Growth Spurt Pt. 12

tagIncest/TabooGrowth Spurt Pt. 12

Terri woke up the next morning and discovered that Dani was no longer in bed with her when Terri reached for her. She was about to get out of bed to look for her, but then she heard someone walking into the bedroom. Turning over and facing the doorway, she saw Dani walking in carry two cups of coffee.
Dani said, "Here you go. I didn't see any cream, so assumed you took it black."
Sitting up and accepting the cup from Dani, "Yes, I do. Thank you, this is sorely needed."
As Dani sat on the bed, joining Terri, she leaned in and kissed Terri deeply. Being extremely careful as to not spill her coffee.
"Mmmmm, that's better than coffee, Dani. I could get used to this kind of service every morning."
"Well, Master has trained me well. I know he demands coffee immediately when enters the kitchen."
Taking a sip from the cup, Terri then says, "Ah, yes, your Master. I must admit, despite the fact that he's your son, I really am ok with that situation, but I don't want to cause any issues. Your love for him is deeper than I have ever seen from anyone in my life. I could see it in your eyes every time you look at him."
Dani placed held her cup in both hands and lowered it to her lap as she thought about what Terri said. Terri looked concerned and wondered if she may have crossed a line.
Then Dani said, "James will always be my Master. When I gifted him my submission to him earlier this year, it was 100%. He's allowed me the freedom to explore my sexuality and myself in this time. I will always do whatever he orders me to do because my trust in him is completely without limits, but I also know he'll never put in any danger. I am so incredibly thankful he's allowed us to be together. Yes I love him very deeply, far more than a mother's love for her son, but my love is not just relegated just one individual, too. I love everyone in the household."
Dani leaned in and kissed Terri once again, this time more passionately.
Dani pulled back and continued, "I plan on talking with Master when I return home this morning. I do not want this to just be one date and one night spent together. If you're willing, I want to continue to see you and see where it leads. But you need to be aware that I will always be his submissive until he releases me, which I do not wish to happen. That might be the only issue we have."
Terri immediately said, "NO! It's not an issue. I promised to honor what you have with the others and I won't back away from that promise. For now, hell yes I want to keep seeing you. I think you're a fucking sexy lady and I'm damn lucky to be with you."
Terri placed her coffee cup on the bedside table, took the cup from Dani, and then began to ravish Dani one more time before she let Dani head on home. She paused only long enough to reach into the drawer of her bedside table to pull out the 15" double dong dildo.
"Let's see how you handle this bad boy, sexy."
Dani let out a loud moan as Terri slipped it in….
***End of Dani & Terri's date***
3 hours earlier.
I woke up extremely early as usual and I noticed mom never joined us in bed last night. I wondered if she slept in one of the guests rooms so she wouldn't disturb us by coming in so late. I grabbed my robe and then left to explore the rooms and found them all to be undisturbed. I smiled when I realized that she obviously stayed the night. As much as I love her as my submissive slut, I knew she needed a real partner in life and she could do a hell of a lot worse than Terri Ashe. If I know mom the way I do, I expect to be having a discussion sooner rather than later.
I went downstairs to make some coffee and to do some work. I think it's time for me to consider starting my own business. I love what I do so why not do it for myself and keep all the money? So with coffee in hand, I turned on the computer, logged in, and saw I had 2 emails: One from Mia and one from Susie.
Unfortunately, Mia's email was filled with sad news. Her grandmother had passed and her mother was nearly inconsolable. Mia begged forgiveness for asking to remain with her mother for the foreseeable future. I replied and let her know that, while we all miss her tremendously, I understood. I also set up a time for us to FaceTime on Christmas day.
Susie's email was let me know that she missed me and everyone else, but she was glad to be back to work since she had missed it. If things worked out as she hoped, she planned on being home within 4-5 months. I gave Susie the time that I had set up with Mia to FaceTime and I hoped she'd be able to join us.
With the emails handled, I focused in on work. Today's job was from the DoD and they had hired the company I work for to see just how strong their fire walls were on the public website. My boss assigned me to check it out. I broke through them in less than 30 minutes despite all the layers of encryption. I was always ok at hacking, but it's getting increasingly easier every time I focus in on doing it. My body is still changing and adapting it seems. Regardless, that was an easy $3,000.
