Guy losing virginity to sexy sister Priya

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Hello guys this is my real story I lost my virginity to my sister (Priya) last month, just after diwali. I am 18 and priya is 20. My sister is one of the best sisters one can have. Caring, good nature damn too hot, fair, figure is also awesome, very curvy. Height is 5.5 feet. We love each other a lot but this was a just a brother sister love.
I never had sexual feelings about her even though we slept of the bed, we never had naughty feeling about eachother our bed is pretty big as it could accomodate 3 people with ease, hence priya and I could sleep comfortably. This diwali, mom had invited many family people, 16-17 people, so our house was packed with guests. They were gonna be here for 4 days on the first day as guests started to come.
The house was becoming cheerful and noicy as the first day came to an end, after the dinner, discussions for the sleeping arrangement began. Finally it was decided that my bed was going to be occupied by 5 people, as it was big big accordingly, me, two of my sisters, Priya and madhura, my mom and my mom’s sister were the people who were going to occupy my bed.
So we all were cramped ony my bed. We were adjusting our self. I and Priya were ony one side, madhura in the middle andmom and her sister on other as my mum was tired she and my aunt slept quickly where as me and priya were still adjusting our self. Madhura also slept in a while. So Priya was facing away from me as it was too crowded.
My full body was touching her body. I don’t know why but my penis became erect and it was touching her ass and maybe she didnt notice it but I was having fun. I put my hand over her and slept. Now on the second night I knew I was going to have fun again so I intentionally didnt wear my underwear. Like yesterday mum and her sister slept early. Today my penis got an erection as soon my body touched Priya’s body.
She was awake and she laughed when she noticed my cock was hard and said, dude I can feel your penis. Please take it away I said there is no place I can not move even if I move an inch I will fall down I was embarrased. I said sorry but also told her and I can’t help it. She said fine and tried to sleep. My penis was touching her ass. I was feeling her soft ass.
Slowly I started to move my cock and pressed it against her fucking hot ass. First time when she noticed it she pushed me and said, stop it and I told her that I can not sleep now until my cock is down. She told me to go into the bathroom and mastubate. I said no and told her and I will try to sleep but I could not and I again started rubbing my cock against her butt. She was feeling uncomfortable so she kept her hands between my penis and her ass.
I tried to remove her hand. I used to remove her hand and then she used to bring it back. So finally I started rubbing my penis on her hand. So now I put my hand inside my short and started stroking my cock! I was getting a bit faster with each stroke. She woke up and tried to push my cock away and she found that I was masturbating. She asked me, what are you doing, there are people around, if they see you masturbating, and you’re dead.
I immediately said don’t worry, no one will see us every one is sleeping you are making me uncomfortable. I cannot sleep like this Priya, let me just ease the erection then we both can sleep shedid not say anything. It was 1:30 am. All were deep asleep. So, I touched her ass. Wow what a feeling. She pushed my hand away again I touched her ass.
This time she just held my hand, did not remove it. I slowly inserted my hand inside her short and what I found rather what I did not find was her panty. It was missing; she did not wear it at night. I slid her short down but she pulled em up again I pulled it down and rubbed my penis against ass. I was about to cum but she pulled the short up. I ejaculated on her pant. All my sperms on her pant and I slept peacefully that night.
Next day I was not able to talk to her. It was 2 in the afternoon.She noticed it that I am not talking with her. She walked down to me and said, if you are embarrased because of last night’s thing, then it’s fine. I did not mind that and I said sorry and we moved on. Now as the diwali was over, all the guests had left, everything was back to normal.
We followed our daily routine and our parents had planned a vacation for themselves in Malaysia. It was a week long vacation. Me and my sister were gonna be alone for a week. Mom had told priya to cook and take care of the house. So they left for the airport early in the morning. The day was a regular, college, classes at about 9 pm priya cooked the food.
We finished our dinner and decided to go to bed early as Priya was tired as usual Priya wore a short nd a top and I wore a tshirt and a short. We were chatting with eachother while lying on bed. General topics, I asked her about her bf, she asked about gf, etc. Suddenly she asked why you were turned on that night when my ass was touching you.
I had no answer but and I said it felt really nice that night yourass is awesome and that’s why I was turned on.” I said sorry and told her that it may sound weird but I feel you are very hot. She didn’t reply and turned away from me. I went near her, hugged her from behind. She didn’t say a word. I could feel the heat of her body, the smell of the night lotion on her body.
I was excited and so my cock was hard. It was touching her ass but she did not say anything. I started to rub it against her butt and now I feel hot and I wanted to kiss her, but didnt know whether she will allow me. I stopped rubbing my penis against her. She noticed it and so she turned towards me as soon as she turned towards me I kissed her on lips but she didnot kiss me back.
I stopped and looked at her and again started kissing, this time it was fantastic! Her lips were soft and smooth. We kissed for a while then slowly I started kissing her neck and went down to her boobs. She pushed me away and said that we can’t do this, this isnt right but I did not care, I tore off hertop and started sucking her nipples wildly. She told me to stopbut I did not and later she started moaning.
I pulled her short off and as usual no panty! Later I kissed her vagina and it smelled like heaven! I started fingering her vagina, it was tight and wet. She was moaning so loudly that maybe our neighbours could hear her. Then I removed my cock and was ready to enter her when she said we can’t do this. You are my brother” I assured her nothing will happen and inserted my cock slowly inside her vagina.
It was damn tight but the feel of vagina was marvelous, we started fucking in missionary position and then doggy. I was very hard on her. I told her and I am about to cum. She said dont stop so I did not stop and ejaculated inside her vagina. I lost my erection so I told her that I will take care of her now, I started licking and finger her pussy after a while she started shouting.
I am coming, I’m coming” and her vagina became tighter and I the liquid from her vagina was on my face. Then I told her to give me a hand hob so my penis will become erect. I told her that I had a dream of fucking you in the balcony. She was super horny so she said lets go. I fucked her in the balcony. Weboth were completely naked and she was moaning aloud.
I pressed my hand against her mouth and fucked her for another 10 mins again I came inside her. We didnt care to clean our selves, we slept full night together, naked in the morning when I woke up she was not besides me, I went out of the room so look for her. She was in the kitchen, all cleaned bathed preparing breakfast and I hugged her and said you were amazing last night. She told me to have a quick bath and then breakfast.
So went to take a bath and called her in. We had a quick sex session in the bathroom, under shower. The week was gonna be awesome with me and Priya alone for the whole week we behaved as a married couple with multiple sex sessions. Now I am 20 and she is 22 but still we have sex many times. If you like my story, please write in the comments.