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Hi all it is nice to be a part of this website. I am a regular visitor and read a lot of stories. I felt it is the time I should share some of my experience with my neighbor. I narrate the story below.

I am Ananthakumar from Mumbai. I am 37, about 6 ft tall, medium built. I stay near Goregaon in a housing society. The incident happened with one neighbor in our housing society. Her name is Radhika Nair. She was about 32, 5 ft 3 inches, medium fair and quiet elegant looking, she has heavy breasts and they looked huge in her very figure. They are perfect shaped mounds and were just hidden in her tight blouse and were pointing straight outwards. When she used to wear light color sari her deep navel looked so erotic through the layers. She is from Kerala and settled in Mumbai with her husband and child.

Her husband is in Dubai with five years contract. Radhika is living with her son and mother in law in the house. Our society is a seven storied building and I live in the second floor with my family and she is living in the fifth floor.

One day morning she came to my house and told me to drop here son in the school as she is not feeling well.

I obliged her request. In the meantime we managed get to know each other well and waiting for an opportunity. (As the time took to know each other was too long and narrating the entire will be too big, I am cutting short the unwanted and getting to the story directly)

One day my wife said that she wants to go to our relative’s place in Mulund and will be back on the next day. As I was having some urgent project work, I said I need to prepare the same at home in the night and it will not be possible for me to accompany her. About an hour later I received a call from Radhika stating that she is free today and her mother-in law has gone to some relative’s house. It really surprised me and I too told that my wife is also going out with my son and I will be alone in the house tonight. She told me that it should be fine and the day (night) is going to be ours.

In the night around 10.00PM I received call from her on my mobile that her son is sleeping and will it be possible for me to come to her house. I said it should be fine and asked her whether she has some drinks. She told that a little GIN is there and it should be OK for her. I had a little RC 2 large) and silently went to her place and knocked the door. She opened the door immediately as she was waiting for me.

I went in and started the talks and told here that I have a XXX CD and whether she is interested in watching the same. She said yes. I put on here PC and inserted the CD. Meanwhile she brought the GIN and started having it. She was in her night dress and we both were seated in here bedroom. Her son was in deep sleep.

As the CD progressing on, I slowly put my hands on her shoulder and doing soft massage. After a few minutes I moved my hands to her breast and was surprised to find no Bra in side. I ignited my passion more and started removing her night dress. “O God” what a fantastic body. It was really a hidden treasure, perfectly shaped. I really felt sorry for her husband who has gone to Dubai without enjoying this.

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I slowly went back and started kissing on her shoulder, neck, and ears and was passing my breath in to her ears. She started loosing her control and she was breathing hard. I cupped her boobs in my hands and started squeezing them, occasionally twirling the nipples. Soon they became hard like erasers. I want forward and sucked her right nipple while massaging her left breast. I did the same thing with her other breast too. She started to moan and shiver slightly due to the sexual tension. I laid her on the bed and started licking her toes. I proceeded to lick her calves and kiss her inner thighs. I did this for sometime without paying attention to her pussy. As I have good experience in Cunnilingus, I wanted to take sometime.

I proceeded slowly and kissed her pussy lips and held them between my lips and pulled at them. She started moaning I then ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the clit, just stopping there and supporting her clit with my tongue. She shuddered and let out a deep moan. I did the same thing again and she shuddered and held my head by the hair and pressed her pussy to my face. I ran my tongue up and down the layers of her pussy flesh .Juices started freely flowing from her pussy and her clit was rock hard. I licked it. She let out a huge moan and shivered. I sucked it and pulled it forward with my lips she was thrusting her hips up and down as I continued sucking her clit. She locked her legs around my neck and started screaming out of pleasure. Finally she threw her head back, went limp, dug her fingers deep into my hair, and screamed loudly aaaaaa aaaannnnnnhhhh…. And came… She literally gushed out cum. I removed my briefs and out sprang my cock. It’s 7” long, she saw it and. Took it in her hands; she wrapped her fingers completely around it and licked it. She sucked gently on the head and licked it up and down, also massaging my balls.

I laid Radhika on her back and spread her legs. I spread her pussy lips with my cock. She closed her eyes and I slowly entered her The path was slippery and I smoothly entered in her. I started stroking slowly at the beginning and then rhythmically fast. She was shouting…”Aaannh… Aaannhhhhh…on yes…. Oh yes… O God…ohh, ummmmmmmm. U are complete man, my man”. She was really enjoying the ride, moaning in ecstasy. Soon she had another convulsing orgasm. After sometime, she slowly opened her eyes and kissed me passionately on my lips. We parted and lay side by side, catching our breaths. She placed her head on my shoulders and we talked sweetly for sometime

We got ready again and started for the second drive. The show got over around 3AM in the next morning and I slowly left to my house after informing her. Around 10.00AM when I went out I saw her face. It was just shining like a full moon and with sign of satisfaction.

After that we got several opportunities and every one was a new type of experience for both of us.