Giving Mature Ladies Pleasure Ch. 08

tagIncest/TabooGiving Mature Ladies Pleasure Ch. 08

Connie and Jack lay on top of Connie's bed for twenty minutes, just kissing and touching, not talking about anything in particular but being together. Connie said, "Would you like a glass of wine Jack? I would love one."
"So would I, let's relax together."
"I have some nice lingerie, would you like me to wear something nice for you? To be honest, I feel so comfortable being naked around you; I could put on a nice crotchless Basque or bodysuit for you?"
"Connie, do what you want, I'm comfortable just being with you."
"I have got a beautiful Basque which pushes my tits up; I know that you like my big tits so I'll wear that. Mummy will soon get to know what you like; then she'll dress to please you."
Connie put her Basque on; it did as she said, her tits looked enormous. They went into the kitchen. Connie had a wine fridge keeping all her wines at the temperature they should be served. She chose a Chablis; Jack opened it for her; then they went into the lounge. Part of the room looked into the garden; the other part looked into her private indoor swimming pool; it looked beautiful; the pool was thirty meters long. Connie said, "I swim fifty lengths every morning, that's one and a half kilometres, this keeps me fit, I swim the breaststroke, it gives me solid thigh and pelvic muscles. Do you like to swim?"
"Yes, I used to swim a lot. I played in the University's Water Polo team; the breaststroke is very good for you. The pool looks beautiful; we must swim together one day."
"I would like that; I go to the care home every morning around six, I just pull on jeans and a top. I sit with him for five minutes then go to the supermarket on my way home. I have a beautiful Chateaubriand that I got this morning, I usually cut it into three sections and put two in the freezer, I didn't do that today, would you like that for dinner?"
"I would love that; this wine is delicious."
"I love wine; I normally limit myself to a glass and a half a day as I don't like to drink alone. Since you are here, I won't have any limit. I love to cook; I make a hot evening meal for myself every night. I would like it if you and I would eat out occasionally, it would give me a chance to dress up."
"I would like that, what type of food do you like?"
"Everything as long as it's fresh and cooked well, I haven't been out for ages, my Jack and I used to eat out a lot, we also went on good holidays together, I haven't had a holiday since he died. Jack, that wasn't me this afternoon, it was a bit of a rush, but I enjoyed and needed it so much. I love long foreplay with lots of stimulation; I didn't get that from my husband; he was an in and out lover. I discovered the beauty of stimulating when I started having sex with my girlfriends. I also love deep penetration but have only experienced that with you today, the dildos and strap ons we used didn't go anywhere near as you did today. I prefer a hot throbbing cock inside me rather than a piece of moulded plastic. I have found that a lot of things in life you must make compromises with."
Jack took Connie in his arms, they kissed and touched then Jack laid Connie on the carpet, positioning her so that they could 69. Connie spread her legs wide; her crotchless Basque allowed easy access to her pussy and ass. Jack spread Connie's cunt lips open, out popped a sizeable hooded clit, Jack tickled it with his tongue before he started to suck it, Connie was purring with pleasure as her head bobbed up and down on Jack's cock.
Jack was sucking Connie's big clit, but he was also drawing his index and middle finger with the come here sign inside Connie's very wet cunt, he was stroking her G-spot as he sucked her clit, the way that she was pushing her pussy against his mouth he knew that she would cum soon. Connie said, "Baby, I love what you are doing to mummy; no one has ever done that before to mummy, it feels so good."
Jack came off Connie's clit and said, "Mummy, I'm going to keep going until mummy cums, I want mummy to cum in my mouth then I want us to cum kiss. Cum for me mummy."
