the afternoon. Had lunch with them and came back to my room and Sangeeta followed with me. Sangeeta and me too had our small intimate moments but it was unknowingly. She came to room on account of something started beating me and I was down on the sofa. I tried to avoid and I was hard and she was sitting on my thighs and trying to beat me with a pillow. 
I pressed her whole body just making it feel as if I was trying to avoid the same. Holding her small breast and my cock rubbing exactly between her hiked skirt on her crotch made me held her hairs and pulled it down fully on me. I kissed her for the first time and she didn’t resist and kept on kissing for 2-3 min. My hands went behind her naked legs and started to move it up and down. I was kissing her and biting her lips as if they were nothing.
We were getting heated up but broke apart hearing her dad calling her. She immediately straightened herself and I could see some blood on her lips but she told its ok and left. I was unable to sleep but went to lie on my bed. I felt something moving on my leg and when my eyes opened it was Urmila aunty sitting on my bed and seeing her for the first time in a sexy pink sleeves gown.
 I just saw the time it was 3:30 pm and I knew uncle has gone for his second shift and will be coming in around 12 midnight and if he was going to do over time then he wont be coming before morning and the children’s had gone to tuition and wont be back before 7 pm and I was about to get up and she bent across lying next to me with her arm on the pillow looking at me and telling me, do I look old to you (all conversion was in hindi but for me its pretty difficult to excite you Smita)
I told “No aunty and she slapped me very softly and pinching my arms she told me a shocker, “then what were you doing with Sangeeta. I did not understand that and asked her and what’s got to do with you being old with Sangeeta. She said forget that, where’s my birthday gift. I just said “what do you want aunty and her hands came on my face and I could feel her face coming towards mine and her lips touched mine and she started kissing me. 
I didn’t believe what was happening and she kissed me inserting her tongue deep in my mouth and literally climbed on me making me feel her hot sexy body on top of me. Urmi aunty kept on kissing me and I boldly placed on of my hand on her butts and the other on her soft silky hair in the same motion I held her and turned and I was on top of her just where the hell I wanted for the last three years. 
I pushed her sleeveless strap of her sexy gown and started kissing her arms and was slowing pulling it down near her cleavage. I looked at her and her eyes closed so pulled her gown a bit low and started mauling her breast and kissing them and I did the best what I can do sucking biting her tits sucking her breast licking her navel and when I pulled her panties and made her fully nude and I literally was consumed with the beauty of this female. Her trimmed hairs were wet with her own juices. 
I licked her and sucked her cunt (to be frank Smita didn’t liked it for the first time, but that’s a different issue now I cant stay without tasting and licking her cunt) in desperation I removed my shorts and entered my cock in her cunt. It was pretty tight as I tried to insert my 6–to7-inch cock (but just like all others use to say their first fuck was always bigger one and all that stuff, they fucked in that way and in this way) someway or the other it went and the worst thing was what I thought.
They have to fuck her and satisfy her was a utter disappointment as within 3-4 strokes feeling her wet hot cunt on my cock I was showering my cum in her. Urmi aunty was a bit disappointed could make it out but she laughed and kissed me telling not to worry it happens with most of them. I slept next to her and she put her legs on my cock telling me there is nothing to get disappointed and told me again slapping on my face lightly telling me to stay away from Sangeeta. 
I told what she was talking about. Then she told seeing the blood in her lips she came to know and she forced Sangeeta to tell and she told that I had kissed her biting her lips and her constant rubbing of her leg on my cock was giving me yet another erection. My cock was hard like rock again and seeing the same Urmi aunty slipped down kissing my erect nipples and holding my cock she kissed and bit both my tits and before I could say anything she took my cock in her lips and sucked on the tip.
I groaned as her tongue swirled over my cock-head, trying to pierce my cock-slit. I tried to press her breast; she stopped telling me ssshhh just enjoy. Her head moved forward and took more of my cock in her mouth, gently pumping my shaft in her long, elegant fingers. I could feel my balls surging. I spread my legs wider and she buried her face deep in my crotch, taking my cock in her mouth and sucking and licking it with mounting excitement and giving me the pleasure. 
I moaned thickly, head bent, watching her yeh aunty suck it harder, oh fuck yes ohhh yeh! Mmm yeh that’s it yeh suck it! She sucked my cock eagerly, with lust mounting within the same. I know my pre cum has aroused her further. My hands were on her head moving along with her head as she moved up and down taking the full length of my cock in her throat. She was sucking me crazily. I panted as I felt my balls swell in anticipation of bursting forth and I immediately pushed her back.  She said, “what happened, didn’t you like, Didn’t like it was heaven then.
I got up and made her lie and I bent over her, between her thighs and said to her, “Let me fuck you again aunty. She spread them wide, her eyes glittering with lust, telling me, Come on she moaned I am all yours! I pressed my cock-head on her cunt-lips and slowly flexed my buttocks and slammed my hips forward. My cock rammed in her cunt and she moaned in delight, her back arching, the breath whooshing from her throat. My cock disappeared in her cunt.
Like it, aunty? I whispered in her ear and yes! Urmila aunty gasped ooh god yes! It’s wonderful! Ohhhh yes! I flung my head back and laughed. Aunty you are so hot and I am going to fuck you daily! She was stunned to hear the same at the same time was enjoying my huge dick in her and I lifted my hips, moving my cock outward and then rammed it back in again savagely. My hips swung up and down, up and down. 
