Growth Spurt Pt. 02

tagIncest/TabooGrowth Spurt Pt. 02

After my incident with Delia, things got really interesting for the next month or so. I was nearly 11 inches at this point and I was still on the same regimen of pills and the weekly shot, but Dr. Jensen was adamant that I was measured in every way possible each time I visited. And it wasn't just Delia who did, but the two silent assistants, who I discovered were there on an internship, also took their turns. I also finally found out their names. The cute, very petite Asian doctor was Mingxia (she went by Mia) and the gorgeous, voluptuous red head was Keegan. All three of Dr. Jensen's assistants were definitely very young, the good doctor was in her 50's, but didn't look it! (Boy was I wrong about her age when I first saw her!)
One month after Delia and I fucked, entering month 5 of the trial, Dr. Jensen was the one who met me in the reception area. Usually it was Delia, so I thought that was odd. I was about to say something and she cut me off.
"Please come with me, Mr. Simon, I'm by myself today and I have much to do."
Shrugging my shoulders I followed her into the lab, it had oddly become a very comfortable place for me to be.
Once I undressed, which was not automatic for me, I asked, "Is everything all right doc?"
She pursed her lips and said, "You know I dislike you calling me 'doc', right?"
"Well, I keep saying you can call me Jimmy and you never do…."
She sighed deeply and relented, "Fine, Jimmy. Better?"
I smiled broadly and said, "Yes, thank you, doctor."
Though she tried to hide it, I saw her smile a little as she turned away to get the syringe and bottle.
"Now, Mr….. er, Jimmy, you know the drill. I am going to give you your shot and then I'll proceed with your measurements. Based on everything I've been reading, I am quite impressed with how well you've adjusted to your new self."
I blushed slightly and said thank you as she gave me the shot. This time is was a little different though. Every other time I had an small warming sensation right afterwards and short dizzy spell. This time, however, I felt like my muscles were on fire, like they were over energized.
"Uh, what's going on???"
Dr. Jensen looked at me and exclaimed, "Oh don't worry, this is the final stage of injections. You'll receive these from now on. It's a series of 8 injections that will allow your changes to become permanent without incident. You need to continue with the pills, but only 1 a day from this point forward. The sensation you're feeling right now will subside shortly, it's to help your body."
As she was talking I could feel things returning to normal, but I also noticed that I was getting extremely hard too. Something Dr. Jensen couldn't miss.
"And I see that the desired effect has occurred as well," she said. "This was not unexpected, but had it not happened, that would mean your body would not have accepted the changes it has undergone. So this is very good news!"
I smiled and said, "So if I keep up for the next 2 months, I won't go back to being scrawny?"
"Oh no! You do not have to worry at all! But, as I said at the beginning of the trial, your height will not increase unfortunately. Now then let me get to these measurements so you can be on your way and I can get back to my research."
I instinctively stood up, allowing her to do what she needed to do. It had gotten to be so clinical with the other three, I wasn't really paying attention to what the doctor was doing at first. But when she got to my hard cock, I noticed something was different with what she was doing. I looked down and I saw her just staring. I recognized that glazed look, it was the same one Delia had right before I fucked her throat. I smiled and I got an idea.
Without saying anything, I carefully placed my hand on the doctor's shoulder and she broke the spell for a second.
"Are you ok, doctor? You seemed distracted."
Looking up she said, "Oh, yes, I was just, uh, making sure I was thorough. Yes, very…. um, thorough…."
And with that her eyes closed and I could see her taking in the full amount of the pheromones I was emitting. With my hand still on her shoulder, I moved a bit closer and gently pulled her towards me. She gave me no resistance whatsoever. At this point, I was at my full length of 11 inches and her mouth was barely a half inch away. I then leaned in and pushed the tip of my cock on to her lips. She knew what to do and greedily took it.
She was mine.
For the next few minutes I let her do the work. I wanted her to get used to the size. I was surprised that she was able to take as much as she could, she obviously had some experience! It was then time for me to take over and completely own her, like I did Delia.
I grabbed her by her gray hair and pulled her off my cock. She tried to fight it, but I pulled it out of her mouth with a loud pop.
"NO! Please I need it, oh please!!!"
"You need it, doc? Or should I just start calling you by your first name now, Andrea?"
"Oh God, yes, whatever you want!"