I shut everything down and headed to the kitchen to start breakfast. I decided to surprise the ladies this morning, though there were only three in the house this morning. I think it was time to try that egg white frittata recipe by Giada I saw the other day. Man what a sexy woman. And that mouth…. I bet she could suck a mean cock.
As I got busy in the kitchen, I could hear footsteps coming down the stairs. A couple of minutes later Delia walked and was a tad shocked to see me cooking.
Yawning, she said, "Master, today was my turn to cook! What are you doing???"
"I decided to surprise you all this morning, but you can grab the bacon and start on that."
"Yes, Master."
As she walked by, she planted a kiss on my cheek and went over to the frig. By then both Keegan and Andrea had showed up, but shocked to see me at the stove.
"Seriously, ladies? I DO occasionally cook, you know!"
Keegan said, "Grilled cheeses don't count. Master."
I took noticed of the delay of her saying 'master' and gave her a look. Her response of a sly smile along with her biting her lower lip told me she did it purposely.
I said, "Andrea, grab the bread and make the toast please. The frittata will be done in about 5 minutes and the bacon is already there."
As Andrea pushed the bread down, I heard the front door open. Mom was home. I told Keegan to grab another plate for breakfast.
Mom walked in the kitchen and said, "Oh wow, it smells delicious in here! I'm so hungry, that I could eat a horse!"
I said, "Speaking of eating, how was your date last night?"
Mom blushed and said, "We'll talk later. Let me change and I'll be right back!"
When mom returned we all enjoyed a great breakfast and some light chitchat. After the dishwasher was loaded and running, we all went downstairs to the playroom. As we lounged on the oversized couch, mom told us how the evening and morning went. How Terri treated her and the discussion they had about wanting to see more of each other.
"So, Master, I am formally requesting to date Terri. I really like her a lot and I'd like to see where things could go with us. I promise I will never shirk my duties as your slave in any way. I am yours, and Terri accepts that."
I was expecting this, but I decided to delay my response a bit to make it look like I was thinking it over.
I then responded after a couple of anxious minutes and said, "I agree, on one condition."
"Anything, Master!"
"Don't worry about what I think. I love you, mom. Be happy. You're my slave, but you're still my mother and I want my mother happy."
She leapt into my arms and kept saying thank you numerous times. When she sat back down she asked, "Delia, Andrea, Keegan… are you three all right with this, too?"
Andrea spoke first and said, "Yes. And I speak for us all. We'll always love you, Dani, but you deserve a forever love too."
The three of them then "ganged up" on mom and hugged her.
When they all broke apart, I said, "You know, there's one more thing."
Mom said, "Yes, Master?"
"My cock has been missing your mouth, so you need to reintroduce yourself to it."
"Oooo, with pleasure, Master."
She immediately got on her knees, opened up my robe, and got to work. I pointed to Delia and had her go behind mom to play with her pussy and ass as mom sucked me. Andrea leaned over and began kissing me. I heard/felt her moan as she was and I realized that Keegan had positioned herself behind Andrea and was working her pussy.
No matter how many times mom blows me, I'm always amazed at how effortlessly she can take my entire shaft into her throat. 12 inches of cock sliding in and out of her mouth like is was nothing. Her head bobbing up and down, while using her hands to pump my shaft, her mouth was like a velvet vacuum. I had no intention of holding anything back, I was determined to drench her with cum. Before I could cum, I could tell that Delia had gotten mom to cum and she continued to push for more. By now Andrea had stopped kissing and got into a 69 position with Keegan. Andrea loved grinding her pussy into any woman's willing face and it was obvious, based on the noises she was making, Keegan loved what was happening.
I closed my eyes and allowed myself to relax. I was going to cum shortly and I could tell mom knew it too. She started to work faster, playing with and licking my cock head more now. As I was about to cum, I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her head down and filled up her mouth, pulling out to give her a couple of final spurts to cover her face.
God how I love this.
The next few weeks went by like a blur. Mom and Terri were definitely getting hot and heavy and I was incredibly happy to see that she had found someone. Yeah, I know what we had was going to eventually end, but I knew she finally found "the one". We still had our fun together, as was my right as her Master, but I was slowly easing back the control with her. Plus I was also helping Terri in taking more control and showing her what mom enjoyed in terms of BDSM. This is when I discovered that Terri was submissive as well, but not to the depths of mom. Her relationship with mom took her out of comfort zone, but she accepted the challenge. She may never be dominant, but she obviously cared deeply for mom and was willing to do whatever it took to make her happy.
