Handyman and Gigolo Pt. 04

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tagIncest/TabooHandyman and Gigolo Pt. 04

I was fixing Brandi's ceiling fan when Aunt Ruby walked in, smoking a cigarette.
"Hey Gunner, Brandi just showed up with bags and bags of new clothes. When I asked how she paid for it, Brandi said she got the fucking cash from you."
"Fucking cash? Oh yes, I uh… loaned her the money." Dammit! I couldn't believe Brandi's stupidity. Bringing home a bunch of new clothes was bound to make Aunt Ruby curious.
"Hmm… exactly what did Brandi have to do to get the cash?"
"Do? Uh, nothing." I grinned like an idiot, and I could tell auntie didn't believe me. Aunt Ruby's eyes widened, and I got ready for the chainsaw.
But my aunt just laughed. "Oh. My. Fucking. God."
"You're not angry, Auntie? I thought you'd be ballistic."
"No, I'm happy, but… Before you bang your cousin again, there's something you should know." Auntie whispered in my ear. "Me and my brother, your father, used to get naked and tickle each other under the sheets.
"Aunt Ruby, I don't want to hear this."
"Yes you do. Because that's how we accidentally made Brandi…"
"WHAT-THE-HELL!?" I felt nauseous. "So my father is… her father too?"
"Yep. Brandi's your cousin AND your sister."
My heart stopped. "Auntie leaned closer. "Your dad and I used to hump like horny bunnies. Just like you and your sister do. Remember that next time you bang your sister's twat."
"There won't be a next time. I can't afford what Brandi charges."
"Charges? Just how much does that bitch charge you?"
"I paid her three bills last night."
"Wow Gunner! I'll pay you three bills to bang me!"
"That sounds weird auntie."
"No it don't. We be from Oklahoma, where sex is a family affair. Family First." Auntie laughed. "In fact, my mother is also my sister."
"Auntie, I REALLY don't want to hear this!"
"Gunner, maybe you and me should have an old-fashioned family fuck?" Auntie leaned back, shaking her jumbo tits. "After all, you are my favorite nephew. My favorite FUCKING nephew."
She licked my ear, and my loins twitched.
Aunt Ruby was older but still attractive and sexy as sin… My prick grew so hard it could punch holes in steel. Auntie noticed my lump. "Oh, I see the handyman has a hammer. Does he know how to use it?"
"Yep Auntie. I'm gonna nail you to the wall."
"Oh Gunner, you're just like your father. But the bed would be better."
I pulled out my boner. Two seconds later, Aunt Ruby had her dress off and panties down, displaying her fuzzy pussy. It looked just like Brandi's, but bushier. I moved between her legs.
"Aunt Ruby, when was the last time you got banged?"
"Nephew, it's been WAY too long. She spread her legs wide and—"Unh!" My prick plunged inside her sweet cunt. I sucked her fat tits and fucked my aunt slowly, wanting her to feel every inch of my dick.
She deserved it.
"Lift your legs in the air, slut." Auntie giggled and raised them. Pinching her swollen nipples I prick-pounded her hard. Auntie kept giggling. So I pushed her feet back to her ears and pounded the bottom of her cunt, just like I did Brandi.
Auntie's eyes popped open, and she groaned. "So Aunt Ruby, you like it rough just like your whore daughter, don't you?"
"Yes! I'm a slutty whore, just like my daughter. Screw me like you did Brandi. Screw me hard!" My aunt gripped my back, plunged her hips up, and jolted in orgasm. I felt her pussy muscles crushing at my cock.
"Ohh, cum in me nephew. Fill auntie's hot hole!"
Her nails dug in my back as my balls exploded, spurting hot jism into her fuck-tunnel. We kissed and remained coupled until my prick got stiff. So I fucked Aunt Ruby again, pumping her hard.
"Unh…wow nephew, this feels just like an Okie Christmas. All we need now are dueling banjos."
After the fucking she lit up another illegal cigarette. I pulled out my cell and snapped a few pics of my auntie's naked body. She giggled and spread her legs wide for cream pie close-ups.
