Gran’s Influence

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Chapter One
I was looking forward to the summer break, especially this year. Normally we would holiday as a family, but as I would be starting college in the autumn, I had argued that I was old enough now to make my own mind up and to look after myself. Mum, Dad and my sister would be away for six weeks and whilst my mates and girlfriend would be away with their families for the first two, that still left four weeks for Candice, my girlfriend, to be able to sleep at my home. Not that sleep was something I was planning on us doing, and also, the back gardens were large enough for several decent outdoor parties that I had planned.
It was at breakfast the next morning that my mother decided to throw a spanner in the works, 'Gran's going to come and stay and look after the house while we are away so you can go out each day and not bother, and also you will be a bit of company for her each evening.'
It was if my mother had read my mind and had purposefully gone out of her way to spoil my plans. Arguing that her presence was not necessary, made me sound uncharitable, and anyway my mother was adamant that everything had been arranged.
Gran arrived on Tuesday and of course, I was the one that lugged her suitcases up to the guest bedroom. Now don't get me wrong, it's not that I dislike her, in fact, the opposite is true, she's smart, witty and stylish. My gran is the only person I know who speaks like she has a plum in her mouth, each word enunciated precisely and carefully.
'It is the queen's English,' she once told me, 'At school, we were taught to speak like that, unlike the slang that you youngsters now use.' Whatever it was, it made her sound posh.
She was still spritely for her age, walking four miles each morning and going to her aerobics classes twice a week. Gran was fairly liberal, always allowing us to do and say things that our parents would bluntly refuse or forbid. I don't know where or how I heard it, but supposedly, when she was young, she had even been a stripper. It was only one of many extraordinary things that she had done in her life.
Early Wednesday, my family loaded luggage into their taxi and waved us both goodbye as they set off on their break. Gran settled down with her magazine while I decided to have a walk around the town. An hour later I was back home; with all my friends away, I was bored silly and at a loose end. The weather forecast for the rest of the week was hot and so that afternoon, I dragged a sun lounger out into the middle of the lawn, put a side table next to it before getting myself a cold drink and donning a pair of shorts. I lay back and listened to my music player as the heat of the sun played across my body. I may not be going abroad, but hopefully, if the weather continued, I would have a perfect tan by the time the others returned.
At some point, gran appeared, dragging a recliner over as well and sitting off to one side of me as she perused another one of her magazines. Opening my eyes and turning in her direction, I asked if she needed anything.
'A cold glass of wine would be great, I popped a bottle into the fridge earlier, it will be perfect by now,' she requested.
That's another thing about my gran, she does like a tipple, or two, or even three. Getting to my feet, I padded across the warm grass and into the kitchen, retrieving a glass, corkscrew and the wine from the fridge. Opening the bottle, I poured her a glass and put it on a second side table next to her as she raised her head from her magazine, 'Thank you, my darling, that's perfect.'
It was only as I lay back down that I noticed something. It wasn't what she was wearing, gran was dressed in her normal attire, a long white cotton skirt that came down below her knees and a sleeveless V neck cotton top which fitted her rather snugly. Rather, it was what she was not wearing that suddenly caught my attention as my eyes suddenly focussed on the two small protrusions, pushing out the front of her top.
There was no way that she was wearing a bra, her erect nipples were what had caught my attention, and now that I had noticed them, they were like magnets. No matter how many times I diverted my gaze, my eyes were continually drawn back to them. Replacing my sunglasses, I was able to surreptitiously stare at her breasts without being caught. They were full and still held their shape despite the small amount of sag which was dragging them southwards.
The more I looked, the more my brain conjured up images. I imagined her topless, my hand cupping one of her breasts as I felt the fullness and weight of it resting in my palm. Before I knew it, an embarrassing thing had happened, I realised suddenly that I had a boner.
The rest of the afternoon left me feeling conflicted, my grandmother was in her sixty's and here I was wondering what her tits felt like. I wanted to take my sunglasses off, to lay back and shut my eyes whilst I enjoyed the opportunity to do nothing but get a tan. But at the same time, I didn't want to waste this chance to keep looking at her tits and especially those delectable nipples. I found it difficult to keep still, constantly turning, not because I was uncomfortable, but because my cock seemed to be in a permanent state of arousal.
