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Giving Him What He Wants – Childhood Friend Takes My Wife – Part 1
This series is an attempt to pen some of the memorable stories I read in various smut magazines over 25 years ago. Using the Giving Him What He Wants title for the series as in these stories the husband craves the idea of watching his wife with other men and either consciously or subconsciously conspires to make it happen.
This is a cuckold story. A cuckold is a husband who receives vicarious pleasure from his partner having sex with other men. If this is not your thing, please stop offending yourself and move on.
By reading this story, you are committing an act of perversion and there are no better or worse kinds of perversions, only the ones that you like and the ones that you don't like.
This story explores the husband-wife-and-another-man relationship where the husband is not the equal of the wife in the relationship and the wife gravitates towards the other man for sex. Wife prefers having a deep, intimate bond with the other man for prolonged periods of time and gives it more importance than her relationship with the husband. If this is not your thing, please stop offending yourself and move on.
You have been warned!
I am a 40-year-old man married for over 14 years. My wife is a beautiful 32-year-old woman, who is still pretty having delivered four children. We hail from an upper middle class business family and even though both of us are well-educated, we are very much into growing our family business. Ours was an arranged marriage as is normal in such families that have made quite some name by starting small and making it big over a couple of generations.
An interesting fact about our family is that we all are quite short. My wife and I were the tallest at 5' 3"; perhaps my wife was 5' 4" but she never countered me. It was not easy growing up as a midget as most of my friends were average and only some were tall. I was often bullied due to my height as a child but somewhere around my teenage years I met Arun, who became my best friend and shielded me from such unsavory experiences. He was 2 years elder to me but was in my class as he had failed twice. We became good friends over the next few years; I also helped him pass some exams. Much later did I learn in life that he failed not because of lack of intelligence; it was simply lack of application.
He was sexually more experienced and mature and helped me overcome the shyness of my sexuality. Some of my early memories were trying various things such as smoking and drugs. Despite all his shortcomings, he was mature and never became addicted to anything and ensured that I didn't either. I remember once we both masturbated together and was mesmerized seeing his hard, erect penis. He joked, "my god you are really tiny there man." I felt ashamed watching his giant specimen. Still he didn't belittle or ridicule me. There was a phase where we would watch pornographic movies and often jack off together. Somewhere the talk about other women cropped up and one day it turned to my elder sister.
Arun never shied away from sharing his thoughts about my sister, who was 11 years elder to me and has been married for the last 5 years. He would often take her name while we were shagging, and although I dissuaded him several times, he would brush me off saying that he was only helping her. He used to mention that there was something wrong with my brother-in-law as after almost 5 years of marriage they still didn't have any children. Soon after their 5th anniversary, they both were at our place for a few weeks. Around that time, Arun started seriously mooting a proposal to seduce my sister, and he wanted my help.
I had seen him seduce at least a dozen girls in our neighborhood and perhaps had taken the virginity of at least half of them. Due to his association I got to sample a couple of girls, and although I didn't get to have actual intercourse with them, I felt obliged to him in some way.
My sister was 28 years old at that time and had turned out to be an amazingly pretty woman. After marriage, she put on substantial weight that made her entire body structure rather voluptuous. Even though she stood only 5' 2", she had wide hips and amazing breasts for her height and figure. She was incredibly fair due to our Marwari origins and I could understand why Arun was fond of her. However, my sister Mamta always detested him and cautioned me to stay away from him. However, over the years she tolerated his presence in our house and accepted him as my friend.
Although I have never seen my sister naked after Arun started talking about her in a sexual manner, I started paying attention to her activities. I knew that she had a very active sex life with her husband and practically had sex every night; at least the nights they stayed at our place. Her room was right next to mine, so I could easily sense what went on every night. During that trip I noticed that she was actually tracking her ovulation period using some strips she got from her doctor. I thought Arun had noticed it at that time, but I was wrong.
