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"Okay guys and gals. We have a new member to the team." Coach informed all of us before we started our practice. "This is Junji Tanishi; a transfer from So Cal. He's a light middle and will be starting to practice with us today."
I looked at this guy from So Cal. Standing about five-six, I didn't think this Japanese guy looked all that impressive.
"Hi everyone. I hope to get to know all of you." Junji waved to team. "By the way, I like to be call Jay."
Everyone returned a half-hearted greeting.
"Tim!" Coach called my name. "Can you help out with Jay please until he gets a bit more oriented? Oops, sorry. I didn't mean to be discriminatory."
Coach was a great coach but sometimes I think he was dropped on his head too many times. "Sure, Coach. Hi Jay. I'm Tim. This is James and Kalita."
"Hi." Jay shook each of our hands in turn and then introduced himself to the rest of the team. "Nice to meet all of you. Sorry if I don't remember everyone's name right away."
The short, black haired Jay spoke with no accent that I could pick up.
"You're Japanese, right? How long have you been here?" James asked.
"Oh, I was born in Japan and moved to North America when I was less than one." Jay told us. "My dad is a VP with an off-shoot company of Tanaka Industries and was transferred here to open up a new manufacturing plant. I could have stayed in California but really wanted a change."
"A change? From California?" Kalita repeated sarcastically. "Really?"
"Really." Jay confirmed. "Yeah. Don't ask."
"Okay! Enough gabbing, ladies!" Shouted the ever politically incorrect coach. "Let's get going."
After warm-ups, I watched Jay do a light spar with one of the other sophomore guys. My jaw dropped as I watched him move. It was like watching lightening before he pinned the guy with booming thunder. Then next guy he fought would be more difficult for sure, but Jay threw him to the mat and pinned him in less than 20 seconds.
"Did you see that?" James asked me. I nodded my head. "Holy shit that guy fast."
The two of us watched as Kalita asked Jay to spar.
"Now he's in trouble." We both knew Kalita was no easy push over. She was state and nationally ranked.
Both stood facing each other. It didn't look like Jay was taking Kalita serious but that all changed when Kalita took hold of Jay and tossed him over her hips onto the mat. Before Kalita could manage a pin, Jay switched and bridged to escape. He trapped her arm under his and rolled Kalita onto her back. He almost pinned her but she spun out on her stomach enough to avoid the pin. Undeterred, Jay used his body to push Kalita back and then spin around in a 69-position top hold. Wasn't a pin but amazing control. Kalita couldn't budge.
"Twweeet!" Coach whistled. "Showers."
"Wow, Jay! That was really good." I hated to admit. "How long have you been wrestling?"
Kalita stood up and panted out. "Shit, Jay. I wasn't expecting that at all."
"I've only been wrestling for a couple of years in high school, but…" Jay continued with a sheepish grin. "I have a Black Belt in Judo which I have been doing since I was about five. There is no judo club around here so I joined wrestling."
In the locker room, Jay stripped off his shirt. It was then both James and I noticed his body. This guy had six-packs on his six-pack. He peeled off his shorts and headed towards the showers but not before I noted how small he dangled. "Couldn't be more than four inches."
Although he not being as well-endowed as James and I was, Jay would be a great addition to our team and included him in our clique. We introduced him to our respective girlfriends. "This is my girlfriend Marsha and James' girlfriend Sarah who is also my sister."
Both girls quizzed Jay like an interrogation against a spy. He just moved here. The only child. No girlfriend; yet. Everything. Jay took it in stride and politely answered every one of their queries.
In a few days, the girls took it upon themselves to be matchmaker and introduced Jay to Shannon. A very attractive Irish girl who could get any guy she wanted but was a little too shy. She had a nice curvy body with at least D sized boobs, but her eyes and lips were her best assets. The two seemed to hit it off immediately and were deemed an item.
We became good friends surprisingly after a short time and all hung out together. The girls of course whispered amongst themselves and giggled. We all decided to go see a flick; one of those stupid summer, horror movies you don't know if you should laugh or be scared at. We took our VIP lounge seats: James, Sarah, Jay, Shannon, Marsha and me. With the middle arm rest pushed away, it was like each of us were in our own love seat. The movie had been running for a bit so the theatre was a bit empty and we had our row to ourselves.