My relationship with Alyssa was growing tremendously. Her levels of kinkiness were a lot higher than mom's. Some of the things we did should never be mentioned in any company, mixed or otherwise, a lot of it was truly extreme. However, while we'll probably never do these things again, she and I needed to explore it and figure out what would and wouldn't work. Suffice it to say, I fully realized she was the woman who was created for me. And it went far beyond sex, it was everything. Whenever I looked at her, my heart leapt. Even when she was doing the more mundane things, like brushing her hair, I smiled and realized how lucky I was to have found her. She was truly my soul mate and my partner.
So as my relationship with Alyssa grew, it also grew with her mother. She had basically become part of the harem, spending many weeknights with us. She even brought over some clothing and had her own drawer in the bedroom. Alyssa was fully aware of it and encouraged it. It turned out that Laura was equally as depraved as Alyssa (or should that be the other way around?) and couldn't get enough of being a cum dump. Whenever I sprayed on any of the ladies, she was right there licking it all up. I also decided to stop holding back any of my pheromones when we all had sex. The affect that it had on the ladies was tremendous and it elevated the sexual experience for them all. The inadvertent threesome with Alyssa and Laura is what changed my mind about that.
On Laura's birthday, I made the decision to collar her. I made sure Alyssa was free to visit that weekend so she could be there. Thankfully, Laura's birthday fell on a 3-day weekend in February, so Alyssa was able to get away from school for the weekend to be there. I had Andrea plan it all out, since she really knew Laura the best. It was going to be an all weekend affair. Now some might wonder why I was collaring her and not Alyssa first. It's simple: I was going to marry Alyssa and she knew it. The when and where it happened was the only thing not known, but Alyssa knew she was mine in every single way. When we eventually married, I'd formally collar her then in grand ceremony. And even though she was not collared yet, she always called me her master. It slipped out one night and she kept it up ever since.
The weekend of Laura's collaring, the house was buzzing. Alyssa had arrived late Thursday night, she opted to miss her Friday classes, with her professors' permission, to arrive early and to surprise her mother. I was grateful that she came early, not just to have her in my arms again, but her knowledge of her mother was important. Andrea knew a lot, but Alyssa knew all.
When Alyssa arrived, she wanted to just head off to bed. Her day had begun quite early and she hadn't gotten there until after 11:00. She was thoroughly exhausted, so she reluctantly decided to sleep in one of the guest rooms. I kissed her good night and promised her that we'd have time this weekend to be together. She smiled lasciviously and said, "Oh I know…"
The next morning, I awoke with a familiar feeling, someone's mouth was working my cock. Based on the technique, I knew it was Alyssa. She decided to join us all in bed!
I said, "MMmmm, good morning, my love."
She stopped and looked up at me and said, "Good morning, my Master. I hope you don't mind me sneaking in here for a tasty treat."
"Mind? Why would I mind?"
Chuckling, she went back to work. Her technique had grown since our first time together. She still couldn't take me all the way into her mouth, but she kept trying. Today she was determined to take her time and love every inch of me. I guess the movements and the sounds I was making disturbed the others, because I noticed Keegan working her way behind Alyssa and I knew what was about to happen. I didn't say a thing, I wanted the surprise to happen.
When Keegan got in position, she spread Alyssa's cheeks and dove on in, causing Alyssa to squeal loudly. Keegan loved eating ass and Alyssa was just finding this out now. This also caused a momentary loss of cocksucking, which gave Andrea an opportunity to take over.
Andrea, unlike Alyssa, was going to just devour me. I knew by the way she shoved her head down on to my cock that she was going to milk me dry.
"Oh fuck, Andrea!"
I then grabbed her by the hair and started to shove her down even further. I knew she could nearly take my entire length now, even though she gagged when she did. I was going to fuck her face now. Alyssa had wound me up so much that I was in no mood to go softly now. I starting pumping her mouth and Andrea accepted it willingly. She knew what happening. I released her hair and she kept up with the pace I had set forth.