I was both thankful and disappointed when as the afternoon drew to a close, she disappeared indoors to make a start on the evening meal. She called me later and we sat together as we ate, afterwards spending a few hours watching tv before gran decided that she was going to turn in.
Thursday I was up early but gran was already down before me.
'I'm going for my morning walk, why don't you join me?' She suggested.
I had nothing else to do so decided that it would do me no harm to accompany her, how wrong could I be. She may be old, but gran's walking pace wasn't mine. I tended to saunter along, taking my time, whilst she imagined she was on a route march and strode along at a rapid rate. I was very nearly having to trot to keep up with her. We tried an attempt at conversation, but my words came out breathless every time and I soon ended up a couple of paces behind her. My legs felt like lead and my lungs were bursting as I tried to keep up. Never again I was thinking, my only consolation was the fact that being slightly behind her I got to admire her bottom, clad in lycra, as she strode along. As well as full breasts, she also had a great arse I realised, the downside was that I was now trotting along with another boner.
Thankful to be back home I threw off my sweaty clothes, went and showered and donned shorts once more before going out into the garden and assuming my position on the lounger. Gran came out a while later after having had her breakfast and had also changed. Today it was a pale lemon off the shoulder summer dress with buttons from the waist to hem, quite a few of which seemed to be undone. She brought with her another bottle of wine and two glasses, placing them on the side table between us before sitting and once again and leafing through another of her magazines. The colour of the dress emphasised her tan, which up until now I hadn't noticed because once more, my attention was riveted to those twin points making impressions in the sheer material.
As she crossed her legs the dress parted, sliding back and exposing an expanse of her tanned thigh which diverted my gaze from her tits to her legs and then back again. I had to turn and lie on my front for a while, the bulge in my shorts becoming far too obvious. With my face turned towards her, I was thankful for my sunglasses once more, at least she couldn't see me staring at her as she crossed and uncrossed her legs, giving me fleeting glimpses of her white panties.
She stood and walked back towards the house and I watched her go, the sunlight making the dress partially transparent so that I could see her legs right up to her arse. She was only a couple of minutes before she returned with the corkscrew, proffering it in my direction.
'Will you open the bottle and pour us both a drink?' She asked as I took the device.
I was a bit heavy-handed as I filled the glasses, handing one to my grandmother.
'Are you trying to get me drunk?' She asked, her eyes sparkling with mischief and a hint of a smile on her lips.
Now I'm not really a wine drinker, I enjoyed a few pints with my mates or a glass of wine with dinner at Christmas, but the heat of the day soon made my glass disappear and I helped myself to another before lying back down. Gran crossed her legs once more and again I was treated to the view of her legs and thighs, my cock responding and creating a familiar bulge in the front of my shorts which I discreetly tried to hide. Being confined to lying on my front for the moment because of my bulge, I had polished off the second glass and turning on my side, reached over and re-filled my own and gran's glass's, getting an eyeful as she uncrossed her legs once more.
'Fuck me,' I thought, startled because previously she had been wearing white panties, now I was convinced she was naked beneath her dress and what I had caught a glimpse of was her smooth hairless pussy. The throbbing in my groin was intense, there were no briefs beneath my shorts to hold it in place and to my further embarrassment, it would twitch every few seconds as I tried to concentrate on getting it to go down.
'You seem to be having a problem there Andrew, perhaps I could help?' Gran laughed smugly.
She had lowered her sunglasses and was looking directly at my groin so that her comment could not possibly be misconstrued. My face felt flushed and hot as I stumbled over my words. How the hell did you answer a question like that, but with the alcohol, in my system, I dumbly nodded my head watching as she got from her chair and came across and knelt next to my lounger.
Deftly, she undid the button on the waistband of my shorts and helped me slide them down over my hips as my erection stood to attention.
