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Among other things, I’m a hopeless romantic. All things considered, it’s actually an odd fit with my personality. While not a fan of all things ‘chick flick’, there are certain movies and songs that make me cry. Every single time. I’ve accepted this about myself, but it’s not something I share. The hopeless romance also applies to my sex life.

While there’s something raw, primal, and passionate about fucking with reckless abandon, sometimes I need something more. You could say making love might fit the bill, and it does, but occasionally, there’s a need deeper than that. Sometimes there’s a part of me that only wants to give; to share a piece of my soul that that only seeks to convey my deepest emotions, love, and care; to be sensual in a way that words cannot describe, and sex cannot satiate.

This particular Saturday morning, I was feeling all of that. My wife had gone down for her run, and as I sat at the table, tears dripped into my coffee. Ovee with my need for what I consider the deepest level of intimacy, I set about making a plan. It would start with breakfast. I knew how much time I had, so I quickly gathered all the ingredients and put together my wife’s culinary favorites.

She came up just as I was setting the table and asked, “What’s all this?”

I simply embraced her and said, “I’m just in the mood to pamper my love.”

She smiled, and as I pulled out her chair, she said, “Well, by all means—pamper me.” After fixing her plate and joining her, we enjoyed our meal and some delightful conversation. I reveled in her expressions, the sound of her voice, and her animated way of talking.

She finally caught me staring and said, “What?”

“Nothing, baby, I just love you.” With that, I cleared the table and told her it was time for part 2. She looked intrigued and offered no resistance when I took her by the hand.

I led her to the bathroom where I drew her a bath. While it was filling, I lovingly and carefully undressed her. I’m sure she thought we were about to have sex, but I had no such intentions. After undressing myself and checking the water, I stepped in and guided her in with me. I then proceeded to gently wash her from head to toe, taking special care to massage her scalp and just enjoy the feeling of skin on skin. I thoroughly cleaned her and enjoyed the sounds of contentment she made, but I wasn’t intentionally or overtly sexual. Once she was clean, it was time for part 3.

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Retrieving a razor and her cream, I proceeded to shave her. It’s not a kink, but I find this to be extremely intimate. With great care and gentleness, I shaved under each arm, then smoothed each of her gorgeous legs. Her pussy was next, and as I helped her to the edge of the tub, I stole a kiss and whispered my love. Then, with extreme care, I gently guided the razor over her most intimate parts, luxuriating in the look and feel of her beautiful femininity. I could feel her eyes on me as I did this, and no words were necessary tomunicate what we felt in that moment.

With that done, I kissed her once again and led her to the bed. Her eyes conveyed willingness, but it was time for part 4. I spread a large towel and had her lay face down. Taking her favorite massage oil, I began at her fingers and lovingly worked my way up each arm. Then, straddling her backside, I worked all the tension I could out of each shoulder and then gently down her back. Her coos of contentment made me smile as I continued over her glutes and down each leg.

Turning her over, I tried to express my heart through my hands as I worked over her breasts and down her belly. I skipped her mons and went to her feet. Giving the same attention to each one, I slowly made my way up her legs. Finally reaching her pussy, I was careful not to penetrate her but rather work my fingers thoroughly around her lips and perineum.

I knew she was aroused, and I wanted that, but only for her. It was time for me just to give. Starting again at her feet, I kissed, licked, and nipped my way up excruciatingly slowly. Her whimpers and whispered pleas were music to my ears as I did everything I could to draw out this pleasure. When I reached her inner thighs, I was greeted by the intoxicating aroma of her feminine charm. She gently raised and lowered her hips in invitation, and I smiled as I approached her lovely core. Her knees were raised and wide in anticipation of my tongue, and I didn’t keep her waiting anymore.

When my lips made contact with hers, she moaned loudly and simply said, “Please, baby.”

I reveled in her sounds and scent as I made love to her with my tongue. Her climax was approaching, so I closed my lips on her clit and used my practiced skills to send her over the edge. Rewarded with her cries and a gush of her sacred fluids, I carefully cleaned her with my mouth. Easing her knees to the bed and covering her with a sheet, I basked in her warm afterglow. My need was sated.