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Prelude: This is a LW Story. Gregory knew 'Love is Blind'. But he never understood, 'Love is Deaf' too. Until he encountered it to realise, 'Love is also Dumb'. In his senior days in school, HE WAS… 'FALLING FOR GRACE'! But after six years of their marriage, SHE WAS… 'FALLING FROM GRACE'! To keep a 'PROMISE', she had broken a 'VOW'! A wedding vow. Unpardonable. What happened then? After that episode of love and betrayal? Trust and ditch? Faithful and unfaithful?
You may like him, you may hate him, but you just can't ignore him. He was Greg in his all new 'Avatar'!
But then who are Ian and Catherine Hotte? What they have to do in this LW story?
You're politely cautioned and decently warned about the story content. So, either sit back and enjoy this LW story, or please leave it right away and shift over to the vast collection of stories available Literotica's fathomless category.
Happy reading… Have a great day…
The last massage Gregory nick-named Greg had received in the evening from his dearest wife Grace was that she was at GASTRO PUB, SUTRA in NOIDA, Satellite Township North of Delhi. Celebrating birthday of one of her office colleague's birthday. The colleague was Satish Kumar Palo, a guy from India.
Driving down the heavy traffic Greg finally reached his ultimate destination late in the night and parked his all black BMW SUV in front of his three BHK duplex in the posh locality of Sohna Road, Gurugram, and Satellite Township South of Delhi. He pulled out his duffle bag from the back seat and moved into his duplex. As he opened the front mahogany door with his duplicate key and moved into the dark hall way, he could distinctively hear the unmistakable low and prolong moan of Grace. Grace his beautiful wife of six years.
The groans were coming from the adjoining guest room. The constant cracking sound emerging from the rocking of the solid rubber wood bed back and forth; and the squeaking as well creaking noises amidst continuous sexual chorus of the thumping of sweaty naked skin on naked skin was pretty evident of the fact that the sexual marathon was going on out there for a pretty long time.
With a complete dry mouth Greg was totally awe-stuck while listening to the erotic moans of his lady-love experiencing intense pleasure from her stud, as the moans were escaping through the crack in the door.
"Ooohhhhhh Daddeeeeee! I simply love your BIG DICK!"
His wife yelled out in passion to her hung-Hulk!
Greg was shocked. As he had never heard the word 'DADDY' from her sexy mouth for the BBC (Big British Cock). He listened to her 'Alpha-Man's' masculine grunt of ultimate satisfaction, and then to the sounds of their lips smacking together in desire resultant of the uninterrupted slurping smooch.
Human sexuality is a complicated thing. Very few people really understand it; and Greg for one would never be able to fully explain it despite the fact that he was experiencing the pain of it to the core and excitement of it to the brim!
That was the beginning of end for him. The beginning of his painful (?) cuckolding days. As he was yet to come in compromise with his strong ego and endless embarrassment. His standard 5.5" inch penis gave him all the more reasons to be in a duel mind, to be or not to be over-whelmed with profound excitement or prolong sorrow?
He listened and was perpetually awestruck as his dearest wife submitted herself completely by breaking the vows of their auspicious marriage, because she had promised to be sharing the bed with her supremely endowed 'Man-Mountain'.
With a height of 6'3" and a weight of 240 pounds her BBC was well endowed out there with a full erect mast of 12" long, 7.5" girth and weighing about a pound and half or about 682 grams!
As impossible as it might be to dissect and understand multiple layers of complexity involved in Greg and Grace's new sexual dynamic. Though on the face of it looked pretty simple and less complicated perhaps, because 'Size' ruled over 'Sentiment'. 'Alpha Man' dominated over 'Affectionate Human'. Though that was not necessarily the rule of the thumb for all women, but it was definitely the dominating factor for most.
And Grace was not an exception to what was happening to most. She was moaning louder now than before, as the thrusting by her 'Alpha-Man' had become more urgent as their bodies collided together in sexual need and desire. Greg heard his dearest wife's wild gasp. His mind's eye immediately realised and visualized the very fact about the pleasure another man giving her. To be precise an 'Alpha-Man'.
