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'Dad!' I heard a shout from the foyer followed by a door closing. 'I'm home!'
'Perfect timing honey!' I shouted back from the as I flipped the two porterhouses in their marinating dish. 'How was your shopping trip?'
Katie bounced into the kitchen with a smile on her face, several bags in each hand. She dumped them on the table and hopped lightly on to a stool at the kitchen bar while I slid the steaks into the fridge.
'Your credit card back,' she said happily, sliding the black plastic across the table. I popped it back in my wallet.
'You kept the tab to under a ten grand, right?' I teased her.
'Of course!' She exclaimed, looking faux scandalized.
We chuckled together as I began to chop and season potatoes. Katie took it upon herself to start washing and shredding lettuce and kale for our salad.
As she worked intently at the sink, I wondered at how my little girl, who only yesterday (it felt like anyway) was off to preschool in a pink dress and pigtails, had just turned 18 earlier in the week and was barely a month removed from high school.
That was why she had my credit card. 'You only turn 18 once,' I had told her that morning while handing over the card and giving her my PIN. 'Go have a great day with your friends, but try to not bankrupt me, if you wouldn't mind.'
She had shrieked in joy and leapt into my arms, smothering my cheeks with kisses and thank you's.
So I had sent her off to the mall with my black Amex, in my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, knowing fully well she was going to blow past whatever reasonable number I had in mind for an 18th birthday shopping spree.
It's not like we couldn't afford it. Katie and I were set for 5 life times of shopping sprees. The recession-proof manufacturing business I had started two years before Katie was born, assembling microprocessors for use by the Navy, was growing fatter every year on lucrative government contracts.
Katie's mother's private psychological practice, of which I owned 45%, was going as good as it could be considering the circumstances. And, of course, the life insurance and lawsuit payouts from 6 years ago.
When Katie was just 12, her mother had been killed in a terrible auto accident. The 21 year old fuck up of a son from a wealthy old money type family had decided a 3 day coke and whiskey bender would be best topped off by racing his sports car through residential neighbourhoods at almost three times the speed limit.
Jessica had literally just pulled out of the driveway when she was hit. The sonofabitch had blown through the stop sign adjacent to our house and hit her directly in the driver door. I was in the driveway unwrapping the newspaper when I heard the collision.
By the time the paramedics arrived Jessica was already gone. Not that them being there would have made any difference. At least I got to say goodbye. Katie was already off on the school bus, thank God. She didn't need to see her mother mangled and her father covered in blood.
The little punk had walked away with barely a scratch on him. His cocksucking father had tried to pay me off. A pittance for the life of my wife, but I hired the absolute best lawyer I could, on advice from my contacts with Naval Acquisitions, and took the family to the cleaners. Needless to say, the check his father ended up writing me was 7 figures, not the low 5 he tried to buy me off with.
Katie had been devastated, losing her mother at such a critical time in her life. We had gone to therapy together and separately, and it was tough for over a year, but we had managed to pull through and rebuild our family together, stronger despite our horrific loss.
Katie had always been a Daddy's Girl, but when it was just the two of us we grew even closer. I took every role in her life from stern father to shoulder to cry on to advice dispenser. When she had gotten her first period a few months after her mother had died, I was the one who bought her pads and tampons. When her first boyfriend turned out to be a handsy jerk, I was there. When she wanted to go on birth control, she had no trouble asking me. We were tight, Katie and I. We had to be, it was us against the world.
I encouraged her to return to gymnastics and soccer, sought out private tutors, and generally ensured she was motivated to achieve excellence both socially and scholastically.
And she had succeeded beyond my expectations. She was happy and, beyond a minor fight or two over curfew, not a problem child at all. She had plenty of friends, straight A's and was on the honour roll. Katie had even landed a full ride at my old alma mater, and there had been reports from her coach that professional scouts had been tossing her name around at the highest levels.
All in all, I was sad to see her go away to school, but very excited for my little girl to spread her wings and soar. I had prepared her as best I could, so I was choosing not to lament her leaving but to celebrate for the two months of summer we had left together. I had specifically taken July and August off so that we could do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted for the summer.
I straightened up from the fridge and snuck a look at the bags Katie had dumped on the table. Typical teenager stuff mostly. American Eagle, HMV, and The Gap, among others.
