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I had some great time having sex with my younger sister when we were younger. This is a recall story about how it really was during that time

10 years ago, when I was around 13 and my sister were 8, we tried to explore our sexual parts but at first, it was really awkward and I had to go slowly to make her get used to it.
First it began with us playing House. It was our favourite game and I actually enjoyed playing with her because I saw it as an opportunity to tease her sexually. At that time my hormones were increasing badly and I had started to wank at 12, cumming for the first time when I just dry fucked my bed one night. After that, I got obsessive with wanking and did it many nights a week, hiding the spunk in papers so no one will find out.

It was Friday and we were going to have weekend. My parents were going to go for shopping this evening and put me in charge to babysit my sister (I’m not saying any names, but will refer to “he” and “she”). As the parents were at the door, they were getting their bags and dressing them up so they could drive to the shopping center. They said to us
“we are coming home within 4 hours”
“make sure to fix dinner to you and your sister and don’t go to sleep so late”
I said “yes I will look after her, do not worry”

They were leaving and locking the door. My sister were at our room (we shared most of the things as we were relatively close). I walked in and she was doing Let’s dance (which was the popular game back then). If I could describe ourselves, we were blondes, I was normal sized, maybe a little bit skinny, I had a 4 inch with some hair already growing at some spots. I was already at the puberty and was talking in a slightly darker voice than usual. My sister was fit, she liked sports and had some activities in school and hobbies to do. I wouldn’t call her sexy as I didn’t see her that but she was still young, no breasts, childish and have a healthy skin & look.

I asked if she wanted to play something together in our room and she said “yes” “what do you wanna play?”
I was going to say it but she said it first “hey let’s play House again!”.
I said “Alright, let’s bring the stuff, I’m going to get the furniture, you collect the sheets”.
She said ok and ran to my parents bedroom, they had a little room with all sheets, old clothes and stuff in which we got from there, we have done that before. I got some chairs and started to build against a table. I made layout to the little house and I got the sheets to knot on the chairs, to make roof and walls.

Then when we were finished, we entered the house and I was the father and my sister were the mother. We lived like a regular family but during nighttime’s, we were going to sleep and I would hug my sister at first and she hugged me back, that was like 1 minute time before next day came again.
This time, I was touching around my sister when we slept and she made slight giggles and she put her head on my chest. We played several more “nights” and every time was something different.

After 10 minutes, we were sleeping again and I was just suddenly touching her private area, and I made sure that it looked like a randomness so she wouldn’t get angry (in case if she was going to be). Her reaction was shyly and she at first closed her legs and became quiet. Next day I was pretending to be waking up happy to encourage her and she was into that. But I remember at that time that she actually felt curiosity, as well as insecurity and I saw her looking at me frequently while we played. After some minutes, she asked me suddenly “When is it nighttime darling? I must be very tired now”
I said “it’s getting evening now, I think we should go back to our house to sleep”.

We went back to pretend sleep and again, I was cuddling her and she was doing it back. Now I put my hand on her private area again. I touched, stroked and fingered a little all over the place on her pants, she whispered “you can touch me there as much as you want”
I asked her “do you like it?”
She nodded and looked at my eyes, we stayed in that house to prolong the nighttime and I started to touch her all around that area (ofc first we were dressed and I only touched her pants).
Day came and we went back doing our day stuff, it seemed like she preferred it to be more nighttime than daytime, I asked her why. She said jokingly “it is wintertime and during winters, the nights are longer” I could only agree on that one and really waited for the next nighttime.

We went back in and sealed the sheets. Now we went further. I kissed her forehead and she was hugging me so much, (she didn’t really know what to do but only knew love as hugging and kissing. I also saw that she wanted to know more so I took the initiative).
Now I was touching her again and she touched mine. I grabbed her hand so she could grab my dick, I whispered (shake it) and she made slow strokes on my pants holding what were going to be my penis. Now I dragged her pants down and I asked her “do you want to continue playing or do you want to do this stuff?”
She just said quietly “I want to do this stuff” and she smiled curiously looking at me. We stayed in the house and I got her pants down, I saw her white panties and I saw her smooth legs, being very soft and warm. I also took her shirt off and saw her flat chest.

