Grandad can you help me

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By Yesoh Caitlin asks her Grandad to help her with the tingling between her legs

Caitlin has just turned 10 years old, she is a popular girl in school, lots of friends, she lived with her mum and step dad, Her mum didn’t take much notice off her and her step dad just seemed to shout at her all the time, they both worked shifts at the weekends, so Caitlin always stayed with her step dads step dad she called him grandad even though he wasn’t really, he always took her out when she stayed and did everything a grandad should do, they went swimming or to the cinema or the park, Caitlin loved him, he was the only person in her life that seemed to care about her,
Last year his wife grandma past away and since then grandad had been sad not just sad but crying and depressed sad, she always wanted to make him smile and laugh and just to try to make him happy, she loved it when he hugged her and kissed her, all she wanted was for grandad to be happy

It was Friday and she ran straight home from school and straight up to her bedroom and packed her bag for the weekend, she had 15 mins before grandad was due to pick her up, she put on her favorite dress, it was a baby pink colour and it hugged her little body, her breasts were small, just little bumps and sometimes her nipples would get hard, her tummy was flat and her bum was round, with white knickers and a light blue training bra and white ankle socks with white trainers, she looked herself in the mirror and did a little twirl, her phone bleeped a message from grandad it read, see you in 5 minutes x, she grabbed her hoodie and bag and ran down stairs and out the door and waited, Grandads car turned into her drive she ran and jumped in the car, he gave her a big hug and kissed her head, she smiled and just hugged him for as long as she could, Hi grandad she said, I love you and missed you, what are we doing this weekend what are we having for dinner tonight, where are we going now, Wow Wow little girl one thing at a time, first of all we can do anything you want to this weekend, and I thought we could get pizza to eat and we are going shopping then home, sorry says Caitlin, i have just missed you, I know love, I love you too says grandad,

Grandad thought to himself this little girl is getting more grown-up every week, she is cute, and that dress sure show off her little body, they chatted about what she did at school, when they arrived at grandads house, Caitlin says I’m going to put my stuff away she ran upstairs to her bedroom, grandad had decorated it just how she wanted it, she jump on the bed and messaged her best friend jazz,

They ate their pizza and settled down to watch a movie, then grandad told Caitlin to go get a shower, grandad tidied up their mess and shouts upstairs to Caitlin to pass her dirty clothes down so he get get them washed and dried for the morning, but he didn’t get a reply so he headed upstairs, she wasn’t in the bathroom so he knocked on her bedroom door and walked straight in, Caitlin was dancing about wearing just her little white panties making a video, Caitlin he says, she turns around still dancing, grandad says what on earth are you doing dancing about filming your half naked body, Caitlin replies it’s ok grandad, me and Jazz are just making silly videos for each other, well stop please, you never know who will see them, your not a baby anymor, let me see what you two have been sending each other, Caitlin hand her phone to her grandad, he tells her put put some clothes on for bed, give me all your dirty washing so i can get it ready for tomorrow, then he starts scrolling through all her videos messages with Jazz, lots of them dancing about in just there vest top and panties, and there’s one where Caitlin is dancing with just a towel wrapped around her, as she spins around the towel falls leaving her totally naked, her nipples are standind up hard and as she bends down to pick up her towel she opens her legs straight at the camera, he can see her sweet little hairless pussy all pink and open, Caitlin is stood behind him and says oppps i didn’t mean that, I just dropped my towel and I was picking it up, Grandad says I think you had better stop doing these videos, there are alot of men out there that like looking at videos of young girls, Caitlin says ok Grandad I will, but it’s not as bad as some of the videos that some of the girls at school send each other, they are nude and do things to themselves, he throws her phone on the bed and says come on bedtime now he tucks her in and kisses her goodnight, picks up the dirty washing and heads for the door and turns around and says just no more naked or half naked videos ok just wear some clothes, he didn’t like telling her off because at the end of the day she wasn’t family as such and he didn’t want her not to come at the weekends,
Grandad headed downstairs to put the washing on then realised how hard his cock was he could feel a wet spot in his boxes, in bed he started to wank his cock thinking of that video how sweet her pussy looked, he suddenly realised what he was doing, masturbating thinking of a 10 year old girl not just any 10 year old girl but Caitlin his granddaughter, he felt disgusting in himself, him a sixty year old man lusting after a little girl, but his cock still throbbed and his balls ached, he needed to cum, but not thinking of Caitlin, so he grabbed his phone, and found a video of a girl he used to work with, Gemma was a big dirty girl, chubby big tits hard nipples and a shaven cunt, she loved to tease him sending him lots of videos of her dirty exploits, his favorite was her fucking herself hard and fast with a vibrator her moans and groans and whimpers as she came, then the sound off her wet cunt as she smeared the pussy juice around her clit, thats the video that made him cum but his cock still throbbed, eventually he drifted off to sleep,
The next morning they had breakfast early and headed out on their bikes for a long ride through the town and into the countryside, neither of them had mentioned last night, but neither of them had forgotten it, Caitlin hoped that he wasn’t angry with her, she didn’t want to make him unhappy, all grandad could think of was her young pussy,
After a hour or so they stopped for a drink, They sat in the shade of a big old tree to rest, Caitlin grabbed her water bottle and took a big gulp and spilled water down her t-shirt, she looked down and rubbed it in to the fabric her little nips stood out with the cold water, she looked at her Grandad who was watching her, Grandad she said, can I err ask you something, ok says grandad what is it, Caitlin started mumbling something that grandad couldn’t hear, Grandad says sorry what did you say i didn’t hear you, Caitlin looks at him shyly and says when I ride my bike I get a tingling feeling between my legs and it feels nice, sometimes when I touch my thingy it lovely and sometimes it’s not, but I like when it tingles, it’s been tingling today when I was riding my bike. Grandad is shocked and says its because your getting older and more grown-up, Caitlin says but why does it sometimes feel better than others, grandad asks have you been taught sex education at school yet, No replies Caitlin my mum wouldn’t sign the forms so I didn’t, but Jazz told me bits but I don’t really know , will you tell me and show me how to make my thingy tingle, Grandad is embarrassed and doesn’t know what to say, ok he says we can talk about it but Usually people just lean for themselves, Caitlin says thank you grandad your the best, Grandad says I’m not love, I’m just not the best, but i will try to explain things to you, but you can’t tell your mum ok, or anyone, first of all you need to call things by the right name, your thingy is called a pussy or cunt or vagina, at the top of your pussy you have a clit that when rubbed it gets hard and your pussy gets wet leading to a orgasm, your pussy is getting excited when it tingles, oh says Caitlin I like when my pussy is rubbing on something, I’m sure you do says grandad, all boys and men love to look at naked little girls pussys and all they want to do is put their hard cocks in them and fuck, when boys and men orgasm they shoot cum into your pussy or over your face or mouth and when they cum in your pussy that is what makes babies, so don’t let anyone put their cock in you, your too young ok Caitlin do you understand, yes replied Caitlin, but will you show me how to rub my pussy so it feels nice, I can’t replies grandad, your my granddaughter it wouldn’t be right for me to touch you like that. Caitlin is disappointed and says well how will I learn, you just need to practice when you’re alone, why don’t you talk to your mum grandad says, Caitlin says with tears in her eyes she won’t listen to me, she treats me like a baby, have you seen some of the things she makes me wear, your the only person I can talk to please please help me.
Grandad takes a deep breath and says I really don’t think it a good idea at all, but let me think about it, ok I’m not promising anything. If anyone found out we even had this conversation they wouldn’t let me see you again, never mind show you how to rub your sweet little pussy, and I love you to much for that to happen, you don’t want that do you!!!