My cock crushed into her cunt again and again, ramming and reaming in deeply, pistoning violently up and down and in and out of her cunt. She gasped and cried out loudly, her body jerking and thrashing on the bed, snapping up and down with his thrusts. Her huge breasts jiggled violently and I squeezed them in my hands in frenzied excitement. Her hips bucked and lurched under mine. Her cries were pleasing and utterly obscene; with no hint of shame.
Ohhhh yes fuck me fuck me fuck me! She went on. Yeh! Take it! Take it! Take it!” I grunted, slamming my hips back and forth between her forked thighs. Incredulously, she was orgasming, her body arching sharply under mine. Her orgasm reached a crescendo and I stroked furiously in and out of her cunt, making her gasp and groan as her climax ebbed, I slowed my motions fuck, you are incredible! 
She said in awe and I turned her and told her I want to fuck her like a dog. She nodded and I knelt behind her and squeezed my cock-head into her cunt. She moaned as it surged into her flesh. She gasped sharply, her head arching and rocked forward under me, falling forward into her forearms. I gripped her hips, flexed my buttocks and pushed my cock deeper into her cunt, till my thighs were at her buttocks, my balls pressed at her cunt- lips. Her hips writhed eagerly under mine.
Ohhhh yes! She gasped oohhh now fuck me hard fuck me hard! I grinned and squeezed her swollen, breasts. She groaned softly. I started fucking her slowly and heavily, moving my hips in tight little circles so that my penis entered her cunt from all angles. My cock went in and out of her cunt, appearing and disappearing alternating, glistening with our coital fluids. It was wonderful to watch the same
Harder! She cried fuck me harder! Come on Manu you always wanted me, fuck me now! (She was the only one to call me Manu instead of Manish) I grunted and began rocking my hips back and forth in a steadily quickening tempo. She gasped, rocking and lurching and jerking under me, her breasts jiggling. Faster and faster I went and her cries grew sharper and shriller. I flung my head back and spanking her butt gasping for air and moving my hips rocking rapidly back and forth. 
My cock now was ramming and reaming in her tight cunt, driving in all the way and sliding out. I fucked her faster still, and my thighs slapped audibly against her buttocks. I squeezed her buttocks in frenzy, and she swayed and rocked under me, begging for more. She came again and I gasped, wincing at the pressure of her cunt and slowed to a deep, spiraling, skewering action after some 10 min of fucking doggy style I came in her and it was one hell of fuck for me.
We became pretty inseparable. I loved fucking her and she never said no that was the best part. I never thought of looking at any other girl as I was madly in love with my Urmila Aunty and rather then Aunty she became my girlfriend Urmila Aunty was hunger for sex because she got married at a very young age of 18 and Rathi Uncle did satisfy her pretty well. Marwadi’s were getting married at a very early age to elderly men and that was the problem 
But his appetite started reducing after 10 years of marriage and Urmila aunty was pretty young and he was getting tired pretty fast as working double shift to earn was pretty hectic. Amit was a bit low on his brains and this was his main problem. Sangeeta too was getting close to me every now and then. I did kissed her sucked her breast and also allowed her to suck my cock many a times. 
I always had sucked her nice young cunt giving her many orgasms. Urmila aunty knew and I use to tell her that I use to just kiss her and keep her quiet and she believed me in spite Sangeeta getting sexier day by day but was not arousing as much just by seeing Urmila aunty I used to get. Sangeeta stopped coming to my place totally and came to know that she was seeing somebody else who was Muslim guy. 
Urmila too came to know and one day she told me to ask her why she is doing that and I asked Sangeeta and told that she is tired of getting finger fucked and sucking my cock and if I wasn’t able to fuck her someone else will fuck her and I asked her did she have sex with anyone else. We had a bit or argument regarding the same. She was also angry on her mother as she never allowed her to go to my place and at the same time she was seeing me whenever she wants. I had secretly recorded the same in a small cassette player and gave it to Urmila aunty. 
There was some big fight between mother and daughter. The same Sunday which was 3 day after the incident Urmila Aunty called me and told that they are going to native place for 15 days the same afternoon and she wanted me to take care Sangeeta as she couldn’t come because of her 10th examination and her coaching class was unable to give her a holiday and strictly informed her to be present. Just before leaving when we did a moment for our self 
Urmila aunty hugged and told me just give her what she wants. I said what. She said what do you want my daughter to sleep with a Muslim guy, make her your slave so when it comes to sex she will just think about you. They all left and Sangeeta was dressed in salwar and was ready to go out. I called her but she wasn’t ready to come telling me somebody was waiting for her. I forcefully took her to my house straight into bed before she could say anything I stripped her and sucked her and the moment.
I place my cock in her wet cunt she was delighted are you really going to fuck me. I just winked at her and shoved my cock in her and fucked her like hell and I could believe for 15 days I fucked her like anything making her crazy. It was just the 4 hours of her coaching class from 8 am -12 noon she was away from you. I fucked her while having lunch dinner breakfast while taking bath. I went a step ahead and even pissed her whole body fucked her in her ass and everyday she wanted more and more of it.
I really made her mad for me taking her out to movies finger fucking her out there and even fucked her in open taking her near the river, fucking her in my car all made her crazy for me 2004 March I married Sangeeta as making her crazy I was unable to leave without her and really liked her. There was a big no from my family but later on they agreed and I had my grand marriage with her. 
Urmila aunty literally cried for accepting her daughter, but I told her that I was unable to stay without her daughter and her. Well nothing much from Smita started to fuck my beautiful neighboring aunty and her daughter who became my mother in law and my wife. To date April 08 I am still fucking my mother in law cum my loving aunty cum my Girl friend and wife is always there who had given me twins in 2006.