Guy Losing Virginity To Bhabhi – Part 1

Hello Readers & story tellers, I have been reading stories from this amazing site almost daily since past two years I guess. Got almost addicted of reading one before falling asleep. A good orgasm after masturbation really drives me into tight sleep, I am sure many it does the same with many of you..!

Well this is about how I lost my virginity to my Bhabi (sister-in-law). Today I am 29, this all happened when I was just 18 plus & had finished my 12th’s board exams. I had vacations & had nothing to do until board & entrance exam results would be out for further rat race of admissions into engineering colleges.

Mine is small family consists of me, my mom & dad. During this vacations, my cousin brother came to visit us with his wife. They were always welcomed at our home. They used to live in small town near our city where my cousin was working in small branch of state bank. Bhabhi was house-wife until then but she wanted to start something of her own.

My mom suggested her to do beauty parlor & tailoring courses which were available near our home only. After courses, she could start her little parlor or boutique in their town. My cousin & Bhabhi liked the idea & decided that Bhabhi would stay at our home for 2 months for training. I was happy with it as I loved to have someone at our house as guest.

Next weekend Bhabhi came to city to live with us. I had no sexual feelings about Bhabhi till then. Then our routine started. Mom & Dad were working 9 to 6 so whole day me & Bhabhi used to be home. Her classes were 11am to 1pm. Within a week Bhabhi & me became like best friends. She was 24 that time.

After her classes, we used to watch movies at our home or would go to roam around city on my bike. She had taken charge of our home by taking care of cooking & cleaning as she wanted to be good help to my mother as much as she could.

I slowly started getting attracted to her as we started being close & sharing all the stuff. She was beautiful. Her hair would fall perfectly on her shoulders & her lips used make a perfect curve of smile. I noticed that she never used to apply lip-stick yet her lips always looked wet glossy & juicy to me.

He boobs were perfect in shape & always looked untouched even if she was married since 2 years. She used to look Goddess in Saree.. Almost like an Aphrodite..! I started lusting for her. My dick used to be erected more than it was in sleepy mode those days. It was hard to hide bulge in my shorts when she was around.

We had 2 BHK house, Bhabhi used to sleep in my room only. I had habit to masturbate before sleeping but since Bhabhi had came, I could not masturbate before sleeping. I didn’t like masturbating in bathroom as much as I liked being naked in locked room on my bed massaging & moving my dick with wild fantasies.

I started lusting for my Bhabhi with every passing day. After all, she was like a dream to me, even more perfect that no guy can even dream so perfect woman. I badly wanted to have her. It had been two weeks since she came & time was running fast. I realized that if I wouldn’t move faster, time will just fly & opportunity will go.

I decided to seduce her even though I had not a slightest clue how to do that as I never even had gf before that. From next day, whenever we used to sit to play video games, I used to sit more closer to her & started touching her playfully during games. She didn’t mind my increased touching as we had became much comfortable so she didn’t get any wrong idea about it I guess.

Whenever we used to talk, I started staring in her eyes without blinking. She asked me that is something changed as my way of looking at her was feeling different to her. I replied that I am just becoming fond of her looks & her flawless skin that I don’t want to blink my eyes even for second. She took it as compliment.

I used to rest my head in her lap occasionally, she never mind it as if she considered me as her younger brother I guess. While resting my head on her lap I used to brush my cheeks on her boobs. & sometimes I used to stay near her boobs & talk to her. She didn’t care. It increased my confidence.

When we used to pass each other while walking from doors, I used to brush myself on her. I used to brush crotch area on her back even more when she would turn opposite to me while crossing.

One day, I was coming in my bedroom & she was going out from my bedroom so in the door frame, she turned to wall side & I took advantage & brushed my already erected dick on her bottom while passing. I was looking at my front where mirror was there, & to my surprise when I passed through her, I saw her smiling back at me in the mirror.

In that moment, I realized that she was knowing that I was intentionally brushing myself to her & her smile proved that she was enjoying it. It increased my confidence to seduce her & my eagerness to touch her even more & more. That night, as usual after dinner we came to my room & switched off lights.

She slept on my bed & I slept on floor & started chatting in hush hush voice. I asked her to lower her hand as I wanted to check size of her palm with mine. She lowered her hand & I held it in my palm. I rested her five fingers on mine & started to tell some random things (I don’t remember exact talk now..!).

I praised her for her soft skin & complimented her that any model of those cosmetics TV ads would feel jealous of her beauty. She just giggled. She didn’t pull back her hand that day as I fell asleep holding her hand.

To Be Continued…