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To everyone who has left constructive comments, thank you. It is through these comments that I hope to improve with time.
This tale is I'm afraid, a bit of a long one. The story seemed to take on a life of its own. If you do take a chance and read it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, writing it.
Lucille lifted her leg as high as she could, but still, her foot would not clear the top stoop of the stile; she had no choice, she was going to have to hitch her skirt higher. Self- consciously, she pulled it up to mid-thigh, lifted her leg again and stepped over. Jordon was waiting for her on the other side, glancing away as she stepped down though she noticed that he had been looking at her legs and wondered how much he had seen up her skirt. For the first time in over twelve months, she felt a tingle in the pit of her stomach which was quickly replaced by disgust, why the hell would her son want to be looking up her skirt.
Jordon pointed over to the far corner of the field where the small copse of trees was situated and where they planned to have their picnic. For nine months, his mother had not left the house, ever since her husband had died suddenly in a car crash. He had not been alone unfortunately, the police had later told Jordon that the woman in the vehicle with him had been a 'street girl' and that he had been three times over the drink-drive limit when he left the road and ploughed the car into a tree, killing them both instantly.
Jordon had felt completely indifferent; he had never liked the man. Thomas had only been his stepfather; his real father having done a bunk the moment his mother had found herself pregnant. She had married Thomas when he was only two years old and they had gone on to have another child, his sister Sally. He and his stepfather had never got on, Thomas only had time for his daughter, she could do no wrong while Jordon would be blamed for any trouble that she got into. He was a bully as far as Jordon was concerned, who had made their lives a misery over the years. It had continued up until a few months before his death when Jordon had finally had enough one day and threatened to put him on his arse, something Thomas suddenly realised he could probably now do.
As he led his mother across the field, he could not dislodge the picture in his head of her legs and thighs as she raised her skirt and stepped over the stile. For a moment, he'd had a view of her inner thigh, right up to the gusset of her panties. Up until that moment he had never thought of her in any other way than as his mum, but that view up her skirt had made him realise that she had pretty good legs and he found himself thinking that it was a shame that she didn't show more of them. He imagined her undressed, acknowledging that her figure was not bad for a woman of her age, but then thrust the thought away, why the hell was he thinking of her in that way, she was old enough to be his "mother". He smiled to himself as he recognised the irony, pleased to have reached the far end of the field and put down the quite heavy picnic basket.
Together they spread out the blanket before opening a bottle of wine they had brought with them, Jordon pouring them a glass each before they clinked their glasses together.
'Cheers,' he said, taking a sip of the cool liquid.
The day was getting hotter he thought, pulling his vest top from his torso, his body already tanned from the time he had spent outdoors under the sun's gaze this summer. He lay back and closed his eyes against the glare, the only sounds, were those of passing birds and insects as they buzzed around them, and occasionally the noise of a tractor somewhere carried on the breeze.
Lucille was also getting hot, the blouse she wore, even though it was white and lightweight was sticking to her skin as she perspired. Looking across at her son, her eyes lingered on his toned bronzed chest and then slowly moved down to his waist, across his groin and his bare thighs and legs. She shook herself, 'Jesus Christ, get a grip of yourself woman,' the tingle in her stomach had moved, and she felt embarrassed at where it had come to rest. She helped herself to another glass of wine, attempting to slake her thirst and distract her mind.
Jordon sat up, noticing the rivulets of sweat that ran down his mother's face, 'Why don't you take your blouse off if you are getting too hot? Besides, you could with a bit of a tan.'
Lucille was shocked, fancy her son suggesting that she undress in front of him, 'I can't do that, it would not be right that you see me naked,'
He laughed, 'Mum, I'm not going to see you naked, am I, you're wearing a bra, which is no different to a bikini top, so what's the problem?'
