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Author's notes:
Everyone in this story is over eighteen.
This story runs the gambit and for sure fits a lot of categories but I'm submitting it under First Time as that's the main premise of it. If you want a heads up (Read: Need a warning because you'll pout.) about what's in the story, click over to Story Tags and you'll get an idea.
Now on with the story…

Gone in Sixty Minutes
"I'm gonna do it!" Sarah told Lucy, who watched her friend in nervous anticipation. "I'm gonna send it! I have too!"
"You don't have…"
"I don't want to graduate a freaking virgin! Not when I'll be the only one in our entire class!" Her blue eyes shining with pain at the very idea.
"Nobody but us even knows that Sarah." Lucy tried, mostly because she didn't want her friend to embarrass herself.
Brick wasn't the hottest guy in school or anything, but as far as Lucy was concerned he was out of Sarah's league. She didn't want to think that about her best friend since first grade, but the evidence was there. Sarah and her had been single since… Well, first grade. Even if you included (the probably racist cliche) that all black guys liked girls with big butts, which Sarah did have, the numbers still didn't seem to swing in Sarah's favor. Lucy's friend, more on the chubby side than not, certainly had a big butt. Lucy had no idea what the stereotype (Clearly incorrect in every case) consensus of how black guys liked their breasts, Sarah's were gigantic and Lucy figured they were her friend's best asset.
Sarah must have thought that too because when the talk of seducing Brick started she had bought the specialty bra, that supported but didn't cover. A shelf one Lucy felt way out of touch to learn. Whatever it was it looked like Sarah had stepped out of a porn, if adult movie stars ever came as bashful slightly better than average looking women. Sarah had worn the gray sweater at school today but had changed into the bra and removed the school appropriate blouse she'd worn underneath after returning home, her tits now only hugged by the gray material. Nothing else, so she was showing more cleavage than Lucy could imagine was humanly possible.
Really if Sarah was ever going to get Brick or any guy, it was today. They'd done her make-up, her hair, and in the cleavage exposing sweater and short skirt she was looking as sexual and sexy as could be. Yet was it enough? Brick had never been a big girl kind of guy, his past girlfriends had always been fit and trim, like him. Two of the three had been black, the other Latina, so it wasn't even clear if he liked white girls. Despite how good she looked, relatively speaking, Lucy was sure Sarah was shooting too high. Brick was still too hot!
"Maybe you shouldn't, you'll only have an hour and a half before your sister gets home and…" They both looked at the clock, Sarah nodded but instead of doing what Lucy expected, chickening out, her friend let out a squeak of worry, thumb trembling over the button before it fell. Lucy's jaw falling at the all too familiar noise of a message being sent, it sounded SO loud. Sounded like the explosion of a nuclear bomb, they stood there in the silence before the blast reached them and destroyed them. "You sent it? You really sent it?"
"He might be busy and not respond so…"
"He's typing!"
It had been a carefully calculated message that they'd come up with over the last couple of days. Lucy mostly thinking it was a thought experiment, thinking all of this was a silly game that they were playing but would never actually follow through on. The delusional adult version of the games of dress-up they'd played as kids. Lucy certainly didn't think her friend would ever actually send it. To Brick! She leaned over so her friend and her were nearly forehead to forehead. As Sarah had said there were the familiar three dots that said he was indeed typing. The things bouncing in some pattern that Lucy always wondered if it actually meant something or not. Like, did they bounce only when the person was typing, did the speed of the bounces mean anything? She almost asked Sarah but then the message arrived.
"Hey, Sarah! Of course I know who you are. What's up?" Lucy found herself reading the message from Brick aloud, stopping herself from reading it in his low deep sexy voice.
"He knows me!" Sarah was being silly, nervous. Brick was not an asshole, him and his best friend Chris were actually pretty nice to everyone, so Lucy wasn't as shocked as her friend. Not to mention Brick and Sarah were social media friends AND once and a while they even talked at school, mostly Brick and Sarah, not her. Sarah had seemingly thought that that would be the excuse Brick went with. "He knows me."
"Be cool, yeah?" Sarah nodded, taking a few deep breaths before replying.
