Glory Hole – Amelia’s Perfect Job Ch. 02

tagIncest/TabooGlory Hole – Amelia's Perfect Job Ch. 02

It was big, almost as big as John's. But it was the better cock, because it was a lot thicker. This would stretch a pussy in all directions. Just looking at it, was getting me excited.
"Stroke it."
Paul had asked if he could fuck me, and I had said yes. However, despite the sight of his monster cock turning me on, I was now having second thoughts. It was a thing of beauty, and I wanted it deep inside me, but he was my Son. Wasn't fucking one of my children enough for me?
I took a deep breath, and then I said, with as much conviction as I could manage, "No, and I think you should leave."
I could see from the monitor that he was shocked, and it looked as if he was going to cry. But I didn't give in. Then he stepped back, and to my relief, his cock disappeared.
"What did I do wrong?"
I could hear the hurt in his voice, and I desperately wanted to hug him.
"Nothing. It's just that you are too young for me. I'm old enough…"
I stopped when I realized the significance of what I was about to say.
"I like older women."
I shook my head in despair. What was it with my Sons? They should be lusting after girls of their own age, and not looking for Mother figures.
"Why don't you try Star? She will give you a good time."
That would make her day. An eighteen year old virgin with a big cock.
He muttered something, but I didn't catch what he had said. I felt sorry for him, but I was pleased with myself for doing the right thing. Then I had to smile.
I was feeling righteous, because I was only fucking one of my Sons!
When he left, I stayed in the room for a few minutes, thinking about him. Or more specifically, thinking about his cock. I hadn't seen it for long, but the image of it was one that I would never forget. I was tempted to play with myself. My pussy was wet, and my clit was already swollen. It wouldn't take me long to come. But I held back, because I wanted to be fucked.
When I got back to the common room, Star was there. So he hadn't gone to see her. Had he just gone home, with his tail between his legs? I felt sorry for him. This was supposed to be his big day, the day he lost his virginity. He was a shy person, and my rejection wouldn't help his confidence. If only he was more like his older Brother. John had confidence to spare, and at times, he was even arrogant.
Ten minutes later, my name was called again. But it wasn't for me to see a client, it was a summons from Henry. As I left, some of the girls looked at me, and I could tell what they were thinking. If the boss wants to see her when she is working, then she must have done something wrong.
When I entered his office, I didn't need to ask why he wanted to see me. I had already figured it out. My Son must have complained. However, I wasn't worried. I would use all of my charm on him. I hadn't yet met a man that I couldn't get the better of. Henry wasn't going to be a problem.
Before he could speak, I gave him one of my dazzling smiles. And then I took a couple of steps towards him
"He was too young for me."
I then thrust my chest out, but when his eyes didn't go to my big tits, I knew I was in trouble.
"You work here for the excitement. For me, this isn't a hobby, it's my business."
I was going to try my smile again, but when I saw the hurt in his eyes, I didn't bother. I could have dealt with anger, but not this. He was disappointed with me. I had let him down. I was now going to get a telling off, and I would just have to take it on the chin.
"Do you want to continue working here?"
That surprised me. I had expected a slap on the wrist, not a dismissal.
"Yes or no?"
He was now staring at me, daring me to look away, while he waited for an answer. I felt humiliated. I was a very successful business woman. I didn't need his job. I should tell him to stick it, and then leave with my head held high. But I liked the sex. No, not liked, needed. It had given me a new lease of life. If I was to continue working for him, then I needed to swallow my pride.
When I said, "Yes," I knew what I would have to do to make it right.
As soon as I was back, Star came over. She looked concerned.
"Are you alright? What did Henry want?"
"I'm fine. Just a personal matter."
After scrutinizing my face, she said, "You don't look fine," then, after giving me a nice smile, she added, "But I can see that you don't want to talk about it."
After hugging me, we left it at that. She was a good friend, and I would have liked to tell her, but there was no way that I could.
Fifteen minutes later, I was called again. This time it was a client, and even before they entered the room, I knew who it would be.
"I was here before, but you said no. I'm Ringo."
I wanted to laugh, but I restrained myself. I was supposed to be on my best behaviour. I didn't want him to think that I was laughing at him.