I did the same and took my shirt off and we were both shirtless only with our half sealed pants and underwear. I went to kiss her on her mouth in which she just continued with me. She didn’t know how to do but I rolled my tongue in her mouth, and she touched my tongue as well. When we end the kissing we made this sexy kissing sound and she were breathing looking at me little blushed. I was of course very nervous and shaky and had an extreme boner because I never expected this. I asked “should we take off our underwear?”. She was also very nervous about it and I saw her then nodding slowly, looking down. I grabbed at the side of the underwear and slowly dragged it down, I could hear how the fabric went by her skin and I saw her little bald slit. It was very small and it looked so smooth and perfect. It smelled a little bit sweet, like that lavender shower cream she usually takes. I tried to touch it and it felt so soft and warm. Sort of like lips on the mouth but it was really soft and thick. I dragged down my underwear and revealed my big 4 inch sticking up at the highest.

We were both inside, she was quiet and shy, not sure on what to do but play along with her older brother. I got over her so my dick was touching the entrance on her pussy but I knew I couldn’t fit it in as she was too young and very tight. So I sat back up and I asked her to suck my cock like from the videos I saw and she was very hesitating. I promised her to give her 10 bucks if I could do it and she said “ok” I saw her sit up and grabbed my dick to her mouth. She just sucked on it like no clue and I carefully drew my foreskin off so she would lick the pole. I told her to bob her head forth and back. She did and now I saw her give me a blowjob. It seemed like she didn’t like it and at times, she would spit out on the paper we had brought to cleanse her mouth. But she gave me a doable blowjob for like 4 minutes and I heard her making those sounds of sucking, breathing out from the nose and then she stuck out the dick with a “mwah” sound. I looked at my dick and it was red and wet. It felt very good but I didn’t really feel the urge to cum, which was good because I wanted to try something on her.

I told her to lie down again on the floor so she did and I went to her pussy. I licked the slit and felt the raw skin underneath, I also reached for her clit but she drew back many times, saying that it hurt a little. When I locked closer to her sealed labia, she was enjoying it. It weren’t any orgasm sounds but she just breathed little bit more than usual.

I sat up and got my wet dick positioned on her pussy and found out an idea, I could make missionary but my dick only goes through her legs and her pussy lips instead of inside her pussy. So I got her lying with her legs closed, her pussy was also closed up and you could see those skin strings on each side of her pelvis leading to her thighs (you probably know what I mean). I got the dick passing through her thighs and I saw it touching her pussy at the top, and then went through to her ass. I could reach all way. I spit on her legs and massaged it to make it more wet and put my dick back. Now with less friction I could thrust my dick through her thighs back and forth and I remember it felt very good. Her pussy was leaking a little bit and that made the friction even less. I was rocking quite fast and breathed heavy, she did as well. You could hear the sounds of smacking and like little slimey sounds, together with fast breathing and my little sisters light breathing. I was going faster so she almost bounced a little on the floor and we hugged each other hard. I eventually got to the point where it felt sooo good and started to shoot out my cum string after string. I moaned little loudly and my sister just giggled to it, finding it funny. I could cum a lot, but if I wanked more less so I shot 7 strings of cum in her thighs and pussy lips.

I dragged out my cock and got my tip through her pussy lips out. She moved her closed legs a little and some cum came up , covering her pussy. She the opened her legs and all the cum ran to the floor through her pussy and legs. She said “we what is that? Did you just pee?”
I said “no this is babies, when you get older, you can become pregnant if you get these inside you”.
She said “Yuck, it looks disgusting. Do you want to continue?”
I said “Yes. This time you can sit on top of me and do the same thing…”
And it happened more afterwards. Make some good rating and I will give part 2.

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