Harem Pt. 04

tagIncest/TabooHarem Pt. 04

This is of course a fantasy and should be read as such. All characters are over 18 years old.
This particular episode contains a bit of girl on girl action, even if daddy's cock is never forgotten. If you for some unfathomable reason have a problem with women enjoying each other's bodies, you are always welcome to skip this one.
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It was the giggling that woke me.
As the only man in a household of seven, giggling was not something to wake me up, usually. But there was something about this giggling. It wasn't supposed to be here, for starters.
As I slowly became conscious, I inhaled the sweet, intoxicating scent of my daughter Morgan, her naked body resting on my arm, close enough for me to be able to reach out and touch her glorious hair if I wanted to.
So it wasn't just a dream? It was real. I had sex with my daughter.
I felt a warm body behind me as well and couldn't help smiling.
And with my wife. At the same time.
The intense sensual memories of the night before rushed over me and I could feel my exposed cock going from sleepy fat to rock hard. My wife and my daughter taking turns sensuously licking my cock. My wife and my daughter taking my cock deep in their tight asses. My wife and my daughter making clear that they would worship my cock with their smoking hot bodies whenever I wanted to. My harem girls. Paradise.
There was more giggling. Weren't they both sleeping?
Groggily, I looked around the small studio apartment for the source of the sound. I didn't have to look far.
By the bed, just inside the room, stood my youngest daughter Emma. Through the doorway stepped her triplet sister Molly and crowding behind her, eager to sneak a peek, was the final part of the triplet trio, Jenny, or Jen to everybody but her grandmother.
"Wow, look at them!", Molly's voice was bubbling with mirth and surprise.
"My God, it really is huge!", Emma said at the exact same time, in a slightly more awed tone.
The trips, as they're known by the rest of the family, are not really into the finishing each others sentences trope. I guess they don't have time to wait for each other, or anyone else for that matter. Instead they often speak simultaneously, making it hard to understand anything they're saying. Hence, "what?" is a not uncommon family response to trip statements, incurring impatient eyerolls.
As my three 18 year old daughters filed into the room in the small space between the wall and the bed, I tried to smile, but my mind froze up as reality came crashing in. Their father was lying naked and with a mighty erection next not only to their naked mother, but also practically embracing their equally naked big sister. It was pretty obvious to anyone that incest was the likely explanation. What would they think of Anna and I? Sure, they were all adults, but still very young and from a fairly sheltered background. Would they ever trust us as parents again? A flash of worry rushed through my mind, as I lay there, more or less caught in the act, and with a flagpole hard on.
At the same time, I couldn't help but look at my young daughters in a completely new way. Before last night, the idea of incest with my girls had literally never entered my mind. But now a window had opened in my head that would never be closed again. I was the daddy of a family harem, a harem dedicated to the worship my cock. That does things to the way a man looks at his daughters.
My darling trips are a lot shorter than Anna and Morgan, measuring only 5' 2'' in socks. They have tight, athletic bodies, trained hard from cheerleading (Emma) and gymnastics (Molly and Jen). They seemed to have snuck up to Morgan's apartment straight out of bed, as they were dressed in nothing but their usual light sleeping t-shirts and pyjama shorts. With my new, lecherous daddy eyes, I fully appreciated their nubile, young bodies with small, perky teenager tits and well-shaped asses, firmer and slimmer than Morgan's masterpiece, but still nice and round.
Personalitywise, energetic is the first word that comes to mind when our trips enter a room. When they were kids, Anna and I quickly had to abandon our previous man to man defence for a desperate sort of zone control, and even that fell apart on a daily basis. There was always a little triplet girl making trouble somewhere. This was mediated, however, by the their impertinently sunny disposition. There was always a little triplet girl laughing somewhere. In a family of seven, you have no idea how valuable it is that there is always someone who can see silver linings and make you laugh.
Their bubbly quality was naturally reflected in their pretty faces, with marked dimples, cute, slightly upturned noses and smiling mouths. They were all light blondes, but whereas Emma's hair was almost as long as Morgan's, Molly and Jen kept theirs at shoulder length. They were and always hade been a pure delight, and in the light of what had happened last night, looking at my half-dressed, giggling girls, my cock swelled with new blood.
