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I 24 was awkward around people growing up but got over it by pulling pranks. Never anything nasty just funny things like tearing cloth when someone in tight clothing bend over. But I got my best results a rubber band and small piece of tissue. A woman or a man standing and looking away from me and someone male or female walking close by. I shoot the tissue with the rubber band and watch the fun. Doesn’t always work as some don’t seem to feel the tissue hitting them. I got spotted by a woman 57 doing my pranks and she confronted me; told me I should be doing something useful. I asked what you think is useful for me to do. She said you could be fucking me and that would be useful, I asked aren’t you married. Yes, but he prefers to play golf and I get very little satisfaction from she told me. She wasn’t slim, 10 or so pounds overweight and okay looking for her age and as I’m not a sex magnet to the girls at the university I attend I accepted. So, started my new life as a sex toy for the history professor’s wife. I didn’t do history and didn’t know who she was very willing and taught me very well. Which I was able to put to good use with the girls I got into my bed at times. After finishing university, I got a good job and tried to date girls and succeed sometimes, but I’ve found I do better with the mature women married or single. Sex is better than pranking.

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