Gothic Persuasion Ch. 03 – Finale

tagIncest/TabooGothic Persuasion Ch. 03 – Finale

Angel's snakebites touched my lips, the metal was cold and smooth in contrast to her wet, warm lips. She took my hand, and placed it on one of her tits, but I pulled away and gave her a look.
"Not in front of mom and dad," I said to her.
"Fine, let's go to my room," she said.
I looked at mom and dad, as if to ask permission to get up and follow my horny goth sister to her room, as she got up and walked toward it. They simply rolled their eyes, and shook their heads. After a moment, I realized that I didn't care what they thought, and that I shouldn't be expecting them to give me and Angel permission to have sex.
I got up, and followed Angel to her room, then closed the door behind me. She'd already started stripping, and was topless by the time I got there. Her slim figure was doubtless a turn-on for most men, and once she noticed I was in the room, she looked over her shoulder at me, smiled, and slowly slid her pants past her ass while she bent over. I got a good view of the pussy I'd been getting, and it was clear she was wet.
I walked up behind her and removed my pants. My cock was erect, and ready to enter Angel, but she shot up and grabbed it.
"Uh-Uh, not yet," Angel teased. She gripped my dick, and guided me by it to her bed, where she laid on her back, and spread her legs open.
I shouldn't have done what I did next, but at the time, I didn't care that she was unprotected. She guided me to her pussy, the head of my cock went in, followed by the rest in a sudden thrust that made her moan. I leaned in, and kissed her, she welcomed it. Our motion synchronized, my thrusts and her hip movement, to maximize the penetration.
I was engulfed in the act, and didn't care. I kept thrusting into her, harder and deeper, to her delight. Her moans gradually became louder, and more obscene, it wasn't long before she was moaning phrases like 'give it to me, bro,' and 'knock up your sister.'
I had no doubt our parents could hear at least part of it, despite the walls being as solid as they were, but I didn't care; I was getting the best pussy in the world, and I wasn't about to stop.
Angel's face turned red, and her expression was that of pure enjoyment; maybe even near-orgasm. I could feel her fingers rubbing her clit while we fucked, and her other hand was gripping her tit.
With each thrust, I could hear the slapping and squishing noises getting louder and more obvious, my cock penetrating her became more effortless, and infinitely more enjoyable with each passing moment.
"Oh god!" Angel screamed. "Harder!"
I jammed my cock into her with each new thrust, and unlike the other times we'd had sex, I wasn't close to cumming yet by this point. The act was hot, and filled with exactly the kind of wrong that would make me blow my load in seconds, but I was lasting longer this time, whether that was good or bad, I didn't know, and didn't care.
"Like that?" I said.
"Yes!" she moaned. "Fuck me hard, you cunt slave."
I couldn't believe what came out of her mouth, but I retaliated playfully.
"Slut," I said.
"I'm gonna cum!" Angel squeaked. Within moments, her legs wrapped around me, and I could feel her pussy convulse around my cock, and soak it utterly. She moaned, and trembled in pleasure, which only served to send me over the edge.
Inside my sister's unprotected cunt, my cock shot several spurts of cum deep into her. I could feel her pussy contractions line up with the cum shooting out of me. It was as if her body was eagerly pulling my cum into her. It was a heavenly feeling that I'd never encountered before, and I kept myself still in the moment to saver the sensation.
After a few more moments, I stopped cumming, and her contractions stopped. I could do nothing but stare into Angel's tired eyes, as she panted. Her eyes watered, and leaked off to the sides, and I wiped away the liquid with my thumbs, before leaning in for a tender kiss with her.
She loosened her legs, and I pulled out of her. She immediately closed her legs again, and smiled with her eyes closed.
"Stay here for a few minutes at least," she said to me with a soft tone.
I laid on the bed next to her, and watched as she held the same position.
There was a long pause, and she looked over at me.
"Not gonna say we shouldn't have sex, huh?" she said.
I hadn't even given it a second thought, but it was true. Somehow, I'd gotten to the point where I was perfectly okay with what we were doing, and wanted to continue doing it.
"No," I said, and looked back at her. "We should be… if we're doing this because we want each other, then we should keep going. Right?"
"You want me?" Angel said with a smirk.
"Is that bad?" I said and laughed.
"So bad. But that's okay, because I feel the same. I've been enjoying your cock, and I want more."