The theatre darkened. Marsha prodded me with her elbow. She nodded her head and used her eyes to prompt me to look down at Jay's lap. Shannon's hand was already there and rubbed high on his inside upper thigh.
Marsha began clawing at my zipper. Even before the opening title were done, she had her hand inside my jeans and rubbed my cock. I heard Shannon whisper. "Marsha! What are you doing? Someone will see you!"
"Oh, I'm just trying to get a bit more topping for my popcorn." Marsha giggled. We didn't buy any popcorn. "Want to see the butter dispenser?"
Without waiting for an answer, Marsha pulled out my cock. It was only half hard and growing fast. I was at my full nine inch mast in a couple of seconds. I looked over at James. Sarah head bopped up and down on his nine inches and still had a bit more to go. I swear I could hear her slurping from my seat. Not to be outdone, Marsha's lips were around my meat soon thereafter.
I peeked over at Jay. He seemed to be ignoring the on-goings but Shannon eyes were wide open. Her hand seemed to be rubbing his cock through his jeans much harder and faster.
"Fuck! I need it in me!" Marsha suddenly exclaimed. She pulled down her yoga pants and sat reverse cowgirl on my lap. I slid easily in to her steaming, juicy cunt. She moaned quite loudly. "Oh fuck! I want your cum!"
I felt her squeeze her walls as her ass slammed up and down on me. I returned matching thrusts and knew I wasn't going to last long. I was about to warn her when I jettisoned my sperm inside her. "Oh gawd! Uuuhhh…! Uuuhhh…! Uuuhhh…!"
"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh fuck!" Shouted Marsha. "Yes! Fuck me! Give me you cum! Aieee…!"
"Excuse me!" We heard all of a sudden. It was coming from a girl who obviously worked there. "Um… I'm sorry, but you are disturbing the other customers and you really can't do that here."
"Oh… Uh… We're finished anyways." Said James. Sarah gulped and swallowed her boyfriend's cum.
We all left, chuckling to ourselves except for Shannon who seemed to be in a bit of shock. Sarah pointed to Marsha who had a huge, dark, wet spot in the crotch of her beige coloured leggings. Marsha sniped back. "We'll at least I don't still have cum on my face like you do."
James' sperm was still on her chin and dripped from her hair.
I drove Marsha home and asked her. "Do you think Shannon was a bit shocked at the fact both James and I are so big considering Jay isn't?"
"Don't think so. Shannon said he's pretty big." Marsha told me. "And thick too. She said the first time they did it, he stretched her wide and fucked her deep."
"Really?" I said unbelieving. "James and I saw him. He couldn't be over a couple of inches."
"Maybe he's a grower not a shower." Marsha giggled. After a minute, she added. "I know. I'll get Shannon to invite us to her pool."
"Okay, but how is that supposed to tell us anything?" I asked.
"Her heated pool. We can skinny-dip and we can see how small or BIG he really is." Marsha's eyes were like saucers. I knew I'd have to pull over and fuck her again before I dropped her home.
It was late afternoon when we were all over at Shannon's parents place. They had a beautiful, manicured backyard that was treed for privacy from neighbours. They had a nice sized pool, big enough to do laps and a nine-person hot tub that would easily fit all of us.
All three of the guys wore loose trunks so it wasn't so easy to see how big Jay was. The three girls wore bikinis: Shannon's was the least revealing while Sarah's barely covered any of her privates. The bra part was string with two small patches that just covered her nipples and aureoles; her bottoms really may as well not have been there. The string ran through her butt cheeks, the front piece was a thin small triangle that she pulled between her pussy lips and only really covered her clit.
The coolers were flowing and we were all having a blast. Shannon's parents were pretty cool and made up some excuse to go out for the evening. "We ordered you some pizzas for dinner. See you later. Much later."
After dinner, it was getting a little cool and rather than swim in the pool, we all decided to use the hot tub.
"Wow! I'm getting too hot." Sarah said suddenly. She pulled off the top of her mostly no-existent bikini and tossed it away. Her bottoms followed tout suite.
James, Marsha and I followed suit. Shannon had a little worried look on her face.
