Growing Anticipation 14

tagIncest/TabooGrowing Anticipation 14

The bottom of my stomach might as well have been on the floor. I swear that I almost fainted when she said that the pills were in the orange juice I just drank. I could feel an anxiety attack coming, that bottle was nearly full.
"Mom, you need to call your sister right now!" Tina yelled. Mom hurried back to her room. Rachel helped me sit on one of the beds, I was having trouble breathing, and was beginning to sweat profusely.
"Don't worry, everything will be alright." Rachel said. She had sat down next to me and was gently rubbing my back. "You might grow a bigger dick, but that's ok." She continued.
I tried to calm down as we watched Tina and the twins. The only clothes that Candice still had one was her t-shirt. It was more like a blanket in her shrunken state. She took the shirt off and the other two helped inspect her diminutive body. Once they determined, at least from the outside, that she was fine Candice seemed to get excited at the idea of being shrunk.
"How cool is this! I bet his cock is like a tower to me!" She said, a little too excited in my opinion.
"If your mom is right about the juice then it will soon be a tower for all of us." Sandra replied.
I know that deep down I truly enjoyed having this huge of a penis, but if I was to make it grow more I wanted it to be my choice. Certainly not this many pills at once, there was no telling what would happen with that many. That's what worried me. Nearly ten minutes passed and nothing happened. Mom then returned, she stood out in the hallway on the phone.
"An interview? This early in the morning? Nevermind, we have a…situation here." Mom walked as she talked, she had made it to her room when we heard the yelling through the phone.
"What did you do to my daughters!?" We all heard Sofia scream. Mom returned, a little shaken.
"Your mother is on her way to pick you up." She said to the twins.
I looked at mom and said "she better get here soon, we have a real emergency here!"
"Let's keep calm, your cousin appears fine, just short, and why isn't anything happening to you yet?" Mom asked. That was a good question, I haven't felt anything except anxiety yet. Mom had a curious look about her. She left the room and went downstairs. About a minute later she returned with another carton of orange juice, this one had the label scratched off.
"This is why nothing is happening to you, this carton has the pills in it." She said.
I never have felt more relieved, I certainly dodged a penis growing bullet. It was a few hours later when Sofia's car pulled into the driveway. Mom and the twins met her outside, the three of us watched from my window above the driveway. Sofia looked at her shrunken daughter all over before gesturing for them to get in the car. It was then that I noticed another woman in the front seat, it was difficult to make out any details from our view angle. Sofia then approached my mother and had a brief conversation. She didn't seem angry at mom, more concerned than anything. Sofia returned to her car and drove off in a hurry. The three of us then went downstairs as mom walked back inside.
We sat around the kitchen island for a while, not sure what to do next, when mom's phone rang. She took the call in the other room before returning a few minutes later with her tablet. She opened up a realty website and proceeded to show us a beachfront condo that was for sale in the city that the girls had vacationed before.
"I know this might not be the perfect time, but we could use a pick me up today. I noticed that you girls really loved the beach houses you were renting, so I decided to buy one." Mom explained.
Our excitement was tempered somewhat. Mom showed us pictures of the house and the mood lightened. Our own beach house sounded like a lot of fun. We all agreed that our cousins were in good hands and Sandra was going to be ok.
"Let's go relax for a few days." Mom suggested. We spent the rest of the morning packing our things for the beach. All mom had to do was stop into the realtor's office when we got there and finish signing a few forms. She had everything else taken care of right under our noses. We finished packing and left, I made sure to bring all the pills we would need.
The four of us drove in two cars, Tina and Rachel in their car, mom and myself in the trusty van. Mom, always practical, still kept driving it. Sentimental value I suppose. At last we reached the condo. It was a beautiful three story house, with big open windows on the top floor and even a small pool in the fenced yard. Balconies wrapped around the second and third floors. There was a wonderful view of the ocean and cargo ships and leisure boats would pass by, steaming into a nearby river.
Tina and Rachel left shortly after unloading the cars, they were already changed and wanted to go to their favorite bars first thing. Mom and I decided that it would be much more enjoyable spending our first day together. I was sitting on the couch in the living room, enjoying the sunshine and researching restaurants for us that night, when mom walked up behind me.
