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Hey everyone, I’m yuvi family fucker and I’m going to tell you about the time I fucked my sexy, sexy cousin. This was just recently this month and it was fun as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It started as a normal day, I woke up at 6 am to go for a run and to go to the gym, and I had the day off from work so I decided to go to my aunts house which is 20 miles from my house. When I got there I knocked on the door, no one opened it and I tried the door. To my surprise it was open. So I got in and look around, no one was home. Then I hear a noise, it was the shower, so I go upstairs to find out who it is. When I got up I found out that the door was open and I thought what is a peek going to do, so I peeked , and holy shit!!!!!! It was my cousin, who is 16. I just stare and stare, then she turned around and found me standing there, she suddenly covered herself with the shower curtain, I walk in and lock the door behind me, take of my clothes, and stand there. Neither one of us talked for a couple of minutes, and she kept staring at my 9-incher. So I asked her do you like it, she said yes, then I said I like your body too. She instantly takes the shower curtain away from her body and turns on the water. She leaves the curtain open as an invitation to me. As I enter the shower I feel this shock as lightning just hit me, me and my cousin are in the shower together.

She turns around , her back is to me , I put my hands around her waist and start kissing her neck and soon her face and then she turns her head and we start kissing fully, I move my hands up to her breasts, w-o-w , does she have nice breasts, I hold them in my hand and start squeezing them , harder and harder, she starts moaning and then she fully turns around, suddenly without thinking I shove her against the wall and stick my cock right up her cunt, she screams and screams, and I pound harder and harder, then I cum in her and pull out my cock, then she said she’s cumming so I got down and said cum in my mouth and she did, I swallowed some and spat out the rest then I started slurping the juices all over her cunt, I get up and she goes down , now my cock was a little limp but when she put it in her mouth it sprang back to life, and soon I was deep-threading here like there was no tomorrow, after a minute or two I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. She got up and I said lets go to your bed she agreed saying that we would have to be done by 2 pm, because her parents were coming back then, so we still had a good 4-5 hours together, and I was going to use all of it. so we ran to her bedroom and I told her to lay down, she did and I started my licking her feet then moving up slowly licking and then I got to get tights and then I got to her beautiful damp pussy and started eating at it, she started screaming and it got louder as I dug in more, I took her breast into my hands and started squeezing those as I licked.

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After some time she came and slurped it all up, then he came again, then gain and after that I started to go up her naval and slowly to her breast, I started to suck her boobs, they must be at lest ace’s because they were big, she started to moan louder and louder and I sucked harder and harder, then she told me to stop, I asked why, she said she wanted to suck my cock, I said okay, so I lie down and she stood on top of me her pussy right in my face and slowly started lowering, first her pussy went all over my face then her breast, all down my 6-pack and to my hard-9 inch, then her lips reached mine and we started to kiss, then she kept moving down until she got to my cock, she took it into her hand and started moving it up and down, then started licking my balls, and moved up along my base to the tip and she tried to put my whole thing in her mouth but it wouldn’t fit, so I told her to turn over and I deep-throated her, and she loved it, she was gauging and all the while I was squeezing her breast, and then I slipped a couple of my fingers in her cunt, she gauged and moaned with pleasure and I was having a hell of a time to, so we both came and I licked her up and she swallowed mine again.

Then we lay next to each other naked and tired, I still had some in me and we still had some time so I asked her to get on her hands and knees , I looked at her ass and said I going to fuck your ass, she said okay I have some cream over there, I said no need , your cum is enough, and my cock was covered in it so I entered , she screamed , and screamed and then she kind of went silent, and I started pounding it, harder and harder and she moaned and screamed. I put my fist up her pussy, she screamed more and more and then she came, and I came in her too, we both laid down again , but this time I got on top of her and started to stick my cock in her cunt, she started to stop me ,but I said no I going to do it , so she accepted . And I stared to pound her harder and harder, she started to moan and scream, I kept going and going, I cummed in her and I cummed in her again until I was all worn out and she was tired to so I said lets go have a shower get cleaned up and eat something, so we went back to the shower and I cleaned her and she cleaned me, I started to finger her and I did that for about five minutes till she came again then we got out put our clothes on , went down stairs I found out that it was about 1:30, so I said maybe we can have lunch next time, and I left but not before getting a last suck at those delicious breasts.

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