He was right, she supposed, but still, he had never seen her even partly undressed. She sat for another fifteen minutes, but eventually, she had to capitulate, and with her face feeling flushed with embarrassment, she undid the buttons of her blouse and eased it from her shoulders, instantly feeling the cooling effect of the slight breeze on her moist bare skin. Jordon tried not to look, but her pale skin attracted his attention. Her bra of light blue pulled her breasts together and pushed them upwards, creating quite an inviting cleavage. Her breasts while not large, looked to be more than a handful, the skin smooth and free from blemishes. He wondered what her nipples looked like, conscious that he could feel a growing urge between his legs. As she lay down, she hitched her skirt up, baring more of her legs and attracting Jordon's attention again. Finally, he had to turn on his front, the bulge in his shorts becoming conspicuous, meanwhile, Lucille had polished off another glass of wine and was feeling tipsy, normally, one was her limit.
On a sudden drunken impulse, she stood and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground and stepping out of it, before lying back down. Jordon could not take his eyes off her now, his gaze roving up and down her body, while the stiffening in his shorts became more pronounced. He turned his head away from her, looking off into the distance and trying to think of anything to distract himself until his cock had subsided. Lucille had just started her fourth glass of wine when he suggested that they have something to eat, she needed some food in her he decided, before she became so pissed, that he would have trouble getting her home. He put sandwiches and titbits on paper plates before opening a tub of salad and taking two bottles of soft drinks from the hamper, intending to try and get her away from the wine for the moment.
'Glad you came?' He asked her, she had been reticent to leave the house, all the town had been talking about what had happened, the gossipmongers out in force, and she had responded by locking herself away.
She nodded, her mouth full of food, she was glad that she had let him persuade her, relishing being out in the fresh air but still requiring to be away from other people.
'So, what do you intend to do next? Do you think that you will date again at some point?' Jordon asked, watching as her face turned dark and mean looking.
'What so that another man can fuck me about and treat me like shit,' she spat vehemently. 'All men are bastards!'
He was taken aback, having never heard his mother use coarse language like that.
'Am I included in that statement?' he asked, wounded by the viciousness in her voice.
Her face softened and she smiled, 'I'm sorry Jordon, of course not, you are the only one that has always treated me with any respect.'
His face brightened, as her mood changed, 'It's only because I love you, you know,' he said and laughed, trying to lighten the conversation once more.
They had eaten, but Lucille had not touched the soft drink, finishing the glass of wine instead. Putting her arms out straight behind her, she leant back on them and then asked him the most surprising of questions. 'Have you ever sunbathed naked?'
He stared at her, wondering where that had come from, 'Well yes, I have done a few times when I have been alone.'
'What does it feel like?' She wanted to know.
Jordon was not going to tell her he had been naked here several times, usually with a girlfriend, as they took the opportunity for some al-fresco sex.
But his mother seemed to have read his mind, 'Have you brought your girlfriend here? Is that why you were naked?
'Did you………?'
She stopped suddenly, aware of what she was about to ask him and going bright red, 'Sorry, Sorry Jordon, none of my business.'
She knew she had drunk too much and that it was suppressing her inhibitions. But her original question was still niggling at her, 'What did it feel like to be naked out here?' Spreading her arms and indicating their surroundings.
He thought for a moment, 'I suppose it felt quite liberating, it's not something that normally happens, and so to be outside and naked is quite refreshing. It's also a little bit exciting, probably that element of possibly getting caught heightens the senses.
His answer made sense, Lucille decided, she knew that he'd had several girlfriends, but none of them seemed to last, looking back, the longest one had managed four months. He never fell out with any of them, and several still visited the house, even if now, only as friends. A thought came into her head, one that she was not able to dislodge, if it had not been for the drink, she would never have thought of suggesting it.
'Could we sunbathe naked?' She said very quietly, 'I will if you will.'
Jordon's head jerked around, surely, she was pulling his leg, but he found her looking at him with a hint of devilment spread across her face. 'I don't think that's a good idea mum, it could cause embarrassment.'
'Rubbish,' she responded drunkenly, 'I have seen you naked before, hell, I've even wiped your bottom.'
What she was saying was perfectly true, what she had failed to mention, was that he was probably only two at the time.