"Come on, Shan. Besides the bubbles will hide everything." Prompted Sarah. "Here. Let me help you."
Sarah turned Shannon to access the rear clip of her top to remove it. Shannon's massive boobs bobbed in the roiling water. Her nipples became large and engorged and was making me hard. Then Sarah ducked under the water and through the effervesce I could see her tugging at Shannon's bottoms. A hand rose above the water line and tossed them the furthest away. Without coming up for air, Sarah moved to Jay and tugged at his trunks. They were tossed away too.
The jets stopped; the waters calmed. Sarah was still in front of Jay. Her hand easily surrounded his unimpressive dick and got him hard to an even less impressive five inches.
Sarah! That's my boyfriend you're playing with." Objected Shannon.
"Well, we're just trying to confirm what you told us." Marsha said unabashed. "As they say, 'the proof is in the pudding!'"
"Or in this case, in my hand." Sarah chuckled while still pumping on Jay's dick. "Or not in my hand. Looks… feels like you might have exaggerated a bit."
Shannon's eyes were on fire with a determined look on her face. I looked at Jay. His face showed me he knew what was coming next.
"You want proof, you need to have the right pudding!" Shannon retorted.
Shannon straddled Jay's lap and used her hand to guide him inside her. She rocked her hips back and forth; her eyes closed and mouth opened; her head fell backwards. Jay thrusted to match Shannon's. "Oh fuck yeah, Jay! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!"
Jay used his arms to cradle Shannon's butt and lifted her out of the hot tube to lay her on the deck. He was still between her legs. He pulled back about six inches before ramming his cock back in.
"Did you see that?" Sarah said to me. "When he pulled out? It's much, much larger than when it first went in."
Jay pulled out and slammed it back in repeatedly giving me a glimpse. It was certainly longer than that initial five inches when he started and thicker… way thicker. Shannon's hole was stretched out.
"Oh gawd, Jay! Cum inside me, Baby! I want your cum inside me." Shannon cried out. "Please! Please! Baby, cum in me now!"
Jay's balls retracted. His thrusts slammed into Shannon. "K, Hon! Here it cums! Uuuhhh…! Uuuhhh…! Uuuhhh…!"
I actually lost count of how many time he shot his wad into Shannon's cunt before he stopped. Shannon was literally shaking in orgasmic spasms as Jay slowly pulled out his weapon.
"Holy fuck, Jay!" Marsha's mouth was agape. "You're huge!"
Sarah agreed. "Holy shit, Jay! It's massive!"
Hanging between Jay's thighs was an impressive piece of meat. Easily ten inches long and big around. I looked over at Shannon. Her hole was still stretched open as Jay's cum spilled out.
"Fuck man! Is that a Japanese thing?" James stupidly asked.
"No. I seem to have a special talent." Jay chuckled as his horse cock jutted straight out. "When I was growing up, I thought I'd only have a tiny dick. That is until the first time I had sex. It was like breaking my cherry!"
Shannon was still groggy. The rest of us looked at Jay puzzled.
"When I was in high school still in California, this cute girl named Monica and I had sex for the first time. We were both curious virgins although neither of us were that uninformed. Her parents were away so we used her place. We were both naked and were sixty-nine. She was wet and I was my five hard inches. I moved between her legs and slowly pushed my cock inside her. I stopped when I felt a bit of resistance. I was afraid of hurting her but Monica pulled me in with her legs and I popped her cherry." Jay smiled. "Then something inside me popped too. I felt my cock grow. The more I fucked Monica, the more I seemed to grow. Monica thrashed around wildly as I pumped her. We both came together. I was bare back so luck she didn't get preggers."
Shannon was a bit more conscious and managed to sit back in the hot tub with the rest of us.
"I basically fucked her until she passed out and was spasming like…" Jay nodded towards his girlfriend. "As I pulled out, my five incher was twice the length and girth. When Monica recovered somewhat, she wanted to see what was inside of her. She got me full hard with her hands and mouth. She was amazed it got inside of her. We fucked like bunnies but with protection."
"Well, we're all friends and we likes to share." Marsha explained. Her eyes were wide open as she stared at Jay's equipment. "I think I'd like… no I want a piece of that too."