On the eventful day, we were all playing cards downstairs and getting generally drunk. I noticed that my sister was not happy and kept on urging my brother-in-law to stop the playing, but he ignored her and got thoroughly inebriated. Mamta herself had a few drinks and headed to her bedroom. After half-hour, I noticed that Arun had vanished too; getting nervous, I excused myself and headed upstairs to see if he was in my room. He wasn't. I hurriedly stepped out on the balcony that spanned across our two bedrooms and peeped into her bedroom.
My horny friend had slid next to her on the bed and slowly hugged her from behind. The bedside lamp on the far end faintly illuminated the room. The bed itself was right by the window where I was standing. He gently caressed her belly and slowly pulled down her "pallu", the part of the Saree that covers a woman's breasts, to expose her breasts. He carefully nuzzled into her neck and started showering her with small kisses. I was right by the window; only 2-3 feet away from them and could even hear my listless sister moan as he moved to kneading her breasts. My moron friend had taken the boldest step in his life; either it would pay off big time or he would get his ass kicked, I thought.
Arun was masterful as he slowly kneaded her breasts and squeezed them. Mamta was growing listless, and it seemed she was getting worked up but still seemed to be under the influence of alcohol. He turned her on her back and started kissing on her lips. Her lips were parted, and she was breathing from her mouth while Arun seemed to be kissing her. He unbuttoned her blouse and latched onto her breasts. She seemed to be waking up and started fondly playing with his hair as he nibbled on her tits.
This continued for a few minutes and Mamta seemed to be finally fully awake. When Arun reached out to kiss her on the mouth, she slapped him. "Arun you son-of-a-bitch," she cursed him, "aren't you ashamed of fucking your elder sister?"
"Mamta Didi I am sorry, but I have always been attracted to you," he said and waited for her to respond.
She pulled her blouse together and started buttoning them.
"What are you looking at," she shot at him, "now go before anyone catches us like this."
"Come on Mamta Didi," he pleaded, "everyone is either asleep, drunk, or busy playing card games."
"Idiot now leave," she shoved his hand away as he tried to hug her, "this is not a good time."
"Please Didi, at least let me kiss you," he pleaded.
"When did you grow up?" she asked, blushing.
"Have you been with a lot of women?" she asked.
"No Didi. Only girls. You are the only married woman I have been attracted to," he said, trying to flatter her.
"Is Jignesh into such things as well?"
"No Didi. He is a good, obedient, studious boy. It's only me; maybe because I have come of age now," he replied.
"If you talk to anyone about this, I will cut your balls," she said, "no boasting with your friends."
"I promise Didi."
"Come here," she said and laid back on the bed.
"Keep your pelvis away from mine," she warned, "we are only going to kiss."
After that what I witnessed was something out of the world. My sister Mamta kissed him as I once saw her kiss my brother-in-law. Arun was obedient for the most part and only kissed her. There was no pretense; he confidently latched onto her lips and although she felt overwhelmed, she parted her lips and embraced him lovingly.
"You are a terrific kisser," she whispered, somewhere around the 5 minute mark. That's when Arun started pushing things. He started kneading and massaging her tits gently. He pulled away her "pallu" once again and slowly started kissing her neck and moved towards her chest. As he slowly started unbuttoning her blouse, I noticed her kissing him lovingly.
"You have beautiful breasts Didi," he said, "I wish I could suckle on them when you start breastfeeding."
"When the time comes you can," she responded.
Even in the darkness her breasts looked so amazing. Her nipples were still quite tiny and Arun made every attempt to nibble and bite them as he made love to her breasts. Mamta was now moaning and I noticed that Arun was finally straddling her. Mamta was yielding finally and I saw her hand creep into his pajamas and squeeze his penis. I was sure she would be pleasantly surprised by his equipment. And just as I expected, there was a sudden change in her demeanor. She pushed back on him and kissed him voraciously and soon after that offered her breasts to feast on. Her hand moved to his penis and she slowly started massaging and stroking it.
"I am sure you must have fantasized about this, right?"
"Feeding on your Didi's breasts."
"Hmm.." he mumbled as he hungrily lapped her breasts. The sight in front of me was surreal as I could see how much she was enjoying it and her massive breasts gently drooping down into his mouth was a sight I could never forget.