'Anyway, I promise not to get embarrassed, come on, please, say yes,' she pleaded, Jordon only too aware that it was the drink talking.
It wasn't her embarrassment he was concerned about as he reluctantly agreed. Sliding his shorts down, he felt the slight breeze around his genitals as he concentrated on keeping everything under control. He was fine until she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, lowering it slowly and releasing her breasts. That was when his problems started, her tits were fantastic, her areoles were large, covering the front of each orb, but it was her nipples that got him, each was a darker brown colour, and must have been at least half an inch long. Instantly, his cock reacted, starting to thicken and expand as she lay back and wriggled out of her panties, treating him to a perfect view of her beautifully manicured pubic mound. He lay down, trying to keep his mind blank, but the minute he closed his eyes images of her appeared, he was sucking on those tantalising nipples, or he was laid between her thighs as her legs wrapped around his waist.
His cock was growing and he began to panic, opening his eyes to dispel the thoughts, but now he could see her nakedness in his peripheral vision, her tits, pointing towards the sky, that little mound of hair between her legs, the hint of red in there, matching her head. No matter what he tried, his penis refused to respond, it stood majestically from between his legs, bouncing like a "jack in the box" with each involuntary twitch.
He was about to turn onto his front when Lucille shrieked. 'Oh my god Jordon, what's happening, why is it sticking up like that?'
What a stupid question he thought, sitting bolt upright and trying to cover his appendage with his hands.
'What were you doing, you weren't……you know?' His mother slurred.
The irritation was evident in his voice, 'No I wasn't, I told you it would cause embarrassment, but you would not listen.'
She was still wittering on, as he tried to block her voice out, he was already embarrassed enough without her continuing in the same vein. 'Well you had to be thinking of someone to cause that to happen, and at the moment, you and I are the only ones here.'
Jordon responded with one word, sarcastically, 'Precisely.'
Lucille shut her mouth with a snap, the penny had just dropped, it was her, she had caused his erection, she was the one lying there naked like some hussy. How disgusting was she, she was the one that had sexually aroused her son the voice in her head said. She grabbed her underwear, quickly scrabbling into it before sitting upright and drawing her knee's up to her chest. She noticed that Jordon had taken the opportunity and had also replaced his shorts. She was close to tears, ashamed of her behaviour, but that startling view of his erect shaft refused to go away. Internally, she was scolding herself for her wickedness, appalled that secretly, she wanted to see it again, or better still, wrap her hand around it.
'Why Jordon? Why would I arouse you like that? I'm your mother and I'm twenty-odd years older than you are. I'm old, wrinkly and not nice to look at, surely you can't find that arousing.'
Exasperated, he shook his head, leaving her puzzled. 'What did you expect was going to happen, mum, you're an attractive woman and with what I have just seen, you have a pretty good body, perhaps it's about time you stopped hiding it away.
'I'm only human, what did you think would happen if you lay there naked, that I could just ignore you?'
Lucille did not know how to respond at first but then retreated to what had become her normal behaviour. 'I want to go home, please take me home Jordon.' She wanted to return to her house where she could hide away again and refuse to face his words, what was her alternative, other than to give in to the dark demons which suddenly seemed to be tormenting her. She watched as he started packing all the bits and pieces away, the bulge in the front of his shorts had at least diminished but was still obvious.
Against her better judgement, she stopped him, patting the blanket next to her, 'Sit down for a minute. 'What you said, about an attractive woman with a good body, you meant that?' He simply nodded his head.
'Was that just a reaction to me being naked,' she asked, unsure whether she wanted to ask the next part of her question, or what her son's reaction would be, 'Or was there more to it than that, perhaps sex?' She watched as he coloured and turned away from her, but which also answered her question. Jordon had thought about having sex with her.
Afterwards, she blamed it on the drink as she cautiously turned her back to him, 'You had better undo me.' She whispered.
