Graduation Vacation

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I'd just started college when Mom had filed for divorce. Dad, of course, spent an absurd amount of money trying to keep her from getting anything. Considering he was the abusive cheater, shit played out like expected. He spent a ton of money on attorneys and still lost his ass. Mom was pretty much set for life.
Unfortunately, the process took almost four years to complete. During that time, Mom stayed away from dating or doing much of anything, while I stayed in school earning my degree. Even after all these years, Mom is still pretty bummed that the marriage fell apart. Dragging out the ordeal wasn't especially good for her mental health.
I wasn't surprised Dad didn't show up for my graduation, but he did hook me up with an incredible gift. Five nights at any Adam's Mark Hotel suite and a five thousand dollar pre-paid debit card. His note read, "For you and your girl! Have fun, before life gets in the way."
I didn't have a job lined up at the moment, so the vacation and free money would be nice. However, my girlfriend dumped me two weeks ago, saying that after graduation, with her moving back to Texas, continuing our relationship would be impractical. I didn't disagree, but I wasn't over the loss. In the meantime, I was to move back in with Mom until I found work. Having recently signed the divorce papers, Mom's mood had been down more than normal, so I wasn't exactly thrilled to be around her so much. I hoped to find a job sooner, than later.
"Keith, move to the right a bit," said Mom. "And flip your tassel to the other side."
At the moment, I was standing under an elm tree on campus. The graduation ceremony was over, and Mom was taking pictures. It was nice to see her in high spirits for the event, but she was driving me nuts with all the picture taking. "Two more, Mom, and we're done. Fair enough?"
"Fine, whatever. But you have to let me take some more when I show you your graduation gift." Mom had been the one who handed me Dad's envelope. I was still holding it, with the gift cards inside, while Mom worked the camera. I had to guess, if she knew what Dad got me, she'd attempt to outdo him. It was unnecessary, of course, but not unlike her. "So you're moving back home when?" she asked, as we headed to her car. She was taking me to lunch and then back to the dorms after.
"Wednesday. The fraternity has a clean-up day scheduled Monday, and we have the next two days to get out. I don't have much in my room. Just clothes, mostly, but I thought I'd stick around to help some of the others." (And prolong my move home.)
"That's nice of you, dear," said Mom, as she stopped in front a Tesla 3.
"Holy crap, you got a Tesla?" I cried, smiling. This was awesome for Mom. A big purchase like this meant maybe she was moving forward with her life.
"I did, but this one isn't mine. It's yours." Mom threw a keyfob at me, before I had a chance to process what she said. "Happy Graduation, Keith. This one has the bigger battery. You can do a pretty long commute every day with it, if needed. Four hundred miles."
"Are you crazy, Mom? This car is like fifty grand!" I felt weird accepting such a gift.
"Keith, I have more money than I know what to do with. I get alimony that covers everything I'll ever want for the next thirty years, and the eight million dollar payout hasn't been touched… until now."
I knew Dad was wealthy, but I didn't realize that wealthy. We were posh, but not "uppity" posh, if you know what I mean. "Well, thank you. Wow, this is amazing."
"You deserve it. And it's already insured for you. You drive!"
Just then, I heard someone call out behind me. "Hey Keith! You got a new girlfriend already?" I turned to see my old lab partner, Leo Parker. He was jogging towards me. "Don't tell me you got a new car, too!" he cried, noticing my hand on the door of the Tesla.
"Right about the car, wrong about the girlfriend," I chuckled. "Leo, this is my mother, Cassie." I didn't think Leo was being facetious, when asking if I found a new girlfriend. Mom has a youthful appearance, having always cared for herself, and never working a full-time job. Plenty of time in the day spent exercising.
"Hello, Miss McPearson," said Keith, extending his hand. "I suppose I just embarrassed myself." He looked back to me. "But what a car! Lucky you!"
"It's her crazy idea," I said, motioning to Mom.
"You might have the coolest mother in the world," laughed Leo. "Look, it was great seeing you, but I need to go find my parents, actually."
"Nice to meet you," Mom said, as Leo ran off.
Thirty minutes later, after driving the most incredible vehicle in my life, Mom and I were seated in a fancy dining establishment. "What did your father give you for graduation? He wouldn't tell me."
"Ah, you don't know? Well, I guess he thought Angela and I were still dating, because he got me a five-day suite at The Adams Mark and a money card."
"Oh, a vacation! That's a nice gift."
"But not really applicable," I said. "I don't have anyone to go with."