Both Sarah and Marsha descended beneath the water and shared Jay's joystick. Jay didn't know what to do. I could see the conflict in his eyes. He was concerned about his girlfriend yet, he was enjoying the sensation too much.
Sarah left Jay and moved between Shannon's legs. Her face mashed Shannon's cunt. Shannon's head fell backwards as Sarah attacked her slit. "Oooh! Oooh, yeah! Oooh…!"
Marsha was a very accomplished cock sucker. She could take me down her throat with a bit of effort and wrap her lips around base. Even with the water, I could see she still had about an inch to go.
Jay had grabbed the nape of Shannon's neck and pulled her lips to his. They were in a heavy smooch session as Sarah continued her offensive on Shannon's hole. Both came up for air. Marsha gasped and said. "Oh my gawd! He's huge! I think he's fucking bigger than you and James!"
Jay's hand had replaced Sarah's mouth while Shannon's hand took over from Marsha. Both James and I were rock hard. To prove the point of sharing, Marsha moved to James and straddled his lap while Sarah sat on me facing the two couples so she could watch. My cock deep inside my own sister's hot cunt.
By now, Shannon was mounted atop of Jay. The wakes from Shannon and Marsha made it difficult to see under the water but it was plain to see the four of them were fucking. James was thrusting back into Sarah's humping while Jay sat and let Shannon do all the fucking work.
James' came first as his hard upward thrusts emptied his balls into Marsha's womb. Marsha's head bolted back told me she was cumming too. I felt Sarah fingering making herself cum. When she pulled herself off of me, the heated water felt cooler. Sarah ducked beneath the waves and sucked the cum from my balls.
I'm not sure how many times Shannon came while fucking Jay, but she was pretty much out of it. Jay looked like he could go on for a while. With me and James done for a bit, Sarah and Marsha turned their attention to Jay. Sarah stood facing Jay and ground her cunt into his face. Marsha straddled Jay. As they fucked, Marsha ate Sarah's ass.
"Oh my fucking gawd, Sarah!" Screamed Marsha. "He's so fucking big inside me! He's… Oh gawd! Oh gawd! I'm… going… to C…U…M…! A…iiieeee!"
I hadn't seen Marsha cum that hard in a long time. Her entire body thrashed uncontrollably and then suddenly stopped. Her head fell backwards and then her body followed. I had to stop her head from going under as she floated unconscious in the water.
With Marsha gone, Sarah took her place. Jay's face was slick with Sarah's cunt juices. As Sarah lowered herself onto Jay, her eyes seemed to widen with each inch she took in. Her mouth formed a big "O" with nothing but gurgling coming out. As she bottomed out, Sarah screamed out. "Ooohhh…FUCK!"
Sarah oscillated up and down creating huge wakes in the hot tub waters. With eyes closed, her head tilted back and her open mouth loudly moaned out a continuous. "AAaaaAaaaAAAaaAAA!"
Both Shannon and Marsha had now recovered and knowingly giggled at their experience they now all shared. James looked at me in unbelieving amazement. I just returned a blank look.
Jay gave Sarah hard, deliberate, upward thrusts. So hard, her boobs flopped wildly up and down. Like the other two, she had lost control of her voluntary movements and begged. "Fuck! Stop! No more! Oh fuck! I can't… Oh yes! FUCK! Make me cum again! Yes! Yes! Yes! Aiiii…!"
Jay gave Sarah four even harder thrusts as he came inside my sister's cunt. Both collapsed in a gasping heap; their bodies heaved up and down as they recovered from their respective orgasms. Sarah's arms were wrapped around Jay as she nuzzled his neck. Her body shook from random spasms.
James and I were stunned. How did this small Asian guy just manage to fuck all three girls into oblivion?
Still panting, Sarah gasped out. "I vote for Jay!"
"Me too!" Echoed Marsha.
"Vote for Jay what?" Asked Shannon.
"Best cock competition, of course!" Sarah and Marsha said in unison.
"Of course, Jay wins!" Shannon smiled proudly. "Now get off my boyfriend. I need him to fuck me again!"
We all turned our heads towards Jay and asked. "Again?"

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