"I noticed you also enjoy it when I call you things like 'bitch' too," I said.
"I'm a submissive," Angel said.
"So?" I said.
"So, I like feeling dominated when I'm being fucked," Angel said. "When I'm called 'bitch' or 'whore', it makes me feel like my partner is in control. The last five guys I fucked even put their hand on my throat-"
"They choked you?" I interrupted her. I was close to fuming angry from hearing what her partners have been doing.
"No, not like that. Not really," Angel said, and paused a moment. "You don't know anything about dom-sub stuff, do you?"
"Not really," I said.
She only smiled at me, as though I were some innocent guy who knew nothing about the world of sex and pleasure, and she were the gateway to tempting me, and corrupting me.
"Well," Angel began. "First I have to say that dom-sub play isn't about hurting your partner, or getting hurt by your partner. That's important, because I think a lot of people get that wrong."
"Okay," I said, as I listened to her.
"Second, it's about pleasure, not control. When my partner pins me down, or puts his hand around my neck, I'm still the one calling the shots."
"Wait, but how do you make him stop?" I asked.
"Safe words," Angel said.
"What do you mean?"
"Safe words are words, or phrases, that we can say when we want our partner to stop what they're doing. They're there to let your partner know they've gone too far, or are hurting you."
"So, when you say a safe word or phrase, your partner has to stop, no matter what?" I asked.
"Yeah," Angel said. She finally rested her legs, and turned on her side, facing me. She rested her head on her arm, and placed her free hand on my chest.
"What if they don't?" I said.
"Then they broke my trust, and I tell him to get off me," she said.
"Okay, but what if they ignore you?" I said.
"Then when they're done with me, I report their ass, and they go to jail," Angel said.
"Sounds like a dangerous lifestyle to me, sis," I said.
"Hey," she said, and stared into my eyes. "It's not. Nothing ever happened, okay? I'm here, right now, and I was careful with who I trusted. It's not like I didn't know the men I was letting inside me, it was all part of a group of people with my interests."
"Okay," I said. I knew she was serious, and didn't question that sincerity.
"Look at you, all worried about your sister," she giggled.
"Yeah, what the fuck is wrong with me?" I said, smiling. "I mean, you're talk of the town, this isn't new to you. You're a total slut."
Angel giggled more. "Yeah, but I'm your slut now, so you don't have to worry about it either way."
"Are you saying that you've committed to being only with me?" I said.
"I mean, if I'm horny, I got a guy in the next room who clearly doesn't mind giving me dick. So, why would I need to go looking for it?" Angel said.
"So, what does that make us?" I said. "Are we fuck-buddies? Are we siblings with benefits? Or…"
"Are you asking me if we should be a couple?" Angel said.
"I'm asking what you think we should call this," I said.
"Incest?" she said. We both laughed.
"No, I mean us," I said.
"If you have something to ask me, or to say, just do it," Angel said with a gentle voice.
"I want us to be a couple," I said. "As sudden as that may seem, and as dumb an idea it may be, I want to be your guy."
"So, ask me," Angel said.
"Will you… be my girlfriend?" I said.
"Wow," Angel said with another giggle. "You totally sounded like a dork whose never asked a woman to commit to him in a relationship."
"Don't be a bitch," I laughed. "You know what I meant."
"You already have my answer," Angel said. "I said a minute ago that I'm your slut, and I meant it."
She reached down and gripped my dick, the tip stuck out of her fist.
"So, just to be clear, you're not going to start fucking every other guy in town?" I said.
"Like I said, I have a guy here at home willing to fuck me, why should I go looking for it?" Angel said. "But I have one stipulation to our agreement."
"What's that?"
"If you ever fucking cheat on me, I'll make sure you regret ever sticking your cock in me," she said.
"What if one of us finds someone?" I said.
"If you're looking for someone else, then you're a piece of shit player who doesn't know a good thing when he sees it."
"So, you want us to completely commit to each other?"
"Yes, asshole, I'm telling you that you're mine," she said.
I laughed because she tried so hard to be serious, but by the end, she was laughing along with me. Her cold, bitchy facade had crumbled, and in its place was a girl that had the look in her eyes; the look when she finds the guy of her dreams, and she wants nothing else.
"Hey, but seriously, Angel," I said. "I'm glad we know where we're going with this."
"We should go on dates though," Angel said, while she stroked my dick.
"Or we could, you know, not do something that could get us arrested," I said.