Even though she towered over me at 5'10", I was able to pick her up with ease. I turned her around and bent her over the examination table. I flipped up her skirt and I saw a pair of very drenched panties. I reached in and ripped them off of her and she moaned loudly. Her extremely wet pussy now totally exposed to what I was going to do.
"Relax, Andrea, it's time for your injection now!"
And without any softness at all, I drove in deep as deep as I could and I heard her scream! But it wasn't a cream of pain, I felt her cum immediately as I plunged in deep. If I hadn't been as deep as I was, I know she would have been squirting.
I was unrelenting. I don't know what came over me, but I wanted to break Dr. Jensen at this point. As I fucked her, I reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling back hard. I felt her pussy clench again and she came once more.
"You like my big cock, bitch? I'm going to keep fucking you until you pass out."
All she could do was groan out what sounded like a yes.
For the next few minutes I was an animal, just pounding her cunt, feeling her cumming over and over again. I felt her legs give way at some point, but I had her pinned to the table. I started to feel that familiar boiling sensation in my balls, but I wasn't going to pull out. I kept thrusting in and out harder and harder, and by now her pussy was almost convulsing from cumming constantly. I heard her whimpering with each thrust. And then I gave one last push in and I came deep into her womb. I knew by now that the amount of cum I produced was over half a cup, so I could feel it spilling out. Once I was done, I pulled out and released the good doctor.
Now free of her sexual pummeling, she crumpled to the ground. Thoroughly exhausted. I stood over her, my semi-hard cock hovering over her face. Surprisingly, she opened her eyes and looked up at me. With great effort she tried to sit up as best as she could and leaned into gently kiss the head of my cock.
Collapsing back the floor, I saw her mouth the words, "Thank you."
I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead and said, "You're welcome, Andrea. See you the same time next week?"
All she could do was weakly nod.
Smiling, I cleaned up, got dressed, and began to head out of the lab to go home. Leaving the doctor on the floor. As I looked back, I could see her fingering herself and lifting her fingers to her mouth, tasting my cum. Definitely all mine now.
Once I returned home, I headed up to take a long hot shower. I definitely needed it. The shot that Andrea had given me seemed to amp things up. Before it, I was already very sexualized, masturbating numerous times a day now. I was already aware of the pheromones I produced, but it seemed to affect Andrea immediately. Before then, it was as if she was immune. I needed to remember to ask her next Saturday.
After my shower, I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed to my room. I then saw my mom in my room. At first I was nervous, but as I got closer I realized she was collecting laundry.
Walking into my room I said, "Hi, mom!"
I guess she didn't hear me, because she jumped and yelped, "What the fuck?!" She stumbled a bit and fell into me.
Catching her, I lifted her back up and smiled.
"Sorry, mom, I didn't mean to scare you!"
Catching her breath, she responded, "Oh! Don't do that to me! I wasn't expecting you home so soon!"
I started to laugh a little and then I really took notice of my mom. Even at 43 she was incredibly hot. Her daily yoga workouts kept her body in tiptop shape. But it was her deep blue eyes that always got me. I could stare into them for hours. And I guess I was staring a bit too much because I noticed she had been saying something, I just didn't hear her!
"Um, what, mom?"
She sighed, "I said, what are your plans for today? My papers are all graded and I'm free, so I thought you and I could hang out like we used to! I know way back when it was us going to the movies or zoo, but you're probably too old for that now and you certainly do not want to be seen in public with your old mom."
I looked at her in shock and said, "You are not old! Hell, mom, you look way better than a lot of women half your age! I would not be embarrassed if you were my date!"
Smiling at me she said, "Your date? So does that mean dinner and dancing then?"
Now I knew she was teasing me, but it gave me an idea.
"Yes! A date! I can take you out to your favorite place, but I don't know where we could dance. Oh wait, we can just can come home and dance here! How about it? Would you do me the honor of being my date tonight?"
I bowed in an exaggerated motion and I heard her giggle.
"Oh, how very gallant of you," she said. "I would love to, young sir!"
"Excellent, shall I come to collect you at 6:00 this evening?"
Laughing, she said, "I love the idea of being collected! And now I need to decide what to wear tonight!"
Knowing what restaurant my mother would select, I said, "I think the black dress with the sequins would be ideal for Gibson's. And I will gladly wear a suit."
