Halloween Party with Mom

tagIncest/TabooHalloween Party with Mom

I hadn't seen her in years and I wasn't sure It was here in the dimly lit swing club anyhow. But in the hallway walking away from me was what I believed to be my mom, naked and walking into a room to go have sex.
My mom and I were not very close growing up, but I sure had desires and fantasies about her growing up for sure. She even caught me masturbating in my room once and it only fueled my desire for her. After school I went straight into the military and spent many years overseas, sometimes during times of war. I was injured and forced to retire to civilian life and needed to feel that rush I had while in the military.
I found that I had a huge sex drive and I tended to date women who matched my drive. I found a few woman that were interested in going to a swing club from time to time and it was great for sure. It was close to Halloween one year and there was a big party planed at one of the clubs I had gone to. I got a date and we planned to go have some fun. She dressed up as a kidnapped victim and I dressed up as a special forces soldier since I already had the uniform it was kind of cheating.
I put camouflage makeup on and we were off. With the face paint I had on it was hard to recognize me I had to say. We went to the party and chatted with a few folks we had met in the past and she found a couple that wanted to play with her, so she smiled and disappeared down the hallway to one of the rooms with them. I told her I would check out the rest of the party while she had some fun.
I was checking out some of the rooms towards the back of the house when I saw here. I had to stop and do a double take, but I swear I saw my mom walking down the hall away from me with a couple towards one of the party rooms. My heart jumped a beat as I caught my breath. I kept telling myself, No way was it her. But I had to find out for sure as I was not only curious but excited. I saw the room she went into and it was filled with a few others in what is normally called a party room.
These rooms are usually for people who want to play with more than one person. I was nervous and hard at the same time. I did my best to keep my composure together while I made my way towards the room. It was very dimly lit but I could make out a few people there already on the bed and long couch. I walked in and let my eyes adjust to the lack of light. I saw here towards the back of the room on the long couch. There was a space next to her and I walked over to where she was.
She was busy kissing the guy she walked in with and the lady that was with him was sucking on his cock. I say quietly there watching hoping she wouldn't recognize me with my face paint on. With the low light and my face paint I don't think anyone who knew me would know it was me. I kept quiet as I watched her get touched as his hands mauled her large tits. It was such a turn on that I removed my pants and started to stroke myself as I watched her.
The lady who was sucking off her partner noticed me and started to touch my cock and I let her. I then watched as my mom moved down and started to suck off this guys cock right next to me. I kept dreaming that it was me she was sucking. I kept quiet, making sure not to do anything to give it away it was me, her son.
I then watched as my mom moved up and sat on the mans cock, guiding it into her as she lowered herself down onto him. then the woman sucking me started to do the same. Soon, there I was, with this sexy woman on me fucking me as I watched my mom get fucked next to me. I then watched as the woman on me reached over and started playing with my moms tits as she bounced on her man. I then felt the woman take my free hand and move it up to touch my moms tits. I got so hard so fast I thought I would cum right there.
I did my best to control myself and was in amazement about how good my moms tits felt. I played with her nipples and twisted them and pulled on them. I loved how her breast squeezed between my fingers. She looked over at me and had no idea it was me and she just smiled from my hand work on her. In a few more minutes things really got interesting.
My mom moved off of the man she was fucking and leaned over to me and motioned for the woman to move so she could have some play time with me. I just froze as I watched my naked mom move over to me and switch places with the woman I was fucking and she leaned down and started to suck me. I put my hand on the back of her head and felt her soft hair as she did her best to deepthroat me. I loved how she felt with her mouth on me.
I laid there for a while enjoying the sensation of her skilled mouth when she moved up and started to guide my cock into her wet pussy. I again said nothing as I watched my mom take my cock in her hand and aim it towards her wet hole. It was the best feeling in the world as my cock entered her and slid up inside of her. I felt her grind on my cock as it made her moan with pleasure. She then started to bounce on me as I watched her tits shake and bounce as well.
I reached up and mauled her tits with my hands, hearing her moan and tell me how good it felt. I just made some grunting noises and nodded as I didn't want to give it away. After a few minutes of this I pulled her down and onto her back so I could really drive it into her. I spread her legs to which she gladly spread them wide and up high to allow me to get in deep.
I pushed into her once more and loved how I could get balls deep into her. she moaned and soon the other woman was back leaning over her sucking on her tits as I guess her man was already done and she wanted more. It was just about more than I could take and I grunted to let her know I was cuming. I pumped more of my cum into her than I think I had ever done to any woman in my life. I filled her so much that I felt it leak out past my cock and I'm sure down the crack of her ass.
She smiled and thanked me, telling me how great it was and how much she enjoyed it. I just smiled and made some low approval noise. I slowly slid out of her wanting to enjoy every second that I had. I got dressed and found my date soon afterwards and told her perhaps it was time to leave as it was getting late. We left the party with my heart still pounding hard from what had just happened.
The next day I got a call on my cell phone and when I answered it I could hear the recognizable sound of my mom's voice. I almost chocked as I said hello. She started some small talk asking what I did for Halloween and some other things. I made some lie up and said not much when she said, "I loved your costume sweetie, I didn't want to say anything last night to spook you off."
I told her how did she know it was me and she said a mother always knows her sweet boy. I asked if she was okay with what happened and she said she was fine with it as long as I was. I ensured her I was and it was amazing. We both agreed to never say anything to anyone about it. We laughed and she asked if I would like to come over and chat about it some more and of course I said yes. We have been having sex on and off now for over a year with no stopping in sight. She still has boyfriends and I still date other women, but we keep our secret to ourselves.

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