"You don't think Angela would go with you now, even though you broke up? You didn't break up on bad terms, did you?"
"No, not bad. But she wouldn't do it. She doesn't want to prolong the pain, or confuse the situation. She made that clear."
"I envy you," sighed Mom. "Angela was honest and respectful, up front. Your father didn't have the dignity to do the same for me."
And here we go again, with Mom lamenting over Dad. "I'm sorry Dad screwed you over, Mom." We had the kind of relationship that allowed such casual talk to be said, though we didn't do it often. "But you need to get out more. Why don't you take the hotel? Go to Atlantic City or something. Meet some strangers. Have some fun."
"I wouldn't even know what to do with myself," she chuckled. "But you know…"
"You said it's a suite, right?"
"Why not you and me? I mean, that is, if you can bare to be around me for that long."
I smiled, sighing. "Mom, I'll make you a deal. If you don't stay in a sullen mood, I'll take you up on that offer."
"Sullen mood?"
"Every time I see you, you're crying over Dad or the divorce…"
"But the divorce is finally over…"
"I know that. It's just, when I seen, it always seems like you're down on yourself and focused on that crap."
"Well, I'm trying to get better, Keith. I'll grant you, you're right, I have been moody. So why not do this with me? Let's go. We don't have to stick together the entire time we're there, but we can certainly have some fun."
"Alright? When do you wanna go?"
"How about we leave Thursday? We'll have the weekend."
"Atlantic City?" I asked, while Mom nodded. "I'll call the hotel after lunch and book it."
She clapped her hands eagerly. "Thank you, Keith. What a great idea! And I promise, there will be no talk of your father."
"I'll hold you to it," I said.
Atlantic City was a 300-mile journey, and truth be told, I was excited about driving the new car there. Mom was settled in the passenger seat, flipping through her phone. "Looks like there's some big event going on this weekend at Atlantic City Beach, but I found a private beach twenty miles north."
"Like you have to be a member?"
"No, just pay a fee to get in. Those are usually less crowded than the public beaches, anyway."
"How would you know?" I scoffed. "When's the last time you went to a beach?"
Mom huffed. "You said not to speak of your father, but back in our college years, we went to beaches almost every summer weekend. We used to travel all up and down the east coast." I remembered hearing stories, but it had been so long since either of my parents spoke of the "good times" I had simply forgotten. "Thing is," Mom continued, "Some of these private beaches can be beautiful. Some can be atrocious."
"Any pictures of this place on your phone?"
Mom scrolled through a few items. "Just a few. Sand looks nice, but it doesn't look very active from these photos. No people in the photos."
"Maybe loners go there."
"It might be better than fighting with the crowds," said Mom. "We can try it the first day and if we don't like it, just go find another place." Or fight the crowd near our hotel. Your choice.
"Sure, why not? So long as we don't have to go too far. We have to drive back, remember?"
We spent the evening checking in to our hotel, playing the slots and getting a good meal. By morning, we were packed and ready for the beach. It only dawned on me now that I would be seeing my Mom in a bikini. Or maybe a one-piece, I suppose. She's 44 years old, but she still has a figure most others envy. I don't think she's ever had work done, but I couldn't be sure. We never shared that kind of information.
It took a while to get out of the city, but the drive to Reilly's Beach wasn't too long. Forty minutes after leaving the hotel, Mom and I left the Tesla in an almost vacant parking lot. "It's Friday, and hardly anyone here?" I questioned, as we walked to the guest entrance. It was spaced off, between two rows of trees. Behind it, I could hear the ocean in the distance.
"It's early yet," said Mom. "I do hope it's a nice place."
We entered the hutted area, and I saw the locker rooms spaced further back from the entrance. Mom was about to ding a bell at the counter, when a cute little redhead popped through the staff door. "Saw you coming!" she shouted, cheerfully.
I was speechless. The girl was naked from head to toe. Mom began stuttering. "Oh, OH!" she said. "I'm sorry. Is this a clothing optional beach?"
The girl sprang on her tip-toes. "Clothing restricted, actually. You must be new! Hi, I'm Samantha. Me and my brother, Beau, usually work the booth here. The owner lives in the shack about halfway up the beach. He prefers not to be disturbed, so please don't bother him. Other than that, enjoy the place all you like! The fee is twenty dollars per person, per day. We accept all forms of payment, but prefer cash."
"Clothing restricted?" my mother asked.
"Correct, ma'am. This beach is dedicated to safe, adult naturism. All paying members must be nude, past the locker room."
"Oh, well, we aren't members," said Mom, relieved.