Sarah really didn't have to be cool though. After a few exchanges, that Lucy and her and worked out ahead of time, complaints about their principal and homework Brick actually asked Sarah what she was doing. Which the two friends freaked out about for a few seconds, before going to the plan. Sarah trembling with nerves still managed to get a good shot of herself holding a bottle of soda while shrugging. Sending the reply back to the question that their messages had got him too, her saying that she was just sitting at home drinking a soda. The short video clip angled to put Sarah at her best and cutest, her big blue eyes turned upward, a sheepish smile, and of course showing off the brain-melting amounts of cleavage.
"Are your parents home? He asked if my parents were home!" Sarah screamed, turning the phone to Lucy but not really giving her any time to read it! She talked as she typed, "No, they aren't but my sister gets home at five and we have to clean the house. I'm all alone though for another hour and fifteen." Pausing, drawing in deep breaths as she built herself up. Lucy thought that Brick might come running, smash through the wall like that Kool-Aid guy if her friend would send him a video of that action. "Wanna come over?"
"Oh my god! Good luck." Sarah squeaking at her friend's hope, staring at the phone, no bouncing dots, or she would have said something.
Lucy was shocked, leery that this wouldn't work out for her best friend. But Brick seemed interested even before the picture. With it and the clear context clue of being invited over WHILE Sarah's family was gone then he had to understand what this was. There were just weeks until graduation, Sarah and Lucy were already enrolled at the best Veterinary Medicine University in the state. They'd be gone just before the end of the summer. Rumor had it that Brick would be gone shortly after graduation. Brick would have to know this was essentially a booty call. He had too! With THAT PICTURE! And when he arrived to see her tits nearly popping out with each breath? For sure then. He wouldn't know that Sarah's sexual experience was limited to kissing a couple of boys, one of which had felt her up.
"No. Yes! Yes, he's typing back." Sarah jumped and screamed in delight. "O. M. W! O. M. W! On my way!"
"Oh my god!" Lucy was… Jealous! She realized it all of a sudden, opened and closed her mouth, wanting to admit to her best friend that she had lied. To tell Sarah that she was a virgin too but the lie had gone on so long. Plus, what would it matter? It wasn't like Sarah would let Brick take both their virginities. Or either of them could handle or do that type of thing. Well… No! "I should go." Feeling like if she had to be around her friend's joy any longer she would tell. Unsure if she would tell just to steal Sarah's motivation, "Good luck!"
"Yeah? Okay. Yeah." They hugged, Lucy pulled back and shook her head.
"I guess you don't need luck with boobies like these." Pulling her friend's sweater back up just a little, the jumping had put the tops of her nipples in view. "You don't want to flash everyone when you answer the door."
"Thanks! I mean… It's still embarrassing that it happened after Wilbur and Karen but… Better late than never, and with… BRICK!" Sarah had the biggest dreamiest smile on her face, all her dreams coming true.
Wilbur and Karen were… Well Sarah and Lucy weren't exactly popular, beautiful, or athletes but they weren't the "Bottom of the Barrel" of the high school, as it were. Lucy didn't want to actively think of anybody like that, the bottom of the barrel, but if anybody was what everyone thought of as "hopeless", it was Wilbur and Karen. Or they HAD been. Hopeless until they'd realized their only and best option was right there, each other. They'd started dating, got caught actually doing it, so word was all around school. The Hopeless Virgins were no longer virgins, no longer hopeless. Leaving Sarah (And secretly Lucy) to realize that they were the last virgins in their class. AFTER! AFTER the most awkward kids in the entire high school.
Once Lucy left Sarah went through a variety of emotions while watching the time tick away. Doing some perverts SAT math questions. If Brick took three minutes to get out the door and into his car, he was not at nine minutes of driving. More and more sure with each second that she was getting teased. Right when she was about to message him asking him where he was at, she heard the car pull up. Running to the front window she looked out to see a strange SUV she knew it wasn't what Brick drove. So feeling like a creep in her own house she stood there watching, waiting, her heart sank as a second later a second car pulled up. For sure that was Brick's and not just because he was behind the steering wheel. Once he pulled in the SUV emptied. Marco Soto, Shawn Malone, and Colbie McGee all getting out of it. Laughing and pointing at Brick, clearly they'd raced, Shawn had won.
"No!" Sarah whined, realizing how embarrassed she should be, how much of a loser she was going to sound when Lucy messaged her asking her how it went. And not only did she have to say she was a virgin still but Brick had one hundred percent thought her invitation was as friends alone. "Noooo!" Her tits were practically falling out of her top and he only saw her as a friend. Why else would he bring three other people? "I'm gonna die a virgin!"
