Goddess Parvati Fucks Ganesha

Author’s Note : The characters in this story bear no relation to any individual alive or dead. If religious content disturbs you, please stop reading. All characters are adults over the age of 18.
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Parvati woke up to the most wonderful feeling in the world. A warm, ticklish feeling near her genitals. One of the benefits of sleeping with only a thin shawl around her body (apart from the fact that it made her masturbation sessions a lot more convenient) was that it allowed her vulva and the hot sticky regions in between her thighs more air circulation to keep the entrance to her birthing passage fresh and sweet. But this was something different. Almost like a mouse was sniffing at her privates. She looked down and saw, to her pleasant surprise, that it was her son Ganesha with his elephant trunk blowing gently on her vaginal lips. When he saw that she had awoken, he smiled and pressed his wet trunk tip to the opening of her pretty pink pussy. The ticklish feeling aroused her immediately, compounded by the fact that her pure vulva had only opened once to give birth, and it was her now fully grown son who was licking her sex with abandon. She squealed like a little girl and closed her eyes in ecstasy. The Goddess Parvati spread her perfect slim white legs wide apart like a common whore and thrust her swelling pink vagina towards her son’s eager mouth, wanting him to taste her dirty sex.

Ganesha obliged, closing his eyes, moaning and rubbing his trunk against his mother’s clitoris, drool dropping from his mouth as he used two of his hands to vulgarly rub Parvati’s tender smooth thighs. His third hand vigorously jerked his tiny little penis which was far behind his mental development. Even though fully formed and an adult, Ganesha’s body was still small in size and his package was as small as a little boy’s, which was a result of his unique birth. Undaunted, he was using his fourth hand to repeatedly rub his tiny testicles, occasionally giving them a gentle slap to drive his libido higher and higher from the sensual pain.

Parvati’s toes curled up as Ganesha got more involved in his attentions to her vagina. He spread her flexible thighs even farther apart so that her legs were almost in a straight line and her pussy lips were stretched apart, bringing the entirety of her reddened genitals to sight. Her beautiful pinkish sex hole showed signs of recent maltreatment from her night’s brutal fisting session she had resorted to for getting her orgasm fix. It was healing fast, though, and her son’s glistening spit coating her sex organs made her fragile pussy shine in the early morning light. The Goddess moaned lecherously and grabbed Ganesha by his tusks, pulling his elephant head right into her filthy vagina. His tongue ravaged her sweaty sex, his hands working furiously at rubbing his own genitals as his mother’s eyes rolled up in her head as she felt her orgasm coming on. The feeling of her son’s trunk and spit rubbing her vulva was driving her mad with lust.

With a huge effort, Parvati pulled Ganesha off of her snatch just as she was about to climax and regained her breath, closing her thighs up and covering herself with her shawl. Ganesha whimpered at the sight of his holy mother’s vagina being tucked away and whined even more when Parvati pulled his hands off his genitals and held them behind his back. She wanted this to last as long as possible and do unmentionable things to her beautiful son, and that would need him to be as sexually excited as he was to enjoy himself. Parvati lifted her son and placed him on her lap, shoving her humongous breasts into his face. Parvati’s boobs, like the rest of her heavenly body, were soft and white, with her stiff nipple a seductive dark brown. Ganesha happily placed his hands on her tits and latched his trunk onto her left breast while his mouth encircled her right areola. The combined suction on both of her mammary glands made the Goddess moan lecherously and stick her tongue out like a filthy slut thirsting for semen. Ganesha slyly increased the pressure on her nipples and pushed his fat finger into his mother’s open mouth. She lathered it in spit and lovingly sucked on it. Ganesha gently shifted his trunk off her breast and continued kneading her boobs with his hands and mouth. The force of his mouth on her full breast caused the divine Goddess’s milk to spurt out painfully into her son’s mouth, where he sat and drank, some yellow milk leaking from the sides of his mouth occasionally. Parvati was completely hypnotized by this violation of her body, her breasts sending overstimulating pleasure signals to her brain and numbing it. Ganesha began rubbing his tiny penis against his mother’s silky smooth thighs and his eyes darted to her little feet wriggling about, wishing he had another mouth to suck on her toes.By this time Parvati had her mouth shamelessly wide open, subconsciously begging anything in the world to fill the void in her body.

