Going Back To Grandpas

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By Carol I just woke up and my cell is ringing. I look at the number and it’s Eli. He’s a young black man I met at the beach who fucked me and then introduced me to his grandpa.

I was standing there talking to Daddy Clem when Eli pulled my towel off and let Grandpa look at my naked body. The next time I went there Grandpa did whatever he wanted to me.

Eli says hello Carol how are you. I tell him Om fine and I ask him how are you and Grandpa. Eli says Carol you’re all he talks about. I laugh and say really. My hand goes inside my robe and I’m rubbing my pussy. Eli asks, so what are you doing? I tell him nothing why? Eli says how about spending the day with me and Grandpa.

I tell Eli I just woke up. He says Grandpa and I will really wake you up. OMG I know what he’s talking about. They want to fuck the shit out of me. I sort of like being fucked by more then one cock. The plus is they’re black. I pause for a minute and Eli says you really have to think about it.

I say to him ok I’ll come over. He says Carol you won’t regret it. He means he won’t regret it I’m going to be fucked half to death. I take a shower and now what to wear. I also pack a small bag because I know I won’t be coming home no time soon.

I put on a white sundress and I’m naked underneath. You know easy access. I get in my SUV and I’m driving down to meet them. They live about an hour away. I pull in the driveway and Eli is sitting on the porch waiting for me.

I get out of my SUV and walk up to Eli. I’m completely tan and the white sundress accents my body. Eli grabs me and kisses me and says do you remember what I said to you last time. I laugh and say you said you fuck me first. Eli says that’s right and he grabs my tits and we go inside.

I look and Grandpa is still in his recliner. Grandpa asks Eli is Carol here. I answer yes I’m hear. Grandpa says good I’m so fucking horny. Eli grabs my hand and up to his room we go. Grandpa yells don’t you cum in her boy.

I say to Eli you better listen to him. Eli pulls my sundress over my head and he immediately starts to suck my big tits. Eli says I really missed your big tits. I grab his big black cock and tell him I missed your cock.

I lay on the bed and Eli is getting me ready to be fucked. He’s licking me and making my pussy nice and wet. I grab his cock and start to suck it. Eli is hard and he just can’t wait. He gets in between my legs and pushes his big black cock inside me. OMG I’m in heaven.

I tell him to fuck me Eli fuck me. I needed this. I cum all over his cock and Eli says I’m going to cum open your mouth. I tell him to cum in my mouth. What a big load I swallow. We fuck a couple of more times and Wli says Carol go downstairs Grandpa is waiting for you.

I go downstairs naked and Grandpa is pulling on his huge black cock. He says Carol did Eli cum in you. I say no Daddy Clem he came in my mouth. Clem says he’s a good boy. I say yes he is. Clem gets off the recliner and grabs my hand. He says Carol I’m going to fuck you in my bed.

We get to his room and I lay on the bed. Daddy Clem says show me your pussy. I open it and Daddy Clem is rubbing his cock on my clit. Oh Daddy Clem put it in me, give me all of your black cock. He puts the head inside me and he says Daddy Clem is going to fuck you good, real good.

He slams all of his cock inside me. I wrap my legs around him and I’m telling him to fuck me use me. Daddy Clem says I’m the only one that can cum in you.

OMG a yes I want only your cum. I cum a couple of times and Daddy Clem says here cums a big load for you Carol. I’ve never had a man cum like that inside me. It was pouring out of me. We laid there but I wanted more.

I grabbed his cock and started to suck it. Daddy says I’m enjoying a good blowjob. I get him nice and hard and I’m going for a ride. I climb up on his lap and sink that huge cock inside me. I’m getting fucked in the reverse cowgirl. I love this position as I can look down and see Daddy Clem’s black cock fucking me.

I can also see my white cum all over Daddy’s cock. Daddy Clem says to me so I guess you never got pregnant. I said I did and he was also a black man. Daddy Clem says that really happened. I said yes it did. He asks me did he have a big cock. Again why do men want details.

I tell him yes Daddy Clem he was very big. Daddy Clem rolls me on my back and is fucking me hard and deep. Daddy Clem asks so was he as big as me. I answer bigger. Daddy Clem is slamming my pussy and he says he’s going to cum inside me and make me pregnant.

I tell him yes Daddy cum inside me. I feel Daddy Clem shoot a big load inside me. He says that’s another baby for you. He kisses me and we take a little breather. The breather didn’t last long as Daddy Clem put his cock inside me once again. I’m really enjoying being fucked by him. I cum again and see all my white cum on Daddy Clem’s huge black dick.

Daddy Ckem says he’s had enough. He calls for Eli and Eli comes down the stairs. He says yes Grandpa. Daddy Clem says take Carol upstairs and clean her up. I gave her so much black cum. Eli grabs my hand and we go upstairs.

Eli says why clean you up when now I can also cum in you. We get to his room and he says Carol bend over. I bend over and Eli is rubbing my ass with his cock. I tell Eli fuck my ass baby fuck my ass. Eli pushes the head of his cock inside my ass.

I turn around and tell Eli give me all of your cock. Eli slams the rest of his cock inside me. OMG I’m in heaven. I tell Eli to smack my ass. Eli smacks my ass hard. I love that. Eli says he’s going to cum in my ass. I ready to explode.

I feel his load in my ass and I cum so hard. We collapse on his bed. I asked Eli if he wants me to stay. He says of course I do. Well for the next two days Eli and Grandpa took turns fucking me. My ass is on fire and my pussy looks like it was turned inside out.

I’m glad I came here because I always need a good fucking. The one picture is my pussy all stretched out. Theo other picture is a holiday picture. I do have a great ass.

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By Carol #Interracial #Mature