"So you're a Beatles fan?"
"Not really. But my Mother is."
He then got his cock out. It wasn't long before it was hard, and in my room. My hand was quickly on it, and it made him gasp.
After saying yes to Henry, I had decided that if I was going to do it, then I was going to do it properly. I should think of Paul as just another client. I would make his first time special, and hopefully, in the process, get a climax as well.
As I moved my hand up and down the shaft, I marvelled at its length and thickness. And the size of the head wasn't just impressive, it was obscene. Very soon, this would be inside me. Even if he came quickly, I just knew that it would be long enough to make me come as well.
"Oh fuck."
With horror, I was now watching him spurt. Thick ropes shooting out of his cock. Was it ever going to stop? Eventually it did, but only after depositing an impressive amount onto the floor.
In a low whiny voice, he said, "I wanted to come inside you."
I glanced at the monitor, his head was down. He was looking at the floor, but I was now looking at his cock. It was still hard.
"Don't worry, you can still fuck my pussy."
That got his attention, and he was now grinning, from ear to ear. Now we could take our time.
"But first you can play with my tits. Do you like big tits?"
He didn't answer me, but I could see that he was nodding furiously. This time I did laugh.
When my tits were through the holes, his hands were on them straight away.
"John said they were big, and he was right."
His fingers were all over them. He needed some guidance.
"Concentrate on the nipples."
He did, and it was good. My pussy was now warming up, and my clit would soon be coming out of its hood.
"You can suck on them."
I had started to laugh again, but it quickly turned into a moan, when his mouth was on me.
He had entered the room as a novice, but now he was servicing my tits like an expert. He was sucking hard on me, but not too hard, and my other nipple was enjoying the attention of his fingers.
He was doing a good job, and I was proud of him!
Then he suddenly stopped, and I felt something prodding my leg. He had enjoyed my tits, but now he wanted my pussy.
I was now bending over, with his cock at my opening. Before pushing back onto it, I hesitated, but not for long. This was wrong, and I knew it. However, I was too far gone to stop myself. It no longer mattered that he was my Son, or that he was only eighteen. I just wanted his big cock deep inside me.
Frustratingly, the first attempt failed. The head was almost in, but then, as I pushed harder, rather than it enter me, it moved him back. I quickly put both my hands on my bottom, and then I spread my cheeks. When I tried again, it worked.
He then said, "Fuck, that feels so good."
It might be good for him, but for me, it was more pain than pleasure. I had somehow managed to take all of it, but would it be too much for me when he started to fuck me with it? There was only one way to find out.
At first, I had to grit my teeth. It was uncomfortable, even though his first stroke was slow. That had surprised me. I had expected him to go straight for it, to try to come as soon as possible. He was a virgin, and that's what virgins do the first time their cock is inside a pussy. The next one was the same, but then he quickened. And I was now starting to enjoy it.
"Am I doing it right?"
"Yes, but longer strokes. Use the full…"
Then he did, and it took my breath away.
"Was that too hard?"
"NO, that was perfect."
Then he did it again, and I gasped.
Quick had now become fast, and at the end of each deep stroke, his balls were slapping against me. My climax was rapidly approaching, and I knew that it would be a big one.
He then gave a loud grunt, before shouting out, "I'm nearly there!"
I wasn't, but then he gave me two brutal strokes, that almost pushed me over.
That did the trick.
It started in my clit, but then it seemed as if my whole body was climaxing. When it ended, I was disorientated. For a few seconds, I didn't know where I was.
"Are you OK? You were making a lot of noise."
He sounded concerned.
I managed a weak, "Yes."
Then I realized that I was still bending over, even though he was now out of me. With some difficulty, I straightened. It made me feel dizzy, and I had to lean on the wall for support. Mine had been special, but what about his?
Before I could ask, he declared, "That was awesome!"
Good, another satisfied client. But he wasn't just another client, he was my Son. And he had been a virgin.
"I wanted to see Star, but my Brother said that you were better than her."
That was high praise, especially considering that she was twenty years younger than me. However, John wasn't being objective. He favoured me because I reminded him of his Mother. He had first come to see me for that reason, and, without knowing it, he had got more than he had expected. He had got the real thing!