'Oh my.' I heard her mutter as her hand and fingers encased my shaft and she slid the skin downwards, my plump knob smooth and shiny with pre-cum. She knew what she was doing, and I wondered for a second how many times she had done this over the years as her hand slid up and down my shaft. She teased me, running her fingers around its sensitive tip before her head bent forward and she took it into her mouth, her tongue running over and under the plump helmet and sucking like a demented vacuum cleaner.
She seemed to know instinctively when I was near and would clamp her fingers around the base of my cock, squeezing tightly and waiting patiently while the sensations subsided before resuming tossing me off. Occasionally she would glance in my direction, but more or less she seemed to be mesmerised by my shaft.
Reaching the limit of my endurance, my hips were pumping up and down as I fucked her hand, moaning with pleasure all the while as I felt my climax approaching. Her mouth encased my knob once more as her hand rapidly moved up and down my shaft and despite me trying to warn her, she paid no heed. If anything her hand increased in speed as my hips bucked and my legs shook and then I was filling her mouth with my cum, my body jerking about on the lounger as she continued to wank me and drain all the semen from my balls
Chapter Two
Having finished, she stood and patted down her dress before turning and walking towards the house.
'Dinner in one-hour Andrew,' she called without looking back, leaving me lying there looking astounded with my shorts around my ankles and my cock limp.
There was no discussion on the subject during the meal or the rest of that day. Later, we watched tv until as the evening came to an end, she announced that she was going up to bed.
Alone downstairs, I began to question as to whether it had actually taken place. I knew it had, I had felt the sensations, but why had my grandmother made no mention of it, as though the episode had been a figment of my imagination.
Switching everything off, I went up and took a shower before flopping onto my bed wearing nothing but pyjama bottoms. Still feeling confused and wondering if that would be my only opportunity, I tried to sleep, but it just wouldn't come as I tossed and turned, replaying the episode in my mind.
I felt exasperated as I glanced at the clock to see that four hours had passed since I had come upstairs and still, I could not sleep. I don't know why and will always put it down to a moment of madness. I suddenly climbed from my bed, opened the door to my room and padded silently along the landing to the door of my grandmother's bedroom.
Standing silently outside, I pressed my ear against the door but heard nothing from within. Tapping a couple of times, I called her name softly before taking a deep breath and turning the doorknob.
The door opened, thankfully, without even a squeak as I poked my head around it and whispered her name once more. I could hear her breathing deeply as I slipped around the door, not closing it properly in case it made a noise. The day had been hot, and the night was still warm which was why the curtains were drawn back and the windows wide open allowing the moonlight to illuminate the room.
With the humidity, she had kicked the covers off and her nightdress had ridden up, nearly to her waist, leaving her bottom half exposed and her legs partly akimbo which allowed me a view in the bright moonlight of her exposed genitals.
Standing perfectly still, several minutes must have passed as I gazed at her naked form, it wasn't the perfection of a young woman, smooth and blemish-free. It was the skin of an older woman, slightly wrinkled and marked by time, but in those moments, the intense excitement I was feeling had my cock throbbing and erect inside my pyjama bottoms.
With my heart hammering in my chest, I inched forward until I reached the bottom of the bed and knelt, calculating that if she did start to stir, I could quickly lay flat and out of her view.
I listened to her breathing as I dispensed with my pyjama bottoms and then like a snake, I slid up and onto the mattress and between her partly open thighs. Carefully, I took each ankle and leg in turn, inching them sideways as I held my breath, waiting for some reaction. But none came as I achieved my goal and now gazed at her accessible cunt, inches from my face, catching the faint aroma of her perfume and the sweetness of her sex.
'It's was now or never,' I thought as the tip of my tongue poked from between my lips and traced the length of her slit, softly licking at her sex. There was no reaction from gran, and I felt emboldened as I repeated it a second and then third time. Growing in confidence I opened her labia so that I could see her soft pink interior, my tongue again tracing a pattern across it. This time the slightest of sounds left her lips as she sighed, 'Mmmmm.'
Waiting patiently, this time my tongue slid inside cunt, opening her slowly and moistening her warm centre.