Three bags, however, caught my eye. A brightly swirled number labelled 'Bikini Shack', a black one with silver lettering spelling out 'Victoria's Secret', and plain white paper bag folded and stapled shut, no lettering or designs adorning it at all.
I averted my eyes and my gaze rested upon my daughter as she mixed the greens. I smiled. You wouldn't think so much bubbly personality could fit into a petite five foot even frame, but that just goes to show you I suppose.
My daughter had the best attributes of both myself and her mother. She was short and slender like her mother, raven haired with smooth clear skin. From me, she inherited a pair of bright green eyes, a steadfast sense of determination, and fanatical devotion to the Toronto Blue Jays.
She was currently dressed on a blue tank top and a pair of white shorts. Her skin was tanned a heathy light brown, and I could see the taut muscles in her upper arms and thighs flex as she moved around prepping the salad.
'So,' I said casually. 'Did you have a nice time out with your friends?'
'We had so much fun!' She gushed, looking up from the greens and favouring me with a bright, wide smile. 'Jenny, Michelle, and Saralynn wanted me to tell you thanks a million for bankrolling my birthday.'
I chuckled. 'High praise from the Gang of Four.'
She laughed along with me and swatted at my arm with a dish towel.
'After dinner,' she started, looking my in the eye. 'Movie night?'
'It's your party,' I replied. 'Couldn't imagine anything better.'
After roasted potatoes, mixed green salad, and porterhouse steaks cooked to a perfect medium rare, Katie and I enjoyed some coffee on the back deck and watched the sun set in a comfortable silence. We had long ago learned that we enjoyed each other presence, regardless of whether or not we spoke.
Once the sun has finally set, we retired to our rooms to change. I slipped in my usual lounge wear, a tight black T-shirt, a pair of think PJ pants, sans underwear.
Ever since her mother had died, Katie and I had a tradition of watching her favourite childhood movie after her birthday party. Even on those birthdays when we were fighting, we still sat down and watched it.
I slid the Blu-Ray for The Princess Diaries into the player, popped some popcorn, and grabbed a pair of Cokes for us to enjoy during the film.
I settled in and waited for Katie to come in. I was screwing around on my phone when she finally entered and my jaw dropped.
She was wearing what looked at be a new purchase. I had certainly never seen it in the laundry. It was a black silk spaghetti strap tank top, tight and very low cut, edged with black lace trim. It ended just below her rib cage, leaving a good 8 or 9 inches of taut midriff exposed. The curved belly button piercing I had allowed her to get years ago glinted in the glow of the television. The bottoms were a pair of matching shorts that stopped abruptly past the crotch, barely qualifying as 'shorts' at all.
Her top was so tight that there was no doubt she was braless, and her nipples stood stiffly at attention. Her tan went all the way across her neck and chest, and all the way up her legs, not a tan line in sight.
She saw my face and smirked as she plopped down next to me.
'Like it?' She asked, reaching across me to pick up a can of Coke. 'Just got it today.'
'Uhhhh,' I started, not sure exactly what I was supposed to say. 'It's…nice.'
She let out a snort, grabbed the popcorn bowl from me, pulled the blanket over our laps, and clicked play on the movie.
Katie may have start sitting next to me, but before long, she had shifted positions more than once. First, she had leaned against me, snuggling in and draping my arm over her shoulders and pulling the blanket up to her chin. Whatever, that was normal for our movie nights.
However, she didn't seem quite satisfied with this, and before long she had swung her tanned, smooth legs up off the floor and across my lap as she stretched.
'Massage my calves Daddy?' she asked sweetly. 'Feels like the girls and I did a marathon at the mall today.'
I chuckled began to absent-mindedly knead her lower legs. I had done this exact thing a hundred times before, after an injury or a tough game. Her legs were warm and smooth, and she sighed and stretched out as I worked her calves all the way down to the tips of her toes and then back up.
On my third passage down and back up, I noticed that her toenails had been freshly painted with tiny little bursts of bright red.
'New nail polish?' I asked.
'Jenny convinced us that we needed to spend some time at the spa.' Katie said, wiggling her toes. 'Manis, pedis and waxes. The girls were appreciative of your generosity.'
I snorted and returned my attention to the television as my finger worked the sides of Katie's knees. I slid my hands under her knees and worked the back of her legs. Katie groaned and closed her eyes.
