Good View

Pao had been living in England as an illegal immigrant for just over a year, she had got separated from her family just after arriving in England but at just twelve years of age had soon learnt how to avoid detection by the authorities and had had a couple of close calls when she nearly got caught, she learnt the best places to get food from, she had also started to steal from places. Pao suffered a lot of racial abuse but had learnt how to avoid the racists. Pao was walking through a run down housing estate heading towards an old disused building that she knew would be safe to sleep in, as she walked through the estate Pao saw a group of young people walking in her direction and decided to avoid them and quickly went down some steps into a basement and hid behind some very big bins, as she waited for the group to pass Pao saw a light in a room right opposite where she was go on as she did she saw the room was a bedroom and Steve enter the room, Pao knew that Steve was a racist violet thug who had just celebrated his sixteenth birthday, she had heard his friends sing happy birthday to him. Pao saw Steve take his shirt off then leave the room when he returned a few minutes later Pao saw Steve return with a towel round his waist she also saw his bare legs and guessed that he was not wearing anything under the towel and after a minute with his back to the window Steve dropped his towel to the floor and Pao smiled when she saw Steve was naked under the towel and admired the white boy’s bum and watched as Steve flexed his muscular body and after a few minutes when Steve turned and Pao saw his seven inch soft dick hanging down she smiled and thought that looks nice, Pao watched as Steve walked around his room naked totally unaware that a twelve year old Bengali girl was watching him and feeling happy at what she could see, after watching Steve for five minutes Pao saw his dick twitch and watched as it started to grow and with in a minute it was sticking up in the air like a nine inch flag pole, Pao watched as the first naked white boy she had seen walked around his room with a full erection and when Steve took his dick in his hand and started to slowly jerk it Pao thought keep doing it, Steve started to jerk a bit faster and after a few minutes Pao saw Steve’s bend slightly at the knees and four spurts of cum shoot out of his dick, not long after Steve left his room and Pao quickly left the basement and headed towards the derelict building as she cut through the park Pao saw a white girl bending over a wooden fence and keeping to the dark shadows walked slowly by the girl as she did she saw a boy who was a friend of Steve’s standing behind the girl his jeans right down round his ankles, Pao saw Mark’s dick and saw that it was erect and watched as Mark moved closer to the girl and pushed is dick into her then start to push in and out and after a few minutes Pao saw Mark pull his dick out and jerk it a bit till there were five squirts of cum, Pao walked away still keeping to the shadows and soon arrived at the derelict building and saw a couple of friendly people one f who said ” the room with a sea view and sauna” has been taken, this caused a few laughs but Pao thought I seen one naked white boy jerk off and another fucking a girl that is better than a sea view, as she settled down to sleep Pao thought I will have to go that way more often you never know what else I will be very lucky enough to see I might even see an orgy take place I hope that Steve will never ever close the curtains.

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