But the very blemished silver lining was that Marco, Shawn, and Colbie must have thought her cool or interesting enough to come and hang out with. And… Well Marco had been her second choice. She didn't know him and Brick were friends enough to hang out like this but the handsome hispanic boy and her big-time crush seemed to be, Marco playfully giving the much taller and universally agreeable better-looking Brick a few shoves as he attempted to knock him off balance on their way up the drive. Brick was lean, not ripped but that handsome face with the soul-wrenching brown eyes was everything to Sarah. Poor Marco seemed a distant third instead of second, with the two right alongside each other.
Or a distant fourth because there was Shawn Malone, the handsome easy going boy that Sarah had crushed on ALL through middle school and truthfully to this day. But he was "Property of Colbie" as the two had been dating since Freshman year. While there had been some fights and breakups they always gravitated back to each other, again and again. Blonde hair, gray eyes, and a full-on murderously heart-stopping smile. It should have been illegal for a guy to be able to smile that way! Best of all was his body, neither Brick or Marco were anything but fit yet they seemed lazy boys next to Shawn. According to the pics of him at the beach last week he had pecs, a six-pack, and hard lean muscles that Sarah realized recalling now was probably going to turn her into a stupid mumbling moron until well after he left.
And Shawn wasn't even the hottest guy in school! Sarah was aware of herself enough to know he was the hottest guy she could ever have a chance at, (Lucy might have disagreed, not that she would have told her friend that.) even if a small one. A really really small one based on when Marco and her sometimes (rarely) talked and Shawn would come up with a nod, not sneering that his best friend would be talking to the likes of her. And better was he often smiled at her as they passed in the halls. Lucy and their other friend Kathy never reported Shawn smiling at them! But that all made it worse. That there was a tiny chance that if she was cool, that maybe just maybe, Shawn could like her. Just a little.
It was only as they were right at the door that Sarah realized how slutty she was dressed. A tiny skirt that barely covered her panties and her damn nipples were poking out at the top of the sweater again! Now she was freaked out more than she was turned on. (Seeing her top three boys all in one place did have her a little… tingly despite her embarrassment, some crazy hope that they'd see her and realize how much they wanted her.) It was too late to change though, as soon as she looked up, thinking she had to run and at least put on a different bra, they were waving at her. Seeing her through the curtains.
"Sarah Perkins!" Brick called as he hopped up onto the porch, calling her name loudly, pronouncing it in a peppy enthusiastic way.
Knowing she'd seem like a weirdo if she ran off now she waved back, stepped behind the door. Timing the soft bangs of her forehead against the wood as the grandfather clock chimed four, wondering how she'd gotten herself into this situation. How mortified she was going to be to answer this door and have four FRIENDS over when her breasts were about to fall out if she did anything but stand up straight. And perfectly still. It would be worse (or as bad) to deny them entry, so with a sigh she flipped the lock and opened the door.
"Sarah Perkins!" Saying it again in the same way before Brick gave her a hug!
The others said her name in that way too, but it was background static. There had been a time or two when Brick had hugged her, now as then she could have floated to the moon, dragging him along with her where they could have lived out the rest of their days together. But that would have robbed her of him stepping back to openly and very un-friend-zone-like letting those brown eyes travel down and then back up her again, his attention stalling on her tits both times.
"God damn girl! Sarah Perkins, you literally look like all of our fantasies come true." Motioning back to all three of the guys who were literally doing the same thing Brick was, ogling her with shock and awe. "Ooh, you even got Colbie catching flies."
"Yeah babe, you're practically drooling." Shawn said, closing his girlfriend's dropped jaw with a tap on the chin.
"Brick, you idiot! I don't think she wanted ALL of us coming over, I think she just wanted YOU." It was a little embarrassing but Brick blinked, looked back, and the realization hit him only at Colbie (So embarrassing loudly!) pointing it out. Marco was nodding, he'd gotten that idea almost right away. Shawn laughed, shrugged, and strolled right in. Colbie looked to her boyfriend, almost pleading. "Maybe we should go?"
"Nah! Brick and her can still run off to the bedroom for thirty seconds or whatever it takes him." Embarrassing her and insulting his friend while pointing at the TV. "She has that new game I've wanted to play and we've got nowhere else to go."