'Dad, that feels great. Can you get my thighs? They're bugging me too.'
Without waiting for my reply, she scooted forward and basically slid herself right into my lap, rearranging pillows to support her back. Her butt was resting directly on my groin and her shorts had ridden up so the bottoms of her butt cheeks were exposed. The crotch of her shorts was all of 8 inches from my fingers and was pulled tight across her genitals.
My breath hitched in my throat, I covered it up by clearing my throat and began to work the tops of Katie's thighs, keeping my hands in safe places.
However, as I worked her legs, she began to shift ever so slightly in my lap. At first, I thought it was just her getting comfortable, but as the movie went on and she continued to move, I started to think it was odd. And then startled. I'm a red-blooded male, and although I had never had unnatural thoughts about my daughter, I had an attractive, scantily clad 18 year old in my lap, and her movements were having a three pronged effect. Firstly, her breasts, small that they were, became a central focus as Katie arched her back, her nipples hard and prominent.
Secondly, as she shifted, her butt created a delicious friction in my groin. 15 minutes of back and forth movements with only a thin layer of cotton and thinner layer of silk between us, my cock went from flaccid to semi and was getting harder with every passing moment.
Lastly, and most importantly, as Katie shifted the hemline of her shorts rode up, confirming that my daughter was in fact not wearing underwear beneath her skimpy shorts, and that the wax she and her girlfriends had gotten earlier that day was of the Brazilian variety.
Katie continued to shift and squirm under my fingers, eyes closed and lips slightly parted. Obviously this did nothing to help ease my situation down under. I lifted both her legs at the knee with my left hand, ostensibly to make her more comfortable, while using my right hand to covertly push my hardness down and along my leg so it wouldn't continue to poke my half naked 18 year old daughter in the ass.
Right as I set her legs down, Katie leaned forward and grabbed my hand by the wrist, guiding it to a spot high on her inner thigh, a bare inch from the hemline of her quote unquote 'shorts'.
'Right there Daddy.' she whispered. 'That's where it really aches.'
We were down to the last 15 minutes of the film, so I figured I could hold out a while long before extricating myself from this odd, inappropriate situation.
Right as I slid my fingers down Katie's inner thigh, she decided to shift one more time, and my finger came into direct contact with her pussy, grinding down along her entire sex separated only by the thinnest layer of silk.
I froze. 'Oh shit.' I thought.
Katie didn't seem to notice or mind. Her eyes were fixed on the conclusion of the Anne Hathaway flick. Slowly, almost unnoticeable at first, she shifted her hips again, slowly grinding her sex into the side of my finger.
I was still frozen. 'Was this really happening?' I thought frantically.
Then, the movie ended and Katie's hips stop moving. The sudden lack of movement snapped me out of my shock and I slowly withdrew my hands from Katie's leg.
She turned her head from the television and looked at me with an expression I couldn't quite define. Slowly she rose up on her arms and pushed herself forward. She wrapped her arms around my neck and settled into my lap properly, wiggling around slightly to find a comfortable position, which had the consequence of my erection stretching across her bare butt cheeks.
'Daddy,' she whispered breathily into my ear, nuzzling my neck. 'Thank you so much for such a wonderful birthday present.'
She pulled back and stared at me, my own bright green eyes reflected in hers. Then, ever so slowly, she leaned her head forward and kissed me on the lips. I was paralyzed in shock. Katie held the kiss for just a few seconds too long, her tongue moving but not attempting to probe my mouth, before pulling back and staring at me for a moment longer.
Then she swung her legs around so her feet landed lightly on the floor, still sitting in my lap but facing away from me. She braced her lands on my thighs and pushed herself off with a small wiggle of her hips. I had to suppress a groan as the friction on my dick sent shivers through me. She padded to the door and paused in the doorway; her petite frame silhouetted in the moonlight streaming on the opposite window.
'Good night Daddy,' she said, a small smirk on her lips. 'I love you. '
And then she was gone. I sat in the dark tv room for a long while, listening to the sounds of Katie getting ready for bed. Once I heard her bedroom door shut I stood up. My erection had not faded in the slightest. My mind was swimming. 'What the hell had that been?!'
The next morning I woke up late to the smell of fresh coffee and bacon sizzling. I threw a bathrobe over my sleep clothes and followed my nose down to the kitchen.