I tried to keep my smile up, while I desperately grasped for something to say. What do you say to your daughters, when you have been caught fucking their older sister? Fortunately, I was rescued.
"Girls, let's not embarrass your father more than we have to." Anna's voice had that warm, sensible quality that made her such an excellent parent. My body started to relax, for some inexplicable reason counting on Anna to normalise this absurd situation. I immediately went rigid again, however, when instead of normal, I felt my wife's hand close around the base of my big, hard cock. "Look, what you've done to him! It's really not appropriate for a father to be this turned on by his 18 year old daughters. What is he supposed to say?"
The trips seemed to find the situation both a little embarrassing and a lot hilarious, and kept giggling in response to their mother's reaction to the situation.
"As you might have guessed, both your sister and I shared your father's bed last night. Or rather, me and your father shared Morgan's bed. Your sister loves her daddy a lot, both as a father and as a man, and has chosen a new way to express that love. I am very happy that your sister has found love in such a marvellous, kind and …" Anna started to move her hand all the way up my cock "… well-equipped man. I am sure he will make her very happy. I know he always makes me very, very happy." She accentuated her words by moving her hand leisurely up and down, jerking me slowly.
"God mom, this is so strange!" Jen's voice was a mixture of awe and fear.
"I know, sweetie, it's a little unusual, but maybe not as uncommon as one might think. Anyway, you and your sisters know a thing or two about finding love and affection in unlikely places, don't you?"
Wait, what?!
"Man, dad's cock is really huge!", Emma repeated, apropos nothing in particular.
"I guess, mom." Jen smiled shyly. "I just didn't know how strongly Morgan felt about dad." She hesitated for a second."I guess it's ok, if she wants it." She turned from her mother to me and smiled. "Dad is kind of great."
"Oh Jen!", I said wildy confused, yet impressed on how maturely she reacted to these strange news.
"MOM!" Molly still looked mostly amused about the situation, but there was a tinge of desperation in her voice. "Do you HAVE to keep stroking dad's … thing?! It's really, really strange."
Anna smiled down at what she was doing and then back at Molly.
"Well, baby, I guess I don't HAVE to stroke your daddy's big, beautiful cock … but I really, really want to." She laughed in a warm, contagious sort of way, that somehow managed her words not to sound coarse or provocative, only … well … happy. Molly made a short, incredulous laughing sound as well. "It makes me feel good and it makes your daddy feel very, very good. And it might be a little too late for us to be embarrassed about sex in front of you. Besides, as I said, it's your fault he's all big and hard like this."
"Our fault?!", Jen exclaimed.
"Oh, gross!", Molly said at the same exact moment.
"Mhm. You girls come prancing in here dressed in barely nothing, right when Morgan has shown him what daughters can do to a daddy's cock. How do you expect him to react?"
Emma was still staring completely fascinated at my rigid cock, and her voice was distracted.
"Is it true, dad? Is your cock hard because of us?" She finally stopped staring at my cock and looked me straight in the eye, her expression unusually serious.
"Eh, honey … I mean … I don't …" Damn, there was no way out here! "… you girls are absolutely beautiful … but I was already … I mean, I woke up next to your mother and sister, and …"
Anna immediately let go of my cock, and it slapped down on my stomach. She turned towards me with an expression matching Emma's in seriousness.
"Nonsense, baby! Are you saying that these young women's exquisite, nubile bodies" She gestured towards each of the triplets. "have nothing to do with this massive, bulging hardon? Are you telling your own daughters that you do not find them the least bit attractive?" As she turned back to me, she winked imperceptibly, as if this was part of some shared, secret plan. Trust me, it wasn't. I had no clue what was going on or how I was supposed to react.
The girls giggled again, this time more nervously.
"Well, girls, I think you might have to prove your daddy wrong again. You know how stubborn he can get when he's wrong. Besides, I know you have no problem teasing the boys at school."
"But mom … I mean …", Molly started.
"We can't …", Jen said at the same time.
"'Kay.", Emma completed the word collision.
"What was that, now?", Anna said, teasing them with her hand cupped around her ear.
"I said o-kay." Emma mouthed, exaggerating for effect. "I wanna know if dad really is turned on by us."
"Em!!" Molly turned to her sister, but her shocked expression was not reflected in her amused voice.