She leaned up against the back of the couch, my view on either side was blocked as she let my head slip in her cleavage. I felt their weight on my shoulder, it was amazing how she was able to carry these around everyday. I dropped my phone and reached up to caress her huge tits. Mom moaned and cooed as I squeezed her breasts into my head, they were so heavy and firm. To my surprise I was able to grab handfuls of tit, her skin was drastically loose now. My idea of extra lotions and growing them larger temporarily was obviously working.
My cock was hardening to full size in my shorts quickly, I had to hurry and slide my shorts off before it got stuck. My dick sprang out and stood tall, thirty-six inches and rock hard. I leaned back further into the cushion, mom leaned forward more, this brought my head deeper in between her tits and her face was very close to my cock. Mom licked her lips and grabbed my cock and guided it to her mouth. She first worked the tip with her tongue, I had to force myself not to cum right then. She put my cock in her mouth and began to blow me, bobbing her head further and further down on my cock. I resumed grabbing and squeezing her tits, she shuddered when I moved onto her nipples.
It didn't take long before I blasted my first load of the evening. Mom swallowed the first two blasts before the sheer volume of cum overwhelmed her and she backed off my still cumming cock. I sent a few ropes of cum into the ceiling, it looks like this house is going to have a ceiling cum stain as well.
Mom and I fucked for hours, taking a break halfway through to rehydrate. After our break I took my cock shrinking pills, she was disappointed, mom preferred me to be my full size. My dick shrunk down to twelve inches and I was able to fuck her huge ass now. I couldn't get enough of her extreme pornstar body, and she felt the same about mine. There was something exhilarating about having her bent over the back of the couch in a room with wrap around windows that were wide open. Who knows if someone could see us, if they could they would see how her tits were big enough to rest on the couch cushions as I fucked her from behind. I came in her pussy first and then shifted to her ass, mom came along with me both times also.
It was after midnight when we finally exhausted ourselves and went to bed together. Tina and Rachel returned not long after, both were drunk and they passed out and slept for most of the next day. Mom and I waited until the afternoon before we hit the beach. I made sure to masturbate a couple times at full size before taking my penis shrinking pills. With my reduced flaccid size the netting in my swim trunks was sufficient to help contain my member. I also made sure to bring more pills in our beach bag.
Mom decided to wear her blue polka dot bikini, it was her favorite, and very distracting. We packed plenty of sunscreen, towels, water, a collapsible canopy and the camera. I figured we could get some beach shots of mom. I carried the bag and an umbrella. I followed behind mom as we left, she was also wearing large sunglasses and her large hat. Since our new condo had its own private beach entrance we didn't encounter anyone until we set up camp.
It seemed like everyone's gaze followed wherever we went. I saw at least three guys get slapped by their girlfriends or wives for gawking at us. One woman was walking by and was so entranced that she tripped over another girl that was asleep on the sand. I don't blame them though, you don't see a woman like her very much. Mom with her tits twice the size of her head and a giant booty to match. Mom was sitting in her chair while I set up the canopy. When I finished I retrieved the camera and sunscreen from the bag.
"Would you mind me filming you while you lather up? It's for the website." I said as I handed her the bottle.
"Of course you can, momma needs her own following too." She said.
Mom started with her feet and began to work slowly up her legs. She let several drops fall onto her stomach and in between her breasts, two more drops on each tit and she started to spread it around. I fought the urge to pop a boner as I walked around her with the camera. We haven't added any footage of her to the website yet, this would be a great way to introduce her to our audience.
Mom and I layed back down on our chairs, she was out in the sun, I decided to stay under the shade. It was nice and relaxing, I don't remember the last time I was able to kick back like this.
"I hope Candice is ok." I said.
"She is, I called your aunt this morning, she is working on how to reverse the shrinking process. Thankfully she had a head start due to working on your special pills." Mom said.