She sighed again, her hips moving imperceptibly as her body responded to the arousal even though she was still asleep. My hands gently caressed her thighs, wandering across her mound and over her belly. I wanted to reach up and fondle her breasts but that may have been a step too far yet. By now my mouth was clamped firmly against her cunt as my tongue darted in and out and fucked her.
No longer were sighs coming from her lips, instead, there were growls of pleasure as her hips pushed continually against my mouth as though responding to some unseen lover.
Suddenly there was an audible gasp as my lips enveloped her clitoris and my tongue assailed it. I wondered if she was dreaming erotically now, some mysterious man doing pleasurable things in her unconscious mind. I was enjoying myself so much, my throbbing shaft pressing against the mattress as I rubbed it back and forwards, that I missed her head rising from the pillow and her eyes opening as she looked at me between her open thighs.
Her head went back to the pillow and her eyes closed, still, she said nothing, but I felt her arm reach out as her hand caressed my head. Her body stretched taut as once more my tongue teased the inside of her cunt and I felt her move her upper body as she discarded her nightdress and then take my hands and place them on her breasts, her nipples hard and poking into my palms.
They were what had first caught my attention and I had wondered what they would eventually feel like. They were well worth the wait, the skin was still smooth and wrinkle-free, her tits full and heavy but still keeping their shape as I took one in each hand and gave them a firm squeeze before rubbing her nipples between fingers and thumbs. She squealed, pushing her chest upwards as at last, she urged me to abuse them.
Her clit was now receiving my full attention as she rubbed her cunt against my mouth, her hips bucking frequently and her thighs shaking as she drew ever closer to her climax. Withdrawing one hand I slid several fingers inside her, my tongue continuing to lap at her small sensitive bud as I fingerfucked her. And then her cries and groans grew louder, especially as she climaxed and I rammed my thumb up her anus, something Candice always appreciated.
I'd never heard my grandmother swear before today, but the language that flowed from her mouth as her juices splashed across my face and she thrashed about the bed would have shamed a navvy. Holding her hips firmly, I rammed my fingers into her cunt as rapidly as I could, prolonging her orgasm until she finally begged me to stop.
Reaching out, she pulled at me, indicating that she wanted me higher up the bed. 'Does your gran not get a kiss?' She asked once she got her breath back.
She certainly did, she got a full mouth to mouth kiss with tongues and as a surprise present, she got a length of meat as I eased myself into her cunt causing her to gasp as her insides stretched and accommodated my throbbing shaft.
'Oh, my darling boy, oh yes, fuck your granny's pussy, granny needs your cock.'
It was exciting but at the same time funny, I'd heard Candice use language like this many times, but it just sounded wrong coming from my grandmother, and especially with her posh accent. The sensations were too good to rush as I eased my cock in and out of her cunt. Leaning over her, I watched her tits move with each thrust of my hips, her legs wrapping around my waist as she tried to get as much of my shaft as possible inside her quim.
Trying to make it last as long as possible, I kissed and fondled her breasts, withdrawing my cock and rubbing it against her cunt and clit and even rubbing it against her anus. It was something else that seemed to excite her greatly until finally, she wanted to wait no longer as she urged me.
'You fuck me, Andrew, ram it in my cunt, yes, yes, just like that, faster darling, oh my god, oh yes, oh baby I'm cumming.'
She wailed and thrashed about the bed, her body shaking as I fucked her as fast as I could, my cock constantly ramming her pussy as I joined her and grunted my pleasure, my shaft exploding and cream spurting from its head, coating the inside of her hot wet passage.
Sitting half upright and resting against the bedhead, my gran lay with her head on my chest.
'I wondered how long it may take, and I hoped you would make the right decision, it was why I made no mention of what I had done to you. You had to make your own mind up,' she was speaking as much to herself as she was to me. 'I hope you have no regrets?'
Of course, I didn't have any regrets, the sex had been exciting and fulfilling, what was there to regret I told her.
Sitting upright, she turned to face me, 'So! What we have just done will be frowned upon if anyone finds out, but I have never been a stickler for rules and at the end of the day, it is only sex, and so long as we are both consenting, then I see no harm.'

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