After about another few minutes of this, she finally gave in and moved southwards and pulled down his pajamas. Nestling in between his legs, she whispered, "you are quite a stud Arun."
"Are you clean? Have you slept with any prostitute?" she asked, inspecting his cock.
"No Didi. I never slept with any prostitute. There are plenty of girls and women who are willing to sleep with me. And I always use a condom with the ones that I don't know well," he replied.
"Do you have a condom?"
"No Didi," he responded.
She got down from the bed and picked up one from her bedside table drawer and taking her position she took his penis in her mouth. Arun moaned and it was clear to me that he was enjoying my sister's warm mouth. She spent a little time and then put the condom on his penis.
"This is very small for you," she mumbled nervously and laying down asked him to mount her.
"Didi this will not hold," he said as he aligned his penis with her vagina.
"Are you on a pill?" he asked.
"No Arun. It's fine; come make love to your Didi," she said and drew him into her embrace and started kissing him. As I noticed her grimace, I realized that Arun had penetrated her and perhaps was pushing beyond her comfort zone. At one moment, she pushed back on him and was gasping for air. Arun was an expert; after the first minute or two, he started his onslaught and just hearing her moans and groans I understood that she had never experienced such a thing in her life. She was in heaven and only after about 3-4 minutes of stroking, shook with an incredible climax.
Arun later told me that he had at that point proved his utility to her and everything after that was a bonus for the woman. They softly whispered to each other, which I was able to hear only because I was standing right by their head and was attuned to the environment inside.
"The condom is broken already Didi," he whispered, "it's all rolled up."
"Do you want me to try with a new one?"
"Yes they were made for normal people," she said, blushing, "not for you my love."
"Didi but you are not on the pill," he said in a concerned tone.
"Don't worry Arun. Just make love to your Didi. Breed her and maybe a year later you can feed on her breasts as you had always fantasized," she said.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Arun took his time and rode her for another 10 minutes or so and ejaculated inside her. She held onto him as spurt after spurt he ejaculated inside her. They stayed in that position for a little while chit-chatting about other things, and then she asked him to leave. He was interested in doing it again, but she said that it was enough adventure for one night. I returned to my room and pretended to be asleep.
Arun joined me a little later and went to bed. We both slept for what seemed like a couple of hours, but I couldn't sleep as those images were still rolling in my mind. After what seemed like 2-3 hours or so, I got disturbed by the sound of the door. I woke up and noticed that Arun was not by my side. I slowly stepped out and got back to my original position and noticed that he had mounted my sister and was stroking her once again. She was kissing him voraciously and had pulled back her legs for allowing deeper penetration. My beautiful Didi was behaving like a complete slut now. It seemed my brother-in-law decided to sleep downstairs instead of getting an earful from her in the middle of the night. I didn't have the stamina anymore to eavesdrop on them, so I headed back and finally drifted to sleep.
Next morning he finally initiated the conversation, "Thanks Jignesh for your understanding. Your sister Mamta is incredibly beautiful and deserves a lot more love and attention than she is getting now. Hope you don't have any hard feelings about me leaving last night early."
"So you slept with her?" I asked. He smiled and nodded.
"And what's more," he said, "you are soon going to become an Uncle."
"I feel that she always had the hots for me and that's why she was always cautious around me or purposefully avoided me," he added.
Since she was my sister, we didn't dive into too many details, but I witnessed the same thing the following night as once again he managed to orchestrate another card playing party for the families and escaped in the middle of the night to mate with my sister. He mounted her the next day afternoon as well and perhaps one other night just before she was about to leave. About 2 ½ months later when I got the good news from our sister, I knew that the bastard Arun had scored with her.
As expected my sister stayed at our place from perhaps 6th month onwards and that bastard Arun started staying with us on some pretext or another. He managed to slip out every night and fucked my sister in the next bedroom. I even saw him take her anally. They never found out that I was eavesdropping on them, but I started noticing that my sister's behavior started changing towards me. She always loved me, but now she seemed to shower even more love on me. As expected, she delivered a very healthy boy and even the Doctor commented how tall the baby was. It was a surprise to everyone as both the mother and father were actually very short.