Katie was already there, mercifully dressed in more appropriate summer attire of shorts and a t-shirt. As she flipped the bacon she glanced at me with a wide smile.
'Morning lazy bones,' she quipped, cracking a pair of eggs one handed into a frying pan.
'Coffee,' I grunted, sitting down on a kitchen stool.
Katie laughed and slid a steaming mug towards me, dark roast, milk and sugar. I sipped it carefully. Perfectly mixed.
'Ahhhh,' I sighed. 'Ambrosia.'
'Figured you'd say that.' She said lightly, pushing some toast down in the toaster. 'Your present was so amazing. I figured the least I could do was cook you a gourmet breakfast.'
I grunted again, sitting in silence for a minute as the coffee slowly worked its way into my brain and jolted it back to life.
'Daddy,' she whispered breathily into my ear, nuzzling my neck. 'Thank you so much for such a wonderful birthday.'
I set the coffee cup down a little too hard.
Then, ever so slowly, she leaned her head forward and kissed me on the lips.
Oh. Oh right. That.
'Dad, are you alright?' Katie asked, as she placed a plate of bacon, scrambled eggs with peppers and marble rye toast in front of the both of us.
'Yeah,' I said, a little too quickly. 'Yeah kiddo. I'm fine.' I grabbed my coffee and took another large mouthful and giving my head a little shake.
Katie seemed to accept my answer and said nothing further. We dug into our breakfast and ate with gusto. Katie, in addition to having far more athletic and scholastic prowess than both her mother and I, was also a whiz in the kitchen as well. Her scrambled pepper eggs were exactly what I needed to get my body and brain working right.
'So,' I said, breaking the silence. 'What do you have planned for today?'
'Well, I was thinking I would spend the day with you, Dad.' Katie replied, clearing our plates and tossing them into the dishwasher. 'Did you have anything planned?'
'I think we can do that,' I said. 'I need to send a couple emails first. Then I was thinking I would wash the Rubicon. If you help me with washing and taking the roof and doors off, we could take it for a rip along the lake shore, get some ice cream. Then maybe spend the afternoon in the pool?'
Her face broke out into a wide brilliant grin. 'Sounds great! Can…I drive?'
I smirked. 'How else would get my daily fill of adrenaline-fueled terror?'
I beat a hasty retreat as Katie tried to snap me with a wet dish towel in fake outrage. I started down the hall to my office and shouted back, 'Give me 20 minutes to fire off a few work emails and I'll meet you down in the driveway. Get out the supplies!'
'Gah!' I shouted, as a blast of freezing cold water hit me in the small of my back. I spun around to see Katie grinning at me, hose in one hand, soapy sponge in the other.
'Gotcha!' She said, dropping the hose and flip-flopped her way back to the grille of my purple Wrangler. She bent at the waist and started to scrub the custom faceplate I had installed shortly after purchase that gave the Jeep a pissed off look. She gave me an eyeful as well.
Katie was dressed in flip flops, denim cut-off shorts, and an electric purple string bikini top the same shade as the Jeep itself. Katie might not have a ton of going on in terms of cleavage, but what she did have was eye catching to say the least.
'Whoa, dude.' I thought to myself, giving my head a little shake. 'That's your daughter.'
Even still, Katie wasn't just my daughter. She was a beautiful young woman. I might be her father, but I can certainly appreciate an attractive girl in a string bikini top, can't I?
I hung back a bit and watched Katie stretch and bend and crouch to soap up the Jeep. Every position gave me a new appreciation for the female form, and I had to avert my eyes more than once to avoid Katie catching me ogling her.
For her part, she seemed just fine doing the lion's share of the washing and rinsing. After a few minutes of openly staring at her, I noticed what I was doing and snapped out of it, only to find that my dick had grown a mind of its own and was threatening to go full mast on me. I turned by back to Katie, fiddled with some washing supplies and willed my cock to go back down.
'Dude, that's your daughter!' I thought again.
Katie grabbed the hose again and gave the Jeep one last rinse off. 'All done!' she called back to me, peering over the rims of her black Ray-Ban Wayfarers. 'Where are the keys!'
I chuckled and tossed them to her, putting my own matching set of sunglasses on. My tight black t-shirt and blue boardshorts might be wet, but what's the point of having a Wrangler if it doesn't get wet and dirty every once in a while?

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