Giving my Aunt a baby update 2 | incest story from Andrew J

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Written by Andrew J,
on 2023-10-03,
genre incest

Natasha decided she did want another baby and we started trying again late last year and succeed quicker than the first time to my dismay. But as I had again help her and she knew I was enjoying having sex with her, she kept sleeping with me until late in her pregnancy. But none since the baby arrived, but I’m hopeful she might let me fuck her again sometime. But my mother Wendy aware of us regularly fucking and her not getting much from my father. Got a little drunk while my father was away, and she asked me to give her what I was giving Natasha. Fucking Natasha isn’t exactly incest as she is my aunt by marriage not a blood relative. But I started fucking Natasha at my mother’s suggestion and decided to fuck her also. But I’m not to tell anyone including Natasha of our sexual relationship. I’ve agreed mainly because I love fucking and her it would stop if anyone else found out. I get very horny around them both and have had hard-ons when I’m with them and they both have seen them. I’ve tried dating girls my own age and have had some dates no sex, but I’m improving, I think.

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