Guy Losing Virginity To Bhabhi – Part 2

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Next day after she came from classes, again we spent a routine day but almost 10 to 15 intentional crosswalk from door & every time I saw her smiling from mirror. That day I decided that that night was the night to have it all.

After dinner again we slept & I asked her for her hand. Surprisingly she asked “why don’t I come up in bed & be comfortable”. I was shocked & equally glad with the opportunity..! she told me just to check on my parent whether all r slept & told me to lock the door. I ran & checked everything & came near her. She made some room on bed & I slept near her.

She asked “so where you want to touch me to check how soft my skin is tonight ?” I asked “huh..??”, she laughed & asked “Arey which hand do you want to hold now ?” I took her right hand & started caressing & told her that she is most amazing person I have ever met in my life. We came so close that I could inhale her heavenly aroma & could feel warmth of her breath.

While caressing her hand, I slowly moved my palm towards her elbow & then to her shoulder & roamed my fingers on her skin between her neck & shoulders. She was breathing heavily by now. In dim light I could see that she had calmly closed her eyes & was looking like being in meditating stage yet anticipating what was coming next.

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I asked her “Bhabhi, can I touch you more ?” She said “You are already touching me.” I said “I wanna touch you even more”, she said “where exactly “Me : I am loving feel of your skin so much that I have never touched so soft thing before. So I feeling urge to touch you more n more (my fingers were roaming on her neck back to her hand back to her neck during this..!)

She : How much do you wanna touch me & where else you wanna touch me ? Me : I wanna touch you all those places where even you have not touched yourself.. I wanna touch you where you have not even imagined of getting touched.. I want to touch every inch of your body. (She held my moving hand & guided it to her boobs..!)

She : You wanted to touch me here ? Me : Yes, ever since you have come here, I wanted to touch your boobs..! She giggled & slipped my hands under her top. She : Touch them as much as you want. Me : Thanks…! Ummhhh what a heaven you really are..! I am so lucky to have you… !

We started cuddling & caressing each other more passionately & in no time our tongues were united & fighting with each other to get more n more peace of saliva from each others mouth. We kissed for long & She let me press her boobs for almost an hour but then stopped me & told me to go down as it was enough for tonight.

I obeyed her as I had got even more than I dreamt off. She gave me one long kiss & suck as much as saliva as she could & made me go on my bed on floor. It was just a start for nights yet to come ahead…!! I will share if you all want to know more..!

The End.