Grandpa, Wake Up Ch. 03

tagIncest/TabooGrandpa, Wake Up Ch. 03

[Note to Readers: This is not a story with quick short sex scenes, in fact it is about twice as long as Chapter One in the series. So if that is your goal, it might not suit you. The reason it is long though is because of very detailed sex scenes, as well as an attempt to explore the mind of an inexperienced eighteen year old girl-that part is even more invented than the rest of the story. My thanks to Carnevil9 for a proofread. All errors or omissions remain mine]
"Grandpa, wake up."
Today marked the seventh morning Sally had been sent to wake up Grandpa, if she counted yesterday, when her Mom had gone up first, but Sally had followed, on her father's urging. It had been a week of sexual awakening for the religiously raised and schooled eighteen year old. First she had learned to give a handjob, then a blowjob. The third day, Grandpa had deflowered her, with Mom showing up at some stage to observe. After that, Mom had joined in the fun. Sally had learned about anal sex, with her Mom helping her to orgasm.
Day five, Mom had slid right into bed with Sally and Grandpa, which led to Sally discovering tittyfucking. Mom had licked her clean after Grandpa deposited his load. Sally had also pleasured her Mom together with Grandpa. Yesterday, day six, Sally had climbed the stairs to find Mom being fucked doggy style, then had learned how to eat a cream pie before getting her own fucking. Then Sally had seen Dad leaning in the doorway, hard cock in his hand.
"Grandpa, wake up," Sally repeated, as her mind flashed back to the previous morning. From Mom's comments praising Grandpa's cock, Sally had guessed Dad might suffer in comparison, but his cock was so different from Grandpa's that each stood on its own merits.
Thinking about cocks standing upright made Sally giggle. She had jilled off in bed last night, and again this morning, thinking about her Dad's cock- not as long as Grandpa's, but so fat it looked like a beer can. Not that Sally drank beer. She would sure like to try a drink from her Dad's beer can, though, she had decided.
Yesterday morning, Mom had climbed out of Grandpa's bed, not bothering to explain or apologize, and, still naked, had stepped across to where Dad stood. Dropping to her knees, Mom had nudged Dad's hand off his turgid member and taken it in her fist. Sally had noticed a droplet of seed dangling from Dad's tip, which Mom quickly and eagerly licked up.
Sally's mouth had started watering, and she had been unable to resist touching herself. She knew from the teachings of the Lost Salem Bible School for Girls, and the Church of Lot's Daughters, that lusting after your father, and displaying your cunny to him, was wrong, but she had decided that since she had already done more than that with other family members, if she was going to Hell, she might as well have fun first.
Mom had taken Dad's fat helmet into her mouth with ease that had amazed the young woman. Sally doubted she could ever stretch her jaw that wide open, but grinned as he thought about asking Mom to teach her, with Dad as the training dummy. It would be a bunch more fun than learning CPR.
Mom had then kissed down and around Dad's swollen shaft to the root. As Sally had watched, she had felt Grandpa's lips close around her left nipple. Sally had reached back, groping for Grandpa's ancient cock, which she had expected would be all shrivelled by the earlier exercise, but would still feel warm in her fist. She had been shocked to discover that it had grown stiff again. It had just felt natural to stroke it as they watched Mom sucking Dad.
Slowly, eyes glancing over to make sure Sally and Grandpa were watching, Mom had licked her way all the way back up to the tip of Dad's cock, sticking the tip of her tongue into his slit before easing her lips back over his bulb. Even with her lips stretched, the grin on Mom's face had been obvious.
Grandpa had reached up to Sally's shoulder, pressing his cock against her hip. It had been obvious what he wanted. Sally was still marvelling the next morning not just at how horny Grandpa was at his advanced age, but at how quickly he recovered.
"Yes, Grandpa, I'd love to fuck, but I want to keep watching," Sally had whispered, trying to be so quiet that Mom was not distracted from putting on the show that fascinated the youngster so.
With agility and strength amazing for his age, a testament to a lifetime of hard work and good living, Grandpa swivelled so that he was sitting on the edge of his bed, erection tall in the air. He simply lifted his slender granddaughter up and plopped her down on that tent pole, burying it deep into her tight young pussy, her back to him, so they could both watch Mom and Dad. Sally had started bouncing up and down as Grandpa fondled her pert young titties.
