Great times at Fat Jill’s house

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Jill was one of the nicest women ever. I was only 16 and with my older cousin who was 21 at her house. She was very open and fun, her friends too

I first went to Jills, drunk with my cousin. He was 21, I was 16, they’d all heard about me. Jill was 22 about 5ft. 8in weighed in at over 200lbs, had big big tits that flopped around as she usually didn’t wear a bra. Her friend Sue was 23, compact tight body, a little bit more in the hips but it looked good on her. She had D cup tits. We started hanging around with them a lot, and I used my cousins drivers license as ID when we went to bars. We’d always end up sitting back at Jills, usually Sue there too. One day my cousin and I were on Jills porch, we hadn’t come in yet, and he motioned me over. Sue was coming out of the bathtub, with the door open and we had a direct shot looking at her naked body. Her big areolae her thick nipples which were red colored on her pale white body, she had dyed hair on her head but dark brown on her pussy. There was a lot of pussy hair too. She turned around and we got to see her ass, her cheeks spreading a bit as she bent over. Then she turned and saw us, she screamed, but didn’t move to close the door. We walked in, Jill was laughing, Sue yelled out that it was no use closing the door now since we’d seen everything. I jokingly offered to come help her dry off and to my surprise she let me come in. She closed the door I dried her off, and she kissed me pulling my hand to her pussy. I fingered her, and she got wet instantly. I sucked on her tits, and then she pushed me off, saying that we had to get going, we’d “finish this later”.

I had a hard cock the whole night. Sue got so drunk, my cousin wanted to go, and I offered to go with Jill to help get sue into bed. I arranged to spend the night with my cousin so my parents wouldn’t worry. We got Sue into bed, and Jill told me to take off her clothes. I asked if she shouldn’t do that, and she told me “why bother? Nothing you haven’t seen and touched already, didn’t fuck it though” Jill had a very sexual mouth, always talking about sex. I stripped Sue and even in front of Jill rubbed her tits and pussy. “Shit, if you like those little tits you’d love mine” she said. “I haven’t see your’s YET are they better” “Shit yeah, and twice as big, and if you like bush, you’ll love mine”

Jill and I were going to stay in her room in the same bed. Jill and I were taking of our clothes and she put on a long cotton nightgown. “What’s that about? I have to sleep naked and you don’t?” I asked. “I doubt you really want to see my fat body naked” she retorted. “Hey! I’m 16 and a guy, I want to see any womans body naked. Otherwise I’m liable to go out and look at Sue and jack off” She laughed and took off the nightgown. She was fat, I mean sloppy, hanging belly fat, I could see hair between her legs and under her belly. But she was right, her tits were huge, I mean they were bigger than a gallon milk jug. Each one she said weight 16 pounds. We laid down and I started sucking on her tits, then moving up I was kissing her, reaching down below her belly to her hairy cunt and rubbing on it. She was getting hot I could tell. She was humping back on my hand. I started to stick a finger in her but she stopped me. “No don’t, please. Wait until you’re ready then do it, then I want you inside me, your cock”. I went down on her and licked her, she reciprocated by sucking my cock getting me hard.
After a while we were both ready, She spread her legs wide, and pulled up her belly giving me total access to her hairy pussy. I stuck the head in between her pussy lips, at the entrance to her hole, I pushed the head in a bit. She looked up at me and just one word “Please”. I stuck it all the way in her and she gasped. “Are you alright?” I asked. “Yeah baby, yeah, just do it” I fucked her and came in her. I’d only fucked one other girl and her about 10 times I held off as long as I could then came inside her. I fucked and came in not the hot Sue, but the fat Jill.

I got up to get a warm cloth to wash with and took it back and wiped my cum and her pussy juice from her pussy and my cock. I looking at the cloth in the bathroom light I saw blood. I went back and asked if she was on her period. I’d asked prior and she wasn’t . She said again that she wasn’t. I asked her about the blood and she teared up a bit and said that all of the talk she did, all the big sex talk, she was a virgin. She’d never had sex before. Not even Sue knew about it. She begged me not to tell anyone, and I promised I wouldn’t. But I made her promise more, first, she’d blow me and swallow it – agreed. Second, I could fuck her pussy some more – agreed. Third, I got to buttfuck her – that one took some negotiating but I got it. Fourth, she had to help me fuck Sue too – agreed, not hard she said Sue wanted to fuck me because I’d only been with one girl, now two and she liked me being so young. The next morning I got my blowjob, later than afternoon before everyone came over to get ready and go out, I popped her butthole.

Within three days, I’d fucked Sue, gotten a BJ from her, and Jill told her how anal with me didn’t hurt because I was so gentle so I got to pop Sue’s pooper also. My cousin and his friends were jealous, I was too in a way, as Jill started letting other guys fuck her, and Sue was always getting fucked. Both turned up pregnant, both saying it was mine, by now I’m 17 and want none of this. Eventually we found out that neither babies blood type would match me as even a potential father. Sue’s baby was half black, Jill miscarried.

It was a helluva year or so for a 16 year old exploring sex. Since Jill I’ve never written a fat girl off though, I know how willing they can be.

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#Pregnancy #Teen #Virgin