Good morning Aunty! | incest story from Mat&Aunty

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One morning I woke up very early for no apparent reason. I didn’t know what to do so I went to wake up my aunt. Having the keys, I went in, went to her room and saw her there with her very tight night suit.I tried to wake her up gently, I stood at the foot of the bed and started touching her feet and legs. I licked her feet and then moved on to caressing her legs getting closer and closer to her pussy. I keep touching her legs and kissing them but my aunt didn’t wake up.I unbuttoned the bodysuit and saw that she was wearing panties, I took them off without thinking about it. I began to touch and stimulate her and she showed the first signs of awakening. I started sticking her finger into her holes. She gasped a little but she’s not quite awake.I was left alone with the shirt, I spread her legs and started to lick her very slowly.I slipped her cock into her hot pussy. I went very slowly, I leaned towards her face, my aunt surprised me and she clung to me, not making me get up again. Still inside her we managed to get up. I stand and she in my arms with my cock inside her. I leaned against the wall to make less effort.Silence reigned in the house, broken only by our grunts and our bodies in contact.I couldn’t resist and cum inside her pussy.A: “Thanks, a nice awakening” she whispered.M: “Good morning aunty, you are really beautiful in the morning”We went down to breakfast. Once finished, we settled down and hugged on the sofa.Aunty pulled away, spread my legs, got in the middle and began a great blowjob of hers.After a while she stood up, turned her back to me and slipped my cock into her pussy starting to ride.I stopped her otherwise I would have cum again immediately, I made her lay down and started licking her while I penetrated her anus with a finger. She was getting very wet, I penetrated her pussy at a fast pace.A: “Move over I’m cuming”, she said, I gave a very deep stroke and she fell into a great orgasm seasoned with a little cry from her.Seeing her enjoying herself makes me very horny too.I took my aunt’s toes in my mouth to make her understand that I was coming from her, she began to massage my balls with one hand. I cum inside her again. Many cum inside her juicy pussy. We stood up and hugged each other.

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