Marco let out a shocked cry at the sight of the game Shawn just casually helped himself too, hurrying in while Shawn looked for the system in her dad's old entertainment center. Colbie at least gave her a look, silently asking if it was cool. Sarah nodded that it was but really what was a girl like Sarah Perkins going to do? Tell Shawn Malone and Marco Soto to get out? Colbie nodded back, looking relieved that she didn't have to try and drag the two away. Taking a single step before looking back at Brick.
For a second Sarah thought she had something to worry about. That there was something going on between the two. Colbie was so very very adorably pretty. Cool, sarcastic, and so aware of who she was. She had a baseball cap on in a way that still showed off most of her silky soft midnight black hair, hanging loose and straight all the way down past her shoulders. A friendly but alluring pink mouth. Worst of all (For a big girl like Sarah to be standing so close to, for her to worry she had competition with.) was that Colbie had a nearly perfect body. The front of her white t-shirt popped out by a really decent sized rack, the t-shirt ending way before any that Sarah owned did, showing off a midriff like Sarah had never had and never could achieve. The belly riding the line of still a hundred percent feminine but also damn near having a six-pack of her own. A hint of her hips were visible before her black (fashionably tattered) jeans hugged her lower body, her long legs.
Colbie was hot! And if she wanted Brick Sarah knew she was not going to stand a chance of winning him against the dark haired beauty. But, thankfully, Colbie didn't seem to. She gave Brick a long stern look, Sarah getting the idea that she was the "responsible" one of the group. Brick took a second to register it, Sarah got the pleasing impression that the tall handsome dark skinned boy was distractedly staring down her shirt. Distracted until Colbie nudged her head in Sarah's direction, motioned back at Marco and Shawn with a head shake, then jutted her chin at the hallway. She WANTED Brick to take Sarah away from them and to another room to be alone in.
Unable to help herself, despite it being oh so freaking embarrassing, Sarah mouthed. "Thank you!"
Colbie gave her a nod, turning back to the other two, "I call winner."
"Let's get away from these three for a minute." Brick offered as if it was his idea, Sarah tilting her head up to him and saw he was a bit nervous. Could HE be nervous to be around HER?
"Okay." Even though part of her insisted that she got that wrong, she was delighted, not even thinking about it she reached out and took his hand. Luckily her feet knew what to do, continued moving as she led him down the hallway to the end, where her bedroom was. Hand in hand! "Sorry, it's kind of a mess." It wasn't. "I didn't think I'd have anybody over." Yes she had.
"What? No! It's… It's clean enough to impress my mom, that's saying something." She was embarrassed that he might think it super childish. The last couple of days Lucy and her had been planning this was not enough time to convince her parents to pay for a whole new 'adult' bed set (more pinks and purples), for sure no way they'd agree to paint the walls away from pink and purple stripes. Much less replace the furniture when she'd be leaving home in a few months. He scanned the room but if he judge, he didn't express it. Instead, "Ooh! Shoot! You read these? Chris and I tore through them a few summers ago." Leading her by the hand into her own room, to her bookshelf. Her heart racing that they were in here at all, but that they had something so big in common was amazing. Which made the frown he gave her a minute later so devastating, breaking off the rapid-fire discussion they were having about the books. "Look, I know we've had this… Energy and attraction between us for… Well since forever." She could have died! It was all she could do to stand upright. An expression or something led him to believe holding one hand wasn't enough for the talk, he took both hers in his. Looking straight into her eyes, well after a quick look at her breasts. "You're so beautiful and I just never cracked the courage, or opportunity, to ask you out… Or whatever." WHAT? He sighed and looked away momentarily, really and truly upset about the missed chance. "I let my mom and dad sort of… Nevermind about that, I just want to say that I wish things had been different. I… I don't want to lead you on. You're going away, I'm going away, in… Like a month! Sorry, it's just… Even with technology being what it is I don't think we should try and do anything long distance. I know all sorts of guys…" Snorting a laugh, thinking of Colbie a moment ago as he added, "And gals will be falling all over themselves for you at that veterinary school." He remembered! "It just doesn't seem right to try something we both know will fail." Lifting her hands a little, catching her eyes. "I'll promise you this, after four years when we both come back, we should give this a try."

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