"I didn't say we should make out in public or anything, but it would be nice to not constantly be at home," Angel said.
"Yeah, but where would we go? People here in town already suspect us because my bitch ex-girlfriend can't keep her mouth shut. The only reason that's a problem is because you decided to let her catch us fucking that first time."
Angel kept stroking my dick.
"Yeah, to get her to break up with you, not tell everyone in town," Angel said.
"What'd you think she was going to do?" I said. "She told everyone to get back at me, and people probably believed her because you're basically the town slut."
"Who cares what anyone else thinks anyway?" Angel said. "Fuck those shitheads."
"I just realized something," I said.
"We're having an actual conversation. You know, without the name-calling, screaming, and all that shit."
"Well, sometimes I like the name-calling, screaming, and all that shit. Did you ever notice that I masturbate after our biggest arguments?"
"Now that you mention it, yes," I said. I looked at her, and smiled.
"What?" Angel said.
"I love the snakebites," I said. "You are so hot."
"Hey, I know where we could go," Angel interrupted me. "There's a kink palace about an hour outside of town, we could go there."
"As a first date?" I said.
"I mean, we don't have to straight to it, we could eat first. But while we're in there, we could literally be open about who we are, and what we do. Maybe even prove it to anyone who calls us a liar."
"What, by fucking you on a table in front of everyone?"
"Yeah, I guess," Angel said.
"You really have no limits, do you?" I said.
She looked at me in disbelief, and stopped stroking my cock. "Bro… I do porn, I fucked a guy in front of a party of people, you included, and I finally got your cock in me. Do you really need to ask if I have limits?"
"Yeah for some stupid reason, I keep forgetting just how slutty you are," I said.
"You should do a video with me. You could be the first dick to give me a creampie for a porno," Angel said.
"Ah yes, that would blow over great in court; Your Honor, I present to you, Exhibit A, where the two defendants engaged in an act of incest on camera."
"We could blur out our faces, jackass."
"Cunt," I teased.
Angel started stroking my cock again.
"Asshole," Angel said.
"You know, since mom and dad know about us, we might as well sleep in the same bed," I said.
"Yeah. Besides, in the morning we can fuck some more," Angel said.
The next morning, I woke up to an empty bed, and the smell of food cooking in the kitchen filled my nostrils. I got up, got dressed, and went downstairs to the kitchen. Angel was standing at the stove, completely naked, but in full black makeup, as though she were posing for some kind of porno.
"Hey!" she said. "Mom and Dad aren't home, they went out for the day, so we could have the house to ourselves."
"Seriously?" I said. "As in, they're giving us the chance to do whatever?"
"Yeah, they don't give a shit about us fucking," Angel said. "The only thing they're worried about is me getting pregnant."
"They're not the only ones," I said.
"Just relax," Angel said, as she tended the food on the stove.
"You're actually cooking something?" I said. I sat down at the table, and simply admired the view; a hot, naked goth chick with pinned up black hair, smoky black eye-shadow, black lipstick, and snakebites. Her ass was firm, the kind you can't help but want to grab with both hands.
"I mean, I actually can cook you know," Angel said. "So listen, I've been thinking about something, and we kinda need to talk about it."
"I think we should get a place. Just us," Angel said.
"If we do that, we'll have to move out of town," I said. "Like, and hour or more out of town."
"Yeah, so?" Angel said. "Would that be so bad?"
"I don't know, how far out does your reputation as a slut go? We might have to move out of state."
"Hey asshole, it's not like I fucked around that much," Angel said with a giggle.
"Oh, so your reach was just here in town, okay," I said.
I was joking with her, and she clearly knew it. She smirked at me, and I could see her nipples hardening. This was foreplay to her, and it actually felt appealing to me.
"I'm serious about us getting a place though," Angel said. "I think I know somewhere we can go, it's about an hour and a half from here, and it has a kind of club that I go to all the time that I want to show you."
"Is that where you go when you disappear for a full day?" I said.
"Yeah, actually," she said.
"Why don't we just go today?" I said. "We can look for apartments, and you can show me your club."
"Yeah," Angel said, with a smile.
The drive getting to the main city felt like an eternity, but when we finally arrived, and had looked at a number of apartments, we settled for one that we liked. It had two bedrooms, a walk-in closet, and a full bathroom. The kitchen wasn't impressive, but it had a lot of counter space, and cabinets, so I couldn't complain.