My next client was in and out in less than five minutes. And it was for only one of those minutes, that his cock was inside my pussy. He either had a hair-trigger, or he hadn't had sex for a while. I offered him a second go, but he declined.
I was telling Star about him, when I was summoned again.
As soon as I was in Henry's office, I said, "This time it wasn't my fault."
"What do you mean?"
"My last client. The one that just complained about me."
Then Henry laughed. So there hadn't been a complaint. But why had he asked to see me?
Half an hour later, I was back with the other girls. And me and Henry were best mates again. He was thinking of opening a second club, and he wanted some advice on how to finance it.
I didn't see Paul until the next day. It was when we were all together, having breakfast. His Father and George, didn't seem to notice the change in him, but to me it was obvious. He was more confident, and he kept grinning for no apparent reason.
While I drove to work, I kept thinking about my second Son, and what he had dangling between his legs. That was a bad idea, because by the time I got to my office, my pussy was on fire. If I was to close the blinds and lock the door, I could finger myself to a climax in under a minute.
I was about to do that, when there was a knock on the door. It was Penelope, my PA. In her hand was a thick document.
"You need to read this."
"Can't it wait?"
That got a clipped, "No," from her. She was good at her job, so if she said that it couldn't wait, then I needed to look at it now.
I gave a deep sigh, and then I took it from her.
It was long and boring, full of tables and graphs. It took me nearly two hours to finish it. By then, I had no interest in pleasuring myself. What I was now craving for, was a stiff drink, rather than a stiff cock.
I got home late, after seven. Rich greeted me with a kiss.
"A hard day?"
I just nodded.
"I'll get you a coffee."
"No, I need something stronger than that."
"So it was that bad?"
"What do you think?"
He laughed, and then he made me a large gin and tonic.
While we ate, I told him about my day. I should have asked about his, but I didn't. I knew that I was being selfish, but he seemed happy to just listen to me.
As soon as we were in bed together, I was yawning. I would soon be asleep. And, it wasn't long after closing my eyes, when I felt myself drifting off.
It was a nice dream. I was lying on a beach, enjoying the hot sun. I could hear the waves lapping on the shore. Then I felt a hand on my breast. It was John, or was it Paul? I wasn't sure, their face kept changing. I pushed the hand away, but it came back, and this time it went for my nipple. I looked up, and now I could tell that it was John.
"No, not here!"
He ignored me. Then he started sucking on the other nipple. It made me gasp.
I then woke up. It was Rich that was on me.
After raising his head, so that he could make eye contact, he said, "Sorry, something popped up," and then, after giving me a silly grin, he added, "And I didn't want to waste it."
I was annoyed with him for disturbing my sleep, but I was also excited. Stop or continue? When he put his mouth back on my nipple, and sucked hard on it, it tipped the balance. I now wanted it as much as he did.
Recently, his cock had come back to life. But it wasn't guaranteed. We still had days when it wouldn't respond. While I was sleeping, he must have got an erection. And now that it was hard, he was making the most of it.
I had gone to bed with my nightie and panties on, but now I was just wearing my panties. Somehow, without waking me up, he had managed to take my nightie off. I was impressed, but not as impressed as I was with the way he was servicing my nipples. He was doing it with the enthusiasm of a teenager, and with the skill of a mature man. It was a winning combination.
When he raised his head again, I pushed it back down. I wanted more. I then kept my hands on it.
He mumbled, "I want to lick you."
I was now happy to let him stop. His mouth had been good on my nipples, but his tongue on my pussy, would be better.
He had my panties off in record time, and his head was now between my wide open legs. This was bliss. His tongue was lapping on my clit, while two of his fingers were moving inside my wet pussy.
Soon, it was decision time. Continue, and let him make me climax with his tongue, or get him to finish me off with his cock? It didn't take me long to decide.
"Fuck me."
That must have been his choice as well, because after stopping, he was quickly in me.
My legs were now high up, and he was fucking me as if his life depended upon it. At the end of each stroke, when his balls slapped against me, he grunted, and I gasped. He didn't have the length of John, or the thickness of Paul, but he was doing the best that he could with what he had. And I was enjoying it.
When he eventually made me come, it was as good as any that John or Paul had given me.