"Emma, you really don't have to do anything …" I began, afraid, as I had initially been with Morgan last night, that my perverse incestuous sexual attraction would scare or scar my poor daughters for life. My cock wilted as my guilty conscience disturbed the sensual morning mood.
"What?! Stop being a baby! He already fucked Morgan!" Emma snapped cheerfully at Molly. "Besides, I wasn't going to show him anything he hasn't seen before, right, dad?" She turned to me and winked.
I smiled back wanly, remembering a shower room schedule misunderstanding last week, when I had accidentally seen a brief glimpse of Emma's breasts before she covered them up with her towel.
And without further ado, our family cheerleader grabbed the hem of her t-shirt, pulled it over her head and left her arms stretched up and out in a classic cheerleading pose. Me and her sisters gasped.
"Ta-da! So, daddy, what do you think?" Emma threw the t-shirt on the floor, smiling like the sun.
I stared mesmerised at the sex pot that was my now almost naked 18 year old daughter. As I mentioned, Emma is short and slim, extremely well-trained without being visibly muscular. Her tiny body was framed by her long, golden hair following her thin waist almost down to her tight tushy. Her ass was covered only in her grey pyjama shorts, ending just below the cheeks. My hungry daddy eyes were magnetically drawn to her teenie titties, small A-cup mounds, with extremely cute strawberry nipples, that begged me to suck them. As Emma cupped her breasts for me, I felt my cock rising again at the thought of ravishing another daughter.
As I sat up in the bed and reached for my now fully hard erection, the sudden movement finally woke Morgan, who had miraculously been asleep through the whole incest revelation. As Morgan sleepily watched her baby sister prancing around in front of me, she smiled happily.
"Do you like my titties, daddy?" Emma's little girl voice made me grunt with incestuous lust. Emma did a little twirl, flashing me her round ass, before finishing in another cheerleading pose with her chest thrust out. No pom-poms, but naked tits.
"Mmm, daddy, I see that the new harem girls have already arrived." Morgan sat up next to me and pulled my head in for a swift morning kiss. She tasted like honey and as she came close, I inhaled her sexual pheromones, reawakening my lust for her in seconds. I felt her hand slap away my own, as she grabbed the root of my fat daughter-loving cock.
"Look, Emma, daddy loves your titties! Look at how hard you have made his big daddy dick already." Morgan spoke in that low, mellifluous voice she had used to drive me insane last night.
Emma stared wide eyed at my cock as she absent-mindedly cupped her breasts and began softly pulling at her pink nipples.
"Wow, Morgan! Did you really … ehm … fuck that monster?!" She glanced at me and Anna nervously, before realising how absurd it was to be worried about using nasty words in front of your parents in a situation like this.
"Yeah, sis". Morgan drawled, as she started to move her hand up and down my penis. "I took all of this big … beautiful … magical … daddy monster so deep inside me. You have no idea how fantastically fucking good it felt." In a swift motion, Morgan shook her hair to one side, and went down on my cock, swallowing about half of it before she pulled back up again.
For a brief moment there was complete silence. Then Jen said "Shit!!", succinctly summing up the mood.
Morgan licked her lips sensually, catching strands of saliva and precum from her deep dive.
"Do you wanna have a taste, Em? There is enough daddy cock for everyone!", Morgan shifted her voice from suggestive to sisterly, as if she was offering Emma the last scoop of raspberry ice cream.
"No!! I mean … I've never …and it's DAD …?!", Emma was clearly conflicted and her eyes flittered from Morgan stroking my cock, to Anna, to Molly and Jen, and then back to my cock again.
It was of course shocking to have your big sister ask you if you want to suck your own father's cock in front of your mother and sisters. At the same time I could see that Emma was getting turned on by the whole situation. While one hand was still caressing a breast, the other had slid down to the front of her panties, not rubbing, just resting over her hidden pussy. Even hotter were her nipples, that had hardened and grown to half an inch, making me dream about sucking and pulling them till she screamed in ecstasy.
I smiled comfortingly. "Baby girl, you really don't have to do anything you don't want to." Emma smiled back at me.
"Come here to mama, baby." Anna sat up beside me on the bed and beckoned Emma to come. Emma stepped over to her mother, still shooting furtive glances at the lewd display. "Come sit on mommy's lap."