She then turned on her side to face me. "I hope you're not angry with the orange juice debacle. I was going to prank you by mixing the spiked one with the other. I'll admit, it's not one of my better ideas, though I was really turned on thinking about your monster growing more." She said.
"I'm not angry. I was more worried than anything. I will admit something also, I get turned on from the thought of growing more. The thought of your tits growing more is just as exciting." I said.
"It seems that we are on the same perverted wavelength." Mom and I laughed. She was correct, we both enjoyed each other's growth and desired more.
"Ever since we first used the growth pills all that time ago, I've wanted to see how big I could get. It was disappointing when my growth stopped at two feet. I was over the moon when I was able to put on another twelve inches. The biggest snag I run into is that with my penis so large we can't go out like this, I'm thankful that aunt Sofia was able to make the shrinking pills. If I make it any larger then we can't go out in public. I don't know if I'm fully ready for that." I explained.
Mom nodded and then took off her sunglasses to look me directly in the eyes. "I promise from now on, if you want to grow your penis larger it will be your decision completely. No matter what I will support you. You already know what my opinion on the matter is. You're already the biggest in the world so what's another few inches going to hurt? Or feet…" She said.
I was glad she said that, it made me feel so much better.
"I'll think about it, I promise." I told her. And I would think about it.
Mom smiled at me and rolled back over before asking. "Could you find my pills in the bag? I need to let the girls grow for today, I think we are about ready for another fill up when we get back home." She said.
I happily obliged and handed her two pills. She took them with a drink of water. A minute later her already gigantic tits swelled and grew even bigger. The strings of her bikini strained and stretched, but didn't break. I wanted to give her a nice titty fuck right there, damn public indecency laws. We stayed on the beach for a couple hours before heading back. Tina and Rachel were up and about now. They noticed mom's increased bust right away so we had to explain the new pills. Tina seemed ok with it, surprisingly.
The four of us enjoyed a relaxing evening, we ordered take out and Rachel went and bought some wine. Outside on the third floor porch we started brainstorming some video ideas. We all decided that mom and I would star in our first expansion themed movie. It would be her first time on camera. She had agreed to be a part of the website if I was willing, now we just needed a movie idea to introduce her.
We came up with a plot where I was a mad scientist type and mom was the less than willing test subject. We had to use different camera angles to hide her bust and had to do the shirt pull illusion to make it seem her breasts were growing. We filled a cup with water and had her drink it, pretending to be a growth formula for her breasts and butt. This one would have to wait for some editing at home. It was a fun time overall.
The rest of the weekend was uneventful, just some relaxing, eating some good seafood and a lot of fucking. I mean a lot, the house smelled liked sex in each room when we left a few days later. I felt bad for the cleaning service that mom had hired for when we were gone. After arriving back home I spent the next full day editing our movie and uploading it. It got some good feedback, which was nice. Mom heard from aunt Sofia, she was able to replicate the shrinking process and was working on a growth process as well.
We video called Sandra, not only was Candice still shrunk but she was even smaller! She was volunteering to test the new shrinking pills even before their mom was done finalizing the growth ones. She was enjoying being tiny, it looked like she was only a foot tall on the screen. They couldn't wait to come back to our house and show off.
I took the next couple days thinking about what mom and I talked about at the beach and made my decision. Coming downstairs I found all three ladies in the basement living room, watching a movie. I walked in, carrying the orange juice jug.
"Is everything alright?" Mom asked.
"I've thought about it. I want to grow bigger." I said holding up the jug.
"Really? How much bigger?" Mom asked.
"That's the thing, I want you to decide." I said to mom. Her face went slightly flush when I said that.
"Oh my, are you sure?" She asked.
"I'm positive. I trust you mom." I said.
Mom smiled and held her hand to her chest. Just then Rachel stood up.
"Hey! I have an idea, let's make this into our next movie!" She said.
"That's a wonderful idea! Does anyone have an idea for the plot?" Mom asked.
"I do." Tina said.
"Hey! Wake up!" Mom said very loudly.
