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I had recently moved into a new place with my wife. I was around 28yo at the time and straight as an arrow. Most of our neighbors were elderly folks but all were very outgoing and friendly. My neighbor behind us was an older gentleman in his late 70's named Jim. He was a very outgoing type that told alot of dirty jokes and loved to fish. He had a fishing cabin that he talked about all the time and asked if I was interested in joining him for a fishing trip almost every weekend. I had always politely declined as I hadn't fished since I was a kid. But this time he had asked and my wife was going out of town with her sister and I figured what hell beats sitting at home alone.
That morning I had gotten up late and was rushing around trying to find all of my stuff when I hear Jim yell let's go we got a long drive ahead and we still got to catch dinner! I grab my gear and toss it in the bed of Jim's truck and went to jump in the front seat and that's when I seen another one of our neighbors was going to be joining us as well. His name was Gary and he too was in his mid to late 70's. Gary wasn't really as talkative as Jim but polite all the same. Once we got going down the road and I got comfortable I was out like a light (I'm not use to being on the road by 5am).
A few hours later I awoke in a panic realizing I had left my bag with my clothes sitting on my back steps. When I told Jim he said, we're only going to be there 2 day's and I would be alright with what I had on.
After what seemed like forever we finally pulled up to his cabin. It was a quant little place right off the lake and not a single neighbor in sight. He took us in and showed us around and said alright let's get the truck unloaded so we can hit the lake.
the last thing I grabbed was a big cooler labeled bait. When I grabbed it I damn near puked it stunk so bad, Jim just laughed and said the fish love it. As I was walking around to set the cooler on the back porch I tripped over what must have been a root.next thing I know I'm covered from head to toe in what appeared to be a mix of rotten meat and bit's of rotten fish. Of course Jim and Gary both found it hilarious.
As I began to head for the back door Jim yells at me and says with a chuckle you ain't going in there stinking like that! I turn and say what the hell am I supposed to do? He tells me to hold on and he'll get me a towel. When he comes back out he's got a towel and he tells me I'm gonna have to get those clothes off and hang them on the cloths line so he can spray them off. he tells me to get in the shower before the stink has a chance to set in on my skin,unless I want to sleep outside?
I must have been in that shower for almost an hour, the water had gone cold I was in there so long. When I got out I realized that I didn't have anything to put on so I wrapped the towel around me and stepped out of the bathroom to ask Jim for my clothes to which he informed me I wouldn't be able to where for at least a day or two unless I wanted to sleep outside. He told me that he had put some clothes on my bed that I could wear for the night until my stuff had a chance to air out.
When I walked in my room there on the bed was a white tshirt and a pair white silk panties with lace trim and I yell to Jim what the hell is this? He and Gary both walk in laughing and Jim says that's all my wife has up here! Lol…do you prefer pink?…lol. can't you give me something of yours to wear? I ask.to which he replied you're like half the size of me and Gary and we only brought one change of clothes. Besides it's not like we're going anywhere. As I stood there debating what to do I finally said fuck it and put on the tshirt hoping maybe it was long enough I wouldn't need the panties, of course I couldn't be so lucky! So I reluctantly slipped on the panties and that's when I noticed just how good the silk felt against my cock.
I sat there in my room for what must have been another 45min before I worked up there nerves to got out in the living room. There I find Jim and Gary with a bottle of whiskey and clearly on there way to a good drunk. Jim looks up at me laughing and says well nice of you to join us sweety…lol. Gary hands me what appears to be a double shot and says here ya go young lady and begins to laugh uncontrollably. I take the shots and with a chuckle and say I'm going to need a few more of those to keep from whooping your old asses. After what must have been an hour or so and about 10 shots later Jim looks at us and says, you boys want to watch a movie?
He proceeds to go back to his bedroom and reappears with an old VHS tape. He turns to us and says with a shit eating grin on his face…don't tell my ol lady I let you see this…she'll kick my ass!! When he hit play there was his wife dressed in the same damn tshirt and panties I was wearing.