As I fucked Andrea's mouth, I could hear Alyssa squealing and moaning from what Keegan was doing to her pussy. Knowing how she reacts when I eat her, I suspected Keegan was in for a rough ride, but she could handle it. I then really got lost in the moment when I saw mom's dripping wet pussy over my face. I grabbed her and pulled her down. My tongue hit her clit and she nearly exploded right then.
The pheromones were doing their "job" and every single woman in bed were being driven to the edge with lust. I just wish I knew what Delia was doing. Though based on the amount of humming Andrea is doing, I have a feeling that Delia is eating her out. I clamped down hard on mom's clit and she came immediately. I then heard Alyssa screaming, so I know she was cumming too.
I then heard Alyssa say, "It's my turn to eat some pussy. Spread 'em, Keegan!"
Alyssa eating pussy? I needed to see this.
"Mom, get off my face now. Andrea, sit up."
Both ladies did as they were told and I was able to see my love with her head buried in Keegan's cunt. I slapped Andrea across the tits and directed her to get her ass up. It was time for me to fuck her. And as many times as I have fucked her, she was still tight as hell. Mom shifted over to Delia and they were going at it.
The next few minutes it was all moans and groans as everyone were in the throes of passion. I loved seeing what Alyssa was doing. I was extremely turned on by it and Andrea was benefitting from it with me pounding her from behind. It didn't take long before I was filling her up with cum. Pussy, mouth, it didn't matter at that point. Andrea got it.
I pulled out and collapsed on the bed and I saw mom move immediately to lick my cock clean and Delia took care of Andrea. I kept hearing Keegan yelling and screaming her orgasms, I guess Alyssa definitely knows how to eat pussy! I closed my eyes for a moment and then I noticed everything sort of stopped. I felt movement on the bed and I opened my eyes. I then saw 10 sets of eyes looking back at me, as well as 5 huge smiles.
"Oh, hello there, everyone. And how is your morning so far?"
They all laughed and pretty much attacked me with kisses and hugs. Alyssa was the one who ended up snuggling up in the end though, the ladies knew not to interrupt that.
"Oh God, James, I never, ever thought I'd eat a pussy. That's the one thing I never did, you know. I'm glad that it happened here, in your home, with your ladies."
I kissed her and then asked, "So is that your first or last time?"
"Seriously? I want more! Keegan is soooo yummy."
I laughed and said, "Yeah, she and mom have the sweetest, Delia can drench you sometimes, and Andrea just never stops cumming once you get her going."
"Hm, and what about me? How does my pussy compare to them?"
"You, my love, you are absolutely delectable and a rare delicacy."
She kissed me deeply with that answer. I could also still smell Keegan on her, which was not a bad thing.
After a few moments of indulgence in laying together, we finally got out of bed. I knew not to fight for the shower, so I let the ladies take it. Alyssa and I headed to the guest bathroom. And one thing led to another and I ended up fucking her from behind for such a long time that the water was turning cooler.
After fully cleaning each other, we got dressed and headed to the kitchen. We had a lot to do for the weekend!
All of Friday was spent getting the house ready, grocery shopping, etc. Alyssa pitched in and did whatever needed to be done. It was like she had always been a member of the household. I, unfortunately, had to devote some time to work, so I sadly missed doing all that cleaning. Bummer.
That evening, when Laura arrived, Alyssa answered the door. Mother and daughter squealed in happiness and hugged each other.
Laura said, "Why are you here?? I wasn't expecting to see you this weekend!!"
Alyssa said, "Well, James has something to ask you. And before you answer, I said I was ok with it."
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"You'll see…"
They entered the living room and she saw all the ladies kneeling on the floor around me. Alyssa joined them. Laura looked at me in confusion, but the she saw the collar in my hand. Her hands flew up to her mouth in shocked and tears formed in her eyes.
I said, "Laura, I hold in my hand the collar that I will place around your neck. I want you to officially be my slave, along with the others. Your daughter agrees that this is what you have needed and wanted your entire life. I don't demand a verbal answer. You answer in one of two ways: You kneel before me, meaning you accept, or you leave this house and we'll never speak of it again, meaning you say no. The choice is yours."
She was shaking at this point. It was hard to read her, but I knew this is something she has wanted for a long time. She only held off for as long as she did because of Alyssa. Though after she got caught up in the sex with us that one time, I should have realized then she'd want this.

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