"Pics of your pussy conquests, nephew?"
"My new scrapbook, 'Trailer Park Trash.'" Auntie laughed and kissed me like a lover, our tongues twisting together. Then I watched Aunt Ruby wipe out her sticky pussy, and lick her fingers.
She kissed my cock. "Nephew, can you come over tomorrow? I mean come over and cum?"
"Sure Auntie!"
Back in the trailer park, I had to do some other fuck-work.
Fannie got a new sofa, so I helped her move it into her trailer. Then we broke it in with a sofa fuck. And Lupita needed a ceiling bulb replaced. So I traded her a bulb for a blowjob.
It was Friday. So of course, I went to Kanesha's for Free-Pie-Friday. She slapped my face with her Moo-Moo's, as I filled her chocolate pussy with fuck-cream.
After dinner, I stopped at Brandi's, hoping for a piece of… dessert. Brandy thanked me for getting auntie off her back about the new clothes. "What did you tell her?"
"Just told her you were screwing me for the money." I laughed. "And she told me you're my cousin AND my sister.
"Very fucking funny!" Brandi slapped me. "How dare you Gunner, you're such a fucking liar."
Just then auntie walked in. "So he told you? That you're fucking your own brother."
Brandi turned green and gagged.
"By the way Brandi. No more charging Gunner for sex. You need to spread your legs freely for your brother, just like I did. And suck his balls off whenever he needs it."
Brandi ran to her room, slamming the door shut. I guess she wasn't in the mood for fucking.
The next morning I drove Brandi to college. She had on a new blouse, new jeans, and new shoes. I heard she also bought a sexy lace bra and some see-thru panties.
I couldn't wait to find out.
"It's a bummer that you're my brother. It's also a bummer that I can't charge you for screwing… but today's my nineteenth birthday." She winked. "And I saw this really cool leather jacket yesterday, and it's on sale for three hundred."
"Another three hundred? Are you going to buy it?"
"I thought you could buy it for my birthday present, brother dear…"
"Nope, you ain't getting it from me."
"Please Gunner?" Brandi batted her fake eyelashes at me and I almost burst out laughing. "I'll let you bang my pussy again."
"No, thanks. I already get it for free."
"Then make me a counter-offer," Brandi whined. "I really-really need that jacket."
"Okay, I want to fuck your tight little butt. Let me ream out your virgin asshole, then I'll buy it for you."
"FUCK YOU! I'm not taking an assfucking for my birthday present!" Brandi gave me her best pouty stare. But I didn't care.
"Yep, cunt cousin. Take it or leave it."
She yelled, "Shit-head!" I wasn't sure if that was 'shit-head Yes or shit-head No.'
When I picked her up, Brandi told me to go down to the handyman's trailer, and she'd meet me there. Inside the shed Brandi took off her clothes and lay belly down on the mattress.
Brandi whispered. "Let's just get this over with."
Ha! Brandi didn't know it yet, but I didn't want to 'just get this over with.' Lifting her top, my mouth sucked and licked her tits. Brandi didn't try to stop me. In fact, she moaned in pleasure.
I took my time, nibbling her swollen nipples.
My mouth slid down her belly, sucking her sweet pussy. "Stop that!" Brandi squirmed and wiggled, grabbing at my hair. My sister panted, "Ohh… don't forget my clitty."
When my teeth pulled on her love-button, Brandi squealed in orgasm." Ohh…ohh … Gunner!"
Then I yanked out my stiff boner. "My turn. Bend over Brandi." Like a good sister, she bent and spread her butt-cheeks.
"Ooof!" Brandi grunted when my prick pushed up her anus. I slapped her butt and pumped deeper, reaming out my sister's asshole. Gripping Brandi's boobs, I shoved all the way in, and she screamed.
Aunt Ruby heard the scream and ran in… She saw us and laughed like crazy.
"Oh Brandi, you're so lucky. I also got buttfucked for my nineteenth birthday."

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