Greg was dumb-founded. He had never seen, heard or experienced anything like that from the mouth of his better-half — Grace. Now those words from his beloved wife's mouth for someone other than her husband were acting like all-new steel-bullets piercing through even bullet-proof jackets.
Greg of course knew size does matter. But he could never guessed in his wildest imagination that someone's behemoth bulge would create such a ripple in his married wife's mind and body that she would become a slave of that massive cock. Greg felt a strong surge of embarrassment as he could jolly well imagine Grace's eyes being cloudy and her tone being intoxicated with raw desire as she was in a brink of virtual madness. Greg heart pounded with the surge of jealousy, but at the same time he also felt an undeniable stirring in his lions, listening to her excited monologues.
He could immediately recall how faithful both of them were to each other, until she encountered the pillar of peak masculinity, changing their life and relation forever. It was so impressive for her that it became impossible for Grace to avoid it at the very first glance, and became imperative for her to live with all along.
Her physical arousal succumbed to her latent and new found female curiosity, made her to submit her completely to the horribly-hunk 'Alpha-Man'. Her face flashed, it became beet-root red, and she was in a trance. Unknown to her, she was being successfully seduced by her seducer (or tormentor?) with his easy masculinity, dominant personality and massive cock. Adequate ingredients to put Grace under his spell for the inhabitable to happen ultimately at its own course of time and pace.
Her ultimate statement on his manhood, "Oh God! I can't believe how big it is!" Which put Greg in trance. Because he by now knew it pretty well as to what was there in store for him. If not soon, than might be sooner his darling wife would become a slave of that BBC (Big British Cock).
"Now I understood why your wife calls you 'Bull'! But she's wrong! You should have been called a 'Horse'!" Grace said not so gracefully, "Your thing is thicker and longer than my forearm" She said as a statement. And to be very frank she was not at all wrong. With a length of 12 inches and a girth of 7.5 inches her 'Man-Mountain' was well-endowed which probably not even one per cent of the global mankind possess! Thus, there was no reason left out for her well-hung man to be arrogant and snobbish to a great extent.
Greg heard his grunts. Evident of the very fact that he had just unloaded his abundant, thick and very potent baby-making seeds deep inside his dearest wife's unprotected womb at the peak of her fertility period. Quite possible making her pregnant just at one go. Because, he had seen him cum once, while Grace had given him a hand-job. And he had seen how he had cum. His single cum was almost equivalent to his one complete season's outcome! There was a strong feeling of jealousy gradually got embedded inside his already confused and critical mind-set.
Grace was 25 years old and was working with an International Airlines as a CSA (Customer Service Associate) posted in the International Terminus, New Delhi. Greg was working as GM Merchandising with a multinational sports footwear brand with HQ at Noida. At the age of 28 years, Greg stood at 5'5" with a weight of135 pounds. He was fair and handsome. He met Grace for the first time at the 'Check-In' counter, while flying to Mumbai from Delhi. He requested for a window seat, which she promptly complied into. Grace liked Greg's nature and smile. He was extra polite while talking to her then, which he continued all along.
He hooked to Grace's beauty. Grace was a natural blonde. With oceanic blue almond eyes, thick eyebrows and long eyelashes, she could convey and convince more with her big talkative eyes than with her small and cute mouth. She had a perky nose and a pair of pouty lips. Her 'On-Duty' a must maintained 'Make-Up' of smug-proof mascara and shocking-pink high-cheek-bone blush were adding more ammunition to her beauty than was probably required. At a natural height of 5'4" and a weight of 120 pounds Grace was more of a knock-out beauty. And with the add-on two-inch of uniform heel, she could easily exceeded Greg's modest height by an inch.
Normally Grace never stands up for an aviation customer. But that particular day, and that particular moment what took over her mind and emotion, Grace was unable to reason out, as she stood up from her chair, and handed over the 'Boarding Pass' to Greg with both her hands and a nostalgic smile.