I opened my eyes and surveyed the room. It was empty except for a small table with a jug of orange juice. I tried to move, but couldn't! My hands and feet were bound and I was strapped to an inversion table, locked in place so that I was upright. My clothes were gone, naked and bound. I looked over at mom. She was wearing a white tank top and black leggings. Both were stretched to the breaking point over her huge breasts and ass.
"Who are you? Where am I?" I asked.
Of course this was all a part of the script that Tina had written. Tina and Rachel were behind the two cameras and lighting equipment. Mom was in her character from our other movie. The housewife turned super bimbo was out for revenge. I had taken the pill to shrink my cock down for the initial scenes. I was gently tied with old rags to the table. I've never been restrained like this before, I kinda liked it.
"You don't remember me? After you turned me into this?" She said while running her hands up and down her body.
"Today you get a taste of your own medicine. I found your other formulas in your lab. Let's see how it works on you!" She said.
She walked back over to my left side.
"The first dose should be kicking in any moment." She said while pressing her huge tits into my side.
My flaccid penis was about six inches long due to the shrinking pills so it looked more normal for this opening part. We had discussed this part before filming, mom made sure to rub her hard nipples into my side. The touch caused my dick to start to fill and swell.
I noticed the cameras aim towards my crotch as my dick became erect. Standing at its twelve inch shrunken size.
"It seems like it does work, how about a measurement?" Mom said. She walked up and
extended a tape measure from the base of my cock to the tip.
"My, my, my. Twelve inches. That's impressive, though not big enough for a man of your talents!" She said. Mom walked over to the table and grabbed a cup next to the juice jug. She came back over and held it to my lips. It was empty though I pretended to take a gulp.
"Now we wait and see how big this next dose will make you grow." She said. Mom put the cup back and came back over. She took my hard cock in her hands and began pumping. "How does that feel? Does that feel good on your big cock?" She asked while pumping faster. There was no reason to hold back for the film so I came very quickly, shooting several massive ropes of cum across the room. She let me catch my breath before pumping again.
"Oh we aren't done yet." She said.
I made sure to exaggerate my moans and cries, not too much, but enough for the camera. I came a second time. Mom stood there, hands still wrapped around my hard cock when I felt it. The shrinking pills were wearing off. My cock began to grow back to its normal size in her hands. About thirty seconds later my dick was back to its three foot size, still rock hard.
"What have you done to me?" I asked with fake concern.
"I made you huge, like you did to me. Look at it! It's magnificent!" Mom exclaimed.
She extended the measuring tape a second time.
"Incredible, three feet long." She said.
"You made your point! Now please let me go!" I said.
Mom just stepped in front of me and shook her finger in my face.
"Oh no mister, you deserve way more than this. If two doses of formula made you this big I wonder what the rest would do!" Mom said while walking over to the table. We hadn't talked about how much of the juice she was going to give me for this part. I did tell her that she would decide. Maybe this was a bad idea, yet I didn't try to stop it.
"No you can't! Please! You already grew my penis to this giant size with two doses. Any more will cause the size to be permanent." I said.
"I'm well aware of what will happen. You should have thought of that before transforming me in the first place!" She said right back at me.
Mom picked up the jug and a funnel with a hose attached and stood next to me. There was a step stool next to the inversion board so that she could be higher up. She placed the hose in my mouth, I faked a protesting moan. She held up the jug to the funnel. This was the moment of truth, I could stop this right now, I could dictate how much I wanted to drink, but I didn't. I just let her do what she had in mind.
I felt the cold liquid pour into the back of my throat, I swallowed as fast as mom poured. She didn't pour very fast so I had no trouble keeping up. She kept pouring more and more, my heart was racing, somewhat from fear of what was about to happen, somewhat from excitement. I did ask for this after all. I glanced down toward mom, she was visibly flush, I could tell that she was excited also. I then looked over at Tina and Rachel, their mouths were open, shocked at how much I continued to drink.
At last she stopped pouring. She pulled the hose from my mouth and tossed it aside. She then held the jug to my face, it was completely empty!
"Now we'll see how big you'll get!" She said.
"Mom are you crazy? His cock is going to outgrow this room or something!" Tina yelled. Mom didn't have a chance to respond before I interrupted them.

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