"So was that good, or was it very good?"
What is it with men, always having to ask?
I turned my back on him, and then I muttered, "It was OK."
I let that hang there for several seconds, and then I laughed. When I turned over I could tell that he was confused.
"What's so funny?"
"You are. It was wonderful. Now let me get back to sleep."
He was now grinning, from ear to ear. And it wouldn't surprise me if it was still there in the morning.
I woke early, and I got out of bed without waking Rich. His grin had gone, but when I gently kissed him on the cheek, it briefly appeared again. Half an hour later, I had showered and eaten breakfast, and I was on my way to work. I had a lot to do, so it was going to be a busy day.
'Carpe diem!'
As I was approaching the club, I was surprised to see Henry outside it. He was in an animated conversation with some workmen. I smiled at him, and then I walked on, not sure if he had noticed me. Was he making more changes to the club? Later on I would call him and ask.
However, I didn't get time to make that call. The day consisted of back to back meetings, with just a short break for lunch. When I got back home at seven, I was exhausted. If Rich was to get another stiffy in the night, then he was going to have to deal with it himself.
When it was again my time at the club, I got a shock. And it upset me. As soon as Star saw me, she came over.
"Have you heard the news?"
I shook my head.
"Amos passed away. In a Glory Hole."
So he had got what he wanted. His heart had finally packed in, while he was on the job.
"Was it…"
Before I could finish, she quickly said, "No, it wasn't me," then she gave a wicked grin, before adding, "He was fucking Rebel. And it's traumatized her."
It was very sad, but I couldn't help laughing. Like me, Star didn't like her. It's true what they say, every cloud has a silver lining!
She then told me all about it. When Amos collapsed, Rebel had pressed the panic button. Bill had been the first one there. He had entered with his huge fists raised, ready for a fight. However, instead of having to confront an aggressive client, he had found a dead man on the floor.
"Isn't it going to cause problems for Henry?"
"No, he didn't die here."
I was confused. She had just told me that he had.
"Officially, he died outside the club. He was walking past when he collapsed."
I had to smile. Henry had money, and he knew a lot of important people. It wouldn't have been difficult for him to make that happen. And it was for the best. I don't think Amos's wife would appreciate being told, that he had expired while he was fucking a young woman in a Glory Hole.
I had to wait almost an hour before my first client. As I entered the room, I was buzzing with excitement. Paul was out with his friends tonight, but that might just be an excuse. I had a feeling that he was coming to the club, and if he did, he would be seeing me. It had been a while since I had been serviced by a big cock, and there was none better than his.
When he entered the room, it was with a swagger. He was a confident young man.
He greeted me with, "Hello Mummy," and then he laughed.
This wasn't Paul, it was John. But I was glad to see him.
As soon as my tits were in his room, he was on them. It was an all-out attack. Mouth on one, and fingers on the other. It was as if he had never been with a woman before, and he was making up for lost time. Sometimes, he was rough, but it was doing wonders to my pussy. When he suddenly stopped, I was disappointed.
"I'm going to fuck her."
I was ready as well, but it sounded as if he wasn't talking about me. I was confused.
"This is good, but with her it will be even better."
I now understood what he meant, and I had to put my hands to my mouth to stifle a gasp. That was never going to happen. If he came onto me at home, I would stop him straight away. However, it would be very embarrassing. It would be a lot better if he didn't try.
"That's not a good idea."
"It is."
I could tell from his tone, that he didn't like me disagreeing with him. But it had needed to be said.
"Every time I hug her, I know that she likes it."
"But that doesn't mean that she wants you to fuck her."
When he didn't reply straight away, I knew that he was thinking about what I had just said.
"If you try, and she turns you down, it's going to be awkward. Stick with me. I'm your Mother now, and you can do to me all the things that you want to do to her."
After giving a deep sigh, he said, "I guess you're right."
"I am. Mummy always knows best."
That made him laugh, and he was still laughing as he pushed his big cock through the hole.
I had told him that he could do to me, whatever he wanted to do to his real Mother. And I was now finding out what that was. When is cock was fully in me, he had pushed a finger into my other hole. It had taken my breath away. And now, as he fucked me hard, he was moving it in a circular motion.

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