Once we left, Angel directed me to the club she wanted to show me. On the outside, it looked like a strip club, but there was a line, like a dance club. It seemed strange to me, but after we parked, Angel guided me through a door in the back of the building.
A staggering number of women were inside, preparing for what I assumed were performances on stage. Some of them were topless, some were totally naked, others clothed completely. Angel led me by hand to another part of the room, and through yet another door, guarded by two bouncers that had greeted her with a nod as we passed.
"Here it is," Angel said.
The room was very lavish, decorated with furniture that had ornate golden accents, with red velvet coverings. A small group of women that looked to be between twenty, and thirty, sat in a group, talking to each other. They were all dressed in corsets, and one wore dark makeup. One of them looked over at us as we came in.
"Angeline, hi," the woman said.
"Hey, Jessica," Angel said. "Brought someone with me today."
"Yes, I see that," Jessica said. "Is this the brother we've been hearing about?"
"That's him," Angel said.
I had to wonder why they knew that I was her brother, but before I could ask, smirks, whispers, and mutters began with the rest of the girls.
"So, how is he?" Jessica said.
"I'm fine," I said.
Angel simply looked at me, and rolled her eyes, before turning her attention back to the group.
"He knows what he's doing, for the most part," Angel said. "He does a good job getting me off."
"What the fuck?" I blurted. I pulled Angel aside for a moment. "Did you tell them we were having sex?"
"Duh," Angel said. "Relax, they're not gonna tell anyone."
"How do you know?"
Angel sighed through her nose, apparently getting impatient with me. "You see the goth chick over there? She's fucking two of her cousins. The redhead beside her? She just found out she's pregnant… by her brother."
"Okay, I get the picture. Are they all fucking family?"
"No, just them two, and me," Angel smirked. She turned back to the other girls, and went on. "Any of you care if I bring him here for some casual fucking?"
"That's up to you," Jessica said. "Just make sure you don't bring any trouble with him. We're running a kink club, not a safe house for incest."
"We're talking about getting a place nearby, and we'll probably be living as a couple," Angel said. "I doubt there are any locals that know us, so I don't think it'll be a problem. Just wanted you all to meet him, but we've got to get going, it's a long drive back."
We left the club, which seemed to act as a two-fold operation, and began the long journey back home.
Later, after we'd gotten home, Angel locked the doors, and started removing her clothes in plain view. Within fifteen seconds, she was naked again, and daring me to take mine off as well. I did, and sat with her on the couch, while a random TV show played in the background. It didn't take long before she was on top of me, lowering herself on my cock, while I was sucking on one of her tits.
It felt so strange to me, in some way, that she would be the ideal girlfriend for me, but that's what was proving to be the case. She didn't accuse me of cheating, she didn't make demands, other than to be faithful to her. Our time spent together was becoming more and more about what we want, and not the sex. I felt myself attached to her, and I wondered why.
"Oh fuck," she moaned.
I stopped sucking on her tit, as she lowered herself onto my lap completely, riding my dick with waves and circular motion.
"So, you wanna get pregnant," I said to her.
"Yeah," she moaned. "I don't care what anyone says about it. They can go fuck themselves."
"Including mom and dad?"
"Yeah. They don't have any say in our lives, if they don't like it, too fucking bad."
We changed positions on the couch, with her laying on her back as I fucked her. She moaned and gasped as I thrust in and out of her wet cunt. She grabbed a cushion and shoved it under her, then lifted her legs up, with her knees bent at my waist. There was no hesitation on her part, or on mine, and I felt a rush come over me; a cold feeling that swept from my head, down to my legs, and I felt myself harden more than I'd ever been before.
"So if you do get pregnant, then what?" I said.
"Shut up and fuck me," Angel moaned, as she closed her eyes.
I felt my cock throbbing inside her, as her pussy thoroughly coated it with her fluids. Each new thrust began making noises, and my cock slid in and out of her easily. I took a moment to admire her bare cunt, and watched as my dick slid into her repeatedly.
The house was quiet enough for me to hear the sound of us fucking, and Angel's moans echoing in the room, while her tits bounced with our motions. I could feel her cunt getting slicker, and wondered how much of her fluids were leaking onto the cushion under her, and whether mom and dad would even know, or find out. It was slightly arousing to know there was a possibility of our deed being realized later on, by someone currently not home.

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