Quickly Greg caught a glance over Grace's 34" 'C' bust size and the 36" plus hip measurement. Though fairly slim otherwise, Grace had the rightful graceness at all her vital body parts, that was what Greg could easily guessed as he moved over with an equally soft and sober 'Thank You' smile. It was only when he was asked by the security guy at the 'Security Check' that he should not have written things on the 'Boarding Pass' he came back to his senses and realised that Grace had given him her name and contact number at the back of the 'Boarding Pass' with a smiley. That was a 'Sold-Out' gesture from her.
As Greg moved into the Boeing 737 flight through the front aero-bridge corridor, he was over-whelmed by the extra courtesy and smile received from the airlines crew members. The final icing on the cake was his seat allotment. He had asked for a 'Window Seat', but in addition she had not only given him what he had requested, but also it was right behind the 'Executive Class' which had the maximum leg space. Greg was 'Sold-Out' at the over-whelmed gesture from Grace.
Throughout his one hour forty minutes flight from take-off to landing, Greg was treated like a VIP in the flight. At one moment of time when he gathered some decency and asked as to why he was getting treated like a VIP, the female crew member replied with a polite smile that, 'Blame it on Grace'. Nothing was left for imagination. Grace had passed-on the required info to her colleagues in the flight, which was well executed by the bunch as good Samaritans.
But the million dollar question was 'Why'? Why Grace suddenly showered all the grace for him? Greg wanted to push his luck. He knew that the CSAs normally don't have a fixed working schedule. It keeps on changing at the very last moment as per the requirement for the next day's advance plan and requirement. Before landing at Mumbai (Bombay) he WhatsApp Grace 'Will be arriving back from Mumbai on 10th March at 10.10 PM. Flight details follows.'
Greg's schedule in Mumbai was pretty hectic. He had already a rolled-out plan to meet vendors for out-sourcing the add-on accessories procurements like socks, polishes, brushes, laces and shoe-horns. The back-to-back meetings didn't give any elbowroom for Greg to think beyond a shoe-string time schedule. He even had working lunch on munching away a hamburger and some French-Fries with a Coke. Dinner too was totally uneventful.
Next day too was pretty hectic for him. Between Ola and Uber, he had lined up meetings with vendors and procurers of footwear accessories. It was only at late in the evening when he was relatively free that Grace's smiling face came into his mind. He quickly messaged her about the flight details half expecting a reply.
While passing through the Linking Road, at Bandra in the western suburbs of Mumbai, on way to the International Airport that Greg stopped at a cute little scantily lit boutique to buy something for the first time for the 'First Crush' of his life — Grace. Well, it could be put as the 'Second Crush', as being a workaholic; his work was always his first crush.
Being dog-tired, Greg slept all throughout the return flight and even politely reminded the in-crew members not to disturb him with food or beverages.It was only when the in-flight announcements were made regarding the landing that Greg woke up and checked his message box. There was a 'Smiley' in each of the last two messages he had shoot-across to Grace. He was not quite sure about what do those really meant. Anyway to push his luck a bit further he messaged her one last before landing: 'Have got three little surprises for you!'
Even the five minutes of boarding the bus at Delhi airport was irritating for Greg. Stepping into the arrival lounge made him restless. He quickly walked through the corridor as he seldom carries check-in baggage for an over-night travel. He saw Grace standing gracefully at the arrival lounge behind the tall desk with a desk-board: 'May I Help You'.
"Yes, I need your help very badly." Whispered Greg into Grace's ear as he closed in and was almost in touching distance from her face.
"Welcome back Sir." Grace said with a smile, "I'm still on duty. Will be relieved at 11.00 PM. Will that be too cumbersome for you to meet me at the exit area coffee shop?"
Greg probably could not ask for anything more. He just blinked his eyes in acknowledgement and moved toward the exit corridor. Seeing his watch he ordered for two cups of brewing hot cappuccino and said to the 'Order-Taker' to be served after about fifteen minutes as he was expecting 'Someone Special'. He selected a two-seater small and cosy place partially hidden by the decorative palm trees.
Pulled out the handmade paper bag specially bought for Grace from the boutique in Mumbai. Then closed his eyes for a moment to rehearse his supposed to be delivered dialogues. As he opened his eyes, there was standing Grace in the well fitted airlines uniform wearing her enigmatic smile. Greg immediately stood up, moved around, pulled the chair opposite to his chair and said politely, "Be seated."