On my 18th birthday my sister surprised me with a birthday cake in the middle of the night. Everyone was asleep; it was not normal for us to surprise the previous night, but she wanted to celebrate it with me and hence dragged me to her bedroom waking me up from my deep sleep. After bolting the door, she took the small cake with one candle lit in her hands and facing me said, "Jignesh I wanted your 18th birthday to be special."
"You know that I love you, right?" she said, looking at me.
"Of course Didi."
Keeping the cake aside on the bedside table, she said, "we can cut the cake, but I think you deserve even sweeter."
She took my hands in hers and stepped closer to me and said, "I also want to thank you for bringing your friend Arun into our lives."
"I hope you understand what I am saying," she said looking into my eyes. When I couldn't understand what she was hinting towards; I couldn't believe that she knew that I knew about her affair with him.
"Look I know that you have seen me several times make love with Arun," she said. I froze, but she drew me closer into an embrace and said, "Don't worry. I
am not mad."
"I know you too long to suck nectar from my lips just the way Arun had longed."
She confidently pulled my face forward and offered her lips. It was surreal. I had never imagined how soft and tasty her lips were. Her breath was so fresh and inviting that I couldn't resist but reciprocate as she kissed me passionately. I held her in a tight embrace and continued to kiss her. After a minute or two, she broke and said, "I think we should cut the cake."
We finished the celebration and laid down on the bed. She said, "Jignesh we have to keep this a tight-lipped secret. You got to understand we are real brothers and sisters and can't really do all the things that I do with Arun. Are you understanding?"
I hesitantly nodded as I laid next to her.
"We can kiss and hug each other. I can even breastfeed you, but we can't have intercourse. I can jerk you off but that's about it."
"Why Didi?" I asked.
"I told you didn't I?"
"You are still a child for me," she said, "come let me feed you."
She opened up the flap of her gown and exposed those heavenly breasts that I had seen from the window every time they made love.
"Can I kiss Didi?" I asked, and she softly answered, "Yes dear, you can feast on them but please be gentle."
I was lost in the world of lust as I kissed every part of her breast and even sucked on her blemish-less skin, leaving it red and bruised. Her milk was fairly diluted compared to regular milk but tasted very good. After almost an hour of this, she finally put her hand into my shorts and started jerking me off. She started kissing me voraciously as she did this and around that time whispered, "Jignesh, I think we should only kiss when I am jerking you off. It doesn't seem right otherwise."
It took me only 2 minutes to ejaculate. I was so worked up that I couldn't have delayed it for much long. She asked me to leave after that, and I reluctantly stepped out. She c
alled me a few more times that week to help me out, and it was almost similar to the other nights. Whenever, Arun was around I didn't get any help from her. It was to be understood that she had important things to handle the nights when Arun was around.
We grew much closer in the following years and even though she said we should only kiss while she jerked me off, she made it a point to kiss me every time she visited our house or when I visited her. Those kisses often lasted 4-5 minutes and were quite intense. Later on she also added kisses when she would leave our place.
Barring those sexual episodes everything else was normal between us, and it just felt normal to me after a little while. Arun impregnated my sister 3 times in our house. After her third child was delivered, I got engaged to a very pretty young girl. Just like my sister she was incredibly beautiful and perhaps an inch taller than me at 5' 4". Her body, however, was very slender. She had an almost model like figure except for her bust that seemed a little bigger on her physique.
During one of the breastfeeding sessions, my sister finally opened up to me and said why she never allowed me to have intercourse with her. Apart from the fact that she felt it to be awkward, one of the key drivers was Arun's insistence. He demanded that she not let me mount her. She told me that he had plans to seduce my wife and fuck her. After my engagement he made it clear to my sister that he would have her on our wedding night or perhaps before that. I was in a state of shock and asked her why she was supporting such a vile man instead of her own brother. She stayed silent and said that she was afraid of him blackmailing her so couldn't refuse him.

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