Ganesha couldn’t wait any longer. The sight of his mother’s mouth wide open, her soft juicy pink lips looking so inviting, he moved the lips of his trunk near her face and she immediately began sucking and kissing it, making out with her son’s trunk and wetting it with her heavenly saliva. Ganesha let her get comfortable sucking on his trunk before he slowly inserted it into her gaping mouth. Parvati’s gag reflex was well used to using large objects to fuck her own mouth, so she didn’t even flinch when the first few inches went into her. The Goddess opened wider and accepted Ganesha’s infiltration of her alimentary canal, as he pushed his thick trunk further and further down her throat, his mouth unlatching from her swollen and bruised thick teat to take in air. Parvati, like the whore she was, tried to swallow the huge tube in her mouth and managed to pull it in till it hit the back of her throat. She felt like such a common prostitute in the heat of the moment that she spread her legs involuntarily, grabbed Ganesha’s little foot and shoved it inside her needy vagina to quench her thirst. Emboldened, Ganesha pushed his trunk even further inside his mother’s mouth and began exhaling inside her body. Parvati gasped at the new sensation, as the tube pumped air into her chest and caused her already huge bosom to expand further. Ganesha squeezed his mother’s thick breasts with two of his hands and held her face in position with his third, gently fucking her throat with his long trunk. His fourth hand was feeling up his mother’s legs, running up and down her silky thighs, as he caused his mother’s celestial body to respond to his lewd designs.

Ganesha’s foot was almost completely immersed in his mother’s snatch, and with a jolt he kicked his leg into her vagina, causing his toes to penetrate deep into her body, reaching upto her holy womb from where he had come from. Parvati felt her heart skip a beat as her son’s small leg entered her womb. Her disgusting inner slutty nature came out and showed itself as she did the unthinkable. With her mouth overstuffed with her son’s trunk and her vulva squeezing her son’s leg voluptuously, she lifted her legs into the air and rocked backwards in place, exposing the back of her delicious plump fertile legs and her buttocks to her horny Ganesha. Ganesha, driven mad with desire, roughly parted her butt cheeks, rubbed the winking dirty brown asshole that peeped out at him a few times, and pushed his middle finger into her anus without any warning. Parvati cried out in despair, completely immobilized as she was, as her son violated her in all three of her holes, driving in and out, spending her sexual energy and thrusting hard into her.

It truly was a sight to behold. The celestial Goddess Parvati, bent over backwards completely nude like a filthy roadside whore, gasping lecherously and mouthing endearments to her son as he pushed his trunk, hand and leg deeper into his mother’s fuckable body with every thrust. Parvati felt at bliss, her orgasm mounting as she found the strength to shamelessly rub her stiff red clitoris and hold her son’s pathetic little penis standing erect and pulsing with passion. That extra stimulus of his mother holding onto his little dick gave him the motivation he needed to cross the line. He spread his mother’s dirty anus with his fingers and spat deep into the Goddess’ asshole. As Parvati groaned erotically in her vulgar bliss, Ganesha shoved his entire chubby fist into his mother’s weak asshole, driving in one stroke right through to her intestines.

With a scream that resonated through the heavens, the Goddess unbelievably climaxed, from the pain and stimulation caused from her son’s little hand violating her butthole. With convulsions that mating animals strive to emulate, Parvati flailed about in the throes of an orgasm, as the heavens watched in amazement and disgust as the holy Goddess, symbol of purity, found animalistic sexual release in her elephant son’s brutal explorations of her body.
After what seemed an eternity, Parvati regained her senses. She found herself contorted on the floor as Ganesha repeatedly pushed his trunk in and out of her mouth, his foot firmly lodged inside her maternal womb, and ohhh …. his hand was inside her anal cavity. His extra hands were rubbing every part of her sweaty body he could reach – her wet thighs, her tender calves – he was even rubbing her perspiring armpits and drinking her sweat. In the aftermath of her climax, she felt so violated, she knew she had to teach her baby boy a lesson.