By now her grin was ear to ear. If she only knew why I selected that particular dress, she might have changed her mind. I knew she would have to be braless and the only underwear she could possibly wear with it would be a thong.
"Oh I am so looking forward to this. My handsome son taking me out tonight."
Then she stood up to give me a peck on the cheek. By now I knew she would linger a bit because of the pheromones and how they were affecting her, but I didn't want anything to happen just yet. I did pull her in for a hug to allow the pheromones to wash over her a bit.
As I broke the hug I said, "Can we try something tonight, just for fun?"
She looked at me, her eyes slightly glazed with passion, and said, "Wha… er. What kind of fun, Jimmy?"
"Well, since it's a date, can I call you something other than 'mom' tonight? Maybe use your first name?"
Still being affected, I could see her mulling it over before responding, "Ok, I don't see why not. We'd be like any other couple out on a date then!"
Giving her another hug, I said, "Thank you, mom. I mean, Danielle. Or should I call you Dani instead?"
By now I know her head was swimming in lust, but couldn't figure out why. All she could do was nod an affirmative to my question.
Releasing her from the hug, I said, "I definitely cannot wait to have you on my arm tonight, Dani."
Through her glazed over eyes, she looked at me and said, "Oh me too…. Me too…."
And with that she sort of shuffled out of my bedroom. I knew what was about to do, so I gave her some privacy with her little toy.
The rest of the day passed without incident. I occasionally heard my mother walking around as she readied herself for tonight. At 6:00 on the nose, I exited my room and walked to hers, knocking on the door.
From behind the door, I heard her say, "One moment, please!"
All of a sudden I got extremely nervous. This was my mother! The woman who raised me, who babied me when I got sick, the one who called me "sweetie", and made me my favorite breakfast most Sundays. Am I nuts for doing this?
And then the door opened and all those thoughts melted away into the abyss. The woman who stood before me was a stone cold knock out. Her long auburn hair was styled up into a bun. The black dress I requested she wear looked as if it was painted on. Eyeing her up and down, I saw that she did not have on any stockings, but it was her shoes that made me take notice. I recall overhearing her tell Aunt Susie that these were her "fuck me shoes". I was stunned into silence.
Then I looked up and saw the huge grin on my mom's face.
"Like what you see, sir?"
All I could do was nod and squeak out a yes. All my bravado was currently on vacation as my dream woman stood before me.
I took every ounce of effort for me to say something.
"Wow. You look gorgeous, mo…., uh Dani!"
She did a little twirl to show off and said, "I'm glad you like, you did ask me to wear this tonight, right?"
"Yes I did! And I so very glad that you did, but now we had better be off so I make all the men jealous with the beautiful woman with me!"
I held out my arm and she slipped her hand in, headed downstairs, and walked to the car.
Once at the restaurant, we had a short wait before we were seated, so we sat at the bar. Since I was underage, I only had a coke, but Dani had a gimlet. By the time we got to our table, she was on number two.
The dinner lasted for a couple of hours and it was glorious. Every man who stared at her wished they were in my place and every woman who looked at her hated her. By the time dinner was done, Dani had drunk 4 gimlets and was feeling very well. Not fully drunk, but not totally in control.
As I drove home, she dozed off and slid a bit and her head landed on my shoulder. I let her sleep there for the short drive, knowing that with her being that close to me the affect I was having on her, even subconsciously.
When we pulled into the driveway, I lightly tapped Dani on her leg to wake her up.
Feeling her stir, I said, "Time to wake up, Sleeping Beauty. You've arrived back to your castle."
Yawning a little, she smiled and said, "So does that make you my Prince Charming for tonight?"
Looking deep into her eyes and with complete honesty I said, "Dani, I will be whatever you want me to be tonight."
I could tell that she swallowed a bit before replying, "Well, we need to get inside, you did promise to dance with me tonight!"
Exiting the car, I saw her walking uneasily to the door. I got out and walked up behind her. I placed my hand on her shoulder and said, "Here, let me help you stay steady."
We walked into the house and she immediately leaned over to take off her shoes.
"I love these shoes, but sometimes they're quite painful to wear."
With the shoes off now, she was closer to my height, though she was still a couple of inches taller than me.
Holding out my hand, I said, "Come with me and let's dance."