"Thank you." Saying so Grace sat down, not before Greg adjusted the chair again for her convenience. She liked his gesture. He came over to his chair and looked over his shoulder to the cafe counter. The service-boy immediately acknowledged his gaze and brought the super-soft choco-truffle fresh-cream pastries with hot melting chocolate and double-scoop of vanilla ice cream. Grace was again happy at Greg's repeated small gestures.
She mouthed 'Thank You' and pulled her plate on to the edge of the table, nearer to her and cut a portion while literally gulping it down, "Wow, it's so amazingly refreshing," Said she with a smile before taking another portion, "Uuummmmmm… Yummeeeeee…" Added Grace, "I was feeling really hungry, as I skipped my lunch today, owing to too much of schedule pressure."
"That was really a tough day for you." Said Greg with a tone mingled with concern. The coffee mugs were there served brewing hot. Both Grace and Greg enjoyed their coffee, when finally Greg confessed, "I've to make a few confessions."
"Please go ahead." Said Grace while enjoying her cappuccino.
"First of all I've bought a dress for you, which I want you to wear for me." He said
"Okay, what next?" She asked.
"Well, I wish you to accompany to my house." He blurred.
"Get going." She said him to continue.
"I… I… Would like to marry you." Was his final confession.
"Where's your car?" Asked Grace bunching up all the three questions into one.
CHAPTER: 3 — Beginning of the End!
Reaching Greg's house Grace quickly glanced around. Though a bachelor's nest, Greg had maintained it quite tastefully.
"Where's the restroom?" Questioned Grace as she carried the boutique bag along with her. Greg heard the slower running. After about ten long minutes of painful waiting Grace finally emerged from within. She was looking really hot with her mini thigh-high noodle-strap pitch-black party-wear with a plunging neckline showcasing her ample 34" 'C' boobs in an alluring way… concealing much less than the desired requirement level. Her wet hair and freshly bathed face were adding aura to her mid-night raw sensuality. Her eyes fall on to his crotch. Saw the bulge and said with a spark in her eyes, "Hopefully the dress is delivering its desired results."
"No, your body is making the dress a slave to do the required performance." Greg blurred out.
"So can I conclude from your reaction that you liked what you're seeing?" Asked Grace while brushed her wet hair behind the ear and flashed a sexy smile.
"More than I ever expected." Replied Greg seemingly deathly embarrassed at his uncontrollable excitement, "Sorry for the… I mean… Uummmm… It's too embarrassing…" He found himself lost in finding out the right words for his wrong situation.
"It's probably the best ever compliment a girl can ever get without even utterance of a single worthy word!" Grace said in a low yet audible tone while biting her lower lip sexily.
"To be very frank, I'm feeling too uncomfortable at the moment… Feeling breathless…" Confessed Greg stupidly but truly.
"In that case… If you don't mind… Shall I make you comfortable first and then make your 'thing' breathable?" Saying so without waiting for his reply, Grace moved up and slowly started pulling out the blazer from his body and then unbuttoning his shirt and pulling up the vest… Within no time Greg was naked waist up. Before he could realise, Grace had worked up on his trouser like an expert and removed both his slacks as well as brief in one go. His erect member sprang free from its captivity. Grace looked at it with love and lust… For a man of just 5'5" height… a 5.5" long cock with a 4" girth is no mean an achievement…
There was complete silence in the room. The air was filled with a feeling of arousal and an erotic under-current.
"Sorry for this…" Blurred out Greg.
"No. I'm really sorry…" Countered Grace, "I never knew… My dress would cause such an effect on you… If I'm the cause for it… I should find out the remedy for the same too…" Saying so she knelt down before him and gripped his shaft. The erect member twitched immediately as a reaction to a foreign invasion for the first time!
Grace smiled before slowly started giving him a hand job. As she pulled back the skin completely, the pink bulbous head peeked-out oozing pre-cum fluid through its pee-clit. With her thumb, like an expert Grace smeared the fluid over his mushroom head to make it lubricated as she continued her action in a slow and steady manner.

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