She tried to get up but Ganesha had her pinned down well as he continued molesting her. Annoyed, the Goddess stretched out her hand and grabbed hold of Ganesha’s wildly swinging testicles. Ganesha stopped penetrating her and stood still with his organs inside her. His mother gently squeezed his balls and he hurriedly pulled himself out of her. Parvati gasped for breath as his trunk sloppily popped from her mouth, dirty spit drooling from the Goddess’ lips. She yelped as he extricated his foot from her vagina roughly, causing a loud squelch as her pussy kissed his leg goodbye. She grimaced, knowing what was coming, but nothing could have prepared her for it. Ganesha’s fist pulled out of her anus abruptly in his pain, with a loud resounding pop that could be heard throughout the universe. The holy Goddess dropped her son’s balls and bent over in pain, hoisting her filthy anus in the air as she struggled to overcome the shockwave of pain. Ganesha sat back down and continued jerking off, massaging his balls and wishing his penis was large enough to put inside his voluptuous mother who was bent over seductively, gasping for breath.
After a few seconds, Parvati recovered and looked at her son wanking his tiny penis harder than ever. Even though her inner slut was extremely satisfied with her orgasm and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she used Ganesha to penetrate herself again, she decided to play with her baby boy for a while and tease him until she was ready to go again.

Parvati leaned over and held Ganesha’ penis, barely able to keep a grasp on the tiny thing. Ganesha lovingly caressed her shamelessly uncovered body, closing his eyes as his mother’s hands played with his little pecker. Suddenly, Parvati grabbed her baby’s balls and brought herself close to his face. She looked deeply into his anticipating eyes and squeezed his testicles gently at first. He made low rumbling noises with his trunk and spread his legs apart to let her get at his penis too. But Parvati was intent on showing him a thing or two.

She increased the pressure on her son’s balls and Ganesha winced in pain. He let out a trumpet of alarm, breathing hard into Parvati’s face. She laughed and mimicked his cry, moaning at the same intensity. She opened his mouth wide and spat into his mouth. He drank her spit and she suddenly squeezed hard again. He trumpeted louder and she mockingly moaned louder. Again and again she pressed his underdeveloped testicles and again and again she moaned along with him in her sadistic pleasure. She loved having control of her son like this. She pulled on his balls downwards and he felt the tug in his gut, shooting a few drops of pre cum from his tiny member. She pulled tighter, tighter, tighter, breathing in her poor boy’s face and moaning softly how she was going to pull his testicles right off. Just as his ballsack was about to be ripped off, she let go and slapped his balls against his big stomach. Ganesha was reeling from the intense stimulation and found that his erection was now stronger than ever. Parvati cruelly pulled his balls just under the limit and then let go. Ganesha was enjoying it now. He wanted to put his penis inside his mother and have her pulling on his balls to accelerate his semen discharge.

Parvati picked up her little boy and with motherly affection, wrapped her mouth around her son’s penis and sucked the little rod, going up and down, up and down as she fondled her naked baby boy’s buttocks. Just as Ganesha was about to orgasm, Parvati pulled away and enclosed his tender testicles with her hot mouth, staring into his eyes as she jerked off his tiny pecker and fingered his minuscule asshole with her fingers. As Ganesha watched in fear, his mother wrapped her lips around his two balls and pulled back. Back … back …. back they were stretched until the breaking point. His young tender ballsack was stretched so far back, he could read his mother’s eyes saying, “Oh, my darling baby boy, I could pull your testicles off into my mouth right now, and keep your beautiful balls with me in my wet mouth, licking and sucking them forever……”