Just talking to Caitlin like this has got grandad hard, and he can feel his cock throbbing, another damp patch of precum in his boxers, and just talking to grandad about sex has got Caitlin wet, and excited she liked the way he said Pussy, Cunt and Cock, she wished he would touch her Pussy with his Cock and Fuck her.

Grandad says lets head back now that’s enough talk about sex for today, but we can go to the shops on the way home to buy you a new outfit if you like you can choose, Brilliant says Caitlin I told you your the best grandad ever, she gives him a big hug, she can feel his hard cock pressing into her chest, she looks up at him and says did riding the bikes make your Cock hard, and just looks down at it, grandad holds her head and says no sweetheart you did that I’m afraid to say, you and talking about sex, Caitlin is pleased that she has made grandad happy and hard for her.
At the shops Caitlin see a pretty dress she likes, it has thin little straps across the shoulders and it’s very short, and then she finds another dress she likes its down to her knees quite floaty and a bit more grown up, she asks if she can try then on, and goes to the changing room, opens the curtain and steps inside, grandad is standing outside when she appears, stunning he thinks to himself, Caitlin says I love this one, do you like it, grandad nods and says you look lovely, try the other one on, she reappeared looking even more gorgeous and grown up than before, well grandad which one do you like best which should I choose, you can have both if you want them he says, she hugs him and says thanks grandad, anything for you he says well nearly anything she looks at him and smiles, she can feel his cock pressing against her but it’s not as hard as it was before, when any other adult hugs her she usually turns to the side, so there isn’t as much contact between them, but when she hugs grandad she wants to feel every bit of him, especially his cock against her.
On the way home riding the bikes his mind is racing, how could i help, should I help, yes I will help, no i can’t she is so young, but she is masturbating, god I’m hard, No I can’t, you fucking idiot, stop thinking about her, didn’t she look fucking gorgeous in that dress and that pussy, look at her ass as she peddles,
What would people say if they knew what he was thinking, maybe he should just send her home

They eventually arrived home, grandad tells Caitlin to go and have a shower while he puts the bikes away.
Later that night as they watch a movie together, he is sat on the sofa, Caitlin is lying on the floor in front of him, her legs are in the air waving about her little panties are tight in her pussy he can see every contour of her pussy through panties, he has no idea what the movie is or what is about all he is watching is Caitlin ass and pussy,
When the movie had finished Grandad say go and get in bed, i will be up in a while to tuck you in and say goodnight, Caitlin runs upstairs and gets in bed, Grandad stands up and arranges him cock again so it’s not as visible and heads upstairs to say goodnight to Caitlin, he tucks her in and kisses her on the forehead, she looks at him and says love you Grandad, please help me, how about I show how I rub my pussy and you can watch and tell me if I’m doing it properly, Grandad looks down at her and say NO, now go to sleep, he gets up and leaves, Caitlin was sure he would have said yes, now she was deflated and sad and not horny anymore, Grandad on the other hand was excited as fuck, how had he walked away from her when she offered to rub her cunt in front of him, at some point he knew he would give in, and what then, would she want him to touch her cunt maybe lick her or suck her little clit, would she want to see his cock and stroke it until he came, would she want him then to fuck her, as much as he wanted to fuck her right now, he needed a drink to calm down but if he did he might weaken and say yes show me, but most of all he needed to cum,
Lying in bed after shooting two loads of cum, thinking of Caitlin playing with her young cunt, grandad was still hard and horny, still trying to think of a way to help her,
Then he had an idea he would ask Gemma if she would show her, he knew that Gemma was a kinky bitch, he had seen loads of videos of her masturbating with different things she had told him ages ago that she liked girls, maybe she would help
Message to Gemma, are you busy can i give you a call, i have a big favour to ask you x
About thirty minutes later he received a reply, call me in an hour, x

Part 2 to follow

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By Yesoh #Mature #PreTeen