Jack kept sucking Connie's clit, but he was now using his fingers to lube Connie's ass with her cunt juice, he was now fingering her ass with two fingers, Connie loved it, Connie said. "Jack, you're doing things to me that no other man has ever done to me, everything that you are doing is terrific, I'm close to cuming, please keep as much of my cum in your mouth then you can share it with mummy. "
Two minutes later Connie flooded Jack's mouth with her cum, Connie's cum tasted so sweet, it was like nectar, Jack held as much as he could, he was also happy as he now had three fingers inside Connie's ass, Connie's ass was now ready for his very hard cock. Jack came up, they then cum kissed, Connie's tongue was busy transferring her cum from Jack's mouth into her own; they were both swallowing and tasting Connie's cum. Jack said, "Mummy, I enjoyed doing that with you, your cunt juice is so sweet then cum kissing with you afterwards was good, you excite me in bed mummy."
Connie smiled then said, "I had never done that with a man before; I loved it too. I used to fantasise doing it with my Jack, but it never happened."
This surprised Jack, he wondered what Connie and her Jack had done but thought that this was not the right time to ask about it. Jack then got Connie to go on all fours on the carpet; she was holding her butt up for him; it looked so tempting. Jack then stroked the bulbous head of his cock up and down the inside of Connie's thick cunt flaps, she was so wet, he then centred the head of his cock in the middle of her long sex slit, a gentle push and he was home. Connie said, "Baby, you're going so deep I love it."
Jack made five or six thrusts, as he pulled out of Connie's cunt he said, "Mummy, I'm only getting my cock lubed with your cunt juice, I'll be back in your pussy soon, but I'm going to do mummy's tight ass first."
Jack then slipped his cock up Connie's ass doggy style, she took his full length quickly, after three thrusts, Connie said, "Baby, that feels so good, you're going so deep, the head of your cock is hitting my G-spot, it feels wonderful. Keep going baby; mummy's enjoying this."
Jack did keep going; he soon had a powerful rhythm going, Connie's tits were still in her Basque, Jack said, "Mummy, could you pop your beautiful tits out of your Basque, baby loves to watch your tits wobble."
Connie did it immediately then said, "Baby, whatever you want mummy to do for you, she will do it. I think that I'm going to cum."
"I want mummy to cum, cum for your baby mummy, does mummy like her baby's big cock up her ass?"
Connie then trembled with the orgasm she was having, Jack, kept pumping her tight ass, he would give her two more vaginal orgasms then do her pussy doggy style. Jack was loving the way Connie's tits were bouncing as he rode her; she looked so sexy. Connie said, "Mummy loves it, your cock is stimulating mummy's G-spot, baby, it feels so good."
On Connie's third, it was the strongest one yet, when Connie had composed herself, Jack pulled out of Connie's ass, as slid inside Connie's pussy doggy style, Jack said, "Would mummy like it better if she called me Jack instead of baby? I want to make it good for mummy?"
"I would love that Jack, you're cock feels so good; I want you to shot your load up mummy's cunt, Jack, will you do that for mummy?"
"Of course I will mummy, you know your Jack wants to give you so much pleasure."
"I love that Jack, fuck me hard and deep, mummy needs it."
Jack pounder Connie for the next twenty minutes, he did as she had asked, he was going so fast and deep. They both climaxed simultaneously; Jack was pleased that they had done this. He pulled out then turned Connie around; they lay on the carpet kissing, the kisses were tender and affectionate, Connie said, "Jack, that was amazing, I'm so glad that we did that, I could feel it when you shot your cock juice up mummy's cunt, that felt wonderful. I haven't felt so happy for a long time."
Jack couldn't believe the time when he looked at his watch; it was just past eight in the evening, he had been with Connie for hours, the time had flown in. Connie wanted to shower; she said the two of them just smelt of sex. It was excellent in the shower, they washed each other carefully and thoughtfully, as Jack was rinsing Connie's pussy, he said, "Mummy, you have a beautiful puusy, it's perfect in every way, I love your gorgeous sex slit, I get so aroused when I see it."
"Jack, you'll see a lot of it. I'll never wear panties when you are in the house with mummy. Jack, today's been wonderful, you've made mummy a thrilled girl. Come to the kitchen and talk to me while I'm cooking dinner."