The pressure lessened. The Goddess had regained her libido and needed something to penetrate her filthy body again. She set her baby boy down, turned her ass towards him and spread her butt cheeks with her hands, her big breasts grazing the ground, her nipples standing at straight attention. At the sight of his mother, the Goddess’ tight brown shithole winking at him, as she exposed herself publicly like a bitch in heat begging to be fucked and fertilized, Ganesha’s penis stood at straight attention. In a fit of excitation, he ran up and mounted his divine mother, thrusting his tiny dick into her asshole. Her anus expanded to his touch and he found that he could fit his balls inside her as well, so he pushed his entire package into the Goddess’ butt. Parvati laughed at his eagerness. She’d wanted him to put something else of his in her anus, but now that his pathetic little dick was lodged inside her, she decided to humor him for a while. She closed the grip of her butt muscles and Ganesha’s dick and balls were caught inside her expanded buttocks. She contracted her anus fully and the neck of Ganesha’s ballsack, along with his thin dick, were squeezed hard, almost severing the connection to his penis and testicles. And then Parvati stood up.

She stood straight up, her curves accentuated beautifully and her buttocks holding her son’s tender genitals within, as Ganesha found himself painfully dangling from her midsection, his entire body weight hanging on to his genitals by the bare skin of his scrotum. Ganesha desperately clung to his mother’s back and managed to grab hold of her, releasing the stress on his tender sack. Parvati reached behind and, spreading apart her son’s ass cheeks, inserted a finger into his tiny anus, then another, then another, teasing him, trying to make him lost his grip and hang by his balls again. Ganesha was barely handling the pain of four fingers in his tender butthole, but when the fifth of his mother’s soft fingers entered his anus, something cracked in him. His mother was taking too many liberties with him and he wasn’t going to stand it, small as he may be.

With his balls and penis in his mother’s anus and her wrist deep inside his butt, he yanked his mother’s hair with all four of his hands, and the divine Goddess pulled out her fist with a yelp. Ganesha extricated his genitals from his mother’s filthy shitter, and pinned her to the ground, spreading her disgusting buttocks wide open. Ganesha pushed his trunk into Parvati’s pulsing anus and pushed. He pushed it as far as it would go, and felt her intestines at the tip of his trunk lips. Ganesha closed his eyes and summoned his powers. His trunk, embedded deeply inside his mother, grew. And grew more. His trunk kept growing as it pushed into his mother’s pipes, past the intestines, into and out of her stomach, past her ribs, and stopped at her tight throat. Parvati flailed around wildly, trying to scream from the pain of having a rough tube being shoved into her buttocks all the way almost through her entire body, but her throat was so tightly blocked she couldn’t make a sound. Ganesha took a breath, his mouth tasting the salty taste of her expanded shit hole, and gently mounted his mother, pushing his penis into her shining pink vagina. He began fucking her roughly with his small dick, his orgasm coming fast.
Just as the Goddess Parvati was about to collapse, Ganesha willed even harder and his trunk pushed past her throat, grew, grew and burst out of his mother’s mouth at the other end. Parvati’s eyes were rolled up in her head, her plump sexy body shaking around, her breasts and fat rolls bouncing in a way that aroused Ganesha even further. He rammed his face into his mother’s backside, colliding with her butt cheeks and fucking her entire body from ass to mouth with his huge trunk. His mother’s inanimate lips giving the lips of his trunk a kiss at the other end brought his orgasm even closer, and he continued pushing his penis into and out of his mother’s juicy wet cunt.

And then Parvati, in blinding pain, reached behind, grabbed Ganesha’s tender testicles again, and tried to rip them off with all her might. That was the trigger. Ganesha let out a huge trumpet, deposited his seed with such force it went straight into his mother’s womb, and Parvati was blasted off the end of his trunk at a great speed. His trunk popped out of her ass loudly and Ganesha fell back, his penis completely soft and his balls hanging low, fully drained. He pulled at his stretched testicles as he watched his newly fertilized mother, the Goddess Parvati, lying recumbent on the ground, her legs still spread with her slutty vagina and sweaty ruined asshole on full display, her flabs rolling gently back and forth as she heaved her chest, and before his very eyes, her enormous breasts grew ever so slightly to store the extra milk that they both knew she would need to feed their inbred child.