"Pay the twenty bucks and you are," giggled the girl. "The money helps support the staff and keeping the beach clean, but it also keeps out the prying public, who would come and gawk if this were free to everyone. It also gives us the right to refuse anyone we want to."
"I see," said Mom, turning to me. "But I don't think my son and I were expecti-"
"Oh my gosh, you're his MOM? No way!"
Mom blushed, but continued on. "Anyway, Samantha. We just didn't know this was a nude beach. I think we'll have to find another beach. Are there any you might suggest?"
"Um… Foster City has a small beach about forty miles north of here, but otherwise it's the usual. If it's any consolation, my brother and I have worked here three years. We're related, and we don't go prancing around naked at home much. But here, it's natural after you do it a few minutes. Mother and son, or not, I don't think it would really matter to you after the initial… awkwardness."
I giggled, "I guess you speak from experience."
Samantha nodded. "I do. Honestly, it isn't a big deal, unless you're just… well, putting it as nicely as I can… a prude or something."
"A prude?" scoffed Mom. "That's not it. It's just… he's my son."
"And I don't want you seeing me naked, either," I chimed in. I thought Samantha was cute trying to convince us to stay, but that would never happen.
Samantha slapped her hand on the counter. "Listen. Why don't you just go in. If you aren't comfortable after ten minutes, come back and get your money back."
"The money is not the issue," said Mom.
"Then what's ten minutes?" asked Sam, waving her hands up. "It's not like you're going to be mentally scarred by seeing your naked bodies."
Somehow, Sam had a way of downplaying the shame, because Mom and I found ourselves looking at each other, shrugging. Finally, Mom broke the silence. "Keith, if you can get over the sight of me naked, it does look like a nice beach."
"You're gonna love it," chimed in Samantha.
Awkward as it was, Mom and I had been talked into the ordeal, and forty bucks later, found ourselves in the genderless locker room. I whispered to Mom, "I cannot believe you agreed to this."
"Me? I'm surprised YOU agreed."
"Well, I only did, because you did."
Mom opened one of the lockers, turning the key. "She made it seem so easy." Mom paused, looking at me. "Okay, it's no big deal, right?"
"I don't guess so, but I'm glad you're going first," I laughed. She joined me, as she kicked off her shoes. I picked another locker and turned away, undressing with her. "Alright, so you don't look at me, I don't look at you," I said, jokingly.
"I'm not sure that will be possible," said Mom. "But I don't figure we'll be ogling over each other."
"Have you been to a nude beach before?" I asked.
She paused. "Several."
"No way."
"I mean, I wasn't expecting this today, but I did it in my youth. Samantha is right. You don't typically worry about it, once you're out there, but with you…" Mom's voice trailed off.
I threw everything in the locker, closing it, wrapping the key coil around my wrist. I almost fell over myself when I turned around. Mom was buck naked, facing me. Her breasts were larger than I would have guessed, full, natural looking. Her big nipples stared right at me. I was especially surprised she shaved everything. One couldn't get much hotter than this (naturally, anyway) at her age. She was the top of her class, no doubt. "Whoa, Mom. Those are ABS. You work out?"
"I have been. Two years now. Helps take my mind off things."
I was getting hard as I looked at her, but was too astonished to even think about that. "WHY haven't you been dating? Every single guy you meet must want to chase you."
"Mostly married men," Mom huffed. "And I haven't been ready, and needed the divorce to end. Still, I was thinking of putting up an online dating profile soon."
"I could help you with that," I said, realizing I now had a full blown erection. I didn't know acknowledge it, so I tried to play it casual. "I mean, you deserve to date, Mom, and I want you to know there are better men out there than Dad."
"He is paying for this vacation," chimed in Mom.
"Worth it!" I exclaimed, giving Mom's tits one last good look, before strutting past her. I was beginning to blush from my stiff condition, and I dared not look at Mom's reaction.
"I'll follow you," she said. "Just let me grab the towels!"
Ten minutes later, we were ten yards from the water, laying out on two large beach towels. My cock was still stiff as iron, so I turned on my stomach, hoping it would go away. Just thinking about Mom's hot body sent the blood rushing.
"It's okay, Keith," Mom finally said, addressing the issue. "I know you weren't expecting to see me naked."
"I wasn't expecting to see anyone naked," I huffed.
"I guess, being thrown into this situation like this, didn't give either of us time to mentally prepare for it. I don't mind if you have a hard on. In fact, it's flattering, I suppose. I promise I won't make it awkward for you."
"Uh, talking about it makes it awkward," I noted.