Connie stayed naked after the shower as was Jack; they had another glass of wine as Connie got things organised. Jack checked his messages; he had one from Carol, it read, "Jack, what a day I've had, I'm so happy I went to the office. I hit it off with your mum and May; we accomplished a lot today in more ways than one. All the legal work is done; you're the Professional Accountants and are acting legally in regards to new investors. Dot has suggested that you have some of the flyers and Company info professionally printed, I agree with her but use high-class paper. I think our marketing theme should be 'Professional Legally Liable Asset Management without Sizeable Management Fees', there are too many companies charging the earth. Di came to the office this afternoon; we managed to do so much, Dot and May know what they are doing, this is going to work. We must work out an advertising strategy that doesn't cost the earth. Every day I'll come into the office after University. I'm staying tonight at Dot's, so is May, they are two very sexy women. Hope I see you soon. I'll be wearing my uniform. Carol."
Jack was happy about this; a big worry was out of the way, he replied to Carol, "So happy to read this, we can now move forward. I will crunch some numbers tomorrow and find a suitable budget to come up with. Looking forward to seeing you in Uniform. Jack."
Connie had put on an apron as she was searing the Chateaubriand in frying pan just in case of accidents. Jack told her all that Carol had told him about in her message. Connie had taken it all in then said, "Jack, I have a girlfriend, I've known for twenty years, she's an economist, journalist, author, editor of an investors magazine and runs a wine company. All my wines come from her, I financed the wine company for her, and her daughter runs it. It's a profitable business, and I get wonderful wines. Her name is Val Collins; she's on TV a lot, she's all against these Fund Managers that overcharge their investors. She's a very clever girl; I can invite her for a weekend whenever you want me to ask her. I'm sure that she'll give you wonderful publicity and it will cost you nothing."
Jack replied, "Wow, Val is a big name, she also has a column in the FT. How did you meet her?"
"Years ago, my Jack and I went away for a weeks break at a hotel with a wonderful children's pool, that's where Jack learned to swim along with Val's daughter Pippa. We got on well; the kids were so tired at night after all the swimming, they would sleep in the lounge of the suite I had, Val and I would sleep in the bedroom. In that week, Val only slept in her room two times. Val would love your cock, she's a single mother, she told me she couldn't be sure of who the father was without a test, she says he must be intelligent as she only fucks intelligent men. Val is a character; if she believes in what you are doing, she will help you all she can."
The meal was fantastic. Connie was an excellent cook; the steak just melted in the mouth. After their meal, they sat in the lounge to finish the bottle of wine. Connie was a little drunk, they were cuddling on the couch, then Jack said, "Mum, did you ever make any sexual advances to your Jack?"
"No Jack I didn't, it started one night Jack had been at a disco, this was a month before he died. I was lying in bed, reading a book. I always stayed awake until he came home; he was never that late. He came into my bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed; he was a little drunk. We talked about all sorts of things. I asked if he had met any nice girls, he was quite particular about who he associated with, he told me no, there was nothing there that interested him. I must have looked tired; he said to me that he'd let me sleep. He leaned forward; it was so natural, our mouths met, we tongue kissed."
"We kissed for several minutes then his hand found my left breast, I felt so aroused, I could feel my self getting wet. I had a flimsy nightshirt on, he undid the buttons and exposed my breasts, I didn't want him to stop, he kissed and sucked on both of my nipples, I loved every minute of it. Then he said, "I'd better let you sleep mum", then he left the bedroom. I was so aroused, I lay in bed and thought for a few minutes. Then I went to his bedroom; he was lying in his bed, sound asleep. I tried to wake him, but he was gone. The next morning at breakfast, nothing was said."
"I choose the clothes I was wearing very carefully, I dressed to arouse him, but I got no reaction. I wanted to have a heart to heart talk with him, but we never got the opportunity. I knew that he wanted this sports car. I bought it for him; I had it gift wrapped and left in our garage with a big ribbon around it. He loved it; he was so happy. Two days later, he was dead."
Jack kissed Connie so affectionately then said, "Mummy, go to your bed, I will come and visit, I will arouse you, but I'll stay the night with you, I'll fuck you every way that you want, from now, I'll be there any time that you need me."
"Jack, I would love that, you'll make mummy so happy."

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