As Gary and Jim both proceed to breakout in laughter and telling me not worry I wear them much better…lol. fuck you I say laughing at the obcertady of the situation. To which Jim replied well if you insist…ha ha ha…next Jim appears on the tv in nothing but his boxer's with his wife sitting on the side of the bed jim proceeds to pull out what had to be the biggest cock I had ever seen! For the next 30 minutes we sat there doing shots and watching Jim fuck the hell out of his wife.
At one point while reaching for the shot glass l leaned forward a bit to far & lost my balance causing me to fall forward into Jim and Gary. And my hand landing right on Jim's crotch which to my surprise was rock hard at the same time Gary reached over and smacked me right on my ass and with a chuckle he exclaimed how he loves an ass in silk! At this point I realized I was really fucked up and needed to pass out. I pushed myself up and with a middle finger salute told them I'd see there old asses in the morning. As I walked to my room I realized that I was even more fucked up than I thought as Jim yells sleep tight sweety!
I turn around to give him the bird and there's Jim with what had to be 9 inch cock in his hand. I mumbled something to the likes of fuck you and shut my door and fell face down on my bed. As I laid there I could hear the video of Jim fucking his wife and Jim and Gary talking and laughing as I drifted off to sleep.
At some point I woke up and could still hear the video playing but I couldn't hear Jim and Gary anymore and thought they must have finally passed out. As I started to drift back off to sleep I was suddenly aware of whispering from what I was pretty sure my room. when I tried to turn my head and look I realized I was to drunk to even move.
As I layed there trying to hear what that were saying I made out (he's not going to wake up I gave him a muscle relaxer in his last shot) that mother fucker I thought to myself, if I wake up with dick drawn all over my face I'm going to be pissed. Suddenly I heard them getting closer and heard Jim say top or bottom? To which Gary replied bottom! I could feel the bed move as they crawled onto it, and thought to myself, these mother fucker are going to put me outside! Needless to say I was wrong!
I suddenly felt what I assumed was Gary's hand slide over my ass and heard him exclaime to Jim, he fills these out nice! To which Jim said roll him on his side! I suddenly felt Gary's hand go from my ass to my hip as he pulled me onto my side and pulled my knees up toward my chest so as to put me in the fetal position. Next thing I felt was Gary's chest hair against my back and his hand back on my hip, suddenly I feel something slide up and down my ass and Gary exclaim how much he loved the feel of silk against his cock!
What the fuck are these sick old bastards doing? I thought to myself as I attempted to move only to realize that I felt like I was paralyzed from the muscle relaxer and whiskey. When I did manage to move a little Gary just gripped my hips and pulled me closer. As I laid there trying to move I heard Gary tell Jim to give him the lotion and I suddenly realized what this sick old man was about to do!
I tried moving again and managed to straighten my legs just a bit when I suddenly felt Gary pull the panties to side and I could feel his cock probing my ass as he gripped my hips and pulled me toward him. I tried to clinch my ass only to realize that the muscle relaxer had left me unable to. I suddenly felt the head of his cock slip by my ass and back out as I felt him squeeze my hip and tense up, and then without any warning slam his entire cock in me. I tried to yell but all I could muster was what sounded like a moan, to which Jim replied, I think he liked that!
Gary continued fucking me with hard deep thrust all of which made me let out what sounded like moan after moan as i tried to protest. Only to have Jim position himself in front of me and start rubbing his cock against my face.
At this point I was not only pissed off that these two are treating like there personal little fuck toy but I was also surprised by the fact that it didn't hurt like I thought it would, though I'm sure that was do to the drug's and whiskey. As Gary continued fucking my ass I felt him reach around and begin rubbing my cock though the panties and though I was pissed off and disgusted I had to admit that the silk really did feel good against my cock! Gary noticed too and exclaimed to Jim, I really think he's liking it, his little cock is getting hard!