Kneeling behind her, he unfastened the hook and eyes of her bra, slipping the straps from her shoulders. Sitting up higher, he was able to look over her shoulders and view her breasts, jutting out from her chest. His arms circled her as his hands cupped each one, they felt heavier than he anticipated, and he heard her murmur as he caressed the velvety smooth flesh, squeezing gently and surprised at how firm her tits still were and was rewarded with gasps as his fingers found and teased her nipples. In his present position, Lucille could feel his cock pushing into the middle of her back as she leant against him, that tingle had returned between her legs and her teats were demanding that he increased the pressure that he was applying. She could feel herself getting wet as his touch aroused her.
'Take your shorts off, I want to see you,' she said as she turned, watching as he lay back, raising his hips and pushing the shorts from his waist and down his legs.
Once free, his shaft stood proudly to attention the skin pulled tight along its length, the veins bulging from its surface as they pushed blood to its bulbous head which was smooth and shiny. She had to resist the urge to grab at it immediately, not wanting to appear hurried or desperate. Jordon stretched out on the blanket, his hand shielding his eyes as he watched her stand and slowly ease her panties down her legs. In his present position, he could see her fanny, the lips had opened slightly, and he could see the moisture within.
Lucille eased herself down, lying atop him, her head resting on his chest as he ran his fingers through her russet curls. His manhood felt hot and would twitch frequently as it pushed against her belly, eliciting shivers of excitement as she deliberately waited for the moment when he would hopefully fulfil her. Jordon could feel her breasts squashed against his chest, her nipples like two cherries, ripe for the plucking, hard against his ribs. He moved one hand, tracing patterns up and down the soft skin of her back and spine before coming to rest on her buttocks, 'like a ripe peach,' he thought to himself.
Lucille could resist no longer, she desperately wanted to feel him inside her, it had been over two years since she had felt a cock down there, her husband Thomas having lost interest in her long ago, now she knew the reason, he was getting what he wanted from some old "prostitute" that he had picked up. Pushing herself upright, she straddled her son's hips, ensuring that her fanny rested on his cock and grinding her lips against it as she became excited. Jordon's hands ran up and down her thighs and across her belly before grasping her hips as he pushed his shaft against her pussy.
Pushing upright, her hand went between her legs as she grasped his cock and positioned it between her open lips. Taking a deep breath, she started to sink onto it, the air whooshing from her lungs as her insides stretched and expanded. It took her by surprise, the sheer sensation of being impaled on his shaft after so long, making her cum. She gripped his hips with her thighs, squeezing tightly as she rocked back and forward, her eyes closed, and her head thrown back. She spoke quietly to herself, Oh fuck, oh yes, Jesus, that's so good.'
Lucille leant forward onto her outstretched arms, her head hung down, her face covered by her hair, as she breathed heavily. Her eyes were closed as she savoured the slowly diminishing sensation of her orgasm. When she finally opened her eyes to look down at her son, he had a smile spread across his face, 'Feel better now?' He asked her.
She nodded; still unable to speak as she took deep breaths, his smile was infectious and she found herself breaking into a laugh, 'You could say that,' she eventually managed to reply. He wasn't smirking, he just actually looked happy that she had achieved her climax. He raised his hands and parted her hair, pushing it back from her face before doing something that she had not been expecting, raising his head and torso, he pulled her face towards his and kissed her. It was slow and soft, and tantalisingly sensual, Lucille had never thought about that possibility, what he was doing to her body, was sex; she could understand that; the kiss was something else, it was intimate and promised so much more. She had not even thought of kissing him, presuming the sex was what they both wanted, this had just taken things to a new level and despite her reservations, she found herself returning his kiss. Their lips locked together as he released her face, his hands moving to caress her breasts and excite her nipples.
She rocked back and forwards on his shaft, raising and lowering her bottom as she felt his cock slide in and out of her fanny. She noticed that his eyes rarely left her breasts as they jiggled and bounced while she moved, his hands constantly touching, squeezing and fondling them. His fingers delighting in keeping her nipples erect, a fact that she loved. Her nipples had always been sensitive, so much so that she seldom went without a bra, the material of her top, whether it be a blouse, t-shirt or vest would rub against them and could very easily cause her to climax in the most inopportune places.

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