"Consider the conversation over, then. But know this, Keith. I have seen a hard dick or two in my lifetime. It doesn't bother me."
It took a while for her words to sink in, but Mom was right. If I just didn't think on it too much, my stiffy was bound to go back to normal. I'm not embarrassed of my size or appearance, just the fact I was stiff in front of Mom. After a few minutes, I turned over, my cock still almost fully hard.
"So, I guess we go to a different beach tomorrow?"
Mom laughed. "If that's what suits you. It is quiet and peaceful here."
Just then, I heard a shout. "Keith?! KEITH McPHEARSON!?" It was high pitched and coming from behind us. I turned and instantly recognized her. It was a girl from one of the last lab classes I took before graduation. Rhonda Pelts, my lab partner. She was a hyper, yet dainty lady and as she bounced toward me while I got to my feet, I realized I was in a very awkward situation.
With my cock parallel to the ground, pointing right at her, I addressed her. "Oh, uh… hi, Rhonda," I waved, glancing to Mom, freaking out with my facial expressions.
"I didn't know you come here. We could have planned this trip together." Rhonda's pert tits jiggled as she motioned. "But so glad to see you." She glanced down to my stiff erection. "And you too, buddy!" Then laughing, waving it off. "No worries, Keith. It's vacation. And who's this beautiful lady? Your girlfriend?"
"Oh, uh… Rhonda, this is-"
"Cassie," my mom interrupted, stepping forward, shaking Rhonda's hand.
"You're a lucky girl. Keith is a smart guy. Saved my ass in lab too many times to mention."
"Oh, don't I know it!" Mom laughed, touching my forearm. Her body was so tight, my quick glance of it sent my cock into a full blown attention.
"I'm celebrating graduation, too," said Rhonda, pointing. "My sister and I are just over there. She booked five days here for us."
"We have a full week," said Mom, me snapping to her. Were we going to have stay committed to this beach?
"I didn't know you had a sister," I said, hoping natural conversation would settle my aroused state. It didn't seem to be helping at the moment. Rhonda was just as hot as Mom, though she possessed a completely different body shape, like an athletic swimmer. Lean, firm.
"She's not my biological sister. Adopted. Several years before I came along. Mom wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant, but lo and behold, it happened."
"Oh, very cool," I said. "Lucky you, right?"
"Hah! I suppose."
I looked over to Rhonda's sister. It was apparent it was not a biological bond they shared, because her body was quite voluptuous, like Mom's. I was going to struggle with an erection all day, I feared, if these three hung out with me. I wasn't sure how to handle it.
Rhonda stepped in, whispering to the two of us. "Hey, since there isn't hardly anyone on the beach, why don't you take care of that for your boyfriend?" She looked directly at Mom, while she playfully swiping at my erection, causing it to spring sideways. She giggled, winking, "Brenda and I can keep a watch out."
"Oh, uh… um…" Mom was stuttering.
"Hey, it's no big deal. Both or you… young, healthy, sexual. When I come with my boyfriend, we do it when we can be discrete. And Keith, you look like you're about to explode."
Mom laughed and I felt terribly embarrassed with my ex-lab partner being so blunt. She wasn't wrong, though. "I'm sure we'll think of something," said Mom, trying to move the conversation to something else.
I stepped forward and extended my arm. "Rhonda, it's not what you think. I'm not sure how I can explain this. It just happens sometimes." I looked down to my hard cock. "But Cassie and I arrived here, not realizing it was a nude beach… that clothes aren't even allowed. Anyway, we were going to leave and the girl at the locker rooms convinced us to stay."
"So this is like your first time to a nude beach?" Rhonda tipped up on her toes.
"Yeah, and I was going to say, Cassie is actually my mother."
Rhonda's eyes darted straight to my full blown erection and her eyes went wide. "Oh. My. God. That is hilarious!"
I hung my head in shame, but as Rhonda started laughing, so did Mom. "You're absolutely right, young lady," said Mom. "It is very funny. I'm sorry, Keith, but it is."
I started laughing with them. "I know. I get it. I swear, if I could make it go down, I would. I'm sure you both know me well enough, I'm not a perv and I don't have an Oedipus complex."
"Nothing complex about what's happening down there at all," laughed Rhonda. "Sorry, if I didn't have a boyfriend, maybe I could help ya!" She winked at Mom. "You guys stop by and say hi to us from time to time. We're right over there." Then she quickly tapped me on the butt. "We can wait until you get sorted out, though." She hopped away, waving goodbye.

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