At this point I tried to muster everything I could to yell only to suddenly have Jim's huge cock slip past my lips and into my mouth. Instantly he grabbed my head and began thrusting his cock in and out until he was touching the back of my throat. All the while saying what a good girl I was and telling Gary how he might not have to fuck me if I can just relax and let him fuck my mouth. The thought of which scared the hell out of me when I suddenly remembered how big his cock was in his video. That's when jim grabbed my hand and pulled it up to his cock and began making me stroke the other 6 inches that weren't in my mouth. As I tried to pull my hand away all I managed to do was grip his cock even harder which intern just made him more excited and aggressive telling Gary to stroke my cock more. I think he's starting to really like it!
Suddenly I felt a tingling sensation in my cock as Gary rubbed it and everytime he would thrust into me my cock would rub against the silk panties which no matter how hard tried to fight it,felt incredible!
Suddenly I hear Jim say well would you look at that! as he let go of my hand, this little bitch really is enjoying himself…ha ha ha! That's when I realized I could move my arm and I was stroking his cock right in time with Gary fucking my ass!! What the fuck am I doing I thought as tried to pull off of Gary's cock and onto my belly. Big mistake as hear Jim say I think he wants it doggy. To which Gary replied well let's give this little bitch what he wants!
As he grabbed my hips and pulled me up so i was now on my knees with my ass in the air. I felt him pull my panties to the side again and this time slam all the way in to the point that I felt his balls smack against my taint.making me grip Jim's cock even harder and let out a very loud moan as Jim's tells him to fuck me real good!
At this point Gary has been fucking me for what seems like an eternity though I'm not sure exactly how long it has been. Now though he has really stepped up the pace and verocity. He is fucking me so hard I can hear his hips smacking my ass to the point it sounds like someone is clapping!!all the while my cock is rubbing against the silk of my panties and before I realize what is happening I feel my cock explode as I begin to cum.
suddenly I hear Jim say, that's it, just like that honey!and I realize I'm jerking and sucking his cock like there no tomorrow!! Suddenly Gary slams all the way in and tense up as I can feel cock twitching as he unloads as he let's out a howl. I feel his grip relaxing on my hips as he pulls out leaving my asshole gapping and twitching. That when I hear Jim say my turn!
As he pulled his cock out of my hand. To my surprise instead of trying to get away I instead spread my legs and lifted my ass a little more. Next thing I know gary has come around in front of me with his limp yet still impressive cock in my face. He grabbed the back of my head with one hand & his cock with the other as he guided his cock into my mouth then I feel Jim slide my panties to the side as he slipped into my ass. Without skipping a beat he picked right backup with the same ferocity and pace as Gary left off.
I could feel my cock start to tingle again as I began to push back on Jim's thrust as I engulf Gary's cock with reckless abandon suddenly I felt my cock explode again. This went on for what felt like hours. Them taking turns fucking my ass and mouth and me Cumming.
When they finally had there fill without saying a word they both got up left me laying ass still twitching. When I finally woke up the next afternoon I laid there thinking to myself, did that really happen? Of course that answer was painfully obvious when I looked around and saw my cum soaked panties and used condoms everywhere.
When I finally mustard the strength and courage to get out of bed I realized they had already headed out to fish for the day. I went to restroom to get in shower and found my clothes from the day before washed and folded on the bathroom counter with a note saying…you never asked if I had a washing machine…lmao! When they finally got back they acted as if nothing ever happened and of course me being embarrassed about being used like a little slut never said a word. That evening Jim pulled out another bottle of whiskey and processed to pour shots again but time I said I would pour the shots! Which got a chuckle out of them both. I noticed Jim got up couple of times and walked down the hallway to the bathroom/ bedroom's claiming the whiskey was running through him. But up to that point it was a fairly uneventful evening of doing shots. They never said anything about the night before. When I had finally had my fill of whiskey and was starting to spin a bit I told I was calling it a night and heading to bed. As I shut the door to my room I heard say with chuckle NIGHT NIGHT HONEY!
When I turned on the light there laying on the bed was a tshirt and fresh pair of pink silk panties. Needless to say I I've never changed so fast in my life as I could hear a what sounded like a video from the night before come on the tv…more fishing to cum.

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