She smiled and took my hand as I led her to the living room.
Earlier that day I had cleared a space to give us room to dance, as well as pre-programming some music to be played.
Once there, I pulled her close to me and said, "Alexa, play Jimmy playlist date."
And then the living room filled with soft music.
With Dani in my arms, we slowly danced to my playlist. She leaned into me, snuggling up as we kept in tune. I started to softly rub her back, feeling the goosebumps appearing on her skin. I have no idea how long we danced, but I was in heaven. If I died right then, I would have died a happy man. Thankfully it was not my time to die.
As the playlist shifted to a yet another song, I heard her sigh. I whispered into her ear, "Happy, Dani?"
All she could say was, "mm-hm."
By now I knew what she was feeling and I was definitely feeling it too. So I took a chance…. I pulled back a bit too look at her. I saw her eyes open slowly and I smiled. Smiling back she said, "Thank you for tonight. I have never felt this way before."
I said nothing. I just looked deep into her eyes, drinking them in. I could see her hunger growing, by now I knew what it looked like. I then leaned in and pulled her in to kiss her.
I really didn't know what to expect at that point. She was my mother and I was her son! Things could have gone horribly wrong right then! Instead, after a short pause, she kissed me back. Not just any kiss, but the kiss of a woman was craving to be loved, to made love to, to know she that was wanted and lusted after.
I was completely lost in the moment as the kiss grew more and more passionate. Our tongues eagerly probing each others' mouths, we couldn't get enough of one another. When we broke apart, we were both gasping for breath, but out lust was not yet sated.
I looked at Dani, my mother, a woman who hungered to be claimed right then and there. I stepped back one step to get the full view of her. Smiling, I said 2 words, "Get undressed."
For a second I thought she was going to say no and maybe even slap me, but she didn't say a word. All she did was strip off her dress, exposing her nakedness to me. I was pleased to see that she decided to not wear any panties tonight.
She looked at me and said, "Your turn, sir."
I shook my head no and said, "No, you come do it for me. Start at the top and work your way down."
She giggled, but did as I said.
Taking off my tie, she flipped it across the room. Taking off my jacket, she did the same as with the tie. When she got to my shirt, she literally ripped it off me, buttons flying everywhere. Before she got to my slacks, she knelt down and took off my shoes and then my socks. But before she stood up again, she surprised me with one move. I saw her lean down completely and kiss my feet! Not just kiss, but using her tongue and loving on them. I was too stunned to say anything, but I was loving whatever she was doing.
When she was done, she sat back up, still on her knees in a kneeling position, her hands placed upon each knee. I looked at her and smiled. I was about to say something, but she held up her hand and stopped me.
I saw her take a deep breath and say, "Please listen to what I am going to say. I don't know why I am feeling the way I am feeling right now with you, but I know deep in my heart I cannot live without it or you. For weeks now I have had this aching feeling for you, but I tried to ignore it. When you suggested the date today my heart skipped a beat and knew then what I wanted to offer you. What I am about to offer you I offered to only one other man and it was your father."
Upon mentioning him, my eyes turned to anger and I was about to say something, but again she hushed me.
"Please, I need to get through this now, don't stop me. As I said, I have offered this only one other time, but I was rejected. He wasn't strong enough. Since then I have had no other man to make this offer to, and I was fine with that. Until you. I don't care how we're related. I don't care what society thinks. I don't care what the consequences might be."
I saw her take another deep breath in order to gather her thoughts.
Beginning again, she said, "You are my heart, my love, my lust, my beginning, my end, my forever. I tried to deny my feeling for weeks, but that all melted today when you asked me out. I knew then that I wanted nothing more than to please you in every way possible. To do everything you asked of me. To totally and completely give myself to you heart, body, and soul. I am yours for the taking, Sir. Yours in servitude. Your submissive, your slave, your slut, yours for eternity… Master."
And then she bowed her head.
You could have knocked me over with a feather. I stood there dumbfounded. My own mother just pledged her fealty to me and called me master. I quickly regained my senses and walked up to her. She kept her head bowed down, but I could see the rise and fall of her breasts. I could see her anxiousness and nervousness. I reached down and released the bun she had done up, having her long hair fall over shoulders. I gently stroked her hair for a moment and I could hear her moan softly as I did so.

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