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He wrapped his arm around her larger waist pulling her into him and with a deep passionate kiss, she moans softly. He releases her from his lips and whispers in her ear, "be ready my dear."
She blinks her eyes open, hearing his words. She meekly replies, "yes sir."
He swats she butt in a playful manner.
His arm still around her he guides her down a brightly lit hallway to a plain door on the right. The brass name plate on the door says ENTER. He turns the knob and nudges her in before she can hesitate. The inside is completely dark no light coming in not even from under the door. She turns toward him for some guidance then tries feeling the wall for a light switch when she is yanked from him. A small squeal of surprise is released from her lips. Her eyes darting around the room to try to adjust to the darkness. Her arms moving about to feel anything or anyone. Her legs kicking about trying to do anything to get away.
Nothing is said to her.
One arm is grabbed then the other quickly they are cuffed together behind her. Her legs gathered in the same fashion, one then the other, her ankles tied. She begins to scream. Her mouth is stuffed full of a rubber ball gag of sorts. As her eyes begin to acclimate to the darkness she sees a few shapes of men. It looks to be three. Then a blindfold is put over her eyes. All she has left is her hearing and smelling.
She hears something scratching the floor. Her head turns that direction. Then her ears are covered with oversized headphones leaving her only sense of smell and feel.
She is lifted off the floor and placed in a cushioned leather chair. She wrists were unbound for a moment. Once she felt a wrist released she made a fist and swung it around making contact with what felt like a cheek and goatee. Once the contact was made she received a hard smack across the face. She began to whimper and cry behind her mask.
Her free wrist was reattached to the other above her head. And tied down to the back of the chair. As he wrists were tied to the back she felt each ankle tied to the chair legs.
The men anticipating her legs flailing attempting to again make contact with them, they decided to put one man on each leg and tie her down quickly.
She struggled slightly in the chair testing all the restraints. The is very little room for movement. She sighs and drops back to her only possible position in the chair.
The hair on her arm begins to stand as she feels a slight cold metal object glide up her arm. Then it moves down her side. Once at her waist she feels her clothing being cut away from her body. Making quick work of her top it is off of her. Then to her bra, snip, it is off and her DDD tits drop toward her waist from their original spot. Lowering her head in shame for how she looks she silently takes in what she anticipated to be next, her pants.
Much to her surprise she feels two different hands on her tits. Each doing their own thing with them. One man is tugging on her nipple, making it hard under his touch. The other is squeezing and rubbing his cock over it.
She felt metal on her leg and her pants were being cut. Up one leg down the other. Pants were ripped from her. Then each side of her panties were snipped. Pulling her panties out from under her, lifted her ass. As her ass was up a pillow was stuffed under her enough to present her shaved pussy to the men.
Fingers begin the move around her inner thighs, grazing by her lips.
Muffled moans are filling the air as she is being used.
Her nipple now getting pinched and tugged on as she feels his cock getting harder.
The other has his lips on her nipple gently nibbling and sucking.
Suddenly she feels a cock in her hands.
She recalls making out only 3 shapes, so where did a 4th come in.
The fingers on her thighs begin to massage their way up to her clit. She notices that she is so wet, she creating a bit of a puddle under her ass. As the fingers are entering and exiting her pussy her moans getting louder around her gag.
The cock in her hands is filling up and about to explode as she feels herself getting ready to cum. She starts bucking her hips toward the fingers and then explosively cums on his fingers. The cock in her hands exploded as well, cum spraying from the top of her head to her stomach. As she felt it hit her head, she looked up, hoping some of his cum would fall on her face.
Her tits still being played with as it seems men changed places. There is a different man sucking her tit and nibbling on her nipple. The other being squeezed by a different slightly damp hand.
Her knees being spread farther apart, somewhat over the arms of the chair, as much as the restraints will allow. A cock then fills her harshly. She isn't very big but she consumed all she could of him. He continues to thrust into her as her juices cover him.
The cock in her hands is filling. As the thrusting between her legs pushes her back, her hands following the motion getting the man behind her close to exploding. She feels hands digging into her thighs as she feels him fill her with his load. She then raises her head slightly as the cock in her hands squirts his load covering the top of her chest and down her tits to the awaiting hands to rub it in. Once rubbed in they all move again.
To her one side she feels the freshly dampened cock from her pussy resting on her tit. The other side is the cock from her hands still dripping as her begins to massage his cum onto her nipple and chest. His hands dragging his cum all over her chest.
The last load dripping out of her as he slowly enters her. He is the biggest of the bunch but her pussy welcomes him with a wet hug.
She feels the gag being taken off. She only has a second to take in a breath and then suddenly stuffed with cock as the one man from behind her climbs upon the chair arms and begins to fuck her mouth relentlessly. As he holds on to the back of the chair. She tries to struggle against the restraints and again to no avail. She sucks him as best she can, her tits are getting squeezed and her nipples are getting yanked on by both men. Her moans getting louder then everyone stops.
The cock is removed from her mouth and again replaced by a gag. The cock in her pussy is quickly plucked out of her. Her moans of disappointment ensue. Then she feels one leg being untied and then the other, she thinks she is free. Then realizes that her hands were only loosened not untied. An arm reaches out to her to pull her to a standing position, she stands a bit wobbly. She is then whipped around and pushed onto the chair. Her knees hit the edge throwing her hands once again to the back of the chair and they are tightened down again. Her knees and upper thighs are once again secured to the chair.
With her ass in the air she can feel the wetness on her as the air breezes by.
She then feels a hand grazing her ass. Moans are filling the room as she leans into the hand as best she can. Then the hand lifts up and falls back down with a smack. As his hand lands down his cock is thrust back into her pussy. With every thrust his hand makes contact with her ass.
Her tits begin to hit the cocks that are back on each side of the chair. One nipple is then grabbed and yanked on sending a shutter through her body. Then the other is yanked on. Suddenly she feels the tight metal clamps on each nipple. Each sending a wrenching pain through her body.
She feels movement on the back of the chair. The gag is removed and her mouth stuffed with the same cock as before.
With every thrust into her pussy the chain between her tits move causing more aching as well as her mouth stuffed even more with the cock. The moans around his cock being muffled as the thrusting in her pussy is getting faster and harder.
With one hard smack on her ass and a final thrust her pussy is filled once again. The man's cock in her mouth entangles his fingers into her hair and forcefully pulls her head down onto his cock a few times before releasing his load into her mouth. He quickly pulls her off his cock and replaces the gag in her mouth being sure to trap his load behind the gag forcing her to swallow him.
The men on the sides of the chair each grab at her tits and begin playing with them. The chain being tugged to each side as the men grab her. The pain shooting through her body. Then suddenly a sharp pain as the clamps were yanked off, causing her to scream aloud around her gag.
Her wrists were quickly released, her legs unbound, her gag removed just moments before, the BEEP BEEP BEEP, was heard. Her eyes blink open as she rolls over and reaches out to turn off the 5am alarm.

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