Dad had continued furiously fucking Mom's face, but his eyes were fully engaged in watching his father-in-law fucking his daughter. Mom had her full fist stuck up her cunt, fiercely fucking herself, her focus fixed on her husband at that stage.
Grandpa had mauled Sally's tits more intensely, tweaking and tugging on her nipples. That had caused her to rotate her hips, corkscrewing her young cunt around his shaft as she had continued bouncing.
"Oh, shit, I'm going to come," Dad had screamed.
Mom had climaxed as Dad's cream filled her mouth. Something about that had proved to be all that it took to trigger Sally's next orgasm. Her muscles clenching around Grandpa's ancient cock had in turn prompted him to spurt more seed up her love canal.
Before the last wave of electricity had finished shaking Sally's slender frame, her mother had risen from the floor and stepped across to kiss Sally, using her tongue to part Sally's lips and teeth, pushing a mouthful of Dad's semen into Sally's cheeks. Sally had instinctively swallowed, barely registering that she was filling her belly with the same seed that had sired her. It had been later in the day that Sally had finally had a chance to reflect upon that reality. Every time she had thought about, she had felt her cheeks warm with a blush, and had felt joy, then had hoped she might be able to taste it straight from the source soon.
That morning though, Mom had pulled her mouth away from Sally, all too soon as far as Sally was concerned. Sally had noticed that some of Dad's offering had dribbled onto her Mom's chest. As the youngster licked it clean, her Mom had touched herself again, until Mom had collapsed, her head falling into where Grandpa and Sally's loins met.
"I'd love to carry on all morning, but I have chores to do, and I just came up to tell you all that breakfast is ready," Dad had concluded the encounter by announcing, and then turning to walk down to the kitchen, not even pausing to put his cock away until he had disappeared down the stairs.
Mom had been the next one to pop to her feet and pull herself together. With a parting smile, she had vanished down the stairs.
"Grandpa, wake up," Sally had said with a laugh, bouncing off of the bed, finding her nightie and dashing down to breakfast. Somehow, she had discovered quite an appetite.
That had not been the first wake up call that led to Sally walking around all day in a sex induced fog, but yesterday she had been particularly distracted by hormones, and especially by mental images of her father's cock. Mid morning she had snuck off to the barn to finger herself to an orgasm, trying to imagine how that monster would feel in her mouth. That got her through until the afternoon.
While Dad went out to repair a fence, Mom and Grandpa had both gone upstairs to nap. Sally had crept up the stairs, not surprised to find that Mom was not in her parent's gigantic bed. Unfortunately, Grandpa's door was closed. Sally had felt insulted at being left out of whatever games they were up to in there. The sounds that had come through the thick old solid wood door had been too muffled for Sally to hear clearly just what was going on. She had been able to make out just enough, and was by then familiar enough with the sounds of sex that she could tell that there was lots on incestuous joy taking place. That just made the youngster even hornier.
Sally had briefly considered grabbing the ATV parked by the barn and hunting down her father, hoping to fuck him in the bed of his pickup. But before she could act upon that urge for what would have been revenge sex, she had felt her knees wobble, and sank to the floor in the hallway, with her back to the wall.
One hand cupped her breast, where she had found that her nipple was already stiff. The other had lifted her skirt, shoved aside her panties, and fiercely bladed the edge of her hand into her sodden cunny. She had experienced a kaleidoscope of images and urges, imagining her parents and her grandfather, all naked, doing things to each other, and to Sally.
The pounding of Grandpa's headboard against the wall had grown louder, drowning out the sounds of Sally's self-pleasure. Just as the pounding ceased, Sally had exploded in the most intense orgasm, of her young life. She then lay in a damp pool of sweat and sex juices on the floor. Fortunately, she heard Grandpa snoring, and a soft purring which had to be the sound of Mom sleeping.
Sally had been tempted to say "Grandpa, wake up," in her loudest voice, to get whatever Mom had left of Grandpa's attention, but the youngster was still too shy about these new games her family was playing. Instead, she had pulled herself together and went off to complete the rest of her chores, trying to convince herself that she should be content for the rest of the day.
That faith in her own composure had evaporated when the family had assembled for supper. Grandpa had been the last to arrive. He had not been in the living room watching tv, nor reading in the screened in porch; nor in his workshop doing carpentry. Sally briefly had thoughts that he might still be napping and that she would be sent to wake him up. The possibility had excited her. Though she did not know the word, Sally recognized that once again she was horny.
