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I’m 34 happily married and have 2 children, my wife has a sister, and my wife went to assist her sister. Her sister was having her first child and was in the last week of her pregnancy with baby due anytime. I had to stay home for work and my wife had a our children with her. Anyway, I was looking after myself and went for an after-work drink with some colleagues. Well, we drank a little too much and one of my mature colleagues gave me a passionate kiss. She thought I was someone else, but I was seen by my wife’s aunt (49), and I thought she tell her niece. But she didn’t not straight away anyway, I wanted to tell her the kiss was an accident. But I didn’t have her phone number, my had it stored in her cellphone. As it was Saturday morning after the night before drinks, I thought I would drive over and talk to her at her home. I was trying to get my story straight before going. When my wife’s aunt arrived at our house, I was a little shocked by her visit at first. She had come to talk to me about my kissing another woman other than my wife her niece. I told of the mistake, and she said all men say that and said she wouldn’t tell my wife if I helped her out. The help she wanted was getting fucked by me and keeping it secret from everybody. She not gorgeous but is okay on the eye, I asked why me and she said as she was getting divorced and was making a big deal of her soon to be ex-husband’s unfaithfulness. She didn’t want him finding out she was having an affair before the divorce was finalized. She liked sex a great deal and was really horny ever since the start of the divorce proceedings. I said if he sees you coming here might guess, No she said I’ll cook some meals for you, and I can say I was looking after you while my niece is away. I’ve already rang and told her I was going to see you ate right this morning. She opened her coat and only had on underwear underneath the coat. I thought I could tell my wife the truth and risk her not believing me. Or I could fuck her aunt, my cock thought fucking the aunt was the better idea. So, we had sex, and she stayed the night, she hadn’t planned to stay overnight but it started raining heavily and so she stayed. We had sex regularly while my wife was away, on my wife return I thought that was the end of it. But I hadn’t reckoned on the aunt, she only came over once to see her niece after her return. Then a fortnight later, I came home, and my wife wasn’t there I first thought. But she was and she was in our bed with her aunt and when I found them together the aunt told me to join them. That’s short version of my threesome sexual relationship with my wife and her aunt. The major change came after the divorce was final, my wife’s aunt moved in with us and sold her old home. She also keeps me sexually supplied now my wife is getting to having our third child. Her aunt calls me the perfect husband.

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