Emma hesitated for a second to sit on her mother's naked lap, but her complete trust in Anna won her over. She sat down. Anna ran her hand through her daughter's long blonde hair in a gesture of motherly comfort.
"I can tell that you find this a little exciting." Emma made a small moaning noise in the back of her throat. "That's ok, baby. It is exciting. Sex is exciting. Choosing to show your love for someone with your body can be the most exciting and wonderful thing there is. You know that already."
"But I can also tell you're a little nervous about your daddy's big cock. That's ok, too." Anna kept stroking Emma's hair, and Emma responded by relaxing her posture. She leaned her head against her mother's shoulder like a little girl, but continued to stare at Morgan's hand slowly stroking my cock. "I don't know if you have touched a boy's cock before. They are strange things." Emma chuckled at this, and Molly and Jen echoed her. "I am pretty sure you haven't touched a MAN's cock. And I am absolutely sure you have never touched, or even seen, a cock like your daddy's before. It's one in a million."
Anna also turned to look at Morgan's mesmerising handjob: up and down, up and down. "Do you see how incredibly fat it is, baby?" Anna's voice was low, almost whispering, into Emma's ear. "Ordinary cocks aren't like that. When a cock is as fat and heavy as your daddy's, it fills you up so wonderfully. It's like nothing else. As trite as it sounds, you feel complete as a woman. It doesn't matter if it goes into your mouth, your pussy or even your ass …"
"MOM!!" Molly looked shocked for real this time.
Anna smiled over at Molly. "Yes, Molly, when a big, fat cock like your father's fills up a woman's ass, it can make her feel like she's the queen of the world. Like she died and went to heaven. But she sometimes needs a little training to take something that huge."
"Sooooo huge." Morgan mumbled, and gave me a look of love and longing.
"MORGAN??!" Molly's shock increased. "You didn't …?"
"Oh, I did. And I can't wait for us to share that feeling." Morgan spoke dreamily, lost in her harem fantasy.
I was afraid that it was all going way too fast, and that we were going to freak the trips out completely. But Anna didn't seem to be alarmed.
"All women are different, Morgan, and we will see what your sisters will feel comfortable with. This is all so new and different to them and they haven't had time to dream and to prepare, like you had. Your daddy's cock will be ready for whatever they decide to do or not to do."
Jen reached out and touched Molly's arm, and smiled at her with that special triplet smile that had brightened up so many of our family days. Molly smiled back and they rolled their eyes together in shared disbelief at the crazy morning they were having. Then they sat down, kneeling at the foot of the bed to still see what was happening.
Anna turned back to Emma again, who was now squirming a little on her mother's lap, rubbing her thighs together, while watching her sister's relentless hand job. Emma's hands were in her lap, and they also seemed to be rubbing at something through her shorts. "Do you see how hard your daddy's cock is, too, Emma?", Anna breathed into her daughter's ear. "Many boy cocks are jittery little things. Many men's cocks too. They go soft when you least want them to. Or they are too sensitive. Or they just don't feel right."
"But your daddy's cock isn't like other men's cocks. It always stays hard as a brick, but soft and warm to the touch at the same time. You can use it for hours and it just keeps on going, pleasing you for as long as you need."
"Is daddy … is he really that special, mom?" Emma murmured, for a moment looking at my face instead of my cock.
"Yes, Emma. He really is a very special man. A very warm and gentle and loving man, but at the same time he can shake you up completely and make every day exciting. I've never met anyone like him. And he is a very special daddy, too. He loves all you girls so much. If you want, he can show you things that other daddy's just can't. He can teach you so much about yourself, about your body and your dreams and your fantasies." Anna's voice was just a whisper now. "But only …" she breathed in and out in Emma's ear "… only if you really want him to."
As if she barely could understand that it was really happening, Emma's small hand reached out and very, very softly touched my cock. It was as if a bolt of electricity had shot right through me, as another one of my daughters stepped over a line never to be crossed.
I moaned at the exquisite feeling of having two daughters' hands on my fat monster at the same time.
"OMG, Emma!", Jen said breathlessly, and grabbed Molly's hand, as they stood kneeling next to each other at the foot of the bed.
Morgan smiled lovingly at Emma and stopped moving her hand, Instead, she grabbed the root, so that her sister could explore the rest of my cock.

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