Fortunately, Mom had noticed that Sally was as skittish as a new born colt, so had excused her from after dinner cleanup duty.
"Go upstairs and read your Bible," Mom instructed. Then she chuckled and added, "Try the Song of Solomon."
That remark puzzled Sally. From childhood bible study, through youth group and baptismal preparation, that book had always been banned from study. Sally had never been sure why, though Beatrice, her classmate who pretended to know it all, had described it as "The Good Book's answer to porn. I guess back when it was the only book in the house, folks needed something to help them get off, and Song of Solomon was it."
In spite of Mom's joining in with the sex education Sally had been receiving from her Grandpa, Mom openly encouraging Sally to self-pleasure felt odd. Mom had always seemed to embrace the sexually repressed tenets of their church, so each new step was a revelation.
The colourful passionate poetry of that writing had stoked Sally's already glowing embers. Without even thinking to close her door, Sally's fingers had once again caressed her tits, and then stroked her cunny, focusing in on her pearl. This time, she was shocked that her incestuous urges were interspersed with sexual thought about Beatrice, probably because of having recalled the mean girl's comments about the Song of Songs and getting off. She had found herself alternating between picturing Beatrice watching her getting off, and her watching Beatrice. Just as she had read the words "Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins…" Sally had pictured that it was Beatrice upon her, and that triggered a massive climax.
She had been so entranced by the magic of the words, and her orgasm, that she had not noticed that her family were clustered outside her door, breathing heavily. By the time Sally had settled back down, they had scattered, and all that Sally had heard was the slamming of bedroom doors.
Sally had awoken with her nightdress still around her waist, her fingers upon her thighs. She had been tempted to take herself back to the sweet spot, but before she began, Mom had popped into her room and ordered her to wake up Grandpa. Mom had then headed to the kitchen.
"Grandpa, wake up."
Sally was not used to his door being shut. Ever since Grandma Edna had passed, his door was left open 'in case he needs help in the night.' So, feeling more confused than ever about her attraction to her family, she had tried knocking, speaking through the closed door, but there had been no response.
The wood was so dense that she could not even hear his snoring. As she stood there, she suddenly found herself wondering how Grandpa might like Beatrice, with her big pillowy bosom, and broad hips, so much more like Grandma Edna's figure than Sally. Even more shockingly, Sally then wondered what Grandpa might think about Esther Primm, the classmate who Beatrice loved to torment. Esther was built a lot like Sally, with apples for breasts, and a long flat tummy, and hardly a hint of curves below her tiny waist- Esther was even less curvy than Sally, who at least had hips that definitely did not belong on a boy. What Esther had going for her was the most gorgeous dense wavy black hair that fell to her ass. Sally found herself licking her lips think of that image. With a shake of her head, she cleared away those thoughts and got on with her task.
"Grandpa, wake up," she tried a bit louder, as she turned the knob and slowly eased the door open, giving the old man fair warning. Why she thought he would want warning just indicated her confusion. Grandpa appeared to enjoy being woken up with lusty adventures.
With a heavy sigh, Sally entered his room. As usual, he appeared to be asleep. Today, his covers had been kicked down to the end of his bed, leaving him totally exposed, lying on his back, his ancient cock erect and upright, his right hand closed in a fist around the shaft.
That sight melted away any resistance that Sally felt toward continuing her sexual education. Although she could not imagine what else she had to learn, she knew she could use more practice, and she desperately wanted another climax.
"Grandpa, wake up," she spoke more firmly, even as her hands began their now automatic dancing across her chest and belly, teasing the hem of the nightie up so that her fingers might curl toward her cunny.
"Come closer, Edna," he muttered, his fist travelling up and down his cock just once. That was enough to make the slit gape open in greeting. A tiny bubble of fluid popped, the juice making his helmet glisten. Sally's tongue wet her lower lip.
She paused, picturing Beatrice's ass thrusting back up at her as her classmate lowered her lips to Grandpa's cock. A gush of liquid coated Sally's inner thighs.
"Grandpa, wake up."
"Got a protein shake ready for you, Edna."
Grandpa's chuckle was low and dirty. None of the poetry of Song of Solomon here.
By now, Sally had swallowed enough seed, and watched her Mom do the same, that sucking Grandpa did not bother her. As primed as he was, he would quickly fill her mouth and belly with semen. She enjoyed the taste, though she had begun to ache to taste others to compare the flavour, and see if all guys tasted the same. That thought made Sally recall how tasty Dad's beer can cock had looked.
"Grandpa, wake up." This time, Sally spoke softly, just going through the motions, following the script as she stepped up beside the bed.
She bent at the waist, lowering her mouth to his meat. Almost instantly, great gobs of goo gushed into her mouth, so much that some dribbled out onto her chin.
"Want me to lick that clean?"
Sally bolted upright, shocked by the sound behind her. She turned to discover both her parents standing just outside the door, watching what was happening. Dad's cock was sticking straight out of his fly, with Mom's hand wrapped around it, though she was only able to get about half the circumference in her grasp. It had been Dad who spoke, which shocked Sally.
Before she had a chance to process these developments, her parents entered Grandpa's room, Mom guiding Dad, using his cock as a handle. Sally prepared to have Dad step over and lick her chin, but instead, Mom grabbed Sally and kissed her deeply, tongue exploring Sally's cheeks and teeth for the last remnants of Grandpa's load. It was a long kiss, during which one of Mom's hands explored Sally's tits, in a fashion that taught Sally where she got her instincts from. Mom's other hand eased up Sally's hem and caressed the youngster's quim.
Sally was seeing stars, her brain spinning, as Mom suddenly stepped back and finally, Dad approached, smiling.
"Weak in the knees, darling?" he asked.
All that Sally could do was nod.
"Do you want to watch me fuck your mother?"
Once again, all Sally managed was a nod, even though she wished she could say what she really wanted — to fuck Dad herself, or better still, to fuck both Mom and Dad together. Something in the back of her brain told her that grandpa would get involved too, but she was already confused about the mechanics of her next sexual lessons.
"You still need to wake up Grandpa," Mom pointed out as she climbed up next to her father on the big bed.
As Dad walked around to join her, his fat cock brushed Sally's thigh, sending shivers up her spine, and a new flood out of her cunny. She stared at it, loving how it bounced just a tiny bit with each step as Dad approached Mom.
Mom reached over, and gave her father's upright manhood a lick. Sally figured if Mom could taste the cock that made her, Sally ought to also. Mom took Grandpa into her throat as Dad lined up to fuck Mom from behind.
Sally watched how Mom sucked Grandpa's cock for a moment.
"Oh, Edna, old girl, you still have a great mouth, even if your cunt is old and flabby," Grandpa moaned.
That made everybody else chuckle, which required Mom to pull up off that cock. Sally reasoned that if Mom's mouth sucked cock like grandma Edna had, there was good chance Sally would suck Dad much like her mother did. She hoped that would please him. The desire to find out made her ache.
"Grandpa, wake up," she giggled, not sure why she bothered. Then she realized that maybe if he woke up, she could get on the bed next to Mom and there could be side by side sex.
Mom caught Sally's eye and led the youngster's gaze to Grandpa's cock. With a nod, Mom indicated that it was Sally's turn. With a pump of her fist and a lick of Grandpa's swollen purple helmet, Sally swiftly acted on her learning from her first two days waking Grandpa up.
Grandpa stirred slightly, moaning and grinning.
"You're such a good old girl, Edna, now let's fuck."
His chuckle was throaty and dirty sounding. It sent a shiver up, and down Sally's spine. She noticed that her parents were grinning.
Having ridden Grandpa like a cowgirl once, she decided to try it again, all the better to watch what her parents got up to. In order to have a better view, this time, she put her back towards Grandpa's head, her front on display to her Mom and Dad. Sally lowered herself onto his upright fuck stick. Just like when facing him, Sally loved the feeling of his width pressing against the walls of her cunny as he stretched her, filling her right full.
"Honey, would you mind taking her nightie off? It might get in the way."
Sally's Dad stepped closer to the edge of the bed, reaching across to grasp the hem of his daughter's clothing.
"All the better to see you, my dear," he joked.
Sally giggled. Her mom chuckled. The nightgown lifted upward, lowly at first, with a pause just before it passed her teen titties. Her dad had gotten a good look at them the prior morning, but there